Title: Lacuna
Author: Sita
Summary: Sequel to Multiformity. Everything seemed over, it seemed there'd be no more dimension hoping for any Buffy or Spike. But, what happens when 2002-Buffy and Spike NOW get sucked into 1998-Buffy and Spike's dimension? And who could possibly be behind this?
Spoilers: I guess it'd be post Multiformity since it kinda went AU from there.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: BTVS is owned by the almighty God named Joss Whedon. All characters used in this story are owned by him, ME, and UPN. Well, except Pyro, Asp and Katara of course, who belong to the one and only me.
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Definition of title: Something that has been emitted or come out; a gap.

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The morning came quickly, almost too quickly, and 1998-Buffy was shutting off her alarm and groaning loudly, along with 1998-Spike who seemed to be awake from unconsciousness. At least he got to sleep longer, she mused.

"My bloody 'effin head." He cursed, holding his hand to his forehead, than realizing where he was, he turned to Buffy, obviously surprised she would bring him here, and let him sleep in HER bed. But, "Was I out all night?" Was all he muttered, trying to bury his head deeper into the soft confinements of the pillow.

"Yeah," She replied, rolling over so she was facing the bleached-blonde. "The other Spike and Buffy are in the guest room. She kinda died last night. Again. You missed all the action." By the concerned look on her face, she cleared up the statement, "Don't worry though. She's fine. Wills revived her."

He didn't respond, just remained laying next to her, enjoying the comfort of her warm body next to his, and with a contented sigh, he closed his eyes once more, letting himself drift off into a dreamless sleep.


Pyro growled, angrily glaring at the insane vampiress at his side.

"I can't believe the Slayer is alive," He hissed. "How could this be? Her fucking heart stopped beating." He angrily dug his hands into the pockets of his oversized pants, pulling out a crumpled piece of paper with words scribbled in read ink on it. "But, this could just help out our problem."

Quickly, Drusilla made her way behind him, clapping her hands gleefully when she saw what was written on the paper, "Oh yes. We will have a party. Wonderful with family and dances and jewels. We will be reunited!"

Pyro glanced over at the insane vampiress, "Now, would you mind getting some spell components for me?"

"Never, my love." She smiled, her dress pooling out around her as she laid herself down on their bed.

"Well get your ass over here then," He growled, waiting expectantly as the vampiress made her way over to the Pyrokenskic demon.


She watched as the other demon stirred, waiting expectantly as Katara immediately sat up. "Where are we?" She hissed.

Asp looked over at her companion, "Sunnydale High's library. I think....They kinda have us locked up. We're untrustworthy if you know what I mean...."

Katara quickly swung her head around, her eyes glowing dangerously. "We have to get out of here."

"What? Why?" Asp whispered. "We're safe. I promise."

"No. We're not." Katara hissed, shooting flames from her mouth and burning the bars of the cage.

"Katara. Wait." Asp hissed.

"We can't!" The silver-haired demon yelled, running out of the cage and leaving behind a confused Pyrokeniskic demon.


2002-Buffy groaned, rolling over onto her side, only to come in contact with a cold body.

"Spike?" She asked sleepily, scooting herself closer to him.

He groaned as well, opening a baby blue eye, "What, luv?"

"I was just going to see if you were up." She moved her mouth towards his, placing a chaste yet sweet kiss on his lips. "Good morning."

This time, he groaned in response.


He sat up this time, cutting her off as she spoke, "I'm up. I'm up." and rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he threw the covers off the bed, turning to look at 2002-Buffy questioningly, "Are you okay, pet?"

She smiled, standing up, "Never felt better."

"Are you sure? You did kind of have a little trip last night, if you know what I mean." He looked at her, concern and worry evident on his features.

"I promise. I'm fine." She closed the distance between the two, her mouth meeting his in a passion-filled embrace.

He smiled down at her, pulling the blonde into his arms while laying his head down on her shoulder, "Please don't leave me again."

"I won't."


Sweat. Fire. Pain. That's all he could feel on his naked and tired body. The creature let out a feral growl, crouching towards the ground while ignoring his aching limbs.

Something wasn't right. He couldn't remember anything. He just knew something wasn't right.

And allowing his body to drop to the ground once more, Angel closed his eyes.


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