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By bishounen lovah

Chapter 7

An irritated groan was heard from under the pillow.  No one heard it though just as nobody else seemed to hear the annoying shrill of the telephone.  Fuu released another groan before throwing the pillow that was on her head.  She felt absolutely terrible.  She spent most of the night worrying about Ferio and had only managed to fall asleep just as the sun was peeking in the eastern sky.

And now, some insensitive caller woke her up from her precious yet disturbing sleep.  Where were Hikaru and Umi anyway?

One look at her digital clock made her groan again.  It was almost lunchtime.  Her housemates ought to have been in school for several hours now.  She should be preparing for class too but for the first time in her life her depression overruled her sense of duty.

School wasn't important right now.  Ferio was.

Any further thoughts about her beloved prince was cut short as, somewhere, the blasted phone rang again.  She forced herself to get out of bed and, in the process, managed to glimpse at her reflection.  Her hair looked like a bird's nest from tossing around in bed.  Her eyes were red and puffy from occasional crying.  Her equally red nose wasn't a pretty sight either.  If Ferio saw her now, he'd probably...well, she didn't really want to go into that delightful thought.

The ringing continued.  She went out of her room and tried to look for the cordless phone.  It was plugged in on its base beside the couch.  On the nth ring, she groggily answered the phone only instead of hearing a voice she heard a dial tone.  She looked at the phone in confusion then noticed that the sound was still breaking the silence.  She zoomed in on it then realized that the ringing was coming from the corridor outside the apartment.

Eh?  What's going on?

Her mixed curiosity and irritation at its height, she fumbled with the locks of the front door and swung it open.  She scanned the hallway from left to right then down at her feet where the sound was coming from.  There was an expensively wrapped box on the floor and the ringing was coming from inside.  Slowly, she picked the box up and brought it inside, casting a last look at the closed elevator.  She sat on the couch and retrieved the white card inside the attached envelope.

For my sweet Fuu.

With shaking hands, she untied the green satin ribbon that adorned the noisy box and lifted its lid.  Inside was a small cellular phone, its backlight blinking in time with the ringing.  The caller ID identified the incoming number.


Fuu's breath got hitched.  Was she still dreaming or had her depression finally transported her to cuckoo land?

A minute passed, the ringing stopped only to start all over again.  Whoever was calling was definitely persistent.  Or stubborn.  Either way the sound was stretching her nerves and was causing a mild migraine.  She reached inside and tentatively took the hand phone, half expecting it to disappear once her fingers touched it.  It didn't so she pressed the answer button and raised the phone to her ear.

She didn't say anything.  She didn't have to.  The moment the ringing stopped, a very familiar masculine voice replaced it.

"Fuu, meet me at the tower in an hour."

And then the call was terminated.  Just like that.

She didn't know what to make of that call.  One thing was for sure though, the voice was definitely Ferio's.

Oh, God, what's going on?

He called me by my name.

Does he remember everything now?

What if he doesn't want me anymore?

Please, let it be okay.

Such were the emotional thoughts that ran through her mind as she showered, dressed and fixed her harried face with no such luck.  She was too upset and too nervous and her green eyes reflected those emotions perfectly well.

Calm down, Fuu.  Whatever happens, it will be for the best.  She gave herself a quivering, encouraging smile on the mirror then rushed out of the apartment.

Thirty minutes later, she was looking up at the Tokyo Tower.  Of course, there were many towers in the city but this was the only one that had significance to their relationship.  She looked around but didn't see anyone with green hair.

Where am I supposed to go now?  But even as her mind formed that question, her feet were already taking her to the elevator that led to the viewing platform.  And up there was where Destiny would find her again.  She could feel it.

Once there, she looked outside much the same way she looked outside her window the night before.  Brooding and yet hopeful.  Very hopeful.

After five long years she had never thought that everything was going to end this way.  She had never thought it possible for him to be here.  She had thought that she was the one who was supposed to go to him.  To Cephiro.  When she couldn't transport herself back there, she thought that all was lost.

Her love.

Her life.

Her dreams.

Her Ferio.

This was probably the only time when she was wrong for Ferio was here in Tokyo, wanting to talk to her.  It was a miracle.  Whether he loved her still was another miracle waiting to be seen.

God, how she missed him.  Five years of separation.  Five long years.

The first year she was hopeful...hopeful that she'd be able to go back and see her love.  The second year she was disappointed and perhaps a little incredulous.  They had risked everything, including their lives, for the safety of Cephiro and yet they were denied re-entry.  The third year she was in denial.  She couldn't quite believe that she would never see Ferio again...never see his boyish grin and golden eyes.  The next year she felt nothing.  She was numb all over and carried on her duties as daughter, sister and friend like some kind of pre-programmed robot.  But there was always that part in her heart that ached with longing.

This year she had wanted to move on.  She was tired of hurting...tired of craving for something she would never have.  She was tired of having Ferio's face plaguing her dreams.

But right at this very moment, she was plagued with overwhelming guilt.

How could she have just given up on their love?

How could she have lost faith in Ferio?

She felt guilty because she had wanted to move on.  She even felt the slightest bit of attraction to a man she had never seen before.  It was a good thing she never saw Alma Perdida.  If she did then her conscience would probably be having a field day right now.  Not that her conscience was leaving her alone either.  Various chiding thoughts kept on racing in her head, the worst of them caused her to close her eyes in shame.

You don't deserve him.  How could you when you tried to forget him?

I wasn't planning on forgetting.  I just wanted to move on.

Same thing.

No, it's not!  I'll never forget Ferio.  I could never forget him.

Alma Perdida...

He's special.  He understands how I feel.  He reminds me of Ferio.  Nobody else has understood me but Ferio.

And Alma Perdida.

And him.

A fresh wave of guilt washed her anew.  Did her curiosity of the man signify betrayal to Ferio?  Did she really not deserve him?  Probably.  Yes.  For Ferio was true to their love or he wouldn't be here in the first place.  Whereas she...

The cellular phone rang at that moment.  His name appeared on the screen again.

"Moshi moshi," Fuu answered.

"You shouldn't frown.  You're too pretty to have a sad expression on."


She swung around and looked among the crowd.  On cue, a group of tourists parted, allowing her to see him as he walked towards her.  A phone similar to the one given to her was held to his ear.  He terminated the call once their eyes met and pocketed the phone.  She did the same.

He walked towards her.  Fuu held her breath and waited for him.  She couldn't have moved from where she was standing even if she wanted to.  She was having enough trouble keeping her weak knees from shaking.

And then he reached her.  She raised her head and her eyes closed involuntarily when he cupped her cheek with a hand.  "What is it, love?  Tell me what's wrong.  I'll make it right.  Your eyes should be laughing, not crying."

"Oh, Ferio, I'm so sorry.  I don't deserve your love."

"Why do you say such a thing?  Of course you do."

"No.  I...I betrayed you."

"What?  What do you mean?"

Through the hand that still held her cheek, she felt him stiffen.  Her eyes searched his in panic.  What she saw was a mixture of confusion, worry and...Was that jealousy?

She rushed in explaining, in case she was wrong.  In case he was really angry and left her.  "I'm sorry, Ferio.  I thought I'd never see you again.  I thought it was hopeless, that I was waiting for nothing.  And there's this guy and he reminds me so much of you.  But I've never seen him before.  We just write to each other and I don't even know his real name and yesterday I wanted to see him so badly and I'm so sorry but..."

Ferio had cut off her ramblings with an exultant laugh.  Fuu looked down feeling guilty and, at the same time, silly.  He cupped her chin this time and nudged it to make her look back up.

"You were attracted to another guy?" he quizzed, his lips still not losing that grin.

"Well, yes...sort of..."

"You haven't met him yet?"

"Yes, I mean, no, I haven't."

"And you send letters to each other for some project in school," he stated another fact.

"Yes.  I'm'd you know it's for school?"  She looked suspiciously at him and his grin only grew wider.  "Ferio..."

"And I suppose he's got some fancy pen name.  Something foreign perhaps."

"Ferio!" she stepped back in irritation.  Irritation in herself for being so slow and so stupid.  "You don't mean that..."

He interrupted her again when he finally pulled her in his arms.  He buried his nose in her neck for a while and breathed in her sweet scent.  A second later he was whispering in her ear, "You didn't betray me, querida, how could you when Alma Perdida and I are the same?  Iyashi no healing wind..."

" you feel complete now?"

"I realized last night, when I remembered everything, what was missing.  My soul was calling out to you.  Even though I didn't remember, my heart was seeking out yours.  And now I'm complete for I have you in my arms."

"Oh Ferio..." This time she said his name in wonder.  "I love you."

"Y yo también te amo.  Dios, Fuu, no sabes cuanto te he extrañado.  Cuando dejaste Céfiro, me quería morir.  Mi vida no tenía sentido sin tí.  Tenía un reino a gobernar pero no valía nada sin tí a mi lado.  Pero ahora te encuentro, mi alma perdida, y no te volvere a dejar ir otra vez...nunca."

Fuu didn't understand a word he was saying but she didn't mind.  She knew they were sweet words and that he only reverted to speaking Spanish because that was the language he grew up with.  It was a natural reaction at an emotional moment like this.  But after a while she got tired of his ramblings.

She did the only thing she could think of despite of her timid mind.  She moved her head a bit and gave him a kiss.  A chaste one.  On the side of his chin since it was closest to her lips.  Not that she had enough courage to kiss him on the lips anyways.  But it did the trick.  He finally stopped talking and gave her a hot look that made her toes curl.

Perhaps that wasn't such a good idea after all.

And that was the last thought that went through her mind before it exploded into different colors.  Never had she imagined that a kiss would be such.  His lips were soft and lingering as he brushed them back and forth, occasionally nipping hers after a hard press.  All the blood rushed to her head and she feared she might faint from the delicious breathlessness.

"I love you, Fuu," he said the words she already knew through his kiss.

For Fuu, life couldn't be more perfect.

Finally, she and her prince were together again.

Finally, they can have their happily-ever-after.



Querida – beloved; dear; darling

The one that lasted a whole paragraph - "And I love you too. God, Fuu, you don't know how much I missed you. When you left Cephiro, I wanted to die. My life had no sense without you. I had a kingdom to rule but it was worth nothing without you by my side. But now I found you, my lost soul, and I'll never let you go again...ever."