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Chapter 2

Lucy returned to her room, flustered. She shoved the book into her shelf and dropped herself down on her soft bed. She stared at the ceiling as she recalled what had just taken place down in the living room.

How could she say that? Doesn't she know how much I love my books? Ugh, I hate being in this situation!

While deep in thought and anger, her phone rang, and its ringtone instantly played.

Fairy, where are you going?


She picked up her phone from her desk and pressed the Answer button. "Hello, who is this?" She answered in an irritated tone.

"Hey, it's Erza," her redheaded friend replied. Lucy knew she was happy from her tone; although, she didn't know why. She usually answered the phone with a stern tone.

"What do you want?"

"Wait, why do you sound grumpy?" Erza inquired.

"I'm sorry, Erza," Lucy let out a sigh before continuing, "my mom made me stop buying manga."

"Well, she has been warning you for some time now."

"I know, I know. I guess I expected her to understand me," she shrugged even though her friend couldn't see her. "I mean, she was a teenager once. I thought she had a similar phase."

"I'm sure she's just thinking of you in her own way. You should talk about it with her," Erza suggested.

"Maybe next time. Right now, I need to cool off. Anyway, why did you call?"

"Oh, right! Well, we're hanging out at the mall in a bit. I know I've told you about this before and you completely rejected my offer, but I thought I might call you once again in case you've changed your mind."

Lucy paused for a few moments, deciding whether she would join them. In the end, she decided to go. "You know what, I want to go. Just tell me where we'll meet and what time."

"We're meeting in front of Stardust Coffee. You could go right now since Gray and the others are already on their way." Erza explained.

"Got it, see you," Lucy made a smooch sound before ending the call. She got up from her bed and started to look for something to wear in her closet. She found a good outfit for the occasion and started undressing immediately.

She put on a sleeveless, black crop top, a red skirt which ended above her knees and short, black boots. She took her purse from her desk and went out of her room. She made her way into the living room, where her mother was watching TV.

"Mom, I'm going out with my friends," Lucy shortly explained before going out of the house.

"Okay, be back before dinner!" She heard her mother yell as she closed the door.

When Lucy got there, she saw Jellal and Levy already there. She had already expected seeing them first. They were always the ones who were early to their gatherings. She always wondered how they got their first when their houses were the farthest to the mall, along with Erza.

"Hey, guys!" Lucy greeted them both with a smile. Both of her friends stopped from their conversation and turned to her, greeting her with a smile in return.

"Hi, Lu-chan!" Levy hugged her best friend. After a while, they broke from the hug and Levy looked at her outfit. "You look so sexy!"

Lucy laughed at her friend's comment but thanked her anyway.

"We're glad you could make it. Erza told us you weren't going to go," Jellal said, looking at her as if he was asking for an explanation.

She nodded, "I did tell her that, but she called me again earlier, and I decided to go."

"Well, I'm happy you took the time to meet with us despite being busy with reading manga," Levy giggled at her.

"About that," Lucy paused and looked at the ground, "my mom wanted me to stop buying manga, so I guess I'm not going to be able to read for a while."

Jellal and Levy both frowned. They knew how important it was to Lucy. What they didn't know was how to comfort the girl. They both stood there with a frown on their faces, their eyebrows furrowed.

Lucy looked up after a while, tired of the silence, and she saw her friends' faces. "Oh, guys, you don't have to worry," she reassured them. Their expressions softened, and they looked more relaxed than before.

"Sorry," Levy began, "we just didn't know how to comfort you."

"It's okay, seeing you guys is enough to comfort me," the blonde grinned at her friends.

"They sure are taking their time," Jellal said as he raised his left arm to look at his watch.

"Don't worry, they'll be here soon. By the way, Jellal, why aren't you with Erza?" Lucy inquired.

Their parents had always preferred they left together. Erza's mother had been overprotective of her daughter, and so had her father. They trusted Jellal to keep her safe in their stead since they were childhood friends.

"She wanted me to go ahead. Thankfully, her parents allowed her to go alone," Jellal sighed in relief. He had always been Erza's best friend, and as her best friend, she trusted him with her thoughts. Erza had gotten tired of her parents' overprotectiveness; she could defend herself in any situation, so she didn't see why they needed Jellal to be with her all the time.

"That's good for Erza," Jellal nodded at Levy's comment.

Soon enough, the others arrived. Erza was the fourth to arrive, appearing a few minutes after their conversation. Gray and Juvia arrived together, as they always did. The blue-haired woman always made time to go to Gray's house in order to walk with him. Gajeel arrived after them, sitting next to Levy as they waited. Mirajane was the next, and then Laxus, and finally, Natsu, who had overslept and didn't bother to rush in preparing to go to the mall.

They had waited a long time for each other, so they decided to eat at a nearby fast food chain. This gave them the time to chat with each other.

Afterwards, they went to the arcade and did their separate activities. Laxus and Jellal decided to play basketball. Both were good at it, making it even more challenging.

Gajeel and Levy fought each other in a shooting game, with the long-haired male winning every time, and Levy pouting afterwards and challenging him to another one to get her revenge.

Natsu practically dragged Lucy to the racing game, which he deeply regretted once he realized Lucy wasn't cut out for racing games. She kept crashing on the wall and driving backwards, which gave Natsu a lot of laughs.

Juvia found the crane games highly entertaining, and she was focused on winning at least one stuff toy. On the way to challenge Natsu, Gray saw her and decided to help her after seeing her face. In the end, the woman didn't even care if he got a stuff toy or not. Seeing him try hard for her made her heart race.

Mirajane and Erza found a karaoke booth and challenged each other for old times' sake. The white-haired female had always been good at singing; Erza, on the other hand, had always had the passion for singing. Sadly, singing didn't like her.

All of them enjoyed themselves, so they all went home with grins on their faces.

End of Chapter

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