Ace Attorney 6

Full Summary

As Apollo starts taking on his own cases, he slowly starts to see the darkness and secrets everyone is hiding. When an especially earth-shattering secret is revealed about Trucy, Apollo, Trucy, and Phoenix refuse to even talk to each other, while the siblings become even closer. Apollo wonders about other secrets. For example, the secret that is slowly causing the rival prosecutor to fall apart, or the not-so-secret secret Athena is keeping. Can Apollo find the truth and fix everyone before its too late? Formerly Ace Attorney 6, this is my idea of what AA6 should be like. Characters and cover photo don't belong to me. Please R&R! Rated T for swearing and because the games are rated T.

*A/N Hey guys! I decided to try and write what I think AA6 should be like. This is just an overview of the cases, I'll write out the cases later. What do you guys think about my ideas?

Case 1: The Sandy Turnabout

A murder occurs at a birthday party on the beach, and the birthday girl is arrested for the murder! A case with Hugh, Robin, and Junie.

Case 2: The Frozen Turnabout

Athena and Apollo are watching an ice skating competition with Trucy. Apollo leaves to get something to eat with Trucy, and while passing through another rink, they find a dead body! Even worse, a six year old prodigy skater is arrested. Athena and Apollo take her case, but have they bitten off more than they can chew? Especially with the new prosecutor, Yumihiko Ichiyanagi?

Case 3: The Patriotic Turnabout

Apollo and Maya are just hanging out at the Agency, when they receive a call from jail: Trucy has been accused of murdering her best friend! When they get to the Detention Center, secrets are revealed, and Phoenix refuses to help Trucy. With Maya's help, can Apollo save his half-sister?

Case 4: Turnabout Accident

Apollo and Trucy are on their own now, and things are going pretty good. That is, until Apollo is hired to defend Kay Faraday, a Great Thief, accused of stealing a life via vehicular manslaughter. While this case seems pretty open and shut, it just gets more difficult, with a strange acting witness, not to mention that something is seriously wrong with Yumihiko.

Case 5: The Truth of the Turnabout

Yumihiko is in prison, accused of murdering Winston Payne. Apollo , Athena, and Maya defend him, with the help of Mia. This is the most difficult case they have ever dealt with, however. Is this the case that will break them?