A Video Game of Thrones

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The tomb of Lyanna Stark was located deep in the crypts of Winterfell and, with the resulting pandemonium from Bran's fall still going strong, it was completely deserted. Jon had seen the statue of her before, had in fact seen all of the statues before. Ned Stark had shown him his ancestor's graves, all the while concealing the fact that his mother lay there as well. Despite having seen it before, as it came in sight the knowledge that this was his mother overwhelmed him, and he sunk to his knees before her likeness.

Perhaps you were supposed to feel calm, or sad when paying your respects. Jon felt neither. First and foremost he felt regret, regret that he never had the chance to know her and therefore could not feel sad or calm. However he also felt resolved. No matter what he would find the truth of the matter, and with it whether he was conceived as a result of forbidden love, or rape. There had to be someone who knew the truth of the matter, other than Ned Stark, who he knew would never tell. Maybe when he left Winterfell he could travel to Dorne? His father had kept his mother there, willing or not so there would be someone who remembered. The problem would be finding them, getting them to talk, and then evaluating the truth.

Legendary Quest Unlocked!

Tutorial: Legendary Quests may be completed in many different ways, and will give vastly different rewards based on how the goal is achieved. There is no time limit to complete them, due to the high difficulty level.

Legendary Quest! The Prince of the Past
Goal: Discover the truth of your birth
Reward: ?

That was a near impossible task, and Jon had no idea where he would start? Well, Dorne was still an option, but a near penniless bastard from the North would be unable to discover anything: he would have neither money nor influence, and both would be required in large quantities. Then the torch burnt out, and he realised that he had been there a lot longer than he had originally intended, as his stiff joints were testament to. Walking back to his chambers, the light of day had dimmed to evening, and while the castle was still on high alert, it was nonetheless much quieter. A few enquiries along the way assured him that Bran was still safe and doing well.

Finally reaching his room was a relief and sitting on the bed, he opened the book, having gained a new achievement as well as a new mutation in archery. He hadn't had the time to deal with the changes... so he might as well do it now. The first thing, the new achievement, was unsurprisingly related to saving Bran.

New Achievement Completed:

Winter Is Coming: Save the life of a Stark
[Activate] for +25 Greatsword & +1 Fate

After activating the achievement the next step was...

Archery has been raised above 60!

Archery: 66/100 [MUTATION]

Once again there was a list of options for Jon to choose from.

Please Choose [3] of the following...

Bonus: Perception
Description: Your Archery Skills grant you +3, Perception

New Skill Set: Bows Type 1
Description: Unlocks the Crossbow, Longbow and Short Bow Skills

New Skill Set: Shooting Styles 1
Description: Unlocks the Mounted Archery, Sharpshooting and Wind Arrow Styles as Skills

New Skill Set: Archery Crafting 1
Description: Unlocks the Fletching and Bowyer Skills

Perk: Armoured Against Arrows
Description: Armour is twice as resilient against arrows

Perk: Eagle Eye
Description: You are able to track the path of arrows with your eyes

Once again it was a difficult decision to make since all of the options would be beneficial in one way or another. The first to be eliminated was Perception; it was his second highest attribute after Spirit, and he had placed points in it last level as well. Eagle Eye was the first to be selected; it would be a major advantage to be able to see where an arrow was going because he could then block it. The next two selected were the skill sets for Bows and Shooting Styles, and the Archery Crafting one was reluctantly left for the time being. Looking at his skills again revealed the following...

Crossbow: 66/100
Longbow: 66/100
Short Bow: 66/100

Mounted Archery: 0/100
Sharpshooting: 0/100
Wind Arrow: 0/100

It was obvious to Jon what the first three skills did, but he took a moment to process the new information about how the last three worked. Mounted Archery was basically the ability to aim and fire while riding a horse in the Dothraki style, Sharpshooting was the ability to hit a small target at long range and Wind Arrow was how to fire an arrow while compensating for a strong wind that would blow it off course. All in all they would very useful in the future, he thought, and thus Jon fell asleep relatively easily, to a thankfully dreamless night.

The day that followed was to soon become much more troublesome than the night could ever possibly be. Another feast had been announced in celebration of Bran's near escape, it was also - as Jon was informed - the time when he would be rewarded for his act of bravery. Catelyn Stark had been glaring at him throughout the morning and at Arya as well.

Arya Stark:
[Arya] thinks this about you: Kind, brave, skilled, understanding and a hero

He had to smile at that, though what had Arya just said that had made Catelyn Stark glare at him even more? Arya was a very outspoken child which frequently brought her views into conflict with her mother's and sisters... But she glanced at him as well... was he the topic of the conversation? Catelyn was now grabbing the arm of Ned Stark and was talking rapidly to him, frantically even, while Ned was shaking his head. Whatever they were talking about they were clearly not in agreement. There was however, no chance of Jon being able to find out the subject at the moment and so he resigned himself to completing as many quests as he could before the feast, which was admittedly not many.

Quest: Grooming Ghost
Reward: Increased Influence with Ghost, 80XP

Taking care of Ghost was, as always an available quest, and one that Jon would do regardless, so the extra experience was a welcome bonus. There was a guard stationed at the door for the time being: apparently summer, Bran's direwolf had got loose and gone on a castle wide search for Bran. It was strange that the incident had occurred at exactly the same time as Bran had fallen. Did direwolves have some sort of sixth sense... some form of magic? Jon would have normally discounted such an idea, but the arrival of the book, and the dramatic changes it had wrought in his life had changed many of his beliefs.

"Here Ghost, I got you an extra portion of meat... including some sausages... "

Summer had stolen them but they had been taken away as he was not to be rewarded for searching the castle like well... a wild animal, and in the process damaging some of the royal robes. Whoever thought that it was a good idea to hang the washing next to the kennels? It was probably some of the royal servants who were unaware of the location but it had since been moved, most likely due to the aforementioned incident.

This did not seem to bother Ghost though as he happily dug into the meat in question. Jon tried to get him to eat slower but that only resulted in the direwolf dragging the bucket of meat to the corner to devour it in peace. Jon's attempts to further slow him were met with a questioning look... and a single sausage being pushed his way.

"No... I'm not hungry Ghost, but you might get sick if you eat too fast!"

Ghost gave an exasperated whine, and shook his head in an almost... patronizing manner? He then proceeded to retrieve the lone sausage and continue eating as quickly as he could. If Jon didn't want to eat then it was his food to eat how he wanted to and at what speed: at least that was Jon's interpretation of Ghosts message. And so, with a similar exasperated sigh for his ever hungry direwolf Jon left the space where the direwolves were kept.

Quest Complete: Increased Influence with Ghost, 80XP

Unfortunately for Jon the book had revealed that he now had to get 5000 Experience before he could level up again, which was not welcome news. Still there were other quests to do, including another one he was familiar with.

Quest: Cheering up Arya
Reward: Various, 600XP

Arya was even more upset than she had been last time the quest had occurred, which was probably why the Experience reward was higher this time. The girl seemed to be on the verge of tears, and upon seeing him ran up and hugged him, sniffling ever so slightly though she denied it vehemently when it was pointed out.

"It's not fair! I told her that! It's not fair! Mother and Sansa said it, and it's not fair! And then they had to go and make father agree as well and he had to which was wrong because they were being mean. I wanted it to happen so much!"

What had happened to make her like this...?

"Calm down, take a deep breath Arya, alright? Now, what happened to make you so upset... did you have another argument with Sansa?"

The deep breath gave way to the beginnings of another outburst. "No, I just wanted you to be my brother, but mother wouldn't listen and told me to be quiet..."

What... he was already her brother... not in name, but supposedly in blood at least, even if they were cousins, nobody knew it.

"Father said that he was going to adopt you into the family so you'd be a Stark like us, but then mother said that that was bad and you would steal Bran's inheritance which you wouldn't ever do because you're really nice and..."

Jon stayed frozen for a moment in pure shock. He could have been part of the family that he had grown up as separate from, the family he had always hoped that he could join. How ironic that he had found out his true heritage only a few days before this would have happened. He was sad, yes but he was able to take it better than he would have otherwise.

In most cases where a child was adopted into a family they were no blood relation and as such, would rank behind all trueborn children of the family in the line for inheritance. However Jon was a Stark by birth - through his father, most believed - and so his adoption would place him second only to Robb to inherit the title of Warden of the North, he would effectively displace Bran and Rickon from their places. It didn't mean that Catelyn Stark's actions were right, or that he wasn't hurt by them. It did, however make it them more understandable.

"So then mother sent me away but I listened in and father said that he was going to offer you a boon, and almost anything you wanted would be granted, if it could be... Could you ask to be adopted...? When father offers you a boon at the feast and if you asked in front of the King they couldn't say no!"

Ah, Arya was unaware of the laws regarding succession and so did not realise the consequences of such an action. Her anger left her after Jon explained, but she wouldn't let go of his tunic which she held in an iron grip and muttered one last cry of...

"It's not fair..."

Arya was still sad, which was probably the reason why Jon suggested practising swordplay. After getting the smallest, lightest sword he could find, they soon discovered that even that was too heavy for the young girl. He face fell further as he explained that she would probably hurt herself if they continued, as well the fact that she lacked the strength to succeed against a full grown man anytime soon. It was then that he had an inspiration. As he recalled, Water Dance Style was designed for smaller, more agile opponents, which would be ideal for Arya. The main issue would be getting the right sword, but Mikkan was a skilled enough Blacksmith to forge one, if he was provided with the funds.

Tentatively, he broached the idea about teaching her Water Dance Style even though he knew he was lacking in skill, he at least knew all of the moves and techniques. The response was immediately enthusiastic, especially when he said that he would see about getting her a suitable sword. Arya was never going to be a traditional lady, who could be content with her needlework and so on; it couldn't hurt to teach her a form of self defence.

Quest Complete: Enormously increased Influence with Arya, +15 Water Dance Style, +10 Rapier, +25 Silver Stags, 600XP

That... was easily the best reward that he had ever gotten from a single quest, he had managed to make Arya happy and gained a lot of skills in the process, as well as the money to pay for the new sword. But now that she had left - called in by her mother to prepare for the feast - Jon was left alone with his thoughts.

So he was to be offered a boon. Were he asked what he wished for most some 5 days previously he would have asked the name of his mother, and the truth of his birth. Even though he would love to have the knowledge, being acknowledged as a Targaryen in front of Robert Baratheon, the one who had sworn to kill all remaining of that line was not a good move. It would only result in his execution; making him clench his fist... He had to do something though... But what could a powerless bastard do, especially with Catelyn Stark trying to limit his influence.

"Excuse me, but the feast is going to start in half an hour, and since you are the guest of honour..."

The man's voice trailed off as Jon stalked past him, intent on his own thoughts as he headed to his chambers to dress for the feast. Somehow there was a feeling that this day was going to change everything. Upon reaching his room, he dressed in his best clothes. Robb would have worn his best for the earlier feast, but since Jon had been forbidden attendance he was not limited in his choice by that, not that he had as much to choose from in the first place though.

It was strange entering the feast, and being able to sit at the same table as royalty. An all too familiar glint of gold caught his eye again and he found himself scrutinizing the Crown Prince. Joffrey Baratheon was handsome enough to enamour Sansa but he couldn't help but recall Robb's words: that the prince was rumoured to be an unpleasant boy.

He also recalled the rumour which had been confirmed as a fact that Prince Joffrey had not visited Bran to give regards and that he had in fact refused to go... Was it because he was the guilty one? Certainly that would explain the golden glint – it would be from the boy's hair, and the refusal to see Bran... Maybe he was afraid of being recognised...

Jon there and then resolved to keep an eye on the Prince, even if he could say nothing due to his word being worth exactly that: nothing. But he was not going to stand by and let a possible threat to Bran go unwatched, particularly since the boy was confined to his bed for the next few months while his bones healed! He was vulnerable, and even Ned Stark realised this and had allowed Summer into Bran's chambers for additional protection.

"And so, never let it be said that the Starks are ungrateful. To Jon Snow, for the courageous act of saving the life of my son, Brandon Stark I grant a boon. Know that you may always call upon the Stark family should you have need, for we owe you greatly."

Jon stood up and nodded, the carefully worded statement doing more to hurt than help. It had clearly been carefully phrased so that it distanced him from the Stark family, from his family and he resented that he was being treated like a stranger. Still, he was in no place to object without seeming uncouth and ungrateful.

"I thank you for your favour, Lord Stark."

If his words were icier than normal then it was hidden among the applause, though he saw Ned Stark wince ever so slightly. The feast then continued on, Jon standing out by his silence among the chattering crowd. Even though he knew it was the logical response, he could hope for more, he could hope! Sometimes he wished that he would be worth more than normal, that he would be considered different to the rest in a positive way, instead of his current negative one. A piece of food soared from Arya to Sansa, who began to fuss. Arya merely grinned, and it was infectious, Jon grinned as well. You could always count on Arya to defy convention.

As the feast drew to a close, Jon stood a small distance away from where Ned Stark and Jaime Lannister were talking, or rather having a polite disagreement.

"And His Majesty will most likely hold a tournament should you accept the offer to be the King's Hand. I would be glad, for one. The competition on the field lately has gotten... stale."

Jaime Lannister stance was that of a man at ease, yet his words were edged with something more sinister. Jon didn't think to look closer... that Ned Stark had been offered the position of the Hand was news to him.

"I do not fight in tournaments."

His uncle's reply was brusque to an extreme.

"Oh, are you worried about the next generation of fighters?"

An obvious jibe at Ned Stark's age was the swift retort. But all present were shocked by the interference of the King himself, who though drunk was thankfully in a good mood.

"Now, now, don't be silly. The men of the north are strong, stronger than you might think. If you wish to test your mettle, why not clash blades with Ned's son, eh?"

A malicious smile slowly formed on Jaime's face.

"Very well then. I will do so."

His gaze swung across the room, skipping over Robb as he walked up to Jon.

"Jon Snow, son of Eddard Stark, I challenge you to a duel."

Jon's horrified face turned to look at the King, but Robert Baratheon was so lost to reason that...

"Very well, the battle shall be some two days from now then. Only fair to give you both time to prepare!"

The King roared with laughter, Catelyn Stark looked ready to murder someone... and silence filled the room, until a small ping sounded in Jon's ear.

Legendary Quest: Fight Jaime Lannister in 3 matches, and win at least 1!
Reward: 100 Gold Dragons &? 5000XP!

This did not bode well...

Jon Snow: Statistics


Strength: 19
Endurance: 18
Dexterity: 25


Intellect: 17
Perception: 33
Willpower: 25


Charisma: 25,
Wisdom: 22


Fate: 22
Spirit: 40

Skills (Ones he has points in only)

Northlands Lore: 18/100
Westerlands Lore: 17/100
Religious Lore: 5/100

Archery: 66/100 [Mutation]
Fist Fighting: 28/100

Short Sword: 64/100
Bastard Sword: 100/100
Long Sword: 64/100
Greatsword: 25/100
Rapier: 10/100

Water Dance Style: 15/100
Fire Dragon Style: 0/100
Ice Gale Style: 28/100
Storm Hawk Style: 29/100

Hunting: 42/100
Tracking: 31/100
Survival: 34/100
Riding: 10/100

Armour Wearing: 25/100

Dog Training: 15/100

Sewing: 10/100
Manners: 10/100
Singing: 5/100

Gambling: 5/100
Cooking: 10/100

Plant Identification: 5/100
Poisons: 5/100
Medicine: 10/100

Finance: 15/100
Politics: 15/100
Management: 10/100

Lock-Picking: 5/100


Dragon Master
Fire Resistance
Ice Resistance
Eye of the Sky
Inspiring Allies: Bastard Sword
Dual Wield: Swords
Prophetic Dreams
Empathy Level 1: Viewpoints


Man's Best Friend
Young Love
Waking Lions

Experience: 680/5000