The Eyes Have It

A Minority Report/"A.I.: Artificial Intelligence" crossover

By "Matrix Refugee"

Author's Note:

I got the idea for this long after I saw Minority Report, and it was the kind of story I couldn't imagine writing, much less starting: I just bought the CD of the soundtrack, and as I listened to it, I couldn't help but notice similarities between this music and John Williams's score for "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence". Then I started having floaters of ideas: Agatha the pre-cog having visions of Bevins murdering Samantha in the Shangri-La Hotel; Anderton questioning Williamson; Agatha meeting Gigolo Joe for the first time…(Uh oh, Tom Cruise and Jude Law in the same fanfiction; my female readers may be drowning in their own drool…). We'll see where this goes…


I do not own Minority Report, which is the property of DreamWorks SKG, et al, based on a short novel by Philip K. Dick; Nor do I own "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence", which is the property of DreamWorks SKG et al, and which both belong to Steven Spielberg. I love you, Steve, don't sue me.

Prologue: Eyes in the Night

In the former pre-cogs' refuge in a tiny cottage on an island in the archipelago that remained of Ireland, Agatha Lively had her own small room, which was just as well; every so often she, like her two "brothers" would have a dream vision. Usually they came only once, rarely repeating themselves, and rarely as clear and vivid in the old days, when she was the property of the now defunct U.S. Department of Pre-Crime.

But one night as she slept, early in May, four years after her release, a vision struck her suspended consciousness as fiercely as it had in the old days.

Neon lighting…a number on the door of a motel room: 102…a bedroom with gaudy furniture…a short, balding man no longer young, arguing with a beautiful young woman with long dark brown hair…the girl's violet eyes wide with terror…the man punching her, kicking her, knocking her down onto a bed in the room…the girl trying to fight him…the man pulling out a switch blade knife…the blade flashing before it slashed across the girl's neck, silencing her cry…

A door opened into the room…another man entering, young, blond hair, fashionably dressed in glossy black garments, a long coat with wide skirts, his fine-featured face and well-brushed hair gleaming even in the dusk of the room…the older man confronting him as if to accuse…the blank but confused look on the young man's face.

She saw the young man's eyes, green as emeralds or new leaves, close, as if they looked into hers, warm, pleasant, innocent, and yet with something in them she could not name, but which incited warm feelings in her flesh.

Then she looked into the bloodshot grey eyes of the older man. The man with the knife. The blade flashed again.

She woke up, sitting up. She trembled all over. Sweat gummed her tee shirt to her back and matted her long, wavy brown hair.

"Murder!" she gasped, breathing hard.

To be continued…


I'm currently trying to finish my other "A.I." magnum opuses "The Shadows between the Neon" and "Zenon Eyes" Eyes of Truth", so there's no telling when I will get back to this. Keep an eye on this one: I may surprise us all….