"Brownies and fudges! I swear that thing never gives up!" A girl of her late teens ran through the streets of Kyoto. She had long since given up on figuring out her whereabouts, turning around sharp corners in order to shake off her persistent pursuer. How she was chased was nothing more than a fuzzy memory, enough to call it a dream. But it wasn't, and that thing chasing her was definitely not a dream either. How she knew that from the rest of reality? The apparent pressure it was giving off was the only practical knowledge she could grasp onto. "Shizload of chocolate beer! Just where is a hiding spot when you need one?!"

Despite the teen's fit body, she was merely human and humans would not withstand over 24 hours of full-on speed running. Fortunately for her, she had started running around midday, so a considerable amount of stamina was still within her. She jumped over a fence and ran onto the other street, adrenaline pumping throughout her whole being, looking over the speeding posts for anything that might help her out.

And she saw it.

It was big enough for the words to pop out as if she were walking in the day. She increased her pace; smiling like a child would when receiving their dream Christmas present. "It's all or nothing, to the subway it is!"

With a spurt of energy, the teen made it to the subway terminal underground. Luckily the last train was already waiting, and threw herself in. The doors shut closed, effectively cutting off the pressure she had felt earlier. "What a relief… I seriously thought I was a goner for sure."

This train is headed for Tokyo Station.

"Tokyo, huh? I guess a change in locations wouldn't hurt, can it?" The teen smiled wryly. "Hopefully I'll be in peace in those parts before the others come by…"

With the thought in mind, the teen dozed off, fatigue finally taking a hold on her.