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Lucy had always preferred walking more than any other means of transportation. It gave her time to think, to be alone. Right now, she needed that. No wonder she was walking home despite the light rain.

The walk from the mall to her house would be far, but she didn't mind. The streets weren't particularly dangerous; although, the time made her quicken her pace since it was already 5:45 PM. They had dinner at 6:00, and it was a 30-minute walk.

While walking, she saw unusual eyes looking at her. They were shining from the darkness. She was spooked by the eyes that watched her every move, thus causing her to walk even faster.

She looked over her shoulder to see if their gazes were still upon her, and in her hurry, she didn't notice a hooded figure in front of her. They bumped into each other hard.


"Oh, I'm so sorry," Lucy apologized in a stressed tone, helping the figure up. "I was in such a hurry to go home."

"It's quite alright, dear, but would you help me get these boxes in my stall?" The hooded figure had a womanly voice, so the blonde felt safer around her. She nodded; after all, she had bumped into the woman in the first place. She felt this was the least she could do to help. She had to hurry though, the rain was getting heavier.

She grabbed a box one at a time and put it inside the stall the woman had pointed at earlier. Inside the stall, there was a table with two chairs across each other. Behind the chair farther from the entrance, there were all sorts of bottles with unreadable labels. She didn't pay them any mind afterwards. Once all the boxes were inside, she stood inside the stall, catching her breath.

"Thank you for helping me. I didn't get your name," the woman says, taking off her hood, revealing her aged face.

"My name's Lucy," she briefly said and smiled at the older woman.

"How old are you?" The woman inquired.

"I'm 17 right now."

"Oh, you're quite young," the woman smiled at her.

"Yup, and I should be getting home right now." Lucy said as she tried to make her way out. "Again, I'm so-"

"Why are you leaving so soon?"

"Well, I just stopped to help you. I couldn't leave you there, I would've felt guilty," Lucy explained with a frown.

"Then, please, stay for a while more." The woman said in a gentle but demanding voice as she stood up from the chair in front of Lucy.

"I really ca-"

"STAY!" The woman screeched, scaring Lucy. She shook in fear; her knees trembled, her mouth fell silent. She slowly made her way to the chair in front of the woman and sat there.

"Tell me, Lucy, what are the things you see in your dreams?"

The blonde was disturbed by the question. She didn't understand why the elder was asking her such a question. She didn't know how she got into such a situation after offering the woman an apology and kindness. She had to get out of here as soon as she could, though, so she had to answer.

"I-I… I see different things in each dream. My dreams mostly involve death."

"Ah, those are not dreams. Those are nightmares, how tragic. I just have the thing for that," the woman's eyes shone in the dark. She got up from her chair once again and turned to the boxes behind her. She grabbed a small bottle containing green liquid.

"W-what is this?" Lucy asked as she passed her the bottle.

"It's a potion, my dear. You must drink it to get rid of the nightmares you have," the woman said with a sympathetic voice. She turned her back immediately, but Lucy saw the smirk she had on her face. "Now, it's getting late, you should really get home. And don't you dare tell anyone about me."

Lucy ran out of the stall, clutching the bottle in her right hand. She ran despite the heavy rain in order to get away from that place.

The blonde opened the door to her house quietly. It was late, and if Layla saw her right now, she would never hear the end of it.

"Lucy," she heard someone call out to her. She jumped at the sudden voice, but she soon identified the owner of the voice. Her mother.

"Why did you only get home now, and soaking wet at that? Do you know what time it is?" Layla started to lecture her.

"I'm tired, mom," Lucy waved off her mother as she walked to the stairs.

"Young lady, I want to talk to you! Ugh, I knew your friends were a bad influence on you," her mother said in an irritated tone.

"This isn't their fault! It was raining, I didn't have an umbrella, so I waited for the rain to stop, but it was getting late and it still hadn't. I'll bring an umbrella next time, I'm sorry, okay?" Lucy took quick steps up the stairs and ran to her room, locking the door.

She changed into a pair of dry pajamas and put the potion far away from her. She looked at it shortly before shaking her head and going to sleep.

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