Gabby pushed herself back from her desk overlooking her home for over five centuries. "That is exactly the way it happened. When Harry killed the last dark lord to exist on earth."

The reporter stated "It seems so barbaric and so unremarkable."

Gabby turned to look at him "Unremarkable? That was a sixteen year old man that never had a break in his life, beaten, starved, abused, and spent the better part of his existence feeling unloved. It was remarkable he didn't replace the Dark lord because he could have."

The Reporter seemed contrite "I am sorry I mean no disrespect mother. I find your life and your journey far more interesting."

Gabby sighed as she responded "Ellis that was the beginning of my journey. It has defined me for the last 2,000 years. It is why every human refers to me as mother and yet I have never bore a child of my own."

Ellis set up straighter "It is because you saved the human race from an alien attack in the twenty-third century. If not for you the Taylons would have wiped our existence from the universe. In the end your Animagus forms defeated them as they had no defense against your basilisk stare or your venom."

Gabby looked at him as he continued "It was you that went to their home world and confronted their council leaders and freed them from their controllers as well. You saved two species in the end."

Gabby laughed "Yet you say that what Harry did was unremarkable? Harry saved me first. Harry created me with his extraordinary magic. He gave me life when I had died. Gabrielle Delacour a little Veela girl died and Gabrielle Potter was born. It was three centuries later because of that day that I was able to save our world because of what he created that day."

Ellis looked down "Yet it was a two centuries later, after his death, that you railed whenever you heard his name."

Gabby let tears flow from her eyes "Because after Hermione, Daphne, and Fleur died, I had our family around but I had no one to be close to. After Harry's death my three co-wives found out they were pregnant with Harry's children. Daphne had the twins, James and Sirius, Hermione had Lilly, and Fleur had Gabrielle and Jacob. They had Harry's children but I was barren and could not carry life. I was alone and I struck out in my grief. It was very unfair to Harry and to his memory and I have always regretted it."

Gabby paced in front of the massive picture window "They have never been able to figure out what I am or how I was created. To me I exist and the first two hundred years after their deaths were very hard as I kept seeing all the people I love die off one after the other. I never grew old, never moved on and that for me was the hardest of all. I looked forward to the day I could be with Harry, Hermione, Daphne, and Fleur. After three hundred years I felt cheated and I blamed Harry for that broken promise."

Ellis stood beside her "But there has been respite in your existence. The historicals tell us this."

Gabby smiled "Oh yes." She stated as she fondled the necklace she had been given by Harry so long ago.

Ellis asked her "It is that I wish to write about in the article. It is this unique and unheard of phenomenon that I want to tell the readers about. Do you know how it happens?"

Gabby spun "No, I don't. I think the fates, the gods, or the supreme being realized that if I was going to be immortal that I would require some respite. That I would need to have my heart and soul recharged every so often or go insane."

"Every four to five hundred years my loves return to me. In that time children are born to the Potter descendant's that look exactly like Harry, Hermione, Fleur, and Daphne. It is always Fleur born first, Hermione next, Daphne, and then Harry last. They look exactly like their namesakes in every detail.

The first time I saw Fleur I freaked out because she looked exactly like I remembered. Two years later I found Hermione while walking in the park. I thought I was losing my mind. I began to cry and then I hugged her. When I separated the girl looked at me and asked "Gabby where am I? Where is Harry?"

"I passed out and when I awakened in the hospital where Fleur and Hermione were looking at me very concerned. While I had been out Fleur had touched my necklace and her memories returned to her. Once we talked to each other, it was Hermione who figured out that the necklace had special qualities and that it had downloaded her memories to her."

Ellis seemed confused "Wasn't that extremely weird for all of you?"

Gabby laughed "Very but Fleur and Hermione took it all in stride as part of being around Harry. I was very happy to not be alone and I just went with it. Two months later we were able to find Daphne. Six months later we found Harry. That is when we all knew that something unique and remarkable had happened."

I remember the first day that we awakened Harry, Daphne smacked his head "Potter only you could keep bringing us back like this. Why can't you do normal for once?"

Harry looked at her and then grinned "I believe you have forgotten your place."

Daphne just gave her sly little smirk and answered back "I haven't forgotten it My Lord, I just wish for you to show me my place again." This caused all of us to laugh and then it was just like it was all over again. I had my family again and I was happy. We all lived together for over two hundred years that time. The first moment I kissed Harry I forgave him for everything." Gabby wandered off in her thoughts for a few minutes.

Ellis asked "Is that when you were still in Britain?"

Gabby chuckled "No by that time I had moved to America."

"Shouldn't they have appeared in Britain?" he asked her.

Gabby smiled "You would think so but Hermione believes that I am the nexus since it is my need that seems to trigger the magic to make them appear. Daphne says it is Harry's fault as it was his unpredictable magic that caused it to begin with. All I know is that my existence is far more bearable in between when I know I will see them again."

Ellis asked "How do you find them when the time comes?"

Gabby answered "Well it was luck at first, wasn't it? On the third return Hermione and Daphne were able to find our common magical signatures. They then charmed a book to reveal when and where they are re-birthed. When they reach the age of fifteen I go to them and touch them with the necklace and they are with me once again."

Ellis asked "Harry's power is astounding can you explain more about that?"

Gabby smiled "You know when I was first born it was Merlin…"

Ellis asked "Who?"

Gabby chuckled "Merlin - 4,000 years ago he was thought to have been the greatest wizard ever born and until Harry was born he probable was. Harry, Hermione, Daphne, and Fleur in each life have made magic more understood. Harry has always been able to put form to our magic, no matter how silly, how crazy it might seem. Harry has been able to do it first and then teach it to the rest."

Gabby gestured out the window "This world is Harry's creation and why we call it Potter's world. Many governments asked us the last time to find a way to terra form a world, to make it so life could exist anywhere in the solar system and universe. Hermione, Fleur, and Daphne worked to create the spell and then Harry cast it the first time. He then reduced it to its components before teaching the rest of us how to do it."

Ellis smiled "That took a hundred spell caster to do the next world and they had to do it in stages as the magic required to do it was too much for them to do all at once."

Gabby smiled "Remember that a thousand years ago it couldn't be done by anyone. Now humans and Taylons have expanded even further into the universe and share it with many other species. We grow more and more every day."

"One more question, if I may?" Gabby smiled and nodded "When you were first born magical humans and non-magical humans didn't mix or mingle."

Gabby stopped him "Actually the magicals were forbidden from exposing their being magical from the non-magicals because of the statute of secrecy."

Ellis smiled "Ah yes, my mistake."

Ellis smiled "It is hard for many of my readers to understand why they kept themselves separated. Could you explain that?"

Gabby smiled before answering "Way before my time the muggles, as the non-magicals were called then, thought magic was un-natural and a tool for Satan. When magicals were found to have powers only gods were supposed to have, then often they would kill the magical by burning them at the stake, hangings or even stoning them to death.

The magicals to protect themselves warded their part of the world to keep it separated and made it illegal to tell the non-magicals about it."

Ellis then put in "But this separation caused frictions and misunderstandings did it not?"

Gabby smiled "Yes it did. Harry grew up as a non-magical and did not know he was a wizard until he got a letter inviting him to Hogwart's for school. He always felt it was inherently wrong to separate because over time many magicals felt that they were superior and had no knowledge of non-magical technology. He went to magical school with kids that didn't even know man had been to the moon."

Ellis then added "Is this about 1500 years ago when Harry was able to force the issue and caused the breech to the statute of secrecy?"

Harry the first return time around was very fond of taking non-magical technology and making it work in a magical environment. Especially after he read what happened with the Taylon invasion. The Taylons learned about magical energies early on and built technology to mimic many of those effects. We could do it without their technology and that is the weakness I exploited to attack them on earth.

Gabby then smirked "On their home world I informed their arrogant grand council that it was not acceptable. They of course used a field to trap me but when I changed to my Phoenix form and escaped their trap, I then turned to my Baslisk form and turned the grand council into stone. It took a month for them to find nine more Taylons to take their place and I turned over their governance back to them. They were no longer arrogant and treated humans much differently." Gabby looked at the clock "Well Mr. Ellis I hope I have shared enough of my story because I have a rather important date in about four hours at midnight. He turns fifteen tonight at midnight."

Ellis smiled "That is right you have found this time's Harry and your other wives and tonight is your ceremony to bring them back."

Gabby smiled "Yes, it has been over three hundred years since I was with them last and I have missed them greatly."

Ellis stopped at the door "Do you ever worry that it may not happen again, that you may see them no more ever again?"

Gabby froze in place and looked at him "It is my greatest fear that I will not be able to follow and my greatest wish that I will someday. It gives me hope. I was once told that my journey would not last forever and that I should be patient." Gabby then grinned "Hermione thinks she can figure it out this time."

Ellis looked at her "It isn't normal to wish for your death." Gabby only smiled and did not reply.

Gabby entered the chamber and looked over at Daphne, Fleur, and Hermione. She then followed to the next person and saw Harry standing there with a little smile on his face. An adult came forward "Mother we have brought the children as you have asked."

Gabby smirked at him "Yes, thank you. You may go or stay as it suits you.

Gabby stood before Harry as Gabby asked "You have no idea of what is to happen?"

Harry smiled "Yes I do mother, I studied the history of this event. I am here to receive the memories of the greatest wizard ever known, Harry Potter and I am to carry on his legacy and you four will be my wives."

Harry then pointed to Daphne "Except her, she is always the master's toy."

Daphne smirked and then let out a small sneer "Dream on little man!"

Gabby smirked as she withdrew her necklace "Here each of you touch the necklace."

Harry touched it first and then three minutes later he had a wide smile on his face "This is our fifth time together." The same reaction happened as Hermione, Fleur and then Daphne touched it."

Daphne came out of her trance laughing "I called him little man. That is just too funny."

Harry snapped his fingers and Daphne tried to remove it before growling at Harry "Remove it Potter before I remove something of yours."

Harry crossed his arms and replied "No, don't think I will." He then clicked a leash on her and he pulled her with him.

A female voice called out "Excuse me but where do you think you are going young man?"

Harry turned around as he replied "I am going to live with my wives… mother? Is that you?"

All of them turned to see Harry's first Mother Lilly Potter and she replied "You are fifteen years old and I have seen no wedding."

A man retorted back "Neither have I" Hermione looked at him "Daddy?" Hermione then looked at her mother "Mother?" She ran and gave them a hug.

Fleur and Gabby ran and hugged their first Mother and Father.

Daphne put her hands on her hips "What is going on. This is my first Mother and Father too, at least they look like them."

The man once called Lorne Greengrass stated in an even voice "Daphne we are your mother and Father. You were born in the year 1981 and five months before Harry's birth."

Daphne snorted at them "You may have had me but you were never my parents."

Daphne's mother smiled "Daphne we are not the same souls we were the first time through." Her mother blushed "We do understand your feelings but in our defense if we were to do it all over again we would not support the Dark Lord again. We learned our lesson."

Daphne snorted but before she could say anything a soft voice spoke up "The Americans had a saying that there are only two constants in the universe, death and taxes." Every one turned to see the great spirit land before them. He smiled at everyone before adding "Although their saying was political motivated it was partly true in that death is but one constant and the other being evolution.

The spirit walked to Harry and looked at him "You have a look of disbelief Harry but Daphne needs your support and belief to heal her emotional evolution. Gabby needs your support for her biological evolution and you need this belief for your spiritual evolution."

Hermione looked at him "If this is true then all life has an cycle of evolution?"

The spirit walked to her and smiled "All higher life or I suppose it is more accurate to say that any lower life that reaches a certain level of brain function to become self aware maintains an evolutionary pattern that we can follow."

Harry asked "How can I help Daphne, Gabby, and myself to…evolve."

The spirit walked over to Lilly and smiled "Hello Lilly it has been a long time since we last met and you fought for your son. I think the life he has led was worth saving and it has led us here."

The spirit continued "Harry you have never really questioned creating Gabby as she died two thousand years ago."

Harry looked at him "I have always questioned it but the answer is what has eluded me. We have worked to steadily understand it so that Gabby could one day join us."

The spirit smiled and then put his arm around Gabby's shoulders "Harry only a creator can create life where none existed."

Hermione looked very puzzled "Wait you said a creator not the creator. Does that mean there can be more than one creator or that it is a species and not an entity?"

The spirit grinned back at her "All very good and very relevant questions. The answer is more complex and requires a leap of faith. There is only one creator and it is not alive but it is sentient never the less."

Daphne interrupted him "Both can't be true. To be sentient one has to be alive."

Harry placed his hands on his hips "Yes and no." Harry kept looking at the spirit "Magic is there and we already know that it exists and at times it appears to do odd things that don't make sense. It could be considered sentient because of those reactions."

"Very good Harry, Hermione and Daphne your logic and sharp intellect only get in the way here. Magic is and it has an intellect but not. If I do an action in my right hand, magic may counter something else. The rules are not exactly set in stone but magic itself is the final arbitrator." The spirit stated to them.

The spirit stood in the center of the hall and took down the roof and its' heavy stones fell to crush the group underneath. A shield could be seen where the rubble fell off to the sides.

Harry looked at him "You knew magic was going to protect us."

The Spirit smiled "One of the few times that magic was predictable to me because magic must have a creator to help it manage things and the only two in existence are within this room." The spirit looked into Harry's eyes "One has been around for eons and another has just evolved."

Gabby gasped as it hit her "You evolved into a creator?"

Harry looked around "No, I think I have enough understanding to be a creator but I was always born with the abilities to create." Harry looked at her "You, what happened to you was a form of accidental creation. My need to help led to me bringing you back to life. It also brought me to his attention to realize that his replacement had arrived."

"You had to evolve to be a creator and the first rule of being a creator is there are no rules. Magic will do what magic will do and if you react to a situation then magic may or may not react to counter it. The only truth I can tell you is that the more complex the manipulations, the more likely that magic will counter what you have done."

Harry sighed "So what happens now? Do we do this together for a certain amount of time."

The spirit looked at him "I have evolved and my time is over and I am to leave for my next great adventure." The spirit pulled a journal from his robes and handed it to Harry "These are my notes and musings as I went through my time here. You may find it of use but I would not count on it."

Harry looked shocked "That is it and I just go at it, no training?"

The spirit laughed "That was the same reaction I had. Training would do no good. Every time and every situation is so fluid and dynamic there is no way to train for that. Use what you have learned…be creative and follow your heart." The spirit then faded away.

Harry looked around and shook his head "Another feckin great day in the life of Harry Potter."

Gabby crossed her arms and began tapping her foot. She pointed at her belly "Fix it mister or else."

Harry smiled "That didn't take you long. Perhaps we should retire to the bedroom as this will be a two part fix."

Gabby seemed puzzled "Two parts?"

Harry chuckled at her "Yes I must fix the inside and I do not have to explain how babies are made…do I?"

Lilly looked angered "We will not be making babies today."

Harry whipped around "Mum, do you really think your 4,128 year old son is going to obey that…do you."

Lilly looked shocked for a second and then backed off before then looking embarrassed "Well… I… boy that is hard to get your mind wrapped around.

Harry laughed "Yes well your creator has spoken… see ya in a few."

The End