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Chapter: Kiss the Girl

"Come on Velvet, don't listen to them," Cardin pleaded.

The bunny eared Faunus showed no signs of acknowledgement as she swiftly went back into her dorm without a word. Frustrated, Cardin banged his fist on the doorframe before walking to the Combat Arena; destroying some training drones sounded fantastic right now.

Their date had gone terribly.

Was it his fault? No.

It was stupid racist beliefs; Cardin never imagined it was as bad as the Faunus portrayed it…as it turns out it was worse.

Before they even went out, Cardin visited several of the restaurants/ cafés he wanted to try out/ had eaten at in the past. After a quick question he was then hurried out by an employee, or running out as objects flew at his head, out all the things he checked out, half of them allowed Faunus kind. But the sad thing was that the half he scouted out still treated the Faunus like scum, not to mention the people.

Still, he was determined to try and have the date do well.

He had dressed in one of his club outfits; a polo shirt, some slacks and boots before putting on a watch. Velvet was wearing some brown pants, a golden shirt with a stitched up heart on it and a green cardigan with vines all along the arms that went down her sides.

After their quick trip on the dust ship, they went to the restaurant and were rather quickly seated.

It went downhill from there.

Besides the blatant disrespect the waiter gave to Velvet, refusing to address her as 'ma'am' but asked Cardin what 'it' wanted. Cardin would then reply with, 'She would like…' fill in the blank, while Velvet would duck down her head, trying to make herself smaller and brought her rabbit ears down. Once the food/ drinks came out, Cardin could tell that the food and drink he had received was significantly better than the stuff Velvet received…if you could call it that. It wasn't long before the snide comments from the waiter (referring to Velvet as an animal, freak, monster, etc.) and the treatment of the other customers (Minus the Faunus, who were surprised but grateful) before Cardin got up, took Velvets hand and marched out.

However, some of the Faunus noticed and brought the pair to a part of a rundown area; a shabby two-story building with boards over the windows, however the appearance was deceiving, because as Cardin and Velvet entered, they saw it was filled with tables and candles and after Cardin squinted in the dark, he saw that it was packed inside, numerous Faunus of all kinds and species.

They all went silent as they saw Cardin, some snarled as they recognized him as he once bullied them.

Then a Faunus said, "I know that this seems strange, bringing a human here. However, look who is with him!"

They all craned their necks to see Velvet, who was hiding slightly behind Cardin, since Faunus had better vision, they saw her bunny ears poking out and the building was filled with cheers.

A human dating a Faunus! While some were in disbelief that Cardin Winchester, a known Faunus hater, was dating a Faunus, all the other Faunus kind were cheering loudly and swarmed him.

If Cardin was surprised when he saw the building, he was shocked when all of the Faunus swarmed him, clapping him on his shoulder, shaking his hand, cheering loudly.

"You are the bravest human ever!" One shouted.

"Another step closer to equality!" Another cried.

"Be strong," one said as she grabbed his face in her hands, soon a goat Faunus was seen as she smiled widely at him, "Love is hard, but it will be well worth it if you love her."

Cardin nodded, "I'll…do my best," he said, still confused at all the people.

After the crowd had calmed, they were rushed to a table in the center of the building, a white cloth placed over it and a candelabra in the center, revealing a blushing Velvet and an equally embarrassed Cardin.

Dinner wasn't as good as Cardin was used to, but he didn't care, Velvet seemed more at ease here, and that was enough for him. As they finished, Faunus congratulated Cardin for being brave, he bashfully scratched the back of head but was still left with a question.

"Where's the owner?" he asked, "and why is this place like this?"

It wasn't long before three people came up to Cardin, all of them were Faunus kind, one was obviously a reptile like Faunus, as it had some sharp teeth coming past its lips, the other two was sort of a frog as they had slightly webbed hands but it didn't stop their bright smiles. They both had dark skin, however the man had a bright charming smile and was rather good-looking, the other had her hair in a bun and bags under her eyes but she still looked upbeat.

"Yes," the woman asked in a Southern accent.

"Why is the restaurant here?" he asked, "The food was great but I don't understand-"

"Why it's a dump," the other frog Faunus finished.

Cardin nodded, feeling a bit ashamed as he did.

"Ya see," the alligator said, "People didn't like our kind enough to make us a, official restaurant. While we have enough money, the corporate business people did give us the building but refused to allow us to advertise. So it became a sort of safe-haven for Faunus kind," the alligator Faunus stated.

"So, we try and quietly spread the word about this place and attract Faunus from all around," the female frog Faunus said, "and we hope that your kind can finally accept us."

"…you know I have some friends that respect Faunus kind to, is it ok if I tell them about this place?" he asked.

"Sure!" the woman said, "Just tell the waiters your name and anyone who's a friend to you is a friend to us, I'm Tiana by the way."

Cardin nodded, "Nice to meet you Tiana, have a lovely night."

"You too!"

As the mercenary and bunny Faunus left, they both felt happy about how the night went. However, the night didn't last like that for long, more people insulted Velvet as they went and it took every ounce of self-control Cardin had not to pound them into the ground, however at the last comment, 'Freak of nature' Velvet suddenly sprinted towards the dust ship.

Cardin was surprised for a few seconds before he ran after her, barely managing to get aboard, however as Cardin searched and tried to talk to the bunny Faunus, she just closed her eyes tightly and continued to walk away.

Once they got back to Beacon, Cardin chased after the girl till she reached her dorm; which now led us to where Cardin was smashing robots like there was going to be a robot apocalypse the very next day.

And that's how Yang found him, several hours later.

Line Break

It started out as a nightmare, Yang woke up pale and sweating because she dreamed that she lost all of her hair due to some jerk restraining her and cutting it all off, and what was worse was that because they did, she lost her fire powers and was ridicule; they were about to make sure she couldn't regrow her hair when she jolted awake. so in an attempt to calm herself down she figured that she might as well sneak to the kitchen and snag some cookies and milk before returning to her room, however as she was walking she heard a loud bang that nearly made her drop the platter of cookies she had and the gallon of milk she had in her hands.

Blinking, she hurried to where the sound originated from to see a massive pile of scrap and Cardin swinging his mace at a horde of robots.

Yang knew that it was unwise of her to distract the mercenary while he was fighting, so she went to the console at the end of the room before quickly turning off the simulation. Cardin looked around in confusion as the robots stopped, when his gaze fixed on Yang, he sighed before walking over to her, hoisting his mace onto his shoulder.

"What's up?" he asked.

"The roof."

Cardin sighed as Yang chuckled at her joke before she sat down against the wall and patted the space next to her, Cardin dropped his mace with a loud 'CLANG' before he plopped down next to her.

"So what's up with you Woodpecker?" she asked.

Cardin sighed, "It's…complicated," he said.

"Oh," Yang said.

Taking the plate of cookies, she placed the platter between them before taking a swig of milk from the gallon and offering it to the mercenary who took it hesitantly.

"So what kind of complicated?" Yang asked, "School complicated, family complicated, world complicated, girl complicated, guy-"

"GIRL!" Cardin shouted.

Yang chuckled before taking a bite of a cookie, "Soooooooooo?"

Cardin sighed before taking a sip from the milk carton, "Well…I went on a date with Velvet-"

Yang had taken another bite of cookie when she heard that, and when she did she started to choke and cough.

"Wait," Yang swallowed the remaining crumbs in an attempt to clear her throat, "You asked out Velvet? Who's a Faunus?" she asked.

Cardin looked at her with a raised eyebrow, "Problem?" he asked coolly.

Yang shook her head, "Just…surprised."

Cardin sighed again, "I know, Cardin Winchester who is a big tormentor of Faunus kind, doing the unthinkable. Look, I just recently had my perspective on them changed; my team and I aren't doing that stuff anymore."

Yang nodded as she took back the milk carton, Team CRDL and its bullying has practically became non-existent ever since several months ago.

"Was it-"

"Jaune? Yeah."

Yang nodded, "So tell me about the date."

Cardin shrugged, "Well to make it short, after finding a place that I assumed was alright, we were then pelted with racist remarks etc. until we left and then taken to a hidden Faunus restaurant and was treated warmly. However once we left more racist remarks until Velvet practically broke into tears and ran away to the dust ship and avoided me all the way back."

Yang nodded, "That's rough," she said, handing him back the milk carton.

"It gets worse!" he states, "she wont talk, ever! I do all the talking, and the reason why this is terrible is because all the bullying and torment she went through made her all quiet and shy; and…" Cardin trailed off.

Yang placed a hand on his shoulder, "You had a part to play in it."

Cardin sighed, "I just don't know what to do," he admitted, "I wanted to take her someplace nice and it ended up in disaster."

Yang nodded before getting a grin on her face, "I may know a place."

Cardin raised an eyebrow, "I'm listening."

"You know how the annual Vytal Festival is coming up?" she asked.

Cardin nodded slowly, the Vytal Festival was the celebration of how the Grimm had finally been driven out of this continent to the joy of the people and to celebrate they would light fireworks signify their great victory over the creatures.


"Well…I know a place," she said, "if you take a boat down the river there's a small sort of canopy that has a great view of the sky for the fireworks."

"How do you know that?" Cardin asked.

Yang looked at him before puckering her lips and making a few kissing noises.


"Now, I believe that we have come to the part where I ask about the location of this secret Faunus restaurant."

Line Break

"Wait, what?!"

Yang looked at Weiss seriously as the heiress was staring at her in shock, Ruby dropped the cookie she was holding at what her sister had just suggested while the NR of JNPR had dropped their jaws while Blake, who currently getting some well-earned sleep as she had stayed up most of the night working on a project.; they were currently talking about team CRDL and Yang decided to get help to play matchmaker for them, specifically Cardin; only Jaune and Pyrrha were not surprised.

"Cardin. Cardin Winchester! The person who torments Faunus for fun, is the person we're going to help?" Weiss said skeptically.

Yang nodded.

"Jaune, can you believe this?" she asked, not believing that she was talking to Jaune of all people.

"Yup. How can we help Yang?" he asked.

Four heads swiveled to Jaune as he took a drink from his cup.

"Remember that time at the club?" Yang asked.

"Oh," Pyrrha exclaimed, "The song."

"Wait!" Ruby pointed between them and Yang, "you're okay with this?" she asked.

"Club?" Nora asked confusedly.

The sudden image of Yang, Pyrrha, Jaune and CRDL drinking and hanging out flooded the minds of the four teammates, this was impossible.

"Yeah," Jaune said nonchalantly.

Weiss sputtered, "When?!"

"Around the time Cardin punched me in the jaw," he said.

Weiss looked as if she was about to speak but Yang quickly cut her off, "Look, Cardin's not the same guy as before he's…" she trailed off trying to explain.

"A lot less of a bully, he seems a bit of a jerk at times but he grows on you," Jaune said.

"Ok. So we," Weiss rotates her finger around the partially assembled teams, "are going to help him," she pointed at Cardin, "with his date; how so and whom is he going with?"

Jaune turned to Yang with a grin, "Its Velvet, isn't it?" he asked.

Again, the table was bewildered, "The rabbit Faunus?" Ren asked.

Yang nodded, "I advised Cardin on taking a boat ride to a special place to view the lanterns. What he doesn't know," she leaned forward, causing the other six students to lean forward as well, "is that we'll be helping him with his girlfriend's speech problems."

Yang quickly whispered her plan, Ruby and Weiss were confused on why they needed to include the other three members of team CRDL, however Yang, and the other four filled them in on their musical talents.

"So why tell us?" Ruby asked.

Yang smirked, "We're going to help set the mood."

"What about Blake?" Ruby asked.

"We'll fill her in as we go," Yang said before standing with a raised fist, "BANZAI!"


Line Break

Cardin nervously rubbed the back of his neck as Velvet approached; they were currently at the river Yang directed Cardin to before he left Beacon. A brown rowboat was already sitting in the water, with two oars inside, Cardin was wearing a pair of black pants and boots with a black vest over a white, loose fitting shirt. As she walked up, Cardin saw that she was wearing a silk long sleeved shirt, a light yellow skirt, stockings and black shoes.

"Ready?" he asked.

Velvet nodded her head bowed down shyly.

Cardin nodded before turning to boat, he offered a hand to Velvet as she slowly stepped into the boat. She wobbled for a moment before she sat down gracefully in the vessel; Cardin quickly undid the ropes holding the boat before he joined her. Taking an oar in one hand he started to paddle away from the docks, it wasn't long before she were moving along in the dark forest, however the lights from the parties and fireworks provided enough light for them to see.

"So um…" Cardin faltered, "h-how's your team been?" he asked.

Velvet blinked before shrugging, "O-okay. O-Our leader d-doesn't really like that y-you and I are seeing each other d-due to the t-time at the C-Combat Arena."

Cardin nodded, both happy and miserable. Happy that she and him had some kind of social interaction, but miserable because now even her team leader didn't approve.

(Ashley Tisdale, you know the song it was the chapter title)

There you see her

Sitting there across the way

What? Cardin and Velvet looked around as music began to play and a woman's voice drifted through the area; Cardin shrugged it off as someone singing at karaoke, however the song was familiar, not as in 'he wrote it' but more like from a long time ago.

She don't got a lot to say

But there's something about her

And you don't know why

But you're dying to try

You wanna kiss the girl.

Small fireflies flew in, slightly illuminating the area as the wind blew softly around them.

Yes, you want her

Look at her, you know you do

It's possible she wants you too

There's one way to ask her

It don't take a word, not a single word

Go on and kiss the girl (kiss the girl)

Yang smiled as she continued to sing softly into the microphone. An hour earlier, Team RWBY, JNPR and CRDL set up their Scrolls to act as stereos in the woods. Right now they were passing both Pyrrha and Ruby, the scythe wielder would be using her natural speed to make a breeze while Pyrrha used her Semblance of Polarity to control the 'fireflies' which were actually miniaturized lights designed for children to keep them calm at night when they were set up around the room and imitate starlight.


My oh my

Looks like the boy's too shy

Ain't gonna kiss the girl


Ain't that sad

it's such a shame

Too bad, you're gonna miss the girl

go on and kiss the girl (kiss the girl)

Cardin was blushing at this moment, as was Velvet. DANG TEENAGE HOROMONES!

Nows your moment

Floating in a blue lagoon

Boy, you better do it soon

No time will be better

She don't say a word

And she wont say a word

Until you kiss the girl (kiss the girl)

Cardin glanced up at Velvet to see that she was looking down, her whole face like a cherry; he had to admit though, she looked freaking adorable like that.


My oh my

Looks like the boy's too shy

Ain't gonna kiss the girl


Ain't that sad

it's such a shame

Too bad, you're gonna miss the girl

"V-Velvet," he said.

She slowly looked up, "Y-Y-Yes?"

"…are y-you alright with dating me?" he asked.


Don't be scared

You better be prepared

Go on and kiss the girl



Don't stop now

Don't try to hide it how

You wanna kiss the girl

Oh yes he did, so very badly he wanted to kiss those delicate lips.

Go on and kiss the girl

(kiss the girl)

(oh, ohnoo..)

(kiss the girl, kiss the girl)

Lalalala, Lalalala

Go on and kiss the girl

Lalalala, Lalalala

Go on and kiss the girl

He leaned in slowly, a nice cool air blowing through the trees, rattling the leaves and cooling his burning face. Velvet's eyes fluttered before she closed them and puckered her lips slightly.


My oh myyyyy

Looks like the boy's too shy

Ain't gonna kiss the girl


Ain't that sad

it's such a shame

Too bad, you're gonna miss the girl

Oh no he was not. Gently cupping her cheek, he pressed his lips against hers, and fireworks blew up inside his head and heart; he loved this feeling. The way his heart beat furiously in his chest and how lightheaded he felt…oh wait.

Separating for a moment, he felt Velvet grab his face before slamming his lips back against his, a noise of surprise before he continued kissing her…now he knew what he meant by the lightheadedness earlier.

Lalalala, Lalalala

(Go on and kiss the girl)

Go on and kiss that girl!

Lalalala, Lalalala

Weiss knew that the couple would be too busy kissing to notice that the boat hadn't stopped as she used her Glyphs to move the vessel further along.

(Go on and kiss the girl)

Go on and kiss the girl

Kiss the girl

(Kiss the girl)

Go on and kiss the girl

Cardin froze as he heard cheering very loud and nearby.

"About time."

"Saving this for future references"

"…you mean blackmail don't you?"

"Of course!"

Oh dear Monty Oum.

He slowly looked to see Yang being glared at by Jaune as his team cheered for him; he also noticed that Ruby and Weiss were looking at him coolly and also a bit strangely.

As he stepped out he saw a red flash before Ruby stood before him.

"At first," she said, "I thought that you were a massive bully and meanie. But now I see that you're a super awesome person!" she squealed the last part before giving him a hug, "It's great to be friends with you!"

Cardin smiled before patting her head, "Nice to be friends with you as well Little Red."

Ruby held him at arm's length and pouted, "It's Ruby!" she exclaimed defiantly.

However it was in vain as Cardin towered over the girl, still smiling, "Ok…Red."

Then the Ice Queen walked up to him, her head tilted and chin up, "It appears that my view on you has changed," she said, "I…hope that we can work together well in the future."

Cardin smirked, "That's your way of saying, 'You're different that I thought and it's good to be friends with you.' Isn't it?" he asked.

Weiss huffed before walking away, her heels clinking on the ground.

"That's a yes Woodpecker," Yang said.

The group laughing they followed Weiss to find the canopy, several benches were along the sides while in front of them were the buildings of the city.

RDL sat on the bench on the right, Weiss had received a bench of her own and was filing her nails, while Ruby and Yang sat on the last remaining bench. The three other couples opted to sit on the ground, Ruby and Nora were bounding excitedly however while Yang calmed her down by rubbing her back and keeping her on the bench, Ren made to physically grab Nora and hug her tightly which then lead to Nora squealing and kissing him vigorously.

They still had work to do as it still hurt when they kissed, but thankfully not that much.

Soon the fireworks filled the starry sky and explosions rang out, as they went, Weiss nodded in appreciation but believed that the fireworks at her father's winter ball were slightly more extraordinary. RDL recorded it on their Scrolls along with Ruby while Yang chose to record the three couples who were currently kissing gently (Cardin and Velvet)/sucking each other's faces off (Team JNPR).

As the fireworks finished and the cheering of all the people and teenagers finished, the three teams and Velvet made their way back to Beacon.

Line Break

"So…does this mean that-"

"we're a couple? Yes it does."

Velvet smiled before pecking Cardin's lips softly, "Goodnight…Woodpecker," she said before darting off.

Cardin smiled dumbly as she left, his eyes drawn to her hips, "Goodnight my dear bunny."

His team slapped him on the back and congratulated him as they entered their dorm.

This was only their first year, who knows what will happen next.

As the door shut, they felt that Beacon had just become their home.

Line Break

Ruby yawned as she lay down on her bed, wearing her PJ's and sleeping mask.

"Now for us all to find boyfriends," she heard Yang say.

Weiss scoffed, "Not for awhile."

"Well I know Blakey here has her eyes on a monkey Faunus. Who knows? He may have a hot single friend."

Blake and Weiss stammered as Yang laughed, "At least I got some good blackmail."

Ruby sighed, "Yang, just go to sleep."


Line Break

Ren was currently in bed as Nora jumped on hers, after executing a flip she plopped down onto her bed.

She sighed, "I wish all nights were like this."

Ren sat up and maneuvered himself silently before sitting on her bed, "How so?" he asked.

Nora shook her head, "Just this memorable, I won't ever forget this."

Ren smiled before nuzzling his head into her neck, "Neither will I, or every second with you."

Nora smiled, "Thanks Renny."

Ren froze, "What's wro-"

A second later, her lips smashed back into his before she shoved him onto her bed.


"I've been practicing don't worry."

Ren soon found out as he fell into blissful unawareness as Nora reverently attacked his lips and neck.

(MINDS! GUTTERS! …actually whatever)

Jaune and Pyrrha sat on the roof as more fireworks from other celebrators went off.

"It was nice helping out Cardin," Pyrrha said before she gasped.

Jaune was currently and (seductively, sexily, stimulatingly, pick one) kissing her neck, "Mm-Hmmm."

"I just-" she gasped again, "just wonder how long it-it will last."

Jaune smiled before wrapping his arms around her narrow waist, "I could ask the same question about Ren and Nora, or us."

"Wh-What would the answer be?" she asked.

Jaune then delicately pinched her chin before making it face him, "However long we love each other."

Pyrrha squealed on the inside on how romantic that was before tackling him onto the ground.

For the first time since he met Pyrrha, Jaune felt happy.

Jaune felt that his life was taking a turn for the better, for a very long time.

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