Title: Lacuna
Author: Sita
Summary: Sequel to Multiformity. Everything seemed over, it seemed there'd be no more dimension hoping for any Buffy or Spike. But, what happens when 2002-Buffy and Spike NOW get sucked into 1998-Buffy and Spike's dimension? And who could possibly be behind this?
Spoilers: I guess it'd be post Multiformity since it kinda went AU from there.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: BTVS is owned by the almighty God named Joss Whedon. All characters used in this story are owned by him, ME, and UPN.
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Definition of title: Something that has been emitted or come out; a gap.

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----(1998)----Alternative Dimension

The dim candle light accented the red streaks in his black hair, making him seem even more evil then he already was. His palms burst into flames and he only smiled at them, tossing a flame into the bubbling pot in front of him.

Pyrokenskic, that's what they called his type of demon. Only, he was only half, as was his sister, lying tied up at his feet. Her mouth was gagged and she was moaning in pain, burns lining her face. Her blonde hair, streaked black, also looked eerie in the dim candle light, blood slowly seeping into it, mixing.

"Oh, Asp." Pyro smiled, lighting another flame in his hand. "Shut your mouth bitch!" He roared.

She only moaned louder, allowing a single tear to roll down her cheek, unnoticed by him.

"We'll kill the, Slayer." He cackled. "Oh, we'll get her."

"That we will, luv." Someone spoke from the shadows, her long brown hair pooling gracefully over her shoulders. "And, this time there will be an apocalypse!" Drusilla yelled happily, starting to spin around in circles.

Pyro took one look at her before he started to chant the spell.


The summer had gone by slowly for Buffy. After killing Angel, she had recovered quickly though, Xander still happy her undead-lover was dead. The only thing her friends didn't know about was her NEW undead lover, Spike.

She was pretty much petrified to tell them about the bleached-blonde. What would they say? What would they do? Spike was not only un-souled but he didn't even have a chip in his head like the Spike in the other dimension. He wasn't harmless plus he was a big pain in the ass. Always was, always had been. She sighed shaking her head, but one thing was for sure, that man was GOOD in bed.

Entering the school library, Buffy set her books down on the table, waiting for Giles to come out from behind the counter.

"Well, hello Buffy." He started walking towards her, setting a few musty and giant books down in front of her. "The demon we encountered last night-"

"Yeah, yeah." Buffy sighed, taking a piece of gum out of her purse and popping it into her mouth.

"It's a Ginsnik or something like that." She scrunched up her brows, trying to remember exactly WHAT Spike had told her the demon was.

"How did you-" He started, but Buffy cut him off once again.

"I have my ways." She sighed, slumping back into her chair. "Can I go to class now? Afterall, this IS only the second week of school."

"Right," He sighed. "Just give me one second. Xander told me that he saw Spike around last night."

She cringed. Shit, they knew he was still here.

"And....?" Buffy said, attempting to leave the library.

"Wait!" He said, grabbing her shoulder and pushing her back down into her seat. "We might have a problem with him. You know how Spike is."

"I'll take care of it." She called over her shoulder, rushing out of the library and away from Giles, muttering "Stupid, Xander." Under her breath the whole way out of the library.


----(2002)----Our Dimension

Buffy sighed running her hands through her messed up blonde locks. She HATED how she looked in the morning. She glanced to her right, looking at a sleeping Spike....but Spike on the other hand....Well to put it frankly, he was adorable.

The bleached-blonde and newly souled vampire had officially moved last month, her friends accepting her relationship with Spike. Though Xander barely accepted it, she figured he'd have to live with it. HE didn't get to choose who she wanted to be with, now did he?

Dawn, of course, had been ecstatic when she found out Spike was moving in. She'd always viewed him as a big brother. He'd taken care of her the summer Buffy was gone. Willow hadn't seemed to mind one way or another saying "Whatever makes you happy". Giles, on the other hand, seemed to clean his glasses between every two words she said. What was it with those glasses anyway? And Anya frankly didn't care. She was too busy with her new job which made Buffy angry, but reluctantly she accept. Well, and Xander REALLY hated it. He always had despised Spike soul or no soul. But, she couldn't change Xander's point of view. Everything had always seemed to be black and white for him. Yet, it was that way for her once too.

Sitting up, Buffy made her way over to the mirror, grabbing a brush from her drawer, and running it through the tangled mess of her hair.

"Luv?" Came a groggy voice from the bed.

"Right here." She answered, paying more attention to her hair then she was to him.

"Come back here." He answered.

"Spike," She turned back to him. "If I sleep with you NOW, my hairs gonna be all messy again. And, I'm JUST fixing it. So, later."

He pouted, sticking his bottom lip out, and making her want to take it between her teeth and nibble on it.

"Stop it," She whined, crawling onto the bed, and on top of him. "You're so mean." She crashed her lips to his, with this said. And, moaned when he reached under her shirt, rubbing her breasts.

A sudden rumbling, shaking, like an earthquake startled the two lovers. And, Buffy jumped off of Spike.

"What the f-"

She collapsed on the ground as the house shook, and Spike clumsily made his way off the bed and over to her.

"What's happening?" He asked.

"Apocalypse or earthquake?" She asked.

"I don't-"

Yet, before Spike could finish what he was saying, the two were knocked unconscious by an invisible object.


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