Title: Project Otaku

Author: DBZVelena

Disclaimer: I own nuthing but the idea of this fic. This is fan fiction; there for I do NOT own anybody from any TV shows well known or otherwise.

This will be a multi part but don't hold your breath for fast updates.

Archived: at FanFiction.net under the pen name DBZVelena.

Somewhere in an underground compound a girl puts on her uniform. Her name is Serenity and she's part of the elite Otaku. And no she's not a perfect girl, beautiful ECT. No she's an ordinary girl, well as ordinary as an elite Otaku can be. Considering that they are known to be the craziest of Fan girls (and boys). It took a lot of effort to become part of the elite, and the only reason why Serenity got in was because she had blackmail material on the person that selects otaku for the compound.

Now I'm sure you're very interested in whom Serenity is, where she's from ECT. But for Otaku safety precautions that information is classified. What I can tell you is that she's THE ONE. The elite special Otaku picked for a very top-secret project. Something that Otaku had been working on for the past 40 years or so. In the secret compound somewhere underground on a secret location that is only known to elite Otaku.

Serenity was picked to be the test subject for project Otaku. The project that was designed to make it possible for Otaku everywhere to go and visit the Anime Universes. Yes plural. Because each Anime show is believed to be a total separate Universe. And Anime shows are infact representations of that Universe depicted in to a cartoon style TV show.

And now the machine that was designed to create a portal to those worlds was finished.

But they needed a volunteer to go through the portal and then return to confirm that it works.

And Serenity had volunteered, without knowing it her self I might say. Because the one that had signed her up hoped for her to either never return or get killed during the test. So Serenity could no longer blackmail her.

Not that Serenity minded, she just had not known about the project, since she was a new recruit. But now she did, and was eager to go on this grand adventure as she sees it.

So now Serenity was putting on her uniform, blue jeans with a blue shirt and a blue cap with the letters E.O. on it. And if you had not seen that every elite Otaku was dressed that way, you would never suspect it to be a Uniform. And that's why it was designed that way. So Elite Otaku could blend in with large crowds and disappear when needed.

After putting on her Uniform she did her hair in the required braid for longhaired Otaku. Wile shorthaired Otaku could go around with a ponytail, longhaired Otaku were required to wear a braid. Don't ask why.

Serenity put on her cap and headed for the mess hall. Hoping to be able to eat just a lil bit before she had to report in for the test. Normally she would have had all the time in the world (yea right) to get breakfast, eat it and report in on time. But because of nervous jitters she'd not been able to sleep until 2 am. (She had been up reading fan fiction till 2 am)

So now she had to hurry or she'd be late. (If she ever came on time for anything, it would be a miracle)

Arriving at the mess hall she saw her friends Rosiel, Haruka and Iniquity had saved her a spot. Serenity hurried and got in line for some breakfast. Pilling enough food for at least 3 people on her plate. Quickly Serenity sat down next to her friends. They all had been friends since the day they had met wile they were transported to the secret underground compound. They were nicknamed the fearsome foursome. But that was just because they usually stuck together.

Looking on her watch Serenity saw she didn't even have time for small talk with her friends. So she stuffed her mouth full, sloshed it all down with her breakfast cola. And got up to run to where she had to report in for the test.

It took her 5 minutes to get from the mess hall in section A to the testing arena in section E. And she arrived will panting from running so fast through long corridors while avoiding people that were walking in them. Basically she had almost knocked everybody over that had been in her way, to get to the testing arena on time. And now she was panting wile a strict looking person wearing the top elite Otaku uniform was glaring at her. This person only known as Number 5 was one of the top elite Otaku, and because of that, there were no outer traces to determine if the person was either male or female. Since that was one of the requirements of being in the top. Number 5 was impatiently tapping its sneaker on the floor. The sound of that tapping did not sound as strict as say the sound of military boots, but to an Otaku it meant there was hell to pay.

"Miss Serenity you are exactly 2 minutes over the time that you're aloud to be late, late. You do realize that this project and there for this test is very important to the Elite Otaku nation. I hope that you being late more so than customary is not a sign of you not thinking that this project is of the ut most importance."

Serenity sighed after finally catching her breath once again. "Of course Number 5, do I realize how important this project is."

Number 5 did not look convinced. "Well then, you won't mind reciting the Otaku creed will you?"

Serenity sighed again. "Ok here goes. My solemn duty as Elite Otaku is to glomp Bishonen where ever and when ever. To read and write more fan fiction than any other fan girl or boy. To seek out new Anime series and new fandoms. To boldly go where no Otaku has gone before."

Number 5 seemed pleased by her reciting it with her usual passion. All do she had never understood that last line. Cus Otaku had probably been everywhere by now. Even in space.

Number 5 pulled out its keycard, and opened the door to one of the highest security clearance areas in the whole compound. The only part with higher clearance was where the top Elite Otaku slept and ate.

Serenity followed Number 5 in to the hall beyond the door, which was closed right behind them. Together they went through a scanning device, created to find any bugs, recording devices, or other technology that was not aloud in there. At the other end a young woman was waiting. Most likely somewhere in her mid thirty's.

"Hello you must be Serenity, I'm Doctor Diaplate, but you can call me Dea. I'm going to help you prepare for your mission, and explain a lil bit about what's going to happen. But first we have to get you out of that Uniform and in to something that will help you fit in.

Serenity was puzzled, but since it all was part of the test, she really didn't mind.

So Dea led Serenity to what seemed like the dressing room of an actor. And by the look of things in the room, she'd be dressing in to street wear even more than her Uniform. Faded blue jeans with holes in the knees, red T-shirt, yellow sneakers and a worn leather jacket. That's what Serenity was wearing after she'd changed in to the cloths required for the test. After getting ready Dea took Serenity to a small office.

"Serenity, I know you've been told that you're only going to do a test of an machine. But your mission is much bigger than that. You have been picked not to verify if the machine works, but to pinpoint each Anime Universe that there is. And to do that, you'll have to get close to Bishonen in each Universe, glomp them and retrieve tangible proof of each Bishonen in that Universe. I mean things like Heero's Laptop, TuxedoMask's mask, pokeballs from Ash, Entaren cards from Shinzo ECT. This will of course be very dangerous. That is one of the reasons why this project has kept failing. So be careful when you arrive in each Universe. We would more Otaku for this project, but due to security reasons we can only have 1 Otaku to pinpoint the Universes. And right now, that's you. We would have given you a gun to protect you, but we don't want to appear hostile, so you'll have to do without it. As for the Universe that you'll be sent to first is one of the Gundam Universes. Thanks to the sacrifice of a brave Otaku before you, have we been able to verify that information. But Unfortunaly we don't know which Gundam Universe. That's going to be your first mission. To verify which Gundam Universe it is. You'll get a device that when pressed will signal to us that you are ready to come home. And we'll open a portal for you. But only use it when you have finished your mission, or you need an emergency extraction. And the latter can only be used when in mortal danger. You must give your absolute best to achieve your goal."

Serenity listened to Dea explain about the mission. How the device worked, that looked an awfully lot like a Gundam self-destruct device. What to do, how to act. What tools aside of the extraction device she'd be using. Like the Universal translator, a band around her neck connected to an earpiece so that everything said would automatically translated in to English. A specially designed backpack for the acquired items. Special sunglasses with magnifying lens and target finder. A mini-camera, recording bugs so small you'd think it impossible. And more such things.

Serenity was amazed, so much high-tech stuff; some of it officially didn't even exist. "LOL, I bet the CIA and KGB would have loved this stuff."

Dea smiled. "Where do you think we got this stuff from?"

Serenity just stared at Dea; I mean you don't find out such stuff every day do ya?

After Serenity was packed with all the gadgets and gizmos she could possibly need, was she lead to a huge hangar type room. So big they could have stored all Gundams in it, and I mean ALL Gundams.

The place was full of machines, wires, lights, screens, and personnel in Otaku uniform. All do these were green instead of blue.

Dea led Serenity to a big metal ring type thing, with lights wires and other stuff sticking out of it. It looked like an invention of the mad scientist.

"Are you ready Serenity? Then we'll power up the machine and open the portal." Dea was smiling as she spoke. But the smile seemed a little strained to Serenity.

"I'm as ready as I'll ever be." Serenity swallowed, only now realizing what she was getting her self in to. But alas, it was to late to back out now. Besides, who knows, maybe she'd end up making a grand success of her mission, where others had failed. Straitening her shoulders, Serenity stepped closer to the ring as the hissing sounds of the machine powering up could be heard all over the place. Five minutes later a blue watery portal similar to what you could see in the TV series Stargate appeared inside the metal ring.

Serenity swallowed, looked around at everybody, waved and jumped through the portal. Lets hope she'll be ok shall we?