Title: Duty and Desire
Author: Nephitari Champion and Shadow/Phantomness
Pairing: Championshipping (Lance x Red)
Fandom: Pokémon

Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Pokemon belongs to Nintendo and Shogakukan Comics. This non-profit, non-copyright infringing fanfiction belongs to me under international copyright laws and taking it is plagiarism. Thank you. *Phantomness bows*

Notes: () for telepathy, ** for thoughts, italics if a pokemon talks

Warnings: AU, het, genderbending, angst

Summary: Sailor Moon Spin-off. Lance is Neptune, Red is Uranus, Charlotte is Pluto, and they are commissioned to raise Princess Ashline (Moon). However, she doesn't quite fit into their lives nicely…

Chapter 1

"I've never seen so many protesters." Lance said, as she and Red walked through the streets of the Moon Kingdom in civilian form so they wouldn't be recognized. They had wanted a quiet date, but it didn't seem possible now.

Red nodded. "It worries me, Lance. I wonder why they are so unhappy?"

"I'm not sure. You'd think that there would be celebrations since the Queen finally conceived an heir."

Lance narrowed her eyes as she watched a violent protester taken down by two guards, led by a pissed off looking Jupiter.

Red nodded again. "Maybe we should ask?"

"Not now." Lance agreed, but they quickly walked back towards the Palace. On the way, they were surrounded by a mob.

"And the Inners are being overworked... I wouldn't be surprised if they snapped soon..." Red frowned "What is that...?"

"Hey, you two! Sign this petition to oust the queen!" A snaggle-toothed man yelled.

"What?" Lance blinked, stifling a cry as a man grabbed her.

Red took it and read through it. "Ne, Lance-chan…Look at this!"

"She exported five year's worth of food to pay for a magical item known as the Silver Crystal and the people are starving? Well, that explains a lot..."

Red nodded. "We..."

(Should get out of here.) Lance sent.

Red looked at her and nodded. They squeezed out of the crowd and ran for their lives. Five minutes later they made it to the palace.

Charlotte was waiting for them. "You heard about it?"

Red nodded. "We even read the petition." She handed the papers to the older girl. "Read this."

"Don't need to." Charlotte sighed. "I already know. I control time, remember? I told her it was a bad decision, but she's convinced the Silver Crystal will bring peace and prosperity. It will – but only if the user has a pure heart, otherwise it works on the power of sacrifice."

"This could be bad then..." Red said quietly as the Queen came in holding a small bundle.

"Uranus. Neptune. Pluto. I'm glad you're all here." She said. "I have a favor to ask of you."

Red blinked. "What is it?"

"Please take my daughter away from this place." Queen Delia said sadly. "It is not safe here."

Red took the baby girl and bowed. "Yes Your Highness."

"If it is safe to return by her fifteenth birthday, please bring her back." Queen Delia said. "If not... take care of her."

Lance inclined her head in a nod.

Charlotte said nothing, knowing that the future held no peace.

Red closed her eyes. "Let's go." The three Outers joined hands as they activated Sailor Teleport, whisked away to Miranda Castle on Uranus.

"Home sweet home..." Red sighed.

"I can't believe the Queen wants us to take care of her daughter." Lance shook her head.

Charlotte closed her eyes. "Well, the Queen will fall soon enough. She's not pure enough to wield the Crystal."

Red nodded. "We will have to make do then..." Red was rocking the baby girl.

Lance smiled. "She does look a lot like you, Red."

Red blinked then looked down at the girl.

Charlotte chuckled. "Yes, you and Lance could pass as her parents if necessary."

"WHAT?" Red stared at Charlotte as if she had grown another head.

The Time Senshi just gave them a mysterious smile.

Red looked at her friend suspiciously. "What do you know?"

"I'm not supposed to tell the future unless it's obvious." Charlotte grinned.

Lance blinked as baby Ashline began nudging at Red. "I think she's hungry."

Red sighed and went into the kitchen.

(I... can only see destruction.) Charlotte told Lance. )You must have seen the same in your Mirror.)

Lance nodded as Red came back in feeding Ashline a bottle of milk.

(Are you prepared?)

Another nod. (Yes.)

(Take care of them – both of them. Your memories will wake a lot earlier than Red's – you are more psychic, after all.)

Lance nodded.

(And… I believe you'll keep your other abilities.) Charlotte winked. (Though your fins will only appear in Senshi form.)

Red rocked Ashline, smiling. The baby was kind of cute.

Lance grinned. (Yeah...)

(Enjoy this peace here while it lasts.) Charlotte said cryptically, before turning. "I have to return to the Gates now."

Ashline giggled. Lance inclined her head in assent.

"Bye, Charlotte." Red waved. "She is cute, isn't she, Lance?" She tickled Ashline.

"I suppose... After all, she looks like you."

Red flushed. "Lance..."

"I'm only stating the truth love..."

Red watched as Ashline closed her eyes and began to nap. Lance leaned over and kissed her. She sighed contentedly.

Maybe… it would work out.

~Time skip – Reincarnation later~

Red went to the door when the bell rang. There was no one there.

Lance walked out of the living room, frowning. "What's wrong, love?"

"The bell rang and I don't see..." Red looked down. There was a bundle in a basket at her feet. "Huh?"

"It looks like a baby." Lance said, when the bundle moved. She bent down and unwrapped the blanket, peeking inside. The baby had brown eyes and a tuft of black hair on her little head.

Red picked her up. "She looks so sweet, why would anyone abandon a baby, like her?"

"I don't know." Lance looked around. "There's no note..."

"Not even a name?" Red asked.

"No." Lance said, blinking. The only thing identifying the baby was an expensive-looking diamond on a silver chain around her neck. A faint whisper drifted across his mind. Ashline...

Red blinked. "That's kind of sad, looks like we'll have to raise her then... What should her name be?"

"Well, it'd be cruel to leave her at an orphanage." Lance sighed. "How about Ashline?"

Red smiled at his friend. "It fits her..."

"I guess." Lance shook his head. "At least we look older than we are, so no one will ask inconvenient questions..." He purred.

Red nodded. Hours later, the two of them went shopping for baby things.

"You like this, don't you?" Red asked, holding up several little dresses. Lance smirked.

"Well, at least now we don't have to worry..." He whispered.

Red sighed. They had decided that one of them would have to be the mother and Red had lost. "I never liked shopping...And one of us will have to play mommy..." Red whispered.

"Mm…" Lance smirked. "Well, you look more like her."

Red stopped. "NO! Lance..."

"Why not?" Lance crooned.

"I like what I have on! No, no, no!"

Lance kissed her, sliding his tongue into her mouth. I'm not making you buy maternity clothes.

"I don't care! I'm not getting feminine clothing!"

(But you are a girl, love.)

"I don't care. There is no way you are getting me in a dress or skirt!"

(Oh well.) Lance shrugged. (It's your choice.)

"I'm not unbinding my chest either!"

"Then what's the point of playing mother?"

Red glared. "No! You can play mother if you're so keen on it!"

"You're the one that wanted to keep her." Lance sighed.

"At least let me sleep on it..." Came the scathing reply.

Lance shrugged. "Suit yourself. Want some ice cream later?"

"Ok..." Red huffed.

The bought some more things for the baby and then got ice cream cones. Red was holding Ashline on her lap and eating a chocolate cone.

An old lady stopped by and smiled at the happy family. Lance said nothing, taking another bite of his strawberry one.

Ashline was napping.

"You two look like such a nice young couple..." The old lady said. "Is that your daughter?"

Red looked up in surprise.

"Yes." Lance said, not wanting a fuss.

Red nodded. "Her name is Ashline."

The old woman smiled and fussed over them before leaving. Red and Lance breathed a sigh of relief when she was gone.

She had woken Ashline.

Ashline looked up, blinking at the people. They were blurry. But warm. Red pulled Ashline close, holding her protectively.

"Should we go home now?" Lance asked.

Red nodded. Her Espeon teleported them home. "Thanks. Vee."

(No problem.) Vee yawned.

Lance put Ashline to bed, and then came downstairs.

Red looked pensive.

"If you really feel that bad about it, I'll be the girl." Lance offered.

Red shook her head, "No you're right. People would ask why she doesn't look more like you..."

Lance sat down on the couch next to Red. "It's a big decision."

"I know, the problem is I don't want to change..." Red looked up at Lance. "I... guess I could unbind my chest... I just don't want everything to change all at once..."

"I know." Lance hugged her tightly. "We can take small steps."

"Ok! Let's unbind the chest first. And see how many people notice."

"I doubt most people will." Lance said. "Your fangirls will be disappointed." Red nodded.

He leaned over as Red pulled her t-shirt off, and began undoing the bandages. Red was rather large. She winced as the bandages came off slowly.

Lance slowly massaged her breasts, a faint smile on his face.

Red grinned. "I'm going to have to get those stupid things, ne?"

"Mm, I believe so." Lance purred, before he bent down and began to lick her nipples. Red shivered in delight.

"Oh... That feels good..."

"It's supposed to." Lance chuckled, as he continued to lavish the tight little buds. He cupped her breasts and continued to rub them.

"We should figure out just how big I am Lance-chan…"

"You want to go bra shopping now?"

Red looked up at Lance. "Why not? Best get started now..."

"Pity." Lance said, but stopped what he was doing. "Would you like your boyfriend or your girlfriend with you when you do this?"

"What a silly question, Lance. My boyfriend of course, I know how much you hate being a girl…"

"Oh? Well, I was just thinking if you were uncomfortable being a girl on your own." He winked.

"OH! You can be which ever you want then."

Lance grinned, before he focused. He shifted easily, although his curves were more noticeable as a girl, and his bodysuit changed into a tank top and slacks. "Okay, let's go. Chansey can watch Ashline while we're gone."

Red nodded. They teleported back to the mall, and went into a store that sold women's lingerie. They looked through the bras and then got help.

"Yes?" The saleswoman asked, eying Red. "You're getting a first bra this late?"

"I uh..." She nodded. "I didn't want other trainers to underestimate me."

"Oh." The woman shrugged. "You look about a C cup to me..." She came back a few minutes with an armful of sports bras. "Try these on."

"Thank you." Red hurried into the changing room.

Lance watched as she figured out how to put the bra on. "Well, that one seems to fit."

"It feels a bit tight. The whole point of this is for me to be comfortable."

Lance eyed her. "That's true. Try this one instead."

Red put it on. "Still feels a bit tight, but not as much so."

Lance's eyes widened slightly as she grabbed a different bra. "What about this?"

Red tried it but no. All the bras were a bit tight.

Lance went back outside and came back in with more bras. "I guess you're a D-cup..."

Red tried the first one. "It's very comfy."

"Well, good." Lance grinned. "We'll get a couple of these."

Red nodded and took off the bra. "Can you go pay for them and bring one back so I can put it on?"

"Sure." Lance said. She got seven bras for Red, one daring in black lace with red satin trimming, and then came back and handed Red one of the white sports bras.

Red slipped it on then put her shirt back on over it. "I wonder if any of the other Elite will notice..."

"They might." Lance admitted. "Want to visit them?"

"Can we bring Ash-chan?"

"Sure... it might lessen the shock."

Red nodded and they went home.

Ashline was playing with Vee when they arrived, while the Espeon bore it stoically. (Masters, you're home.)

"Yes Vee." Red picked up Ashline. "Hello Ash-chan."

Ash giggled.

Red held her close. "Vee? Can you teleport us to the Plateau please?"

(Certainly.) Vee flicked her tails, and the three of them reappeared in front of the Plateau. Lance quickly concentrated and changed back to male, not wanting that secret getting out yet.

They walked into Lorelei's room after Red recalled Vee to her poke ball.

"Hi, Red." Lorelei said, before she blinked. "Ahh."

Red giggled.

"Surprised, Lorelei?"

"Not too much. I figured you and Lance would get married eventually." Lorelei shrugged. "And besides, you always wanted chocolate at certain times of the month..."

Red colored. "Well, come meet our daughter."

"She's cute." Lorelei said. "Looks just like you!"

"Was I really that obvious?" Red blushed again. "Do you think Bruno will notice?"

"He's pretty oblivious." Lorelei said thoughtfully, as Ashline tugged at her hair. "I doubt it."

"No Ash-chan," Red scolded gently. "No tugging Aunt Lorelei's hair..."

"We'll see..." Red giggled. She collected Ashline from Lorelei, the girl pouting a little, and they walked into Bruno's room. The fighting trainer was lifting weights.

Bruno grunted when they entered. "Hello, Red, Lance."

"Hi Bruno."

Bruno looked over at them for a minute. "Did you adopt?"

Red had to stop herself from giggling. "You could say that... Come meet our daughter."

Bruno swung off of his bench press. He picked Ashline up. "She's so small." Lance sighed.

"All babies are Bruno, her name is Ashline."

Red adjusted how Bruno held her. "Babies can't hold their heads up Bruno."

"Oh." Bruno said. He peered at Red. "You look different."


Bruno shrugged, and handed Ashline back to Red. Lance rolled his eyes. Red crossed her arms to emphasize her chest.

"You're... a girl?"

Red gave Ashline to Lance. "Yes."

"Oh." Bruno blinked. "I never noticed."

"I bound my chest, of course you wouldn't." was Red's retort. Bruno said nothing else, and they moved to Agatha's room.

(... He's awfully calm about this.) Lance sent.

"He'll blow up later, just wait." Red replied. "He's in shock. Hello Agatha!"

"Hello, Child." Agatha smiled at Red. "Or should I say Mother?"

Red blushed. "Come meet Ashline."

Agatha hobbled over to Red and carefully took the baby from her. "She's very beautiful."

"Thank you."

Agatha smiled. "She will have a bright future."

Ashline blinked up at Agatha and giggled at the prediction. Red blinked in surprise, but accepted it without question.

"Well, I shouldn't keep you two long." Agatha said. "Do drop by again sometime."

Red grinned. "We will. Where to now Lance?"

"We could drop by Cosmos and visit your sister." Lance suggested.

Red nodded. "It's been a while since I've seen her. Let's go!"

They teleported again. This time they landed in front of a small house on Cosmos Island. Charlotte was raking her lawn while her Charizard napped on the front porch.

"Hi, Red." She said, identifying the visitors. "And Lance!"

"Hi Charlotte, come here. There's someone we want you to meet!"

Charlotte walked over. Her jaw dropped when she saw the baby. "D-Did you two..."

Red shook her head. "We found her on out doorstep."

"Oh." Charlotte stopped hyperventilating. "That's good. She does look a lot like you though, Red."

"We're letting everyone think she's ours. What else could we do? Thank you Char-chan!"

"I guess so." Charlotte said. "Want to come in? I'll make dinner."


Ashline began to fuss.

Charlotte didn't even flinch. "I've still got some milk left from Arcanine's last litter." Red nodded, and went to heat it up for Ashline, crooning as she took the baby inside.

Charlotte turned to Lance. (Do you remember?)

(Not yet.) The Dragon Master admitted. (Just the name Ashline…)

(Ahh.) Charlotte said. (Never mind. You'll need to take good care of her.)

Lance nodded.

Red came back, feeding Ashline and cooing at her.

"So, I'm making fried chicken and string beans." Charlotte said, moving to the kitchen. "Anything else you want?"

Red's eyes lit up. "Garlic bread?"

"Sure." Charlotte said. She moved to the kitchen and started to make dinner.

"Thank you!" Red called after her.

Lance privately wondered why this baby was so important. He wasn't very fond of children, or the way they took Red's attention away from him. He sighed.

"Are you jealous of our little girl, Lance-chan?"

"Quite." Lance said dryly.

Red giggled and kissed his cheek.

Lance closed his eyes. Yes. I'm jealous.

"Don't be." Red kissed him.

Lance sighed. * How casually you say so, Red. *

Red blinked. "Is something wrong love?"

"No, nothing." Lance stood. "I'm going to go help Charlotte."

Red blinked and watched him leave the room. "Huh?"

"Feeling a bit overlooked, ne?" Charlotte asked, busily buttering French bread.

"A little. It's not like Red means to..."

"The child always takes precedence," Charlotte said, nodding. "Which is why I don't have any, as you'll notice," She sprinkled garlic over the buttered slices, as Lance began to cut up the raw chicken. "Sorry, love, but until its a few years older, you're going to have to cope with being second best."

Lance looked at Charlotte. "I guess..."

"Aside from that, how has life been?" Charlotte asked.

"Wonderful." Lance grinned, "We were going to go to one of the island chains or maybe Houen when we found her."

"Bad luck then." Charlotte said, taking the cut chicken from him and dipping them in batter. "At least you had some fun first."

"Yeah... And thanks to her Red's secret is out..."

"Well, flame mail is a bitch." The Cosmos Champion agreed. "Well, if you ever need a break, you can crash here."


Lance turned his attention to the garlic bread now baking in the oven. "It's not a nice feeling..."

The other shook her head. "Babies demand total attention. That's the way life is. Red won't be able to do it on her own, Lance. You will have to help her..."

"You knew this would happen." Lance said dully. "I will." * But I don't have to like it, and I don't. *

A few minutes later, Red came in. "Is dinner ready?"

"It will be ready in a few minutes." Charlotte said.

"Cool." Red grinned. "Ashline's so cute! We bought this white jumper for her! Aren't the ducks on it cute?"

Lance tensed.

"Yes." Charlotte said.

It was always Ashline this and Ashline that now... and they'd only had her for a day! How would he cope? Babies took forever to grow up. Children. He frowned.

They had dinner, during which Red had to leave in the middle to feed Ashline. Afterwards, she asked Charlotte if she could give Ashline a bath in the sink.

Charlotte nodded.

Lance was in the living room, reading a newspaper and trying to think of pleasant things. * She does need me... Doesn't she? *

Ashline giggled as Red soaped her. "You're the cutest thing ever," She grinned, tickling the baby.

Charlotte sighed as she washed the dishes. The storm would come soon enough...

In the living room Lance gave up. "Are you ready to go home, Red?" He called.

Red had just finished dressing Ashline. "Yes, we're ready!"

Charlotte waved as the two of them left.

Lance was slightly irritated that Red had set Ashline's crib in their room, but Red told him that if Ashline cried at night, she would have to help her, plus she used the puppy dog eyes, so Lance gave in. Although he disliked the idea of the baby being close, it was almost worth it because Red gave him a very passionate kiss.

The two of them went to bed after Lance kissed her goodnight. Red would probably be too tired to appreciate anything tonight...

Red woke up in the middle of the night to check on Ash when suddenly, there was a crash downstairs.

Ashline was crying, too. Red turned on the light and changed her diaper, before going downstairs to get milk. She gasped! There was a monster in her living room! She quickly went to get Lance. Lance told her to take Ashline and run, so she did.

A symbol began to glow on Lance's forehead, dark blue... "Neptune Planet Power, Make up!" He cried, not knowing why, as a pen dropped into his hand.

Red ran to the Plateau.

The monster blinked "Who are you?"

"The Senshi of the Deep Seas, I am Sailor Neptune." Lance struck a pose, her eyes blazing. "Atlantis Tide!" A wave of water smashed into the monster, disintegrating it into dust.

Lance fell to her knees, shocked that this was happening. Memories began to flow across her mind. She knew she couldn't tell Red about them yet. But damn it! Why did they have to raise the princess, AGAIN? It wasn't fair...

She had to find the Talismans, and then they had to kill Saturn before she destroyed this world too.

Charlotte was Pluto. She remembered that much. Together, they would have to defeat the monsters.

When Red and the others returned, Lance told them that he had chased the monster away with Dragonite.

Red had hugged him tightly. Lance had been happy at that, and then they had gone back to sleep. Unfortunately Ashline woke them two hours later.

Red went and fed her again, and then cuddled up back to Lance. Lance sighed inwardly. This could take some getting used to…

End Chapter

Completed 8/21/07

Lance: …

Phantomness: I hate babies. They're loads of trouble!

Ash: *Sniff*

Phantomness: The angst hits next chapter ^_~ Well, all right, I lied. There's some angst in this chapter too. Lance feels neglected. Besides, he or she hates children since she never had a normal upbringing to begin with and she finds most of them whiny brats. Red probably has some romantic notions of motherhood but she's totally not mature or prepared for it! And Charlotte plays devil's advocate! ^^

I like Charlotte.

Lance: And I resent being second best. We didn't even need to keep the baby, we could have gotten rid of it but Red had to go all suddenly mother-like! She probably has some domestic, beautiful lifestyle imagined, but hell if I agree! . By the way, in case you're wondering, I'm a guy, but I can change genders cause I'm Neptune and cool like that! ^^ And my Senshi form turns me female when I transform.