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I walked into the potions classroom, dreading what the professor had in store for this lesson.

"Ah, there she is." Professor Pritchard moved his hand in my direction, and then turned back to the old witch in emerald robes to whom he was talking to. "She's the one I told you about."

I stood frozen unsure if I should go to my usual spot in the classroom. I looked over at the witch in the emerald robes and wrung my hands together. She looked familiar.

"Azzura, please come here," the professor called me over.

I walked over to the professor's desk, "Yes, professor?"

"This is Minerva Mcgonagall, she is the head mistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

"That's why you look familiar!" I blurted out. I automatically covered my mouth and she nodded at me.

"I mean, that's in Scotland right?" I cleared my throat.

"Why yes, it is." She extended her hand to me. "It's a pleasure to meet you Miss Di Napoli. I've heard you're a powerful young witch."

"Head Mistress McGonagall, is here to discuss your gift, Azzura. Please show her to my office so you two can discuss things further in private." Professor Pritchard smiled at me.

My stomach lurched as I turned around to leave the filling classroom with the foreign witch.

The hallways at Sleepy Hallows Academy were dark and cobbled. The school was built from an old New York tunnel system that dated back to the American Revolution and has long since been forgotten by the muggles of the area.

"Rather dreary place, isn't it?" The witch seemed to be asking herself.

"You get used to it," I looked up over my shoulder at her.

Her long emerald robes slid over the cobble-stone hallway as she walked passed me.

"This is it," I gestured towards the door I had stopped at.

I walked in the crammed office and sat on the edge of Professor Pritchard's desk. "So what did you wanna talk to me about?"

She locked the door with the flick of her wand and turned to face me. The look on her face made me slide off the desk and sit in the chair in front of it.

"Yes, well, I know you're almost done with your schooling but I've been contacted by your professors here about your talent in divination."

I went to nod at her and opened my mouth to speak when she continued.

"Divination is not an art I understand very well and is a form of magic that I generally believe to be a load of bullocks – if you'll excuse my words. What I have heard about you has me believed that you are a true seer."

"Thank you." I murmured as I studied the contents of a jar placed on the potion master's desk.

"Your professors feel that they don't have the sources to help you further develop your gift and fear that they'll be no place for you to go after you finish your schooling. I undoubtedly agree."

"So…" I prompted her to make her point.

"I'm inviting you to study at Hogwarts for your seventh year. There will be many opportunities for you in Europe with a gift like yours."

"I studied in Italy when I started learning magic – it didn't go very well." I placed the jar of liquid back on a shelf beside me.

"I understand, but this will be different. Hogwarts is well protected and is far from muggle inhabited cities. You'll be safe there."

"If I'm transferring as a seventh year – do I still get sorted?" I looked up at her.

"Of course, every student is sorted into one of the four houses."

"I've had visions of Hogwarts – and always wondered what house I would be sorted in." I smiled at her.

"Ravenclaw!" Roared the hat, over my head, as I sat on a stool in the head mistress' office.

"Congratulations, Miss Di Napoli, you are in house Ravenclaw. Here is your house tie, the rest of your house wardrobe items are in your trunk in your room. You may follow me down to the great hall when you have it tied properly."

I took the blue and bronze fabric out of her hand and wrapped it around my neck.

Walking into the great hall there was a chatter of all the students laughing and talking at their house tables.

"Your house is over there between Slytherin and Hufflepuff." McGonagall pointed out.

"Thank you, Head Mistress." I nodded at her.

"It's Professor McGonagall – we're not as pretentious as we may seem in comparison to Americans, Miss Di Napoli." She patted my shoulder and walked passed me towards the faculty table.

I ran my hand through my auburn brown hair and took a deep breath. "Here we go," I muttered to myself and headed towards my house table.

"You're new aren't you?' A voice pointed out to me as I was about to sit down.

"Yeah," I looked up to see who made the comment. "Is this someone else's seat?"

The tiny red-head smiled at me and patted the bench next to her. "Nope, come, sit down."

I sat beside her, looking around at the rest of the table.

"I'm Lily – fourth year." She tilted her head and her eye's smiled expectantly.

"Azzura Di Napoli, nice to meet you."

She chuckled at me. "No, fourth year is not my last name – I am in my fourth year. My last name is Potter. What year are you?"

Potter… Why did that sound so familiar? I shrugged off my thoughts and answered her. "Oh, I'm a Seventh year."

"Just like my brother James! He's over there at the Gryffindor table."

"And he's just the nicest, bestest brother, ickle Lily could have." A voice from across the table interjected.

The girl was blonde with thick curls, she appeared older than Lily and her green eyes seemed to have the power to turn anyone she gazed at into stone.

"Oh shut it, Misty. Just because he wants nothing to do with you, doesn't mean you have to hide your true feelings about him." Lily folded her arms across her chest and turned to me. "So Azzura that's a pretty name – it's different. Where are you from?"

"Oh, please, as if I'd ever have feelings for likes of your brother." Misty flipped her hair over her shoulder and got up from where she was sitting. "I'd watch it if I were you – kid. Potter or not, you need to learn to keep your mouth shut." She walked away and sat at the other end of the table.

"So, where are you from?" Lily repeated her question – as if nothing even happened.

"New York." I looked at her baffled. "Are you going to do anything about that?"

"No, I already could tell you're American. I mean where is your family from, that you have such a cool name? And if you're referring to Medusa Misty herself – I'll get her later." Lily clasped her hands together like an evil mastermind.

"Oh, I'm Italian."

"Interesting – do you know any spells in Italian?"

"Yes, I studied my first four years at Scuola dei Misteriosi in Rome."

"That's amazing! Did you know the student that revealed the muggle church around there of actually knowing about magical society? Is that why you moved back to America?"

"Um… Yeah, the Vatican shut down my school after that, so I went home to NY."

"I wish I could see New York" Lily breathed the words dreamily.

"When I become a famous quidditch player – I'll take you there Lils."

I turned around at the sound of the familiar voice, and there he was. The guy in my visions – or at least the spitting image of him – but I couldn't see images of the future. It was too clouded in the possibilities of change that it was impossible to have a visual vision of the future: or so I was taught to believe.

He placed a hand on Lily's shoulder. "Medusa giving you problems?"

"Nothing out of the ordinary – but I got it handled." They seemed to share a glance of understanding. "You'll see tomorrow at breakfast."

"That's my girl," he gave her a smile. "Breakfast and a show – can't wait." He stopped talking when our eyes met. "Who's your friend?"

"James this is my new friend Azzura," he ran a hand through his messy hair. "This is my big brother James."

"Please to meet you, Azzura, and welcome to Hogwarts." He took my left hand and held it between both of his hands.

Before I had a chance to say anything – Lily was talking for me. "She's a seventh year – just like you Jamsie!"

James let go of my hand and coughed, then messed up his hair, and adjusted his glasses. "Lily, don't call me that here – you sound like mum." He growled at his sister.

"Please be seated everyone as I bring in the first years." McGonagall announced as she left the room to collect the first years from the hallway.

"Better get back – don't want to cost us anymore house points on the first day." James muttered. "It was nice meeting you." He smirked at me and returned to his table across the great hall.