He commanded armies. Terrifying ones. Soldiers devoid of pity, and filled with hatred, rage and lust. He thrived in the pain of his opponents, grew in the despair of his enemies, delighted in torturing the damned and generally enjoyed his status as the scariest BAMF to ever exist.

He was the Devil King… And he was bored as Hell.

He couldn't really remember the very beginning of his existence – after all, who ever did? – but he did know that he was a pure demon, born out of two demonic creatures, not one of those humans who somehow got transformed. What he did remember, though, was the constant power struggle that permeated his existence. He didn't have time to be bored then, too busy was he getting stronger in order to fend off various attackers who weren't above killing the young in order to ascertain their power over the masses. And then he'd served in the legions of Hell, under one of the greatest generals he'd ever known, before he eventually took over the position once his superior was killed. Then came the turning point in his life: after centuries of work, he'd finally become the Devil King.

Sure, it had been amusing funny for the first century or so: he'd just killed assassinated the previous Devil King after all;, he was bound to feel some kind of power high. But it had gotten dull a few decades after that, during which all the more moderately powerful demons had attempted to take advantage of the power vacuum. After those years of action came the years of boredom, during which the challengers were few and far in between. He'd tried to find new ways to abate his boredom, but being evil all the time had gotten tedious after a while.

His current plan had (ironically enough) come from one of his torture victims, who'd been bloody pissed (literally)at having his faults and sins pointed out to thrown back at him on the rack.

"You'll never under understand what it's like up there," the sorry excuse for a man had spat, incensed. "You'll never understand, 'cause there ain't nothing human in you, you blasted freak of a monster!"

Of course, the prisoner had then (completely coincidentally, mind you) contracted some rare kind of bug that ate through his internal organs and kept him from sleeping at the same time, but he'd deserved it. However, like one of those annoying courtesans who wanted to become the Devil Queen (and just wouldn't understand that no, he didn't need one and yes, he was perfectly fine with being single forever), the words had taken root in his the Devil King's mind and started to fester and grow inside it until they could no longer be ignored.

Yes, he would grace the living world with his presence. After all, he had been ruling the underworld for more than a century; he was long overdue for a vacation.

The idea for this fic came to me from reading The Mind Can Make a Heaven of Hell by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel, where "Sherlock is actually the Devil, but he decided to live as a mortal because ruling Hell was boring". I asked for permission to use the idea, but I still haven't gotten an answer yet. If the answer is positive, I'll continue the fic. If not, it might get deleted, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Hope you enjoyed, so leave a review if you can!