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Chapter 1

5 years later...

"Regina! Your daughter doesn't want to go to school." Emmet called from upstairs and Regina chuckled. "Now she is my child again..." Regina said and got up of her bed. She walked over to Lana's room and watched Emmet trying to talk Lana into going to school. "Please... baby girl... your first day. Aren't you excited?" Emmet asked and Lana shook her head crying. Regina got to her knees next to Emmet. "Hey, baby girl... I will be there too. My substitution starts now." She said. Lana looked at her and then looked down. "I'm scared, Mommy." She said and Regina pulled her against her.

"Me too but you know what?" She answered and Lana shook her head. "I'm less scared because you will be there." Lana looked at Regina doubting. "But you are grown up... Grown-ups aren't afraid." Lana said. "Daddy isn't scared." "I'm scared too from time to time, baby girl. But I fight my fear and continue my life. Fear is bad if you let it push you down." Emmet told her and kissed her head. Lana wiped her eyes and looked at her father still doubting. "You know... I was pretty scared when you were born... do you know why?" He asked her and Lana nodded slowly. "Because I was too early." Lana said and he nodded. "I couldn't bear the thought that you could die but I suppressed it and brought you and your mother to the hospital." He told her and Lana thought about it.

"You always are allowed to be afraid. But never let them hold you back." Regina said and cupped Lana's cheek. "And I will be there." Lana hugged her mother and sighed. "You wanted to go into school early." Emmet said with an amused smile and got a glare from Lana which reminded him so much of her mother. "Come on, baby girl. You are going to have fun. I loved school as kid." Regina told her and Lana smiled slightly. "I love you, Mommy." She answered and Emmet fake huffed. "I love you too, Daddy." Lana added and kissed her father's cheek. He lifted her up and she squealed. Regina got up too and grabbed Lana's small backpack.

Emmet carried her downstairs laughing and tickled her. "Daddyyyyy." She squealed and tried to fight her father. "I can't breathe anymore!" She cackled. He stopped and kissed her nose softly. "I love you, baby girl." He whispered and rested his forehead against hers. "I love you too, Daddy." Lana whispered back and they grinned at each other. They walked into the kitchen in the main house where Henry and Cora were preparing food. Cora got better over the years. "How is our little school starter?" Cora asked lovingly when Emmet and Lana entered followed by Regina. "Nervous..." Lana answered and Emmet put her down again. He turned to Regina who smiled at him softly.

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her sensual. "Nervous?" He whispered and Regina nodded. "Learning is different to teaching." Regina answered and he caressed her cheek. "How is my favorite woman?" He asked and kissed her softly. "She is fine... " Regina answered and they smiled. Lana sat down on a chair and Henry placed her plate in front of her and kissed her head softly. "Hey, honey. Don't worry about school." He said and sat down next to her. "I was a teacher a long time and I always liked the good and friendly students." He told her.

"But what if I'm not good?" Lana asked and Henry squeezed her hand softly. "Not every child is allowed to go to school with 5. Only the really smart ones." Henry told her and Lana looked at him. "Look at your mother. She got in school with 5 too and now she is going to be what she always wanted to be. Don't worry too much." Henry assured her and Lana sighed. "And your mother will be there too." Lana nodded. "I know..." "I will just change." Emmet told them and hurried upstairs. Regina sat down and Cora placed a plate in front of her. "Thanks, Mom." Regina said and waited for everyone. Cora and Henry sat down and placed a plate next to Regina for Emmet.

Emmet came back dressed in a suit. He sat down next to her and Regina studied him. She bit her lip and Emmet chuckled. "Eat, honey." He said and Regina huffed. She started eating and smiled. "Mhm... that's great, Mom." She said and Lana nodded. "You are getting better." She agreed with her mother and Cora pouted. "Just because I burnt it twice last week..." She said and Regina covered her mother's hand. "You will make it one day." She teased her and Cora fake huffed. "Don't worry, Cora... I have the same problem." Emmet told her and Cora smiled amused. "At least one person who understands me." She exclaimed and they laughed.

Regina looked on the clock and sighed. "In 5 minutes we should go." She said and they all quickly finished breakfast and got up. Lana studied her father and smiled. "You look handsome, Daddy." She said and he kneeled down to her. "You look beautiful, my baby girl. And whoever is unfriendly to you isn't worth your attention." He told her and she smiled. He kissed her head and got up again. She took his hand but he gave her her backpack so that she had to let go again to put it on. She took his hand again and then looked towards her mother who got into her jacket with the help of Henry. Regina walked over to them and took Lana's other hand. "You ready?" Regina asked and Lana nodded.

Henry and Cora got their things too and they started walking to the elementary school. Lana was jumping around between her parents and smiled. "I have to go to the teachers soon, honey." Regina told Lana who looked up scared. "Daddy will stay with you." Emmet softly squeezed Lana's hand and she looked up to her father. "You won't leave, right?" She asked and Emmet shook his head. "Mommy won't leave you. She is with you the whole time. Just on the other side." Emmet told her and Lana looked back down. Regina caressed her head and sighed. "You will be fine." Regina whispered and Lana nodded.

They arrived and Regina kissed Lana on the head and Emmet on the mouth before she hurried over to the principal who greeted her with a smile. "How are you Regina?" Miss Samantha Thomson asked. She was the mother of Sebastian. "I'm fine, Sam... A bit nervous but otherwise fine." Regina told her and Sam chuckled. "I know how that feels. I have to tell you something though... Miss Ginger died last night and now you are going to take over her class..." Sam told her and Regina paled. "M-me?" Regina asked and Sam nodded. "You will make it. I know it." Sam just answered and pressed her a clipboard in the hands. Regina looked down and looked over the names.

"My daughter... I'm teaching my daughter?" Regina asked and Sam nodded. "I trust that you won't grade her better just because she is your daughter." Sam answered and Regina nodded. "You ready? I think almost everyone is here now." Sam told her and Regina nodded a second time. "Okay." Sam took a microphone and stepped forward. "Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear new students. I would like to present you to your new teachers. Miss Isabelle Stinson and Miss Regina Mills!" Sam introduced the two and they smiled shyly. "They will read out your names and that will be your class. Miss Stinson will start."

Miss Stinson stepped forward and started to read out names. When she was finished Lana smiled brightly. Her mother would be her teacher. Emmet smiled and kissed her cheek softly. "Told ya." He said and Lana glared at him again. He chuckled and then Regina stepped forward. "Okay. In my class are... Jason Meyer. Anthony Roberts. Lana Mills..." She listed a few more names and every child walked towards her. Lana hugged her and Regina ran a hand through her hair. Lana looked at the other children and started talking with them. Regina smiled and looked over to Emmet who smiled at her lovingly.

Regina led her class to their new classroom. They all sat down and Regina smiled when she saw how her daughter got along with the others. "Okay, guys. Like you heard I'm Regina Mills. I'm a substitute but obviously that didn't work out as I thought." Regina started and they smiled at her giddily. "How about you present yourself to the others and tell us what you expect from school?" Jason lifted his hand and Regina smiled. "Yes, young man." She gestured towards him and he smiled broadly. "Well... I'm Jason Meyer. I'm 7 years old and I hope to have a lot of fun here and learn to write and read." He said and Regina smiled. "That was good, Jason. Who is next?" She asked and Lana lifted her hand.

"Lana." Regina said and Lana smiled. "I'm Lana Mills. I'm 5 years old and I hope that someday I will be as successful as you." She said and Regina chuckled. "You will, honey." She answered and another child lifted his hand. After everyone presented themselves curtly Regina walked behind the desk and sat down on the chair. "You want to ask me questions or should we directly go to your timetable?" Regina asked and the students got giddy. Jason lifted his hand again. "Jason." She said. "How old are you? And do you have a boyfriend?" He asked her and Regina smiled. "I'm 22 years old and happily together with my boyfriend since 6 years with whom I have my daughter Lana." Regina answered and the class nodded slowly.

"And how old is your boyfriend? And why didn't you marry him yet?" A girl, Sara was her name, asked. "He is 26 years old and we didn't marry because it doesn't matter to us... I mean... we don't need to be married to know that we love each other." Regina answered and Lana started fidgeting. She felt pretty uncomfortable. "Who is your boyfriend?" Anthony asked and Regina got a bit dreamy. "Sheriff Emmet Swan." She told them and the girls sighed. "He is soooo handsome." Sara said and sighed. "Anyway..." Regina said and got up. She was slightly disturbed her class had a crush on Emmet.

"Here is your timetable." She said and started to hand out papers. Everyone looked down confused and Regina realized that most couldn't read. "Soon you will be able to read it." Regina said assuringly. "We have PE in the first lesson on Monday?" Lana asked and Regina smiled at her softly. "Obviously." She answered cheekily and Lana smiled up at her. She was proud of her daughter. After another half an hour the school ended and the students ran out happily. Emmet entered the classroom and saw Lana and Regina talking with each other.

"How are my ladies?" He asked them and they looked at him. "Great! School is soooo cool!" Lana told her father and jumped into his arms. "I know. Especially with friends. Did you find friends?" He asked her and she nodded. "Jason and Max are really cool." She said and Emmet looked over to Regina amused. "No kissing." He said to Lana and she scrunched her nose. "Eeww. Kissing is disgusting." Lana said and Emmet grinned. Regina gathered her things and then took Emmet's free hand. "Let's go to the diner. I'm hungry." She said and Emmet chuckled. He put Lana down who gripped her father's hand and then they walked to the diner.