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When Rhys and Rose met in the Common Room after they woke, they grinned at each other. "Ready to take on Hogwarts, little brother?"

"Hey! We're only what? A day apart?"

"Almost exactly twenty four hours apart. I was born in the first minutes after midnight in the morning of the thirtieth, you were born in the last few minutes of the thirtieth." Rose corrected absentmindedly as she yawned.

"So you two are twins?" George said from behind them. He held up his hands in surrender with a grin "I'm not going to tell anyone, and I'm not going to dwell on it. Rose and Rhys. Welcome to Gryffindor." He smiled before walking out of the portrait hole, whistling a random tune.

"Once again, close one." Rhys said with a shake of his head as Rose laughed nervously.

"I like him." She said while they waited for Dudley and Hermione to wake up.

"I don't. He looks at you in a way that I don't like." Rhys crossed his arms, glaring at the portrait hole where the offending red-head went.

"Oh? Are you being protective of me?" Rose teased, earning a pillow thrown at her face, which she caught with ease. "You've got to try harder than that."

"What? Do you want me to act like a brother or not?" Rhys scowled, before smiling at the sight of Hermione walking down the stairs, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. "Good morning, 'Mione. Did you sleep alright?"

"Yes, I slept well. The only trouble is that your new sister snores."

"Actually, that was Lavender. I sleep across from you."

"Ah." Hermione smiled, happy to start her first day at Hogwarts. "Shall we head down to breakfast?"

"We're waiting on Dudley. I'll go wake him up." Rhys said with a laugh, stomping back up the stairs. He stood in front of their room, and shouted "Dudley, get up! You don't want to miss out on your first breakfast at Hogwarts, do you?"

The girls giggled as they heard a thump of someone rolling out of bed, followed by two boys yelling at Rhys. The girls were laughing by the time Rhys re-appeared with both Dudley and Ron in tow. The boys sheepishly smiled as they said their good mornings to the girls before the five departed to join the school for breakfast.

After breakfast, the quintet left for their first class of the day. Over the course of the week, they made sure of making it to class on time.

By the time came for their first double potions class with Slytherin, Rose and Rhys had tested each other until they both knew all of their material well enough to be confidant that they would be able to answer any questions about the class that Snape would throw at them.

When they walked into the dungeon, Rhys noticed Rose squinting in the darkness as they sat next to each other. "Do you need glasses?"

"No." Rose looked at him, appalled by the suggestion that she'd need glasses. "I don't need glasses."

"Are you sure? You do have father's eyes after all."

Rose was about to reply when Professor snape walked in. "You are here to learn the subtle science and exact art of potion-making. As there is little foolish wand-waving here, many of you will hardly believe this is magic." He looked irritated when Rose raised her hand. "Yes, Miss Potter?"

"Excuse me, sir. I just was wondering if you were going to teach us any potions today."

Snape looked at her, and seemed perplexed by a student seeming to be truly curious about potions. "Yes. The instructions for making a simple cure for boils are on the board." He flicked his wand, and in neat, precise handwriting, the instructions appeared.

Once the students began to work, Professor Snape began to walk around the room, watching for possible potions mishaps.

There was only one incident that was worth attention, when Rose stopped Neville from placing the pine nettles in at the wrong time. "Neville, wait! You do that after you take the cauldron off the flames!"

"How do you remember that?"

Professor Snape listened as he waited for her answer. "I read the book on a few occasions. That and Uncle William said that it is always good to remember your potion recipes in case you don't have your book on hand to refer to."

Professor Snape smiled, and was surprised when her partner, Rhys Holmes-Watson spoke as well. "Yes, but Mum and Uncle Will also use the Method of Loci to store every fact they can that's necessary for their jobs."

The rest of the class period progressed quietly, and when everyone turned in their potions Snape asked Rhys and Rose to stay behind.

"Did we do something wrong, sir?" asked Rose, as she sat with Rhys on a couch in Snape's office.

"No. I just wanted to warn you about the Headmaster, Rose. He will want you to fight Voldemort when he returns."

"If he returns." Rhys said, scowling at the professor.

Snape bowed his head to concede to the fact. "Yes. If he returns. But what most people will forget to say is that the prophecy states that you and your twin Harry are the two who will destroy Voldemort."

Rose looked at the professor confused "But Harry disappeared. Did the prophecy specifically state that it was going to be twins named Harry and Rose that would defeat him?"

Snape smiled "It actually stated that twins born when July dies would have a power the Dark Lord does not."

Rhys scowled "Were there any other twins born at the end of July?"

Snape's smile turned into a frown. "Frank and Alice Longbottom had twin boys. Neville is in your house, and Richard is in Ravenclaw. But the reason that Voldemort chose Rose and Harry, is because you are half-blood by his standards. Your mother Lily was a muggle-born, and that in his eyes was the same as being a muggle." He looked at Rhys, and asked "Why do you ask all the questions?"

"Because he can translate it all into something I can understand later. Rhys grew up in a magical family, whereas I was left at a Muggle orphanage where I grew up without any knowledge of who I was other than a name, and the fact that I had no living family."

Snape nodded. "I understand. You two better go to your next class."

"Thank you, professor!" Rose said as she was pulled out of the dungeon by Rhys.

"Come on! We're going to be late to our first Flying Lesson!"