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Chapter 3

Red walked with Ashline to the Lab.

"I'm a little nervous." Ashline admitted. "Father's busy?"

"Yes, your father and I run all of Indigo. I could barely make time but there was no way I was going to miss this." Red smiled down at the ten-year-old. "You remember everything Father and I taught you right?"

"Yes, Mother." Ashline said, not wanting another lecture.

"Good. And try not to get into any trouble, ok?"

"Okay." Ashline said. Professor Oak opened the door with a smile. He led her inside to a tale covered with poke balls.

"You may choose one pokemon Ashline."

Ashline looked at the poke balls. There were lots of them, all sorts of common pokemon. She wasn't sure what to pick. There was a cute Mantyke next to a Turtwig, and an Squirtle that looked forlorn, and so many more!

Red watched Ashline. "You remember that all pokemon are different, right? Try looking at their natures as well as their types."

"I'll try." Ashline nodded. What to pick?

Red watched her daughter look through the pokemon.

Ashline found a Skitty with a lonely nature. "She looks sad..."

"She must be lonely then," Red told her. "Wasn't there a Squirtle that looked similar?"

"Yes, but..."

Red blinked. "But what Ash-chan?"

"But I want this Skitty."

"I know; it's your choice." Red told her. "What nature do you think Squirtle has? I'm not making you get anything you don't want."

"Um... quiet."

Red nodded. "Professor, make sure that Squirtle gets a nice trainer." She turned back to Ashline. "Now we need to get your things from home." Red grinned. "Ready?"

"Ready!" Ashline grinned.

Red led Ashline outside. Her mother had rubbed off on her a lot.

They went home, where Ashline packed her supplies. "I'm so glad I can finally journey!" She grinned.

Red smiled. "Remember to always take good care of your pokemon. They are your important partners. Why don't you let Skitty out so you can get acquainted?"

"Okay!" Ashline grinned. She hugged Skitty when it appeared.

The Skitty looked surprised. Who are you?

"Your new trainer. I'm Ashline!" She grinned.

Hello. The Skitty said shyly.

"Why don't you give her a name, Ash-chan?" Red suggested.

Red called Lance while Ashline fussed over her new pokemon.

"Yes?" Lance asked, picking up the phone.

"Ash-chan's about to leave, I thought you'd want to see her off?"

"Ahh. I'll be home in a second." Lance replied. Hanging up the phone, he smiled and teleported.

Red just walked outside with Ashline.

Lance smiled. "You'll be a good trainer, right?" He asked.

Ashline nodded. "Yes, Father!"

"That's good. Which starter did you pick?"

"Skitty." Ashline let her out.

"Cute." Lance scratched Skitty behind the ears for a few seconds. "You'll take good care of her, right?"

"Of course Father, she is my partner."

"That's good."

Ashline hugged Lance tightly. "I'm going to miss you and Mother very much, Father."

Lance blinked in surprise as the unexpected affection. "Take care of yourself too."

"Yes, father."

"Make us proud Ashline..." Red said quietly.

"I will!" Ash gave her parents a 'V' for Victory sign.

Red waved. "Good luck!"

Lance put an arm around Red and waved as well.

* I will make Mother and Father proud of me! * Ashline vowed as she walked away from Pallet waving at her parents. Skitty trotted at her heels, wagging her tail.


"Are you sad she's gone?" Lance asked Red.

"Not really, Lance-chan."

"Oh?" Lance arched an eyebrow, leaning back in his chair.

Red sat in Lance's lap. "I will miss her; she is our little girl after all... But now we have us time..." She gave Lance a kiss.

"Really..." Lance purred. Red nodded.

"Its lucky she grew up so quickly." Lance grinned.

"Now it's time for us."

"Us..." Lance repeated softly. "Red, are we still an us?"

Red looked at Lance, not understanding.

"Do you still love me best?"

"O-of course Lance? Y-you doubt me?"

"No." Lance shook his head. "I hate myself."

Red blinked. "Why?"

"Because," Lance shook his head. "I'm jealous of a ten-year old girl who calls me Father!"

Red began to giggle. She kissed him. Lance blinked, not expecting that. His lover pulled back with a wicked grin.

"You aren't angry?"


"Why?" Lance asked.

"Because I suspected you were, you shouldn't have been."

"You spent more time with her." Lance said quietly.

"To make sure that she would be fine on her journey and that we don't have to bail her out of anything." Red smiled at him. "It was a necessary evil."

"Hai, Champion-sama. Wakatta…"

Red kissed him again.

"W-We shouldn't..." Lance gasped.

"Why not? Why shouldn't we?" Red asked. Weren't they a couple?

"I...I can't..." Lance's hands were trembling. "I want you to be mine."

"I am!"

Lance suddenly broke from Red's grip. "I can't..."

Red looked at him, not really understanding what was going on or why Lance was acting so strangely. "Lance..." She tried to touch him again.

"I'm too broken to love you..."

Red pulled back. There were tears in her eyes. "I still love you!" She paused. "I am yours, Lance... I always have been..."

"No," Lance shook his head. "Not for a long time. But I was selfish. I didn't want to break you..."

"Lance..." She tried to kiss him again. "Do you not love me anymore?" Red's voice was trembling. She backed away from him. "I'll leave if you don't. You just have to say it..."

"It's not that." The Dragon Master sighed. "Look into my eyes, and you'll understand. And then, if you want to leave, I won't stop you."

Red blinked and walked closer. She looked into his golden eyes, almost frightened of what she would find.

"Reverse." Lance said almost softly, as his eyes flashed blue. "Now remember."

Red's eyes dilated. Lance watched as she fell to her knees. It was all right. Ashline was away journeying now... he could leave and no one would care any more...

The Champion slapped Lance hard. He flinched, but didn't protest. Then she kissed him with the same amount of power.

That caught his attention, and he blinked. "What..."

Red pulled away slowly. "Please forgive me for my foolish actions."

"... I..." Lance stared up at her. "I thought..."

"For even though you hurt me I find that I cannot stop loving you…"

"That can't be..." Lance breathed.

She turned away slightly. "I can't stop and…even if I could I would not…"

"Why?" Lance asked. "I raped you, Red!"

"...I find myself unable to care…"

She looked into his eyes. The love shone brightly and unconditionally.

Lance shivered, before he pulled her into his arms, tears running down his cheeks. (Red...)

(I'm sorry... For I cannot stop loving you...) Red kissed him again.

(I wanted to die...) Lance whispered. (I lied to you for so long...)

(And I find myself again unable to care... We have always been partners... No! I love you... I am yours.)

(Red...) Lance breathed. (I love you... more than my life...)

(Then prove it to me. I am yours after all...)

(What do you want me to do?) Lance asked, confused.

Red trailed her finger down Lance's body.

Lance blushed, and then he kissed her. (I have not dared to touch you for so long...)

Red closed her eyes. (Do what you want, love…I am yours...)

The man kissed down her throat, undoing her blouse. She relaxed into his touch. The Dragon Master slowly tossed it aside, cupping one of her breasts through the fabric of her bra. So soft...

Red looked at Lance adoringly.

Lance undid her bra, and then bent forwards, lapping at Red's breasts.

Red gasped softly.

Lance continued, suckling softly on one while using his hand to caress and tweak the other.

"Mmm..." She purred.

(Beautiful...) Lance crooned, as he ravished her soft skin with kisses and caresses. She melted into his embrace.

Lance hesitated when he got to her skirt. (Should I...)

(Go ahead...)

Lance eased her skirt down, followed by her thong. He raised an eyebrow. (You were preparing for this?)

(Yes~ do you have a problem with that?)

(Not at all...) Lance grinned. He pulled himself out and got into position, kneeling over her, before pushing the tip of his cock inside.

Red gasped. She loved the feel of him being inside of her.

Lance groaned as he slid in deeper. Red's eyes shot open, dilating. Oh Lugia! Had he just... Yes he did, and she wanted him to do it again.

(Mmm…) Lance purred, as he thrust into her body, hard. (Love you...)

(Love you too...)

(Mine...) Lance murmured, slow, long strokes that had Red gushing madly.

(Yours...) she agreed.

The Dragon Master smirked, kissing her as he shot his load into her juicing pussy. (Forever?)

(Oh, yes! Always...) She assured him.

Lance groaned, as he wrapped his arms around her. (Mine... ) He repeated.

Red's eyes glowed with her emotions. (Yes… Are you mine as well?) She asked hesitantly.

(I would belong to no one else.) Lance whispered, his eyes glowing. (For you are the only one I will ever love...)

Red smiled. (Yes...I'll believe in you if you believe in me...)

(I... I trust you...) Lance whispered. (With everything I have...)

(And I trust you.)

Lance said nothing, as he rested his head on her shoulder. (I'm sorry.)

(So am I.)

(I ... wanted you to hate me. I didn't deserve you.)

(I never could.)

Lance kissed her. (You love too much...)

(But you wouldn't have me any other way...)

(No, because I want you to love me.) Lance agreed, kissing her again. Red easily submitted to the kiss. For a long time, they moved slowly, reacquainting themselves with each other. Lance sighed when Red timidly, almost, nuzzled him.

She smiled up at him with a hopeful look in her eyes.

"Yes?" Lance smiled.


(Tell me...) Lance breathed. (What is your desire?)

(Love me... Long and hard...)

(Ohhh...) Lance grinned. (You want it rough now?) He winked.

Red blushed. The hopeful look still shone in her eyes. (...Please...?)

(Of course, My Beautiful Princess of the Sky...) Lance murmured, as he pulled out. Waiting a minute, he thrust back into her, spreading her legs and impaling her hard.

She kept her eyes locked onto his.

Lance felt his doubts melting away at the unconditional love in her eyes. (Oh Red...)

(Yes Lance-chan?)

(You're perfect.) Lance whispered, kissing her again, watching her shuddering with each movement he made.

Red smiled. (No my love...You are.)

(Me?) Lance was surprised. (I'm cold and hard...)

(It does not matter, in my eyes you are.)

(Red...) Lance held her close. (I threw myself off that cliff.)

Red held him in return and kissed him.

(I didn't want to see you fall in love with anyone else. I was selfish...)

(I loved Ash-chan, still do, but not the way I love you!)

(I know, but it felt like you loved her more.)

(Aren't you supposed to put your heart into your child?) Red asked. (That's all she will ever be to me, my daughter.)

(I wouldn't know.) Lance shrugged. (But I trust you.)

Red nuzzled him, she understood. She hadn't really ever had parents, as they were always gone.

Lance kissed her again, and for a while, they didn't say anything else. They didn't need to. They were together again.

End Chapter

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