"I'm freaking out!"

"Stiles, breath. You're not freaking out."

"DAD. I know what freaking out feels like, this is most certainly freaking out! You know what, I can't do it." Stiles turned on the heels of these incredibly uncomfortable, new shoes of a brand he couldn't even tell you the name of if you paid him. His dad grabbed his wrist pulling him back.

"Stiles, don't be an idiot. You couldn't even leave if you wanted to." The sheriff looked like he was having a fun time watching his son trying to deal with his minor break down. He knew it would work out… Eventually.

"I could too leave! Just walk out, no one would know!" Stiles started pacing down the corridor. What was he doing- no. He was committed, there was no backing out.

Deep breaths…. Don't have a panic attack…

"Stiles!" His dad was wrapping him up in his embrace before Stiles had the time to blink. "Stop.

You love Derek. Derek is just as crazy as you, for what reason, I don't know?" Stiles made a face. His dad picked now to be sarcastic? "Really, if there is anyone… Anyone who can deal with you, it's that kid. And I don't care if he's 23 now, he will forever and always be 'that kid'."

Stiles smiled a little and looked at the wooden doors. This was so cliche, his fricken life was so cliche!

After everything that happened between Derek and Stiles, they really didn't want to be separated much. Stiles went to Stanford in San Jose California while Derek went to University of Southern California. The drive was about five hours but they both knew during their heats it was barely three. The withdrawal was difficult at first, actually, almost impossible.

Then Deaton gave them both some medication and told them to exchange clothing whenever they did meet up- which was Friday night until Sunday night every single weekend. Derek ended up graduating with a degree in electrical engineering- much to Stiles' liking. He's convinced that somehow the job will lead to shirtless sex in the office or sex after Derek was out and about, getting dirty and hot… but then again what job would Derek get that wouldn't include that?

Stiles, on the other hand, decided he really really wanted to work with kids. He was going to be an elementary school english teacher. He really loved working with kids and maybe one day Derek would want to have some so this is just a good step to learn how to actually be a parent, or at least deal with kids.

They could do this. Stiles couldn't go back now even if he wanted to. Stiles has never doubted his feeling for Derek and at this point he never will. If he thought Derek was just in it for the hell of it, Stiles wouldn't be two minutes away from marrying the son of a bitch.

But he was. Marrying Derek, that is. They were doing it- well not it as in sex- they had done plenty of that, but the marrying thing. Totally happening.

And totally the reason for Stiles to freak out.

"Derek could have anyone, dad! He's smart, and funny… He knows when I'm sad or when I'm happy. You know, the night he proposed I thought he was joking. It was a fancy restaurant, okay? The bill was going to be hella expensive. Like: a-month's-salary-for-the-both-of-us type expensive. But when he got down on one knee just right when they brought out the fucking lobster, I choked on the wine. It was like seeing a car that is about to hit you, all you can do is stare. I mean at some point I nodded but the next thing I know I'm laughing. Derek's staring at me from across the table while I just start laughing so much I'm in tears. I told him that it was stupid to mess with my feelings like that all for the point of a discount. But he didn't get mad. He didn't punch me, yell at me or leave. He just signed and said, 'oh' and it was the single worst sound I have ever heard come from Derek. He sounded broken, like I tore something out of him. He almost got up from the table, arms shaking as I stopped him. I pulled him into a tight hug and just whispered yes's to him over and over again."

"Why didn't you tell me this before? You said he 'popped the question at dinner'." Stiles leaned against the wall across from his father. The suit was starting to get all kinds of hot. Stiles undid his tie, this weird "ash" color, so he was told and threw it over to the side. Out of sight, out of mind.

"I don't know… I just felt bad about it, that's all. I mean could you imagine if mom thought you were joking when you asked?" Stiles wanted to rub his face but Lydia has put makeup on him.

His dad came over next to Stiles. "I mean, not really. I was so scared to ask her in the first place, it's not something easy. It's terrifying, not sure what they'll say, what their reaction will be. You plan it all in your head, think of the million different ways it could go, but somehow she still surprised me."

"Dad are you crying?" Stiles wrapped his arms around his father immediately.

"She would have wanted to be here for this. She always like that kid… There was never a doubt in her mind that he was the one for you. She had told me you two were going to be mates way before we actually knew." How could his mom have know? There were no telling signs or a mate, especially not at that young of an age.

"She would have come in here by now, yelling why you were out there kissing your man- hey, it's what she would say." Stiles started laughing. After the Argent incident (aka the one where the argents killed Claudia then blamed the Hales, that one), it hadn't taken very long for Stiles to get close to his dad again. They picked up and apologized, all but saying the promises that they would forever keep to each other.

"Okay we need to do this now before I change my mind." Stiles jumped back dragging his dad with him. "What side do you stand on? Left? Right? I forgot, maybe we shouldn't do this?"
His dad grabbed hold of Stiles's right arm, settling against his side. Stiles didn't even hear his dad give the, "let's go" or "roll out" before the wooden doors were opening.

Stiles knew it was going to be awkward. He knew it was going to be really weird, having a bunch of people stare at you and what not but he wasn't ready for this level of awkward. He didn't know where to look anymore. He nodded at Scott, his best man before looking over to Jackson in the pews and making some sort of face that he know he'll get yelled at later for making. He couldn't find Lydia at first, but eventually he remembered that she was apart of his wedding group, cliche… possy? She was standing between Scott and Laura, Cora to Laura's right. She was giving him a thumbs up with her cherry red lips formed into the biggest and most genuine smile Stiles thinks she's ever worn.

Stiles, refusing to look at Derek, looked at Derek's best man… Peter… Why was it Peter? He had asked but Derek just grumbled syllables before changing the subject. Stiles concluded: blackmail. Next to Derek was Boyd, Isaac and Danny. They all went to USC and created this weird bro-bond or something… Stiles wouldn't question it.

He across his father to see all of the Hales, there were so, so many… But he could see Talia standing in the front, smiling and teary-eyed. Stiles smiled back, looking away before he started crying himself.

He looked away only to see Derek. All of Derek. In his amazing "ash" suit that he was able to pull of in all sorts of ways. But as much as Stiles wanted to focus on that, he couldn't. He couldn't seem to want to look anywhere else but at Derek, the man who was actually crying. It wasn't anything over the top or dramatic, he was a more of a "single tear" type of guy but it made Stiles want to cry run the rest of the ten feel and up the steps into his arms, hugging the man he was made for. There was never a doubt in his mind if he loved Derek, because he does and he knows he always will. Stiles' let go of his father's arm, hugging him and ignoring his comment about Derek and Stiles crying because that would mean Stiles was crying, which he wasn't.

Stiles walked up the few steps that were there, going up to stand by his mate's side.

"Are you little red riding hood? Because I want to ride you into the woods. Are you the square root of two? Because you make me feel irrational. Are you Egyptian? Because you put a pyramid in my pants. If you were a door, I'd bang you all night-"

"Stiles." Derek growled between his teeth, eyes threatening to glow a dangerous red.

Stiles held his ground, looking back into Derek's eyes 100%. "Sorry! You just look so fucking hot- like wow, I don't know if I could wait until tonight."

Derek took Stiles' hand, intertwining the fingers. "I could say the same thing about you. You're sweating and your scent is so much stronger up close…" There was a deep clearing of a throat coming from Deaton. Stiles just smiled at Derek.

He couldn't do much else for the duration of the ceremony. It was different than a normal wedding, this one being one to signify the mating between alpha and omega and what not… It wasn't that Stiles wasn't appreciating the ceremony and how this was apparently going to be written down in history books, yata yata yata, etcetera etcetera etcetera… Stiles only care about Derek. He could watch the tape later.

Derek was watching him, replying "Yes"'s to whatever Deaton was saying.

"-s…. Stiles?"

Stiles just smiled deeper, letting out a small hum.

"Stiles!" Deaton said with a deeper emphasis.

"YEAH!" Stiles yelled a little too loudly. "Uh, sorry. Yes. I do."

Stiles was good at being able to tell what happened even if he wasn't paying attention, it's what got him through high school.

Stiles had originally wanted a wedding where they could write their own vows and Stiles would TOTALLY call Derek out on a lot. of. shit. but apparently they had to go with the boring "I do"'s of a wedding.

"And Stiles, do you take Derek to be your wedded husband to live together in marriage? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health and forsaking all others, be faithful only to him so long as you both shall live?" Deaton was saying the words loud and clear, but everything else didn't matter to Stiles anymore. Everything in their past, even the arguments over the present- Stiles almost got his batman wedding cake- didn't matter as long as Derek would continue to look at the future. It had reached the point in the ceremony where they were both lo-key crying and neither of them really cared. Stiles reached up and whipped away the tears with the back of his hand, when Derek grabbed his hand, moving Stiles' body closer. Derek took his other free hand to catch the tears Stiles had missed.

Stiles was so happy, so incredibly happy. It was more than anything he ever thought he was going to get, anything he thought he deserved. Now he had Derek, and he wasn't ever letting him go again. Stiles didn't care if that was selfish or over protective or even just weird, Derek was his. He couldn't wait to get back to their apartment and finally, finally be able to claim the Alpha; and the Alpha would claim his Omega.

Derek was the perfect Alpha to Stiles' Omega because the completed each other, they made up for what the other lacked- it really should be what Derek lacked, because that man lacked a lot, not Stiles (no way was it Stiles the one lacking), though what Derek lacked personality wise, his dick made up for 100%. Thank god tonight Stiles would get to see the fated knot he had hear so very much about.

He had pictured it in his head so many times, what it would feel like to have something that big inside him, something locked in him just filling him up for hours until Stiles had taken everything Derek had in him.

He felt Derek tighten his grip on his hand, making Stiles focus on Derek's face again. He saw Derek's lips moving, tongue darting out to wet them, only to try and form words again. Was Derek trying to say something?

"I. D. O."

"I do? I DO!" Stiles snapped his attention back to Deaton. "I do but can we please hurry this up to the kissing part?" Stiles whined and ignored Derek's grumble or whatever that noise was.

"By the power vested in me by the State of California, I now pronounce you husband and… husband." Stiles didn't even let Deaton fricken finish before Stiles took both of his hands up to Derek's face and kissed him deeply. He had been waiting to do this all day and now that it was finally happening he was so not sorry the kiss was turning all kinds of hot.

Stiles moved his arms to go around Derek's neck and jumped up, wrapping his legs around Derek's torso. Derek used those amazing, god given hands to start kneading Stiles' ass through his pants. Stiles wasn't looking like he was going to stop- and neither was Derek in all honesty- but the church had fills with yells of joy, some people crying, some hollering loud enough for two towns over to hear, so it didn't look like any of them cared either.

Scott was the one who eventually pried Stiles off of Derek, however, still not getting them completely apart.

"Congrats! You actually did it, Stiles!" Scott yelled, pulling Stiles into a side hug.

Stiles laughed, "Thanks! You know, I almost didn't go through with this I was freaking out (ignoring the slight growl coming from Derek), but my dad calmed me down and he was so very right." Derek was then pulled away by Erica, who had lately been Derek's BFF(?) and Stiles just allowed it because it was actually hilarious.

"Not so bad, was it?" Stiles' father pulled him into a full papa bear hug. Stiles smiled into his dad's neck, smelling the old home and old family smell. It was weird how smells had started changing lately, ever since Derek and Stiles moved in together after college. They got this loft Derek had found that was surprisingly cheap and the total part place. But they had sex in every room now so it smelt like both of them and even some hints of the past that only brought them closer to each other. It was a nice smell.

"Not so bad at all." Stiles smiled, so very thankful to have his dad in his life again.

"Thank you, Jesus, that is over!" Stiles collapsed against the door as he closed and locked it. He looked over at the microwave to see 3:24 blinking back at him.

"That went surprisingly well…" Derek said undoing his tie for what felt like the third time that night, and walking closer to Stiles. "...But did you know that you weren't wearing the tie I picked out for you?" Stiles remembered setting it down, but he completely forgot to put it back on.

"Oh… Well… You see, I just got so caught up-" Stiles started explaining, hoping that he could talk fast enough to come up with an excuse.

Derek pushed Stiles up against the door (like he had done so many times before) and covered the Omega' body with his own. His breath was hot against Stiles' ear, "Didn't you say something- during our wedding, if I can add-"

"You can't" Stiles squirmed against Derek.

"- about if I was to be a door, you would 'bang me all night'?" Derek licked and nibbled on the top of Stiles' ear.

"I may have." Stiles' admitted, not letting the Alpha get the satisfaction of know just what Derek was doing to him right now. Derek hummed against Stiles's ear, slipping his tongue to trail down Stiles' neck.

"Was that a promise?" Derek was definitely leaving hickeys at this point. Of which, Stiles would have no intention of covering up tomorrow.

"Oh but wait, I didn't just marry a door, did I?" Stiles joked, grabbing Derek by the hair, hard, and pushing him to the bedroom.

"Quite the romantic…" Derek complained, yet still being led the way to the room- even though he was well aware of where it was.

"Quite the sarcastic…" Stiles shot back.

Derek laughed, "Coming from the king of sarcasm himself?"

Stiles pushed Derek onto the bed, putting his legs on either side of Derek and holding the Alpha down by his collar bone. "I took the weird contraceptives Deaton gave me so I can't get pregnant… You're going to knot me tonight." Derek's hands found Stiles' ass again, squeezing.

"God, Stiles. I wanted to knot you years ago…" Derek leaned up, lips looking for Stiles'.

Stiles smiled, "This is more romantic." He pushed Derek back against the bed, picking up where they last left off after the wedding vows.

If Derek wanted sweet and fluff on his wedding night, it's not at all what he was going to be getting.

Stiles had them both out of their clothes in record time, mouth on Derek's dick before Derek's dick knew what was going on. It reacted immediately, getting harder and longer the more Stiles sucked.

"You look so good like this, so ready for me… God, you're so fucking eager." Derek hummed, watching as Stiles circled the head with his hand and spit on the base. Stiles wanted Derek inside him an hour ago, no… when he first laid eyes on Derek during the wedding. That was when Derek should have claimed him, knotting him infront of everyone. He felt his cock twitch in agreement.

So to say Stiles was ready was an understatement. He was already fucking into his ass with two fingers, slick with proof that Derek was Stiles' mate. The smell was like a drug to Derek, which Stiles was using to taunt him. Stiles' ass was leaking and ready for whatever Derek was going to give him- and hopefully soon.

Stiles could feel the heat and the need radiating off Derek, the skin on skin contact feeling oh so right but still not enough.

"Derek…" Stiles hummed around the head of Derek's cock.

"Are you ready, baby? You seem to be having more than enough fun without me…" Derek growled low, jealous of himself. He wanted to knot Stiles, to make everything that they've had until now completely official. It was, by law, but not to Derek's wolf. He wanted to take him, make it so everyone, everyone, knew in a fifteen block radius that Stiles was his and his alone.

He never felt this with Kate, and he now knows why. She move out of Beacon Hills the day after that whole… fiasco. If Derek could say one positive thing about Kate is was her ability to make his family bond stronger. He now realizes the true impact of having a mate and having them be perfectly in sync with each other. Derek heard that Gerard died of a heart attack not long after Derek left for college. He wished Kate's fate was the same. He hadn't heard anything from her and he didn't think he ever would again. Maybe she met her mate and settled down by now or maybe she was dead in a ditch somewhere, Derek really didn't care.

What he cared about was his family. Talia, Thomas, Laura, Cora… Stiles.

They were his family.

"Come on please, Der. I'm getting old here…" Derek snorted, flipping Stiles underneath him.

"I'm going to take this slow… I want you to be so ready you'll beg for me to let you come, to knot you so hard not even the pill can keep you from getting knocked up. You'll be so round, so full of my pups, ass and tits leaking-"

"OHMYGODDEREKIFYOUDON'TFUCKMETHISSECONDISWEARTOGOD!" Derek was kissing Stiles' neck, feeling Stiles' body react to his words. He continued leaving kiss marks down the younger's chest, loving the normal pale skin painted with dark red marks.

He opened the omega's leg, settling in between them, kissing everywhere but the one place he knew Stiles wanted it. He saw a dark path underneath Stiles' ass on the bed and bit the skin of Stiles' thigh.

"Oh, fuck, Stiles baby, I can smell you. You're so open for me…" Stiles' hands were tangled in the bed sheets, eyes forced shut, breathing labored. Derek leaned back onto his heels and took the sight of Stiles in.

The omega was definitely ready: Body aching and open, face flushed, shaking and mumbling about how Derek was "so going to pay for this", nipples hard, cock flush against his stomach and arching a little to the right. Derek lifted Stiles' hips up, aligning the head of his cock against Stiles' hole. He didn't have to put any effort into pushing his cock in, Stiles's body was sucking him in with a chorus of "Yes, fuck yes, it's about fucking time".

Once Derek was all the way in he picked Stiles up by his back, bring the boy into sitting position.

"Oh my gooooood, yes. Why haven't we done this before this angle is perfect?" Stiles tangled his fingers in Derek's hair as Derek leaned forward, bring them both into a kiss.

Derek really wasn't going to last long, the tightness and closeness of Stiles being almost too much in itself. He fell into a rough pattern, mind becoming clouded with raw instincts taking over.

Fuck. Claim. Mate. Knot. Bite. Mark. Stiles. Breed.

Derek could feel his knot forming and he didn't bother to hold it back. He heard Stiles suck in a breath as Derek continued to pound into the tight heat of Stiles' body.

"T-That's…" Stiles wrapped his arms around Derek. Derek didn't mind doing all the work once in a while; holding Stiles against his body and fucking into him. It was nice being the once in control (that isn't to say that Derek doesn't like it when Stiles' is the one to tie Derek up and ride him into oblivion).

"Yes, baby. I'm going to knot you, is that what you want? Tell me what you want, Stiles" Derek slowed his pace, feeling the boy's body start to shake.

"Dammit Derek! I want you to knot me already, stop being a pussy and-"
Whatever he was going to say was lost as Derek locked inside of Stiles, know continuing to grow as Derek pushed shallow thrusts into Stiles.

"D-Derek! Fuck! T-Touch me, please! I-I need… I need…" And Derek was there, pushing Stiles beyond his breaking point as Stiles' entire body bowed against Derek, Stiles screaming Derek's name louder than he ever had before. Derek bit down into the crease of Stiles' neck and growled, finding his release as his vision blurred red.

Stiles was still shaking as Derek's mind slowly came back to him. He was licking at Stiles' skin, over the mark that would forever remain on Stiles' skin. Derek pulled back, swallowing and not moving his lower body or Stiles more than necessary.

Stiles' breathing was still erratic, body complete putty in Derek's hands.

"I… Sleep… Now…" Stiles mumbled, arms wrapping against Derek again. Derek hummed against Stiles, slowly sinking onto the bed again. Derek somehow reach for the covers and successfully managed to get them both under them without pulling at his knot and hurting Stiles. However, the more Derek moved, the harder he felt his knot getting and the more pleasure he felt that made him rock into Stiles again.

"Dude, I can't go again till at least tomorrow." Stiles mumbled sheepishly.

"Just go to sleep…" Derek settled them down, completely under the covers and completely tangled in each other.

Derek felt Stiles' breath against his neck, "Derek?"

Derek hummed, rubbing his cheek against the top of Stiles' head.

"I love you…" Derek felt Stiles hug against him tighter.

He smiled as if Stiles could see his face. "I love you too, Stiles."

Turns out the contraceptive Deaton gave them, in fact, did NOT work.

THE END! Thank you guys so much for reading and I'm so super sorry how late this is! Thank you for your wonderful comments! I also edited the last chapter a little bit to just make a little more sense (aka Derek and his dad talk a little and Stiles and his dad... just to make it flow a little better) If there are any misspellings it's because I wrote all this tonight and wanted to give you guys something because it's been WAY to long (and you all are awesome)! I promise to go over it again tomorrow!

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