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Chapter Nine - The Tables Have Been Turned (04.22.03)


Tokyo, Japan...

"The moment of truth has arrived at last!" Drakken shouted, smiling from ear
to ear. "This is the end for you, Kim Possible!"

Kim Possible, the world famous teen hero, was being restrained by two of
Drakken's henchman by the arms. Standing in front of her was Jen Able, a
teenager from Australia who had been trained by Drakken to become the next teen
hero. Drakken wanted Jen to go farther than that, though. He wanted Jen to
replace Kim, no matter what. And it seemed that his plan was on the verge of

Kim's sidekick, Ron Stoppable, was standing sixty feet away, unable to move. He
and his pet naked mole rat Rufus were stuck in sticky hair gel that kept them
immobilizied. Ron and Rufus could only watch as Drakken prepared to finish Kim
off once and for all.

"It's too bad there isn't room enough for two teen heroes," Jen said to Kim. "I
would have liked to have worked with the one and only Kim Possible."

"You still can, Jen!" Kim exclaimed, attempting for one last time to sway Jen to
the side of good. "Take care of these goons, and then together we can put
Drakken away!"

"Tempting offer... but I can't go against the wishes of the person that made me
who I am today."

"Drakken may have provided you with knowledge, but without me, you wouldn't have
had anything to learn at all!"

"Silence!" Drakken shouted, ending Kim's pleas. "Don't you realize that it's too
late, Kim Possible? Nothing you say now will persuade my little heroine to turn
against me."

"Yeah!" Jen added. "Enough with trying to turn me! It's so time to finish you."

Drakken nodded his head at one of his henchmen. That henchman threw his jousting
stick over to Jen, who easily caught it with one hand.

"I'm not a genius," Jen stated as she twirled the stick around, "but a couple of
well-placed hits and you'll be saying goodbye to your pathetic, miserable life!"

Jen stopped twirling the stick and lifted it so that it was pointing straight up.
Kim gasped as she realized that this could very well be it for her.

"Kim!" Ron yelled, as if he was trying to encourage Kim to make one last stand
and defend herself.

Rufus, on the other hand, couldn't bear to watch as he covered his eyes with his

"Oh no, oh no!"

As for Drakken, he was rubbing his hands together, waiting for the delicious
moment when the stick Jen was holding strikes Kim.

"I'm sorry," Jen said softly as she broke out of her seriousness ever so slightly.

Kim, knowing that there was nothing she could do, just stood there and waited for
the inevitable to occur.

The sound of the stick hitting its mark could be heard. The deed had been done,
and Jen had indeed taken care of the enemy.

But when a second hit was heard and the grip on her arms loosened, Kim knew that
this was the end.

"Looks like my words really did work... Drakken!"

Drakken's mouth was hanging wide open, as Jen had not taken out Kim. Instead,
she had subdued the two henchmen that had been holding her.

"That's strike three!" Kim announced, now free and standing on her own two feet.

"And I'm out," Jen added, tossing the jousting stick aside.

"You traitor!" Drakken clenched his fist and shook it at Jen. "How dare you turn
your back on me after everything I did for you!"

"About that... I appreciate it all. But I'm not the evil type of person."

"Good work!" Kim exclaimed, limping over and giving Jenny a pat on the back.

"You mean you had this planned the whole time?" Drakken asked in outrage.

"I actually didn't know Jenny was working for you, though I had suspected it.
She kinda fooled us all... I really thought I was done for."

"You? Done for, Kim? So not! I know you would've found a way out of it!"

"You're giving me way too much credit, Jenny... but thanks anyway!"

Kim and Jenny then stared down Drakken, who was now a little less confident of
his plan. But then he remembered that he still had his henchmen.

"Take both of them out!" Drakken shouted.

The two girls turned around to face the two remaining henchmen. Kim leaned back
into a pre-fighting pose, but Jen put her hand on Kim's shoulder and stopped her.

"Leave this to me, Kim."

"You're gonna take both of them on your own?"

"I'd never live with myself if you were to get injured any further. It's my
fault that you're injured in the first place... so allow me to make up for my

Before Kim could object, Jenny leaped at the henchmen and began to do battle.

"Kim!" Ron shouted from his stationary position. "Get me out of here!"

Kim turned to start making her way towards her best friend, but one of the
henchman jumped in the way. Luckily, Jen flew in with a flying kick to the
midsection, knocking the goon down to the ground.

"Go!" Jen shouted before rushing back past Kim to take care of the other

Kim got over to Ron and Rufus. She wanted to see if she could pull them out, so
she grabbed Ron by the hands and tugged with all her might.

"Come on already!" Kim grunted.

"You can do it, KP!" Ron shouted, before realizing that the gel was hard enough
to scratch his legs. "Ow ow ow ow OW!"

"Stop... being such... a crybaby!" Kim told him between pulls.

Meanwhile, Jen was hard at work battling Drakken's two remaining henchmen. She
elbowed one in the chest, then turned and planted her right foot into the
other's stomach. That hit caused the henchman to drop his jousting stick, which
Jenny promptly picked up.

She and the other henchman, the only with his stick still in hand, and begin to
joust with him. Move for move they matched each other, with neither being able
to connect for a hit on any body part.

But when the stick-wielding henchman went for a swinging shot from the side,
Jen ducked under it and responed it with an uppercut, having her stick connect
with the underside of the henchman's chin. That sent the goon flying off of his
feet and to the ground, landing on his back.

"That was way too easy," Jen commented. "You guys need to work out more."

Back over with Kim and Ron, Kim had decided to give up on pulling Ron out by
herself. But upon looking at the ground, she noticed that the gel encasing Ron
and Rufus had hardened significantly in just a few minutes. Immediately, Kim
grabbed a nearby rock.

"Uh, Kim?" Ron asked, fearful for what Kim might do with the rock. "What are you
going to do with that?"

"Don't move!" barked Kim.

Using the rock as a hammer of sorts, Kim began to crack away at the hardened
block of gel. It only took a few hits to loosen it enough for Ron to get out.

"Boo-yah!" Ron shouted joyfully.

Seconds later, Kim had broken Rufus out of the gel as well. Ron immediately
kneeled down to pick Rufus up.

"Are you okay?" Ron asked.

"Uh huh," Rufus replied, nodding his head.

Rufus then made his way back to the safety of Ron's pants pocket. Ron, meanwhile,
turned his attention to Kim, who was seething with pain once again.


"I'm fine," Kim said, although it was obvious that she wasn't.

"Allow me..."

Jen had come over to help Kim out. She wrapped Kim's left arm around the back
of her neck. Following Jen's lead, Ron did the same, taking Kim's right arm.
Kim smiled as Jen and Ron helped her walk over towards Drakken.

Drakken, meanwhile, was looking around, searching for some way out. All of his
henchmen were down and out, and his own recruit had turned against him!

"I could sure use Shego right about now," Drakken mumbled to himself.

Suddenly, Shego, up and right as rain after the blow Kim had given her earlier,
appeared in front of Drakken.

"Shego! You're back!"

Although Drakken was happy to see Shego, she wasn't happy to see him.

"After everything I've done for you, you call me an amateur?" she said, enraged.

"Shego... I don't know what you're talking about."

"Your little apprentice told me that you said I left because I wasn't good

"I'd never say that about you," Drakken said, beginning to back up. "She made it
all up! Who knows what she's thinking?"

"You're right," Shego replied, smiling slyly. "Why should I care what a little
girl like her thinks?"


"What matters is what I think! And I think you need a reminder of how important
I am to you!"

Shego attempted to punch Drakken in the face, but the evil genius dodged the blow.
Then, taking a page from Ron's book, Drakken made an about face and began to run
for his life.

"Come back here so I can show you how good I really am!" Shego yelled, chasing
after them.

As the two supervillians disappeared from sight, Ron breathed a sigh of relief.

"Boy, am I glad that's over!" Ron told the girls.

"Shouldn't we go after them?" Jenny asked.

Suddenly, two police cars pull up to the scene. Kim smiled as she gave Jenny
an answer.

"I think the boys in blue can take it from here."

The trio then started to walk away from the scene... or limp, in Kim's case.


"Yes, Jenny?"

"I'm sorry about your ankle and all," Jen apologized, looking down. "You
probably hate me now, don't you?"

"So not!" Kim replied. "You just did what you have to do."

"Oh yeah," Ron quipped sarcastically. "Do you realize what you've done? How is
Kim going to lead the cheerleading squad?"

"Let me worry about that, Ron. And Jenny? Apology accepted."

Jenny nodded in acceptance. "I just wish there was someway I could make up for
what I've done."

"There is, actually. You can drop the whole hero schtick."

Jenny gasped in surprise. "But why?"

"Kim's right," Ron added. "Too many bad memories. You don't want them to come
back and haunt you for the rest of your life. Trust me... I know."

Ron then started looking left and right, as if one of those terrible Camp
Wannaweep memories were going to pounce on him.

"I guess it's back to my old, boring life."

"Not necessarily," Kim said with a smile.


A week and half later, at regionals...

Kim was in the middle of giving the squad a pep talk just moments before stepping
into the gym to perform their routine.

"It's time to see if all of that practice has paid off! We want to go to states,

"Yeah!" the cheerleading squad replied.

"Well, we've got to show the judges that we want to go! We've got to land every
flip, toss, and twist! We have to be in synch! And most importantly, we've got
to cheer the fans out of their seats!"


"And most importantly, make sure that you follow the captain's lead... right,

Bonnie was standing next to Kim, smiling smugly. Kim is not in uniform and is
walking on crutches, with her ankle still recovering from the battle in Japan.

"Don't worry, Kim. The routine that I made up will surely win us regionals."

"Just remember, Bonnie... there's going to be 1500 people watching us. I'm sure
you'll do us proud."

"Um... yeah," Bonnie was starting to get a little nervous.

"They're all yours," Kim said, stepping aside.

"Huh? Oh, right."

Bonnie then looked at her fellow squadmates, who were all waiting for her orders.

"Alright, team... we can do this! Let's win this for Kim!"

The girls cheered as they ran past Kim and Bonnie and into the gym where the
competition was being held. But before Bonnie could follow them, Kim stopped her.

"You didn't have to do that," Kim said to Bonnie.

"I was just using it to motivate the squad. I wouldn't even think of dedicating
something this important to you."

Bonnie walked off to go join the rest of the squad.

"Break a leg!" Kim shouted after her, though it was hard to tell if she meant it
literally or not.


Kim made her way to the gym bleachers, where Ron and Monique were among the
Middleton faithful, ready to cheer on their junior varsity squad.

"You're just in time, girl!" Monique said as Kim handed her crutches to her.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world... even if I can't be a part of it."

Kim took a seat between the two of them, with Monique on her right and Ron on her

"You think Bonnie can handle this?" Ron asked.

"I'm sure she can. It's what'll happen to her afterwards that I'm worried about."

"So... how much longer until you're walking on that left foot of yours again?"
Monique asked with curiosity.

"Eight to ten days, two weeks tops."

"So much for saving the world."

"I don't know about that, Monique. I'm sure the world can handle itself for the
time being."

"Speaking of the world..." Ron interrupted, "what happened to Jen?"

"Yes... you've so got to tell me too!" squealed Monique.

Suddenly, the announcer's voice began filtering out from the speakers.

"Now, it's time to introduce the next squad! Herrrrrrre's the Mad Dogs of

The Middleton High fans cheered as Bonnie led the squad onto the gym court.

"Let's just say that Jen's still trying to be like me... but in a different way."

"No way!" exclaimed Monique. "You mean she's..."


Melbourne, Australia...

Jen, dressed in a green and brown cheerleading outfit, is waving pom poms around
as she shouts out one of her squad's chants out loud in her room.

"Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate? Melbourne! Melbourne! Melbourne
High! Yeah!"

She then did a backflip, easily landing on her feet.

"Kim better watch out! I'm the world's next superstar cheerleader!"

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