This story was only ever meant to be a fluffy little one shot. It was written on the strength of a picture. I debated whether to write another chapter, which would be equally as fluffy, I jotted it down and there it stayed. Today I decided to write it up. I hope you like the short addition. Apologies as ever any errors whatever they maybe :-)

The soft sheath of pewter material pooled around Olivia Benson's feet and she stepped from the silky fabric like it were a shimmering puddle. A small smile lifted her lips, she really hadn't envisaged discarding the expensive designer dress onto the floor at any time, let alone onto the soft carpeted floor of Rafael Barba's bedroom.

It had been a wonderful evening. The gala had been a resounding success, surpassing all her expectations on every level. She sat alone in the now deserted ballroom, only the occasional chink of glass disturbing her recollections as the wait staff, still remarkably unobtrusive cleared up. Her tired, but happy brown eyes travelled slowly around the almost empty room, smiling broadly as she recalled some of the events from the evening. The beautifully decorated room slowly filling with guests, excited chatter replacing the silence, the exquisitely set tables being laden with food and wine.

Her gaze came to rest on the empty stage, the amazing people who had stood there, giving their time freely to raise an obscene amount of money for the foundation. Olivia closed her eyes, she could once again her the music playing, a tune she didn't recognise drifting into the air, but a voice she recognised instantly, asking her to dance.

"Rumba." He said his beautiful green eyes twinkling almost mischievously.

Olivia had looked at him a little bemused and a little terrified. Chances were after this evenings revelation; Rafael Barba could probably dance as well as he could sing.

His smile at her obvious confusion had all but taken her breath away, she had seen him smile in the last couple of hours more that she had in the last two years.

"It's what Frank Sinatra said to Grace Kelly, when the song starts to play in High Society."

Yet another revelation; the hard-nosed ADA was a fan of musicals, who'd have guessed. "Right I will take your word for it, not being an expert on the subject myself." Olivia had given him a playful sarcastic smile, hearing him laugh out loud as he grasped her hand and lead her onto the small wooden dance floor.

Slipping all too easily into his surprisingly strong arms, she admitted she didn't even recognise the song that was now playing in earnest. Their gentle shuffle around the floor could hardly have been called a dance, let alone a rumba. In fact, as the district attorney quietly sang the words to the song, he was clearly very familiar with, Olivia struggled to move her suddenly leaden feet at all. His warm breath caressed her ear, his voice incredibly sexy but so soft that only she could hear it. Olivia virtually melted against him.

"In the heavens stars are dancing and the mountain moon is new. What a rare night for romancing. Mind if I make love to you?"

Olivia had practically forced her feet to move, certain she had felt his grip tighten with the last seven words, no longer just a lyric from a song. He didn't miss a beat, held tightly in his arms, Oliva had suddenly found herself spun around and dipped in a very dramatic movement. She had laughed out loud in her surprise, clinging to him almost for dear life, his body bent over hers, robbing her of breath and coherent thought. Back fully in his embrace and flush against his body Rafael Barba, District Attorney for Manhattan SVU continued to serenade her.

"Since the dear day of our meeting, I've wanted to tell you all I long to do. Dawn is nearing, time is fleeting. Mind if I make love to you?"

Heat pooled low in her belly as she recalled how he had looked at her as the emotive music had come to an end and the had slowly drifted apart. Olivia had wanted to say something to him, quite what, she really had no idea, but someone had whisked him away and she hadn't seen him again for the rest of the night.

A large gentle hand came to rest on her shoulder, without turning Olivia knew who it was.

"Can I offer you a cab ride home, a nightcap, both perhaps?"

Those dulcet tones, his subtle aromatic cologne, even simply his presence were so familiar to her. Tonight something had changed, for her at least. Turning to look into those beautiful and expressive green eyes of his she couldn't help but feel, it had for him too.

"Both." She replied quietly and a little nervously.

A smile lit his devastatingly handsome features and he extended his hand. She took it willingly returning the smile with girlish apprehension. The address he gave to the cab driver, were the last words that were spoken until they were there.

"Is this ok?" His voice was soft and gentle as he looked questioningly at her.

She squeezed the hand she had continued to hold since they had left the ballroom.

"Very" she replied huskily

Not letting go of her hand as he paid the cab driver, helped her out and opened the door to his apartment.

Olivia declined his offer, first of wine and then of a scotch with a gentle but firm shake of her head, the action causing a tendril hair to escape from the loose chignon she wore it in. Rafael Barba took a small step forward, moving closer, with his free hand, the other still holding hers. He tucked it behind her ear. She squeezed his hand again, this time running her thumb across the palm, the action spoke louder than a thousand words.

His index finger followed the path of her jaw, his hand cupping her chin he gently titled her head.

The softness and sensuality of his lips took Olivia's breath away, her free hand rested upon his broad chest, beneath her fingertips she could feel his heart racing.

For a brief moment their eyes met, warm chocolate brown gazing deeply into limpid green. Their bodies were almost touching, just as they had been on the dance floor.

Their mouths finally met in a deep lingering kiss. Her tongue slipping between his slightly parted lips, meeting his, in a passionate duel of exploration. His free hand was now splayed across her back; she could feel its warmth through the light fabric of her dress. Hers found its way into his hair, toying with the short wisps that brushed the collar of his shirt. Instinctively her body arced into him and Olivia heard a hushed moan against her mouth. Now wrapped fully in his embrace, she felt his body hard against her own. Their mouths parted briefly, Rafael Barba's lips drifting once more to her ear.

"Mind if I make love to you?"