Chapter 1

A Champion? He was chosen as a Champion how ridiculas that thought was to him. Harry stared into the night sky and kicked the wall in frustration. I don't care about this stupid competition. All it will bring me is more pain, more anguish and attention I don't want he thought to himself.

He closely looked at his owl and wished his life was as simple as hers. To fly away and hunt and wait for her next instructions, how easy life would be if that is all he had to worry about. Harry smiled as she looked at him "You are the only friend I have Hedwig the others have abandoned me."

Harry thought back to two days ago when he was chosen. At first he didn't believe it. He knew he didn't put his name in and he knew he should not have been chosen but he was. Shocked he stood up and walked towards the head table. It seemed the more steps he took the farther away the head table was from him.

He finally reached it and the headmaster with surprise and something else in his eyes pointed to the door the other champions had already gone through. He followed their footsteps and entered the chamber to find the other three champions standing and waiting.

"Potter what are you doing here? Are they coming to talk to us?" Cedric Diggory asked.

Harry looked at him and gave a scowl but did not answer him as he sat down in a chair far away from them and looked out the window. He crossed his arms in front of himself and awaited his fate.

The door burst open and Dumbledore, McGonagall, Madam Maxine, and Headmaster Karkarov entered the room. They were soon followed by Ludo Bagman, Bartemus Crouch from the Ministry, and finally Professor Moody clumped into the room.

Dumbledore looked around and did not locate Harry right away. He looked at the other champions and they looked towards where Harry was sitting. Dumbledore stalked over to him and picked him up by the shoulders "Did you enter yourself? Did you put your name into the cup?" he asked him.

Harry looked at him in shock and then his anger welled up and he threw his arms out to knock Albus's hands away. "Are you kidding me? Are all of you that stupid to believe or think I would ever want to be involved in this? All I want is for people to leave me alone."

McGonagall asked "So you didn't put your name in or have someone else place it in for you?"

Harry looked at her and his eyes flashed in anger "I absolutely did not! I don't want to be in this tournament. I want a quiet year, a year free of danger. Is that too much to ask?"

Dumbledore looked at him and then sighed "Never the less Harry a magical contract has been created."

Harry's fist clamped tightly as his anger rose "Bullshite! I am a bloody minor and I can't create a contract for myself. Only my guardians can do that."

McGonagall frowned before berating Harry "Language Mister Potter."

Crouch looked at Albus "The boy does have a point. He can't create a magical contract unless his guardian allows it."

The headmaster looked in thought before stating "The cup is old magic, magic that never recognized age before. Is it worth the risk because if the contract was created then he will lose his magic if he doesn't compete?"

Harry turned to Professor McGonagall before pointing to Crouch and Dumbledore "You worry about my language while everybody here worries that I will lose my magic. Am I the only one that cares about what I want or about my life?" Harry looked at all of them with disgust "Somebody put me in this thing to get me hurt and or killed. You know it and I know it!" Harry turned to leave

"If you are foolish to follow that path I am not!" Harry felt a rush of magic come at him and gave a quick side step as two spells flew past him. With a quickness that only comes from anger he twirled and sent two stunners out. They connected to the Headmaster and to Professor Moody who both had their wands out.

Professor McGonagall started to pull her wand as she looked up to see Harry's wand with its tip lit up and pointed at her. Harry stated with much ire "You think you are fast enough to pull that?"

McGonagall scowled "Mister Potter attacking people will not help the situation."

Harry sneered back "I didn't attack did I? I defended myself while my back was turned because they wanted to stun me and force me to do something I don't want to do and that is ok with the so called adults here?"

Crouch came out from behind Bagman with his wand drawn "Mr. Potter drop your wand."

Harry flicked his wand and suddenly Crouch was stunned and incarcerated on the floor. McGonagall looked between Crouch and Harry "You did wordless casting?"

Harry kept his wand up "My magic reacts funny when I am angry, it happens."

McGonagall was unsure of how to reply as she stood facing a fourth year that just took out three powerful wizards. "Mr. Potter you can't just go around stunning people."

Cedric interrupted her "Professor, Harry's right he was just defended himself and nothing more. He could have stunned you but didn't because you put your wand away. He has only cast stunners at people that had wands drawn at him. He has a right to defend himself."

Cedric scratched his head "What I don't understand is if he doesn't want to compete, why is everyone trying to make him?"

McGonagall looked at him with surprise before Cedric continued "I know enough about contracts that if he didn't put his magical signature on the paper, then there can't be a contract unless something else is going on."

Cedric looked at Harry and smiled "From what I know, Potter never asks for trouble but he has sure found enough of it in the three years he has been here. I believe he wouldn't want to join in this, especially after facing that Basilisk two years ago."

Harry raised his hands "Finally someone understands! I don't want all the attention this will bring and I just want a quiet year…is that too much to ask for?"

Karkarov looked at him "So you didn't cheat the cup?"

Fleur smirked "I zink headmaster zaht is what he has been trying to tell us."

Suddenly the Drumstag Championed moved from where Professor Moody lay on the ground "I do not think this person is right. This does not look like the Professor that walked in here." He said excitedly.

Karkarov looked with surprise "That is Bartemus Crouch Jr. He has been dead for eight years."

Cedric ran out of the room "I am calling my dad and the DMLE."

Professor McGonagall went to stop him but Harry stepped up "Don't try it Professor!"

She looked at Harry "Only the headmaster can get the DMLE involved."

Harry smirked "Not today, today I want them here and you will not interfere."

Harry suddenly heard from behind him Professor Snape's voice "Potter put your wand down."

Harry shook his head "Go ahead Professor do your worst but the night I am having I don't care." Harry cast a silent shield charm as he felt the magic build up behind him."

Everyone heard a gong sound as Snape's spell hit Harry's Glacis maxim shield and rebounded back on the professor knocking him back against the door. Harry looked at McGonagall "I bet he had a smile on his face as he threw that curse at me. That will be the last time I take any crap from that twat. I am going to start retaliating by throwing my own curses."

McGonagall frowned deeply "Mr. Potter I will remind you that will get you expelled he is a Professor after all."

Harry smiled "I will tell you what professor when he stops acting like a git and more like a professor, a real Professor towards me, then I will stop." Harry's face took a hardness to it "As of right now I have had enough from him and everybody else so either get me out of his class or get rid of him, it's your choice."

Professor McGonagall frowned deeply but she said nothing. They waited five more minutes and Cedric returned "I used the floo in the infirmary, Madam Bones and my father are on their way with some Aurors."

Harry signaled to Cedric "Do you mind grabbing all the wands from everybody that is stunned?" Cedric nodded and smiled. He went and grabbed Moody's, Dumbledore's, Crouches, and Snape's wands. When he handed them to Harry, everyone saw a bright flash as Albus's wand touched his skin.

Ludo Bagman looked at Harry "That wand just recognized you as its owner. It must have been tied to your family somehow by blood." Ludo looked at Albus "Where did he get one of your family's wands I wonder?"

Harry snorted "Since he was suppose to be my magical guardian, I wonder?" as he looked at Minerva dead in the eyes. Harry then added "I think I will have Gringotts do an inventory of my vault to see what else is missing."

Harry then leaned against the wall for a few minutes. Albus began to wake up and Harry casually stunned him again by flicking his wand. McGonagall went on a rant that Harry ignored. He suddenly told Professor McGonagall "Shut up Professor!" Then to Cedric he asked "Do you know if I would be classified as an adult if I accept a ministry sanctioned tournament for adults only?"

Cedric thought for a moment and then had a brilliant smile "I am pretty sure that if they make you participate, then you would be classified as an adult. There are a couple of instances where they have done so in the past." For the first time that night Harry smiled as a plan formed in his mind.

Harry looked at Mr. Bagman "Do you believe that is true as well?"

Ludo looked at Minerva and then answered "I believe that is so as well."

Harry raised his wand "I Harry James Potter accept to become a champion in the Triwizard tournament." The magic flashed to accept the magical contract.

"Mister Potter I don't know what you are up to but I would prefer that you wait for the headmaster before doing anything else."

Harry harrumphed "So that the Headmaster can then tell me what to do? I don't think so. If I leave it all to the adults and authorities I will end up dead."

McGonagall looked fit to be tied "Mister Potter! I hardly think the Headmaster is trying to kill you."

Harry looked at her and then smirked "Well Professor you did say one thing that I think everyone can agree with… they hardly think when the headmaster says something and they definitely don't ask enough questions. I now count myself on the path to asking a lot of questions.

Harry stood up straighter and raised his wand again "I Harry James Potter accept my responsibilities as the last Potter and as Lord Potter of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter." With that said a soft blue and green aura surrounded Harry. Harry looked down to see a ring on his finger and then felt a sudden binding in his stomach. The pain grew immensely as he fell to his knees.

The pain continued to build until Harry looked up and screamed as the magic felt like it would burn him up. There was a sudden pulse of magic that came from Harry in a big wave that threw everyone against a wall. Minerva watched with detached fascination as the binding ritual that Harry had as a child was suddenly undone. When her head cleared she looked up to find Harry's aura brighter and more visible than ever before.

Harry rolled his head and his eyes were alight with magic as he looked at everyone in the room. Everyone gasped as they saw a new Harry before them. He had grown to be six foot tall and no longer looked scrawny or under fed. He had definition to his muscles and looked healthy. "I have never felt this good in my entire life." He stated to them.

Harry features darkened "Somebody had me under a severe magical bind." The door opened and Amelia Bones and a man Harry had never met barged into the room.

Amelia looked at Minerva "What just happened in here?" she asked her.

Minerva shook her head "Evidently Lord Potter had been under a magical bind and when he accepted his lordship it broke it. The magic wave you felt was the release of the bind."

Amelia looked over at Harry "Your magic was bound? Susan told me you were one of the most powerful students in this school."

Harry smiled "I was but I am also more powerful than before. I want to know who bound my core like this?"

Minerva spoke up "I would too."

The next two hours were spent questioning the fake Professor Moody and finding out that Voldermort had a plan to kill Harry and resurrect himself. Harry paced for many minutes and thought about what this would mean for him and how he could counter it. He had to compete no matter what. Snape, Crouch, Moody, and Albus all began to wake and Harry stunned them wandlessly and wordlessly, much to Minerva and Amelia's chagrin.

Harry finally looked up at everyone "Here is what we are going to do." He started "We will return Moody so he can keep up his impersonation. All of you are going to be obliviated except Minerva, Amelia, myself, and the other contestants. You five will give me an oath to never speak of this unless I give you permission.

Amelia stood up "I hardly think that will happen."

Harry didn't even hesitate as he took her wand from her "My days of being another's pawn are over. You either do it my way or I will obliviate you."

Amelia looked at him sternly "Young man I am the head of the DMLE, I cannot have other oaths before my oath to my duty or I will lose my magic. You will have to take it on my word that I will do the right thing."

Harry looked at her "I don't trust anyone and you can understand why after what you have heard tonight."

Amelia's eyes softened "I do understand that Harry but I also know I am one of the few people in the ministry that can help you the most but only if I keep my memories intact and unencumbered." Amelia smirked "You need allies more than you know and I will not break your trust because I need you as a powerful ally."

Harry looked at her for many seconds "I can see your point madam and at some point I will have to trust someone." Harry reached over and handed her wand back."

They spent the next thirty minutes obliviating Madam Maxine, Headmaster Karkarov, and Ludo Bagman. They then staged the scene so that Crouch, Dumbledore, Moody, and Snape were in the same positions before they were stunned. Amelia and Amos Diggory then left.

Snape became aware as Minerva went to him "Professor Snape are you alright?"