Authors (Plural?) Note : Watched Toradora with my compooper buddy, Stein, when we decided to make a bet.
Long story short, I won, and the goal was that he had to dedicate himself to something I would be too lazy to do or that he would hate.
I also remembered how he disliked fanfiction, so I told him to write one in a serious way. He didn't complain, this bet was wasted and I have many regrets.

Anyway, regular font will most likely be me (J3STIE), where as things in italics will probably be him. I'm gonna go play rise of incarnates cuz my computer can actually handle it you queer.

Stein's Notes : Well I guess I'm writing in freaking italics. Actually no screw you BOLDI'm not much for the fanfiction scene since I feel like it'd typically butcher a good series. In fact, usually me and J3st make fun of them by reading them aloud in an attempt at being serious (My Immortal, amirite? :D) Also I'm totally going to wing this. Since she mentioned Toradora for like absolutely no reason, this is going to be a toradora fanfic. Also J3stie says reviews help, so if there's any like author guidelines I'm missing do tell.
But yea. Sorry. I kinda dislike fanfiction, but I will at least take it seriously since I lost a bet
Also, writing from our currently linked team-viewed laptops on google docs, hence the double authors. Just a heads up. So you might see us literally conversing through a word document.

So... this story… can take place after the credits of episode 25 anime-plot. That headbutt. Yes.

Typical Font - Self explanatory name
"Words" – Someone is speaking
'Words' – Inner thoughts
"Words ITALICIZED WORDS" – Italicized words imply emphasis.
… will indicate like a time skip if it's like, it's own little paragraph line thingy. You'll know it when you see it.
… We'll update this list as it comes along.


"… Honestly, you didn't have to headbutt me! I was talking! I nearly bit my tongue in two…" Stated a tall young man, carefully rubbing his chin. Despite his intimidating looks and physique, the small tears in the corner of his eyes claimed himself to be an entirely different person. He flopped his tongue back and forth lazily.

"I-it's your own damn fault! Saying such embarrassingthings out of the blue… I was in a locker! Could you seriously not think of a better time!?" The girl of the duo exclaimed, her honey blonde hair still having a crater from the intensity of the headbutt.

The two sat together in the classroom for a moment, when their eyes caught. They just stared at each other. Then, together, they broke into laughter. A hearty laughter, and a long one at that. Yet as the laugh softened, they both latched out to speak.



As the two realized they had both cut each other off, they turned their heads, blushing.
'Geez, it wasn't this hard to talk to her before!' Ryuuji thought to himself.

"Oi, Ryuuji." Taiga stated, a sort of sternness in her voice.

"Ah! Oh. Yes?" He asked.

A silence fell upon the room, with the only sound being from a sort of commotion outside Ryuuji's school window. As he stared at Taiga, awaiting what she would say, he saw her chin lower and her blush build in. "Honestly, what could she be embarrassed of now?" he thought to himself.

Even after a year apart, Ryuuji had an innate ability to read Taiga like a map. Obvious signs of her flustered status were clear in her mumbling and blush, yet as she wiggled back and forth, fidgeting around, he couldn't help but smile. "She's too damn adorable…" he thought to himself.

"AAAAAH!" Taiga screamed, frantically scratching her head with her hands.

Ryuuji continued to stare at her, his expression from in-thought to stupefied at her sudden screaming.

"L-l-look!" She shouted. "You already s-said it! S-so… well… now I HAVE to say it!"

He caught on instantly, and the thought warmed him up. "Pretty good start after the year apart" he thought. But not yet. She wanted to pick a "better time", he was going to make sure she got one she deserved. He swiftly stood up and patted her head.

"Don't feel rushed. You can do this at your own pace, okay? I've already waited a year, what's a little more?" Ryuuji told her, still rubbing her head affectionately.

Catching her completely off guard, Taiga couldn't even bring herself to hit Ryuuji, as she just stood there surprised at what he had said. "Geez, when did he get cool?" she thought to herself.

"Hey, let's head to my place! I've been waiting to make you dinner, and that's something that can't wait!" Ryuuji said jokingly.

Taiga thought to herself as Ryuuji walked out the door. Yet she was surrounded by thoughts the simplest of things.

"Dinner? Food? Meat? What kind of meat? How will he cook it- AH!" She was so enticed by her thoughts of food, she hadn't noticed Ryuuji had already walked out the classroom door and headed for the stairs.

"R-Ryuuji! Wait up!" She shouted, as she ran out the door

Their conversation as they descended was pretty straight forward. Rather than talk right off the bat of love, they simply talked of life. How were they doing? Has anything changed? Taiga was just talking about how at her school she actually isn't even that short, when they made their way to the exit.

"You know…" Ryuuji started, cutting off Taiga's story. "I can't put my finger on it, but I feel like I'm forgetting something."

"Eh, you'll probably remember as you cook us up some pork cutlets!" Taiga said, with a mischievous smirk.

"Yea, ye-GACK"
And with that Ryuuji froze at the door.

Taiga, already growing impatient, simply pushed him forward, causing him to land on his face.

"Seriously! Stupid dog, You can't block your masters wa-"
And with that, Taiga froze as well.

Ryuuji and Taiga stood in the gazes of nearly every Ohashi High School student and the respective staff.

"Ah, that's right…" Ryuuji said nervously. "… graduations today..."

The death glare from Taiga could pierce through stone.



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