A/N: I decided to write this after seeing a picture of this on iFunny. It looked amusing with Pyrrha freaking out over a…well let me see if I do a good job at describing it; and I wanted to try and create a bit of a backstory with some Arkos pairing so...


It had been a rough day for Jaune…again.

Yet again, he was beaten by Cardin in his Combat Training class and he was shoved around a bit, (Not that he was mad, it was more preferable to Cardin's more…aggressive tendencies) and besides not doing well with his homework he still wasn't becoming a better fighter at his nighttime training with Pyrrha. Sighing, he shrugged on his black hoodie before placing Crocea Mors inside his locker; pulling out his Scroll he saw it was almost time for dinner.

Rolling his shoulders, he puts away his Scroll before walking out of the locker rooms, only to bump into Cardin.

"Watch it Arc," he growled.

"S-sorry heh heh, won't happen again," Jaune said, holding up his hands slightly in defense.

Cardin grumbled a bit before walking into the locker room himself; sighing in relief Jaune began to head off to the Dining Hall to hopefully meet up with Pyrrha and the gang.

Jaune hurried down the steps of the Combat and Strategy building before making his way to through the gardens, it was a short cut to get to the Dorms which was close by the Dining Hall itself.

As he walked through the gardens he brushed some of the red leaves off his hoodie, they were a similar tree type as the Forever Fall. Jaune remembered how he protected Cardin from the Ursa Major, and how he finally agreed to Pyrrha's help the same day. He was just glad he wasn't as gung ho on being like his ancestors and accepted her help.

Now if only he could just get better at fighting…


Jaune jumped as he heard his scroll ringing, pulling it out he opened it to see that Pyrrha was calling, taping her face he said, "Hello?"


Pyrrha sounded…scared?

"Yeah," he said slowly.

"A-are you close by the Dorms?" she asked timidly.

"Yeah I was on my way to the Dining Hall so I'm near-"


The line went dead.


Jaune quickly tucked away his Scroll before sprinting towards the Dorm rooms. He rushed past other class members, ignoring their exclamations he dashed up the stairs and down the hall. Quickly typing in the code for his room he rushed inside.


When Jaune rushed inside, a force knocked him in the chest, and his current momentum sent him flying until he rotated in the air before crashing into a wall. Jaune felt the air rush out of his lungs before he curled up into a fetal position.

"That really hurt," he groaned.


He felt a pair of hands gently grab his shoulders before pulling him up, he opened his eyes slightly to see the bright emerald eyes that enchanted him with their beauty.

Pyrrha Nikos was very upset.

There she was, terrified out of her mind and in her panic she called her partner (crush and hopefully future boyfriend) to try and come help her, only for him to charge in quickly and cause her to freak out and to round-house kick him in his chest!

"Jaune! Are you alright?" she exclaimed.

'Of course not you idiot! Why in the name of Monty would you hurt the guy who was trying to help you?!'

"Well, I've been better," Jaune admitted.

Pyrrha sighed as she helped Jaune stand back up, brushing him off she felt the muscles that were beginning to form underneath his hoodie, thanks to his training.

'He really has come a long way from the person he was before,' she thought before returning her gaze at the floor, only to shriek and hide behind Jaune, grabbing the back of Jaune's shirt tightly.

Jaune blinked before remembering why he was there.

"Pyrrha what's wrong?" he asked.

He saw a hand shakily point at a spot on the floor, between the two left dorm beds. Carefully moving forward he looked to see…


A spider?

He looked confused at Pyrrha, who was looking in fear at the creature, slightly shaking his head he turned around and started to the bathroom.

"W-w-where are you g-going?" Pyrrha asked, she tried to seem calm but it came out high-pitched.

"I need to-URK"

As Jaune walked, Pyrrha had hopped onto his back with a death grip on his neck. Jaune stumbled into the doorframe before shifting his arms around Pyrrhas legs, he tried not to think about how smooth and soft they were.

'Man, are they always like this? They just feel so-NO! TEAMMATE! OFF-LIMITS! UNSEXY THOUGHTS! NO MATTER HOW SE- OH MONTY OUM IN HEAVEN, AID ME!'

Meanwhile, Pyrrha had a similar thought process.

'His hands are so gentle, as if he was carrying a delicate treasure.'

Pyrrha blushed as she thought of what it would feel like if he touched certain parts of her body. Only to shake her head as Jaune got a better grip on her legs and hoisted them more securely on his waist as he walked towards the bathroom located near the back of the room. While Pyrrha seemed tense to Jaune, she was secretly enjoyed this brief private moment, now she understood why Nora liked getting piggyback rides from Ren.

Oh Monty, the others…

"Um, Pyrrha? I-I need you to get off me now," she heard Jaune say.

"O-of course."

Quickly hopping off the boy, who rubbed his throat slightly; Jaune then grabbed the small glass cup in the bathroom that they used to rinse out their mouths and a paper coaster before returning to the room.

Pyrrha trailed nervously behind him, making sure to keep a hold on the back of his shirt as he went back into the room.

Jaune quickly looked around for the spider, which was now resting near the door, bending down he carefully raised the cup and slowly lowered it above the spider.

A foot…

Six inches…

Three inches…

One inc-


Right when the spider was about to be caught, it moved. Rushing towards Jaune, he quickly tried to catch it in the glass, but the creature leapt upward. Jaune, with experience with dodging blows, managed to avoid the spider; however, Pyrrha wasn't so lucky.

She screamed loudly before brushing herself off sporadically before leaping back onto Jaune, who grunted at the impact before he manage to regain his footing. Once he did, I glanced around for the spider, to see it scurrying towards the door, in a quick movement; he threw the glass so that the open end was face down and it amazingly landed above the spider, sliding along the floor until the glass thumped against the door.

Once Pyrrha realized the bug had been caught, she let go of Jaune and began to pat herself down, trying to ignore how red her face was going from embarrassment; while Jaune quickly went to the cup before sliding the paper coaster underneath the glass, effectively making the small prison portable.

"Holy crap!" Jaune exclaimed. The spider was ginormous, like the size of a dragon fly, from wing-to-wing.

"G-get rid of it J-Jaune; quickly I-I don't like spiders!"

"No kidding," he muttered.

Wasting no time he rushed to the window before throwing the insect outside. As he turned around he saw a flash of red before he felt Pyrrha begin to hug tightly.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou," she kept saying.

Jaune went as red as Pyrrha's hair, he stammered profusely before deciding to pat her back awkwardly, he looked down at Pyrrha who was looking at him happily with her captivating green eyes.

Swallowing he said, "Y-you wanna go get dinner now?"

Pyrrha nodded and they turned towards the door, but as they were about to leave, Pyrrha turned to Jaune one last time.

"While I am thankful for what you did, just so we're clear."

Pyrrhas face darkened before she pointed a finger at Jaunes face, "We aren't going to tell anyone about what happened in this room at all. Understand?"

"Y-yes," Jaune whimpered.

Pyrrha smiled, her dark face clearing up into her familiar bright smile, "Great."

Then she calmly walked out the door.

Jaune shivered, 'Man, even though she can be so nice, she can be so scary.'

Line Break

Pyrrha's sword clanged loudly against Jaunes shield, Jaune quickly knocked the blade away before thrusting his own blade. Pyrrha smoothly slid up her shield; spinning her body she knocked away the blade before shouldering Jaune in the chest. With a grunt he went skidding across the roof before rolling back up to his feet, looking up he saw that Pyrrha's blade was rushing forward at a thrust to his neck. Rolling backward again he raised his shield before getting to his feet, Pyrrha was breathing heavy, bouncing on her feet but smiling like a maniac, "This is the best match I've had from you," she exclaimed.

Jaune then got a crazy idea, rushing Pyrrha; he blocked her sword and tackled her onto the ground. Pyrrha was surprised for a moment before punching at Jaunes cheek, Jaune raised his forearm and blocked the blow, but that was all Pyrrha needed. Raising her feet, she mule kicked Jaune before getting to her feet; Jaune skidded against the floor before hopping to his feet as well. Raising his fists he rushed towards Pyrrha, who had assumed a boxing stance and blocked his first punch before lashing out with her own right hook. Ducking underneath the blow, he gave a couple of jabs at Pyrrha's middle before trying to uppercut her, gritting his teeth as he punched Pyrrha's metal armor. Pyrrha grunted slightly, narrowing dodging the uppercut before grabbing his arm and before he could react, Pyrrha had judo flipped him over her head, knocking the wind out of him before placing her boot on his chest.

Jaune groaned again before tapping the roof three times, smiling Pyrrha removed her foot before helping him sit up, breathing heavily.

Panting, Jaune said, "Good match."

Pyrrha nodded before walking towards the door, she dropped Miló and Akoúo̱ off before picking up the water bottles she had placed against the wall. Tossing one to Jaune she popped open the water bottle herself before sitting next to Jaune.

"You're improving Jaune," Pyrrha said.

Jaune smiled weakly before taking a sip from his water bottle, "Sometimes I don't feel like it," he muttered.


"N-Nothing Pyrrha," Jaune said.

Pyrrha knew he was lying instantly. She didn't understand why he always kept bottling things up, but then she remembered something her teacher told her once.

'Teamwork is about knowing and understanding your partner, both on a physically and mentally scale. Sometimes to gain their trust in battle, you must earn it; in order to earn their trust as a whole, you must give your trust to them.'

Pyrrha sighed; she was going to have to talk about it.

Taking another sip of water, she began, "There is a reason I'm afraid of spiders."

When Jaune looked at her confused, she did a mental cheer; he was hooked in. Now to talk about it.

"You see, when I was just starting out in the Tournament, all beginners had to pass an entry exam to get into the preliminaries. The first few groups to destroy a Grimm and return would gain entry; the Grimm I was facing lived in a mountain that was South of Sanctum. I was paired with two others, and our objective was that we had to make our way into the mountain before destroying the Grimm. We did not account for everything in the mountain; after we entered we fell down a tunnel which separated us; while they both went into a separate part of the mountain I went fell down into the Grimms lair. Literally. I fell into the area. I would have died had it not been for the fact that I was well in the shadows, and the Grimm was old…at least that was what I thought."

Pyrrha took another drink from her water bottle, her throat suddenly becoming parched. Jaune could imagine the mountain, but he was concerned for his partner's well-being, even if this was in the past.

"While I did not move, I had crashed into a nest, of numerous spiders." Pyrrha shivered suddenly, she drew up her knees before wrapped her arms around them, "Imagine water streams trickling slowly down your body, and not being able to move. That was what it was like, except the spiders kept trailing everywhere. M-My face my a-arms e-everywhere. It was all I could do not to scream and attract the Grimm to my location; after he had settled almost ten minutes later I quickly hopped out of the nest and killed the Grimm before doing everything I could to get the spiders off; thankfully there was a smaller amount on me than at the beginning. After I do my best to calm down, I began to search for my teammates…"

Pyrrha swallowed again, Jaune noticed she went pale; instinctively Jaune wrapped an arm around her, scooting closer to try and comfort her. Pyrrha shifted so her head was on Jaune's shoulder, "T-the spiders were deadly, they used movement to try and detect their prey before biting them, their poison in small doses was designed to paralyze them while larger amounts of the venom can kill. My teammates had struggled which had earned them numerous bites which lead them to their deaths. When the judges discovered what I had been through, they shoved me into the finals." Pyrrha took a shuddering breath, "and that's how I won my first tournament," she finished with a dark tone.

Jaune was staring at his teammate with a mix of shock, horror and sadness. He began to wrap his other arm around Pyrrha when she stiffened.

"I do not want any kind of pity Jaune Arc."

Jaune hesitated, should he stop?

'Teamwork is about getting to know your partner, I think I pushed her far enough today, now she just needs comfort.'

Jaune wrapped his arm around Pyrrha before delicately pressing her into his chest, "It's not pity, its sadness. Nobody deserves to go through all that…least of all you," he finished with a blush.

Pyrrha had frozen; her mind went on shutdown as she hugged Jaune back.

Now Jaune, wasn't the sharpest sword in the bunch, he knew that all too well. But he also knew pain, mentally and physically.

"You blame yourself for their deaths. You feel that if you were stronger, or smarter that you could have prevented their deaths, don't you?" he asked softly.

Pyrrha was dumbstruck by this different Jaune, but she nodded.

"Remember what Ozpin told us at the beginning of the year? 'Knowledge can only carry you so far.' If you were the same as you are now you could have saved them. However, you had no idea about the spiders; you have nobody to blame at all. We all have limits Pyrrha, sometimes the hardest thing is admitting them," Jaune said before steeling himself for his moment.

He lowered his head before gently pressing his lips into her crimson red hair.

Jaune braced himself for any kind of retaliation, a punch or Pyrrha trying to escape his grasp, however, the only thing she did was snuggle closer to him. Jaune felt his face go red before he laid down onto the concrete roof, before rubbing circles onto Pyrrhas back as they just looked onward at the stars. After at least half-an-hour, Jaune sat back up, however he felt that Pyrrha didn't move, she was still breathing calmly however she was curled up on the ground still, she had fallen asleep. Jaune smiled at how adorable she was before his face went a light pink, he wondered about what she was dreaming about, and if she, possibly, had any feelings for him.

Shrugging his shoulders, Jaune carefully picked Pyrrha up bridal style and carried her back to the room before setting her gently on her bed, tucking her in he whispered 'Good night,' before preparing for bed himself.

Meanwhile, Pyrrha dreamed about shining knights who killed spiders before taking her off into the distance on a light brown horse, the sky littered with small shining lights.

Cardin smiled; they forgot that his team was directly beneath the roof. The moment he heard Mrs. 'Perfect, Four-year champion,' Nikos ask Jauney-boy about why she was afraid of spiders; he awoke his team and got planning, knowing that he could cripple JNPR in one move.

Pyrrha woke up to warm covers, still in her combat attire, but strangely content. Then she remembered the events of last night, she blushed as she remembered falling asleep on Jaune.

And the kiss.

For some reason she felt so comforted in his presence and just drifted off. She looked at the clock to see she had enough time to get a shower and get ready for classes for the day. She gathered her things before hurrying into the bathroom, quickly dropping her clothes she hurried into the shower and began to get herself clean. After quickly toweling herself dry, she put on her uniform before applying her make-up and putting her hair into her ponytail. Once she had deemed herself ready she walked out of the bathroom, narrowly dodging her hyper teammate as she skipped inside, all the while humming a merry tune. Grabbing her Scroll, she see's that Jaune was pulling on his blazer.

When he saw her, he smiled and asked, "Had a good night sleep?"

Pyrrha nodded, "Sorry about last night," she apologized.

"Eh. You were tired, I get it, don't worry about it. Let's just get to breakfast before Nora raids all the pancakes."

Pyrrha chuckled before they started to walk towards the Dining Hall. Jaune was honestly very nervous; in fact it surprised him when he talked so casually with Pyrrha about breakfast, as if what happened last night never happened. What happened last night was a bit of a 'spur of the moment' and he wanted to let Pyrrha know he'd be there for her. However he didn't know where that left them.

Meanwhile Pyrrha had similar problems.

While she did fall asleep on Jaune, after that night, did that leave them as more than friends? Did Jaune kiss her head because he was her partner? Or because he actually liked her?



They falter, as they spoke at the same time. Jaune gestured at Pyrrha to speak.

"Um, Jaune…about last night," she began, wringing her hands.

"Y-You don't have to say anything, "Jaune stated, scratching the back of his neck. "I stepped too far a-and I understand if you were creeped out by-"

"No," Pyrrha interjected, "Not that at all, it's just…thank you."

"T-Thanks?" Jaune squeaked.

Pyrrha turned her head slightly so he couldn't see her blush, "Y-yes."

By then they had reached the Dining Hall, Jaune had noticed a stray shoestring so he had bent down to tie the laces while Pyrrha walked inside. He had just finished tying his shoes to hear a scream.

A familiar scream.

Jaune stood up and burst into the Dining Hall, and what he saw sickened him, and he knew that the best way to deal with it, was to break a pair of legs.

Team CRDL was laughing, as the Hall, minus Team RWBY, as they looked at Pyrrha, who was covered from head to toe in spiders.

Actual, creepy, crawly spiders.

What made it worse was that they managed to get some Dust powered, giant mechanical spiders that were hanging around her. Pyrrha was frozen, her green eyes wide with terror and her face going paler than a sheet, Jaune rushed forward as he ripped down the spiders with ease before vigorously brushing off Pyrrha.

"It's ok. It's ok. It's ok. It's ok. It's ok. It's ok. You're fine Pyrrha, you're just fine," Jaune whispered softly.

When he finished, he was about to grab Pyrrha into a hug, but she shoved him away and sprinted out of the Hall.

Jaune stared at her retreating form, then he heard Cardin shout, "Hey Jauney-boy. Between you and your fighting skills, and her being afraid of spiders, I'm not sure which is more pathetic!"

The Hall erupted in laughter.

Jaune did not feel small, or humiliated. Oh nonononononono far from it.

He was upset, and pissed off.

Clenching his fists he bowed his head before he walked straight towards Team RWBY. The team looked sadly at Jaune before they began to speak.

"Cardin's just a ruffian."

"Come on Jaune, he's just a stupid bully."

"Cardin crossed the line, but Jaune you need to stay calm."

Jaune turned to Yang, who was in her combat attire for Goodwitch, before stretching out his hand, "Give me your bracelets."

Yang blinked at Jaune before chuckling, "I don't think so Vomit Boy, calm your feisty pants down and-"

"Let me try again."

He slammed his hand down onto the table, causing it to crack, lifting his head, they see his eyes.

Gone was the goofy klutz, gone was the kind-hearted knight they all knew.

His blue eyes seemed to glow with rage; his whole body language read that he was livid; the term 'pissed-off' was a major understatement. Cold, serious and angry, he was like a typhoon, calm at first but having a raging storm inside

"Give me Ember Celica Yang."

Yang was a brave girl, hell she marched into a club and beat the crap out of everyone there. But this Jaune…terrified her to no end. She quickly took off her bracelets before handing them to Jaune, who placed them on his wrists before marching away.

She pitied Team CRDL, she would not want to be on that side of rage.

Jaune walked through the crowd, which were still laughing slightly, only the few near Team RWBY's table knew that major shit was about to go down.

He walked straight to their table, Cardin was lounging against the table along with Russel Thrush, Dove Bronzewing and Sky Lark were perched on the opposite side of the table.

"What do you want Jauney-boy?" Cardin asked.

"For you to apologize," Jaune said simply.

Cardin and his team laugh, "Or what?" Russel asked.

"…wow I never expected the bullies to be so stupid to not realize I was threatening them," Jaune said.

The Hall erupted into jeers.

"You beat us up? Hah! Russel, get him away from here," Cardin said, waving his hand at Jaune.

Russel smirked before standing up, he placed a hand on Jaunes shoulder, about to push him away.

Russel expected the Jaune to stumble back, maybe even fall.

What he did not expect was Jaune grabbing his arm with one hand and his chest with the other and throwing him over his head. Slamming him down into the table opposite of CRDL plus Jaune.

As his vision faded into oblivion he heard Jaune say, "Last chance."

Monty Oum, he prayed his team did so, quickly.

Meanwhile, the rest of CRDL was staring in shock at Jaune. It took them a moment before Cardin's mouth formed a sneer and they charged at Jaune.

Jaune lifted his arms as Ember Celica formed on his wrists; shoving his forearm back he heard the bracer cock back, loading the first round into the chamber.

Dove Bronzewing had vaulted over the table and rushed at Jaune, about to try and tackle Jaune, only for him to punch him in the gut, the force of the punch would have sent Dove flying back into the wall, and the extra power of Ember Celica embedded him into the wall. He groaned before falling unconscious, looking like a beaten up cartoon from television.

Sky Lark was smarter, he vaulted over the table before trying to sweep Jaune's legs, for a moment it worked, and Jaune hit the ground. Sky raised his boot about to stomp on Jaune's chest, however, Jaune grabbed Larks foot before twisting it hardly, causing the bone to practically dislocate itself. He screamed for a moment before Jaune got up and jabbed him three times in the gut before giving him a bicycle kick to the jaw, sending Sky flying over a crowd of students.

Cardin, being the person he was sent his team first. Both as payback for the Forever Forest, and to get a read on Jaune, he assumed the idiotic doofus would be destroyed after his guys went in.

However that was not the case.

Snarling, Cardin charged in himself, thankfully wearing his armor he put on since he had Goodwitch for Combat classes that morning. Raising his fist, he tried to punch Jaune however he had ducked before the blow could come into contact and had unleashed powerful blasts from Yang's gauntlets into Cardin's armor. It hardly made a different since Cardin was so built, smirking Cardin grabbed Jaune by his blazer before punching him in the jaw. Blood came from the blonde's mouth as he went flying back several feet.

Cardin allowed himself his smirk of victory, "Just like your partner. Week and patheti-"

Jaune lost it.

Focusing his Aura into his feet, he raced towards Cardin before unleashing everything he had.


Cardin was overwhelmed before he fell backwards onto a table, only for Jaune to leap onto him and punching him in the face.


By then, Cardin's face was a bloody pulp. Jaune was panting heavily, fist cocked back and ready to punch again. His Aura was flaring around his feet, giving off a bright white glow. Blood was splattered slightly on his blazer and cheeks, some leaking from the corners of his mouth. Grabbing the upper edge of what remained of Cardin's chest plate, he brought the bully's face near his.

"Remember what I said about my team Winchester?! You better remember this, or next time…will be one hell of a lot worse."

Standing up, he took a step back before wiping the blood off his mouth before turning on his heel and walking towards Team RWBY's table. People moved out of his way as he took off the bracers and placed them on the table, "Thanks Yang," he said before he turned towards the entrance of the Dining Hall and jogged out.

The moment he did, the hall broke out into whispers, some went to get Cardin to the nurse while others gossiped about what happened.

"I…did not know Jaune was capable of that," Blake said.

Weiss looked stunned, how was it that the goofy, klutzy knight she met in the locker room, was capable of so much devastation. Ruby stared at where Jaune left, wondering that, if someone else he cared about was hurt as bad as Pyrrha, would he go full Rage Monster on them? As well as if she should make him and Pyrrha some cookies.

Meanwhile Yang was staring at her Scroll, taping endlessly on it.

Then the doors opened up as Ren and Nora came walking inside, Ren knew something was up, the way people cleared the way as they went. That or Nora had gone hammer-crazed again.

"What happened?" Ren asked as Nora had stolen a pancake from Yangs plate.

Team RWBY looked at each other, having no idea how to explain this.

"Watch this," Yang said.

With that she held out her Scroll, which showed Pyrrha standing there covered in spiders before pressing play.

"Two hundred views already."

Jaune was jogging through the halls; he first checked his dorm, which was heartlessly bare before he started to wander around the campus. His Scroll vibrated and chimed but he ignored it, his teammate was more important than schoolwork.

Teammate. Team. Mate. T-e-a-m-m-a-t-e. No, more like…dare he say it…

"Lover," he whispered, testing the word on his tongue.

Yes, that was it. He cared for her deeply, more so than he thought. He loved his partner deeply, but where would she go-

Realization hit him harder than Yangs fist, he smacked his forhead before sprinting to the staircase.

The roof.

Jaune hurried onto the roof to see Pyrrha on the ground, knees drawn with her slender arms around them as she stared at the sky.

"Pyrrha?" Jaune asked.

No response.

"Pyrrha, look. What happened-"

"I can't be your partner."

Jaune blinked as Pyrrha stood up, still facing the skyline.

"Here I am. Pyrrha Nikos, four time running champion of the Mistral Tournament, top student of Sanctum Academy and yet here I am, afraid of spiders."


She turned, Jaune was worried that he saw tear streaks along her face.

"Jaune, you do deserve better. I-I am going to try and get someone to help t-train y-you and-"

In a flash Jaune went to her side before clamping a hand on her mouth, "Pyrrha, with all respect. Shut up."

With that, he pressed her into his chest as he wrapped his arms around her, Pyrrha began to sob. Jaune whispered sweet nothings into her ear as she cried, her whole body shuddering with each wracking sob. Jaune didn't mind that his blazer was getting wetter as time went by; all that mattered was his crimson-haired partner. Jaune decided then and there to tell her his history, he bent down his head until his mouth was close to his partners ear.

"Do you know much about the Arc linage?" Jaune asked.

When he felt Pyrrha shake her head, he said, "That's because it's not something I like to talk about. The Arcs were some of the first Hunters in history, they were the ones who were at the very creation of Hunters, and some say we made up all of it. According to what I've learned, Arcs were the top of everything; battle, strategy, tactics, etc. and would do things on our own, people praised us during the Grimm War. We were even apart of the Human Faunus Revolution, we respected the Faunus on a certain level, and believed that if we made amends, they would be helpful allies. These stories made me want to be a Hunter, be the courageous knight in shining armor for all the people; however I was terrible at fighting, I couldn't seem to grasp anything. So that's around the time I got the fake transcripts, I made my dad proud, he felt as if I was just holding out after all this time. Pyrrha, even after all this training I'm doing, I don't feel as if I'm improving at all," Jaune admits.

Pyrrha voice was muffled against Jaune's blazer, but he could still understand her saying.

"Patience is important in training. You cannot always expect to learn a certain style or technique in a manner of hours Jaune; I get the feeling that your father did not understand that well."

Jaune chuckled, "No, I don't think he did."

They remained in that position for a few more minutes before Jaune let Pyrrha out of his arms and left his hands on her shoulders. Pyrrha was looking at him strangely with her eyes.

"Well I think we should-"

Next thing he knew, Pyrrha had smashed her lips against his and was kissing him with all the passion and love she could muster. Jaune's mind went blank as he felt his partners lips against his, after a few seconds one thought strayed into his mind.


Jaune tilted his head to gain better access to his partners lips while, moving his hands up Pyrrha's shoulders until he was cupping her cheeks, his thumbs brushing over her ears.

The kiss itself was sloppy and unrefined, but it didn't not fail to convey the message of love and passion to the other.

Finally they separated, both were panting with swollen lips and faces like Pyrrhas hair.

"Wow" Jaune breathed.

"Wow," Pyrrha said.

They stayed that way for a while until Jaune's Scroll beeped again. Frowning, he finally pulled out the tool to see several messages from Yang, Professor Goodwitch, and Professor Ozpin.

Opening the one from Goodwitch, he learned he was going to receive a week of detentions for violence against students, and to be talked to by Ozpin.

"What for?" Pyrrha asked, who was reading over Jaune's shoulder.

"L-later," he stammered.

Opening Ozpins message he learned that he was going to have the detentions, but Ozpin was proud of Jaune when he learned of the incident, however he still wished to talk to the boy about Team CRDL.

What? How could he-

The message from Yang cleared it up, she had recorded everything from the minute Jaune ran inside the Dining Hall.

Pyrrha stared in shock at the video, Jaune actually cared that much about her?

Oh he was going to make a fine boyfriend.

"Well I guess I understand the detentions. Looks like my training has been paying off," Pyrrha stated, walking towards the roof entrance.

"Y-Yeah, I was just…" Jaune faltered, "let's just get to Ozpin."

When he heard a click, he looked up to see Pyrrha locking the door behind her, with a predatory look on her face.

"If I recall, Ozpin said to see him when you found me, I don't think anybody knows we're here."

Jaune was about to reply but the sway of Pyrrha's hips was…incredible distracting.


"Shhhhh," Pyrrha said before kissing softly.

'Screw it,' Jaune thought as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

Things got heated up as Pyrrha leapt up, wrapping her legs around his waist. Panicking, Jaune fell back and instinctively grabbed something, which happened to be Pyrrha's legs. As his fingers sank into her thighs Pyrrha moaned into his mouth and on impulse he stuck his tongue into her mouth.

A couple hours later, around noon, Pyrrha was straddling Jaune's waist. Both with rumpled clothes and messy hair as they stared at each other with lust fading from their eyes.

Panting, Jaune said, "We should…go see Ozpin."

Pyrrha nodded before she got off Jaune, after offering a hand they went off to Ozpin's office, making sure to pat their hair down and straighten their clothes.

However, they ran into him as they went down, smiling the coffee drinking professor asked, "So. Did you enjoy each other's company?"

They both blushed as the professor took a sip from his mug, "Not much goes on at this school that I don't know about…well at least after major events."

They nodded, "Anyway, Mr. Arc. Try to think more rationally when dealing with problems with Mr. Winchester in the future. In the meantime, you are to aid Mrs. Goodwitch with preparing the Combat room for tomorrow's major battle with the higher level students, that is all."

They nodded before they went off to the Dining Hall. As they entered the Hall quieted at the sign of Jaune.

Well…almost everyone.


Nora was waving frantically with a cookie in her hand. Smiling, the knight and Spartan head over to their table with Team RWBY as they chatted about classes.

"There you are, we'd been wondering when you'd show back up," Ruby said.

Yang smirked, "Soooo…what took you so long?"

"It was hard finding her," Jaune admitted.

"And afterwarrrrdddd?"

They both blinked before staring at each other, going pink in the face Pyrrha was stammering an excuse before Jaune grabbed her hand.

"We made out for the whole time," he said flatly.

Ruby spit out her milk. Weiss stared at Jaune in shock. Blake's eyes went wide with surprised as she dropped her book. Yang's leer grew wide before the words impacted her, "You must be quite the kisser," she exclaimed.

While Nora faced Ren with all seriousness, "Does that mean we need to start dating Ren?"

While Ren stammered out a response, Pyrrha scooted closer to Jaune, who placed an arm around her.

'Yup. She's/He's a keeper,' they both thought.

Well it went a little longer and a bit darker than I thought. But hey, 'Go Big or Go Home' am I right.

Read, Have a Great Night and God Bless.