John had no idea about how to explain to William what occurred that day. He and Sherlock had been on a case that took them to Little Whinging in Surrey, and Sherlock was complaining about the dullness. "Honestly, John! This place makes my teeth ache with its normality!"

"Then why did you take it, you big twat?" He crossed his arms and looked at Sherlock, who was looking at a small child.

"I don't know, and who is that child?" Sherlock snapped at him before running over to the child.

John shook his head as he thought 'You have to give Sherlock credit, she's not as bad as her twin William. She also happens to have a soft-spot for children.' His scowl turned into a smile as he saw her kneel next to the little boy. When he saw her beckon him over, he jogged over to them.


"John, would you please give him a medical exam?" when John looked at her curiously, she said "Just a cursory one."

John looked the child over "He's maybe three, and malnourished. He's definitely a victim of abuse." He looked at Sherlock "I think we should call Child Services."

Sherlock nodded and sat on the bench next to them, picking up the boy as if he weighed nothing and sat him on her lap. "What's your name, dear?" she asked softly.

The child shrugged "Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon call me Freak, or Boy."

"Well, we are never going to call you that." she looked at John with tears in her eyes. John understood why Sherlock felt so sad because of the child's family calling him that. She changed to a bright smile "John, why don't we name him Rhys, just until we can find his name."

John chuckled, amused by her fascination with Welsh names. "Alright, Rhys. Where do you live?"

Rhys answered promptly "Number Four Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey." He smiled up at Sherlock, who chuckled as she ruffled his messy black hair.

"Alright, then." John said as he stood up. "Let's go see your Aunt and Uncle."

Rhys cried "Please don't take me back to them! I don't want to go there!"

"Rhys, we just need to tell them we are taking you home with us." Sherlock reasoned with the small boy.

"He'll beat me again! I don't wanna be hurt anymore!"

"Who will beat you?" John asked quietly as rage began to build in his chest. 'Who would hurt such a wonderful child?'

"Uncle." Harry whispered, wide eyed as he spied him across the street.

John turned and saw the walrus-shaped man walk towards them "You! Boy! Get away from those people!"

Sherlock stood, Rhys's face buried in her shoulder. "He will not be going any where with you, Vernon."

"How do you know my name?"

"Rhys here told me he lived with an Uncle Vernon and an Aunt Petunia."

"That Freak is not named Rhys. His parents named him Harry and dumped him on our doorstep four years ago when he was a year old."

John stepped in front of Vernon and said in his quietest and most deadly voice "Get out of here. We are taking your nephew with us, and expect a Child Services Agent at your door by the end of this night. Good day, sir. Leave."

Vernon looked at the blond ex-army surgeon, then at his nephew. He sneered "I hope you like him, because you both seem to be just as freakish as him."

Sherlock said "John, If you would't mind holding Rhys for a moment?" John stepped back and took Rhys/Harry in his arms.

John looked at her face and grinned as he whispered into Rhys/Harry's ear "Your uncle is in trouble, and he doesn't even know it." He nodded towards Sherlock and whispered "Watch the fun."

Sherlock stood in front of Vernon and stuck out her hand "Sherlock Holmes. You are?"

"Vernon Dursley."

"Well, Vernon Dursley. You are perhaps the most pathetic, imbecilic excuse of a human I have ever seen in my life, and I consider only rapists and pedophiles to be lower on my scale of good people to filth, and yes, I have met both rapists and pedophiles in my time as a detective. If I had ignored your nephew like any normal person, you would have taken him home and beaten him, isn't that right?" She looked as if she was ready to kill him. "You never, EVER tell a child he or she is a freak! I would know, my brother and I are proof that if you leave someone alone long enough they will forget what its like to be normal and accepted by society. Congratulations! You almost created another socially stunted apathetic sociopath because you hate whatever gift he might have. If you leave now, I will put in a word for you at your hearing on abusing this child. If you don't leave now, I will tell the board exactly who you are. Your choice." She stepped back and walked over to John, who she leaned against as he held Rhys/Harry with one arm and rubbed Sherlock's back with the other. "Let's get out of here. That walrus is lowering the IQ of the entire town just by being here."

John chuckled and lead the way to the rental car they were using for the case. "That was good."

Sherlock smiled and took Rhys/Harry from his arms " So, which name do you prefer? Rhys Adrian Holmes-Watson or Harry?"

The boy smiled brightly "Rhys!"

Sherlock smiled as John ruffled his hair and said "I like that name too."

That night at the hotel, John and Sherlock stayed up for a while talking after sending a message to Sherlock's eldest brother Mycroft.

"Holmes-Watson?" John looked at Sherlock's face, and smiled when she blushed.

"If you'd like he can be just yours, I guess." Sherlock hated how soft she got around the former soldier, while also enjoying the warm, fuzzy feeling she would get by being near him.

"No! I like it. In fact," He said while bending down on one knee "Would you, Yvonne Sherlock Titania Holmes consider marrying this poor, weary soldier?"

Sherlock gasped when he pulled a small box out of his pants and opened it, revealing a simple gold band with a small diamond set into it. "Yes!"

John smiled as he slipped it onto her finger. Once she admired it for a few seconds, she flung herself at him, sending them both sprawling onto the floor laughing and kissing.

A few days later, once Sherlock solved the case, they returned to 221 Baker Street, where they shared a flat with Sherlock's twin William.

"Hello, brother!" Sherlock said gleefully when William opened the door.

"Sherlock, John." He nodded cordially before allowing them in. He watched them walk into the flat, and looked curiously at John "John, why is there a small human on your back?"

"Oh, Rhys wanted a ride up the stairs on my back." John offered as an explanation.

"Ah." William looked all three of them over curiously. "Since coming through the door I have deduced three, no four things." He pointed at John "You finally used some courage and proposed to my sister and she accepted, the little boy named Rhys on your back is Harry James Potter, apparently you two have adopted him, and Sherlock has finally given into her emotions."

"Oh." Sherlock said as she sat down. "Rhys, would you mind coming over here, please?" when he walked over and climbed into her lap, she brushed his hair away from his forehead and gasped.

"What is it?" John asked as he walked over to Sherlock. When he saw the mark on Rhys's forehead he sucked in his breath.

"Why didn't I see this coming?" Sherlock murmured as she smoothed Rhys's hair down and held him in her arms protectively. She looked at William "Get Mycroft over here now." She turned to John and said "I don't know how to say this, but here it goes..." she took in a deep breath "I am a witch."