Chapter 5: Back at Otaku headquarters.

Back at Otaku headquarters Serenity was received again by all the Top Otaku.

Serenity grinned; she had divided the photos in 2 sections. One for the Top Otaku, and one for her self. Quickly she handed the R-rated Photo's to Number 5, who was actually smiling, which scared Serenity a bit. But as she had handed over the photo's she was promptly forgotten. And quietly she left the lab and the Top Otaku, to fight over those pictures. After all, she had far better stuff for her self.

At a leisured pace Serenity walked back to her room, there she would scan, save and print those photos. And keep the originals in her safe. After all the originals were far more worth than the copies. And Serenity was no fool.

She had barely closed the safe, when Rosiel, Haruka and Iniquity came barging in to her room.

"Ok, spill it, where have you been all day. And what is this about needing DA's total Archive?" Haruka of course could not wait to get to the bottom of things.

So Serenity, figuring it was ok to tell now about her mission, now that it was over.

So, pulling out copy's of the photo's to show later, Serenity started telling the whole story.

Several hours later all three girls looked at Serenity as if she was nuts. Serenity smirked, and showed the pictures.

To say they were jealous is to state an understatement. Since they all loved GundamWing.

But after they each got their own copy of the pics, everything was A-ok again.

That's when Serenity remembered that Deathangelgw still had not gotten her "payment".

So she took another set of photos and went to Deathangelgws room.

"Hey DA, you home?" Serenity peeked around the open door.

"Of course I am, do I have anything better to do than collect more Fanfiction? Don't answer that!" Deathangelgw was sitting behind her pc, either reading, or writing fanfiction. Serenity didn't know.

"Hey, here is the payment for that favor this afternoon." Serenity smirked.

When Deathangelgw got a look at the pictures, to say her ears were pink, would not even come close.

"Where in gods name did you get these?" Deathangelgw was staring at Serenity as if she just had walked on water, but then again. In a way she had.

"That is a long story, got some time?" Of course did Deathangelgw want to know every bit of detail, and it was almost midnight when Serenity finally got back to her room.

Where to her surprise HeeroJ-F was waiting for her.

"I heard you had some good pictures from the GundamWing boy's. Can I see?"

Serenity chuckled, then printed another copy for HeeroJ-F, after all, he had helped with that program, besides even if he hadn't, she thought he was cute. So she proceeds in telling for the third time her story, she was sure that by that time tomorrow every single Elite Otaku would volunteer for such a mission.

When finally HeeroJ-F left at 3 am, Serenity was very glad that she could finally go to bed. Boy what a day, and to think that tomorrow she'd have to face everybody in the mess hall.

But that thought was soon replaced by the memory of Groping Wufei and staring at Heero.

And of course Serenity slept like a baby.

~~Owari of the GundamWing part ~~

Authors note: Ok; now you know the set up. You know some of the people at the Otaku base. My challenge: write a sequel. I know you want one, but frankly I suck at those. *Points at unfinished sequel to Lena kitty. *

So my idea is, write your own. Either with ya own Otaku, or you can borrow Serenity. Do if you make a Mary sue out of her, I'll kill ya.

But since Gundam Wing has now been done, the idea is for you to do other Anime. Don't mater which ones, as long as it has glomp material.

I hope that if you do decide to write a sequel, you will tell me and let me read it. After all, it was my idea.

*Grins* Finally its finished.