"She Will Do Anything," written by Freedom Fighter

Hello everyone! As part of my third anniversary as a fanfiction writer, I'm
penning, for the first time ever, a fanfic based on an American cartoon series.
No need to check my pulse... it's the absolute truth! Call this my attempt to
promote one of the few good American cartoons and that there's more to watch
than dubbed Japanese anime.

There may be other American cartoons that'll eventually get fanfics, but right
now, I'm satisfied with presenting the first (of what I hope will be several)
"Kim Possible" fanfics. As far as I know, the animated series can be viewed in
the United States, Australia, and some parts of Canada (those of you who are
close enough to get an ABC affiliate). The show airs several times during the
weekend on Disney Channel, and Americans who don't get Disney Channel can see
the show every Saturday morning on their local ABC affiliate. That varies from
city to city though, because some areas air variations of the ABC Kids block,
including several that do not air the show. Those who live in the United
Kingdom should get the show on Disney Channel UK later this month, I believe.

So, assuming that practically everyone reading this has watched the show at one
time or another, I won't bother providing show or character information.
Though if you'd like some, I could probably point you in the direction of a few
websites that will help.

Now, for your enjoyment, the prologue of my first "Kim Possible" fanfic begins.

Disclaimer: None of the characters from the animated series "Kim Possible"
belong to me.

Fanfic Rating: This fanfic will be rated PG for some intense battle
sequences... but that will be much later on.


Prologue (10.31.02)

"This is Jocelyn Kobalt for DNN, the Dish News Network!"

Jocelyn was standing ankle deep in snow as an unforgiving wind howled in the
background. She was wearing a large black peacoat that extended from her neck
all the way down to her ankles. The ankles, of course, covered by a pair of
stylish tan snow boots. She had thick, dark blue gloves on her hands. Clasped
together, they kept her microphone from slipping out and into the snow. Her
head, covered with ravenous black hair that spilled to her shoulders, was
adorned with a pair of fuzzy pink earmuffs.

But none of it was keeping her warm, as she tries her best to avoid shivering
in her boots. The cameraman wasn't faring much better, as the camera shot
itself began to shiver as well.

"I'm here in Greenland, which as you can tell, is never green. Temperatures
rarely get over the freezing point, even in the hottest summer days. It's
so cold up here that it's practically inhabitable to be outside here at
night. The subzero temperatures and the heavy winds make conditions for
freezing to death just right.

"But for the past two days, this part of Greenland behind me was inhabited by
Doctor Drakken, the mad genius who tries to take over the world on a daily
basis. Usually, his plans only worry the city or country he's terrorizing.
But this time, he got what he wanted because the whole world noticed.

"They noticed that his threat of melting the polar ice caps was real. And
he would have succeeded if not for the heroic efforts of Kim Possible."

The live feed then switches to a tape of the red-haired heroine, also dressed
from head to toe in winter gear.

"It was no big, really." Kim admitted with that always-in-control smile of
hers. "Drakken should really learn to give it up. I've never seen someone
try so hard to accomplish one little goal."

Back to the live feed now, as Jocelyn is trying to keep the camera straight.

"Strong words from the world's best teen heroine. Maybe Drakken should take
her advice. After all, Kim Possible can do anything! This is Jocelyn
Kobalt for DNN. Now, back to the studio in New..."

The screen disappears. The camera moves back so that we now see Doctor
Drakken, Kim Possible's arch enemy, sitting in a jail cell and turning away
from the portable TV in his jail cell.

"If it weren't for Kim Possible, Boston would have been flooded by now! Why
does she always have to ruin my plans? Aren't there other supervillians
she could bother once in awhile?"

Suddenly, a hole is blown into the cell wall facing the courtyard. Alarm
bells begin to ring like crazy as the person responsible for making the hole
steps over the rubble and extends her hand over to her boss.

Her green glowing hand.

"Shego! Took you long enough!"

"Well, pardon me!" Shego growled, putting her hands on her hips. "This is,
what, the 8th time or so we've broken out of prison this year! I thought
that this time, I'd at least give the guards a chance." Shego then smirked
evilly, "Not that they'd be able to stop me anyway."

Shego pulls Drakken out of the cell and into the courtyard. They make a
break for the prison front gate. And as expected, several guards were already
preparing to make a stand.

"Oh please," Shego mocked sarcastically.

With one tumbling leap into the air, Shego jumps over the guards and over to
the gate control, which she quickly activates. The guards rush over to stop
her, but she ends stopping them with a few carefully placed punches and kicks.

As those guards moaned and groaned on the ground, Drakken runs past and joins
Shego as they head off down the road. By the time the guards recover, both
of the villains are long gone.

"Why am I always on duty whenever those two escape?" one guard complained.

Preview of Chapter 1: "Stressed"
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