Quick we need a chapter

Fucking Fanfiction Filters. Pretend there's a huge ASCII cock here.


Stein's at college and is only free Thursday through Friday Fucking always I swear this faggots got so much free time now what the everlasting fuck.

We usually dick around those days (PUNNY! BECUZ ASCII PENIS!) (Fak fanfiction filter-whatever sorcery)(Oh how I continue to long for you, engorged ASCII cock.)

Wait for us bby cakes

AUTHORTASTIC UPDATE! 2015! Where are the authors now?

Wow it's been a while and we really couldn't have picked a worse place to stop writing. Now was I bold or were you bold?

Did I write that?

OK look for the sake of lack of confusion I, Jestie, am going to be bold from now on.

Then who am I?


OK. Hello everydiconkse, You god damnit stop.

This is what the people wanted.

They didn't come here to see you write dicks.

True. They just came for dicks.

OK, so yea. We're ON OUR WAY BACK Y'ALL. Stein still has a bet to finish. Any comments on that Stein?

I think it's a crock of shit.

A crock of shit indeed. Anyway, I've been getting a LOT of private messages about where the story is. To give you an update I've been too busy working around becuz, contrary to popular belief, I at least pretend to have a life making things explode for a living. Stein is a loser in college.

I cannot deny that.

I was expecting an equally long paragraph. Come on step up your game. ANYWAY! Yea! We're back, and we're probably going to keep writing. I've been doing a lot of ghost writing, and some of my shitty animu-light novel characters have been subject to purchase. I also started a light novel that's absolutely full of self-insert characters because I'm a girl with too much free time on another google-doc that has garnered a few followings of losers who enjoy reading about awkward supervillains who murder government officials and stop "Rape Monkeys" from doing what they do best.

Eating. We stop them from eating. Of course, this isn't the place for that story! Toradora! Muh Romanse. So, just know that we're on our way! Stein has yet to write out them sexy AF kinky rape scenes.

Also, for those unaware, Stein goes by Lid usually. Stein is more his pen name, idk why I called him that for this story back then. So Stein. Now you're turn to speak to whatever audience we have left. Probably going to start calling him Lid in those little diatribes we generally save for the end.

Is it really my turn?


Can I make it bold?

What? No, that'd be like really confusing. shimapans

I can see your god damn cursor war get out of here.

For those who forgot we're losers and write everything out in a google docs that's currently shared with like 9 people lol.

He wrote fucking shimapans and left god damnit war.

Don't you dare erase that it keeps the novelty.

Fine fine just say what you need to say.

Say what you need to say. Say what you need to say. Say what you need to saaaaa- OK. Hello people of . So. Uh. Not gonna lie. I'm probably gonna need even more time if you want a good toradora shit-tier quote on quote "story". Beyond simply it being a while, I've gone and watched other animu trash as well, such as Nisekoi. Chitoge's a shit, but a hot one. Also Kiniro Mosaic, which shares Chitoge's VA. Karen is the best girl I've ever seen. Anyway, as you can see my divulgence into other animus may end up swaying how I write the story because I am an idiot. So I'm probably going to watch toradora again before continuing to write. Idk how many chapters I have left but, I mean aye, I know it's less than 8.

OK I'm done. Uh. Yea. Yeee.

Well. That's that.

See you soon, oddly dedicated viewer!

(Fun Fact : Guess how much fucking editing to this god damn entry I had to do because two of our viewers were just spamming cocks and racist obscenities between all the chats me and lid were having? The answer is a fucking lot. Jesus Christ.)