Chapter 5

"So how'd it go?" Feli asked once we were situated in the car. He had decided I was clearly unfit to drive and was currently pulling out of the parking lot, paying more attention to me than the actual road or the red Mercedes that he almost hit.

"Pay fucking attention" I spat crossing my hands over my chest glancing out the window.

"Hm…I have to say I'm surprised. Mr. Fernandez must have really worked some magic on you if you aren't complaining yet haha" he laughed pulling out of the parking lot. "What did he do?" he asked a tad more seriously when I hadn't responded.

"I don't really remember…It was mostly a bunch of questions…" I thought for a minute. What did he do? "Oh…wait… he showed me how to control my emotions mostly... even showed me this calming thing" I moved my hand to touch my forehead and down to my heart breathing slowly.

"Wow," Feli watched smiling "I've never seen something work so well and I mean look at you! We're having a decent conversation, and you've only cursed at me once!" he laughed speeding down the street. "Maybe I'll teach that calming thing to Luddy, you know he can have a short temper as well hahaha"

I nodded no longer really paying attention to him but more to what ran past me outside the window.

"He said I'm going to need to come back every week…"

"What? Oh but Lovi that'll be so much money! Are you sure that this one time wasn't enough?"

"I'm sure…plus…I want to see him again…"

The door clicked behind me as I sat down on the wine colored couch still not really enjoying its colors. I pointed this out to Mr. Fernandez.

"You know you should really redecorate this place. It's so stiff and fake"

Mr. Fernandez laughed "What I take it you don't like it Mr. Vargas?"

"It's terrible; I mean who even put this crap together? A two year old?"

I saw the doctors face darken slightly "No…I did"

"Well you need to find better taste then." I felt a soft pain in my chest from his hurt look but I ended up not responding to the feeling and decided to watch as he repeated everything from our previous encounter.

"So Mr. Vargas are you ready?" he asked sitting on his chair across from mine.

"Uh quick question, what are you going to be doing this time? I had a hard time describing what happened last time 'cause you bored me so much I fell asleep."

"Is that so?" he stifled a laugh "Well today I'll be helping you forget the overall appearance of Ms. Femke, is that okay?"

"Uh…but…what if I want to remember her…physically I mean? She was a damn sexy girl…" My voice trailed off as I remembered the girls sweet curves and her soft voice and sun kissed hair.

I heard a soft snap and I fell unconsciously onto the pillow.

I glared down at my clip board, flipping through the set pages going back and forth from the single line that was written in semi neat hand writing.

Lovino Vargas: Looking to forget

It was so aggravating to read this I mean if he was looking to forget the girl why did he want to remember their physical relationship? I unconsciously gnawed at the cap of my pen as the boy sat in front of me limp. His face was still but he seemed to have a lighter air about him then the last time he had visited.

How annoying.

I wasn't particularity in the best of moods today and even after practically slamming Elis into the back wall of the medicine room, it didn't seem as if the cloud would leave.

I stood and looked down at the boy. He had a nice pair of full lips the kind that could kiss and suck anything in their reach. I smirked and took another step closer, laying my knee onto the arm of the couch and moving my hips within inches of the boy's face.

I snapped my fingers.

Lazily his eyes opened but they were widened quickly.

"What the hell?!" he spat trying to move my hips out of his face

"Don't worry Lovino~ It's defiantly your favorite size~" I began to rock my hips from side to side watching amused as the boy's eyes seemed to follow. "Wouldn't it just feel so good to zip down my pants…? To take me in your mouth and show me how good of a slave you really are~?"

I smirked as my slave licked his lips as if already imagining how good it would be to taste me. His eyes just lifted once, sending me a very pleading gaze, one that just beggedfor me to let him start.

He looked so delicious just waiting for me like a cat in heat. He wanted me so badly his bright blush sent tremors down my already hard erection. I needed that precious mouth around me right now.

"Go on slave, Please your master~"

Immediately he unzipped my pants pulling them down to my knees in a quick rush. His mouth had already begun to lick at my boxers, as if licking up the precum that had soaked through. He was moving his tongue up and down, groaning at the fabric that stopped him from what he really wanted.

His fingers hooked at the band of my boxers and pulled them down soon after and let my erection stand free. Immediately his mouth covered my head sucking at the skin and pulling it into the warm wetness of his mouth. I let out a short groan secretly enjoying his icy lips on my dick and as if fueled by this slip of noise, I watched as he began to deep throat me in the fastest excited way, I'd ever seen.

His tongue would slip out licking me from base to tip dipping that pink flesh into the small hole and meeting his bright copper eyes up to mine with a devious look.

"When I cum… you're going to swallow all of it" I growled

He nodded quickly pushing my dick back into his mouth sucking and moving his mouth quicker and quicker against me.

It didn't take much more for me to spill my load into his mouth, letting the thick creamy liquid fill his mouth and just like a good little slave he licked every last drop, even the small trickles that spilled out of the corners of his mouth.

I ruffled his hair smirking.

"What a good little slave"

I looked down at the floor blushing slightly "Thank you master"

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