(Or, In Which C. Would Like to Thank the Academy)

It's been two years since the characters of Carter, Abby, Luka, and Susan got under my skin, and got me to do something I thought I would never do: write fanfiction. What began as one multi-chapter fic quickly snowballed into six fics and over 100,000 words to date. There's plenty of thanks (and blame!) to go around:

-JD, who earns top billing because she is--more than anyone else--single-handedly responsible for sucking me into the ER fandom. To borrow a page from the book of Carter, I'm a better writer because of you.

-jakeschick, for the kind of unwavering encouragement only a fandom mom can provide. Go Hawkeyes!

-Charli, for doing a yeoman's job in beta-reading the last couple of chapters (all typos and inconsistencies are solely the fault of the author), and for constantly amazing me with the quality of her reviews (good things do come to those who wait!).

-the LJers! you know who you are, and you make the ER fandom go round.

-anyone and everyone who has ever read and reviewed TTD/TBTS. From Emma, who gave me my very first review ever, to all of you who provided instant gratification at the release party for the epilogue--my ego thanks you. Each and every review kept me going in the year and a half (!) it took for me to write TBTS; each and every one of you made this journey a little less lonely and a little more worth it. You guys are the best.

So. What happened to Phil? Are Jack Carter's days numbered? Did Luka build a bridge and get over Abby? How often can Susan get away with saying 'I told you so' before she gets smacked down? What was written in that Christmas card? So is Abby with Carter or what? I know the Epilogue leaves lots more unresolved than it settles, but (1) I was never terribly fond of tidy endings, and (2) it leaves the door open for the possibility of a sequel.

That being said--at the moment there are no plans to write the third part of what was going to be a trilogy. Partly because I'm burnt out, partly because I anticipate a sharp decline in my free time, and partly because my interest in ER isn't what it used to be. My apologies.

But if I've learned anything from the past two years, it's to never say never. In the meantime, there are a couple of TTD/TBTS-related ficlets on the way (including those 500 words from Chapter Ten) and some outtakes to post on the LJ. So stay tuned.

Finally, thanks to the only two characters who have ever gotten deep enough under my skin for me to welcome them into my head. They deserve their own little happily ever--at least in my universe, even if they never find it on the show.

For two years and all the blessings that came with it--

Thank You.