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"Fairy... Tail?"

"Yes, Fairy Tail. That's its name. Come on let's head in and meet the master so that you can join." Mira said sternly.

"Alright Finally!" He said enthusiastically.

Mira opened the doors and they walked in with Natsu behind her. As he looked around, he noticed the rambunctious behavior of the Fairy Tail guild members. Many were fighting, others were loudly talking and laughing, and there were even drinking contests.

"All of you! SHUT THE HELL UP!" Mira screamed.

Instantly like magic, the entire place grew fearful and silent.

"Oh crap, Mira's back." A member whispered to another.

"And we were just starting to have fun too.." Another whispered.

'I guess I'm not the only one that's treated that way.' Natsu thought with a sweat drop.

"Where's the master!?" Mirajane demanded.

"Settle down brat, I'm right here." The Master was walking down the stairs from the second floor. "What is it? Oh, and who is this." He gestured towards Natsu.

"This is Natsu, he wants to join our guild, I met him during my mission." Mira answered stoically.

"Yeah! I'll become the strongest you're ever gonna see!" Natsu determinedly shouted with his fists in the air.

"Hahaha! You have quite the fighting spirit! Very well, you may join. We're glad to have you, Natsu." Makarov happily smiled.

"Really?! Alright!" He cheered.

"Mira, would you please give him the stamp?" The master asked.

"Fine." She responded without any change in attitude. "Come over here Natsu." Mira said as she walked behind the guild's bar counter and looked for something.

As soon as he went over, Mira had a stamp in her hand. "Where do you want your guild mark and what color?"

"I get to choose huh? That's awesome! I want it red on my right shoulder!" Natsu yelled excitedly.

Mirajane pressed the stamp onto his shoulder and released it leaving a crimson red mark on his right shoulder.

"That's so cool! I'm finally a member!" Natsu shouted excitedly.

"Now that you're one of us, what are you going to do now?" Mirajane asked.

"... I have no clue." He said flatly.

Sigh, "Well have you found a place to stay?"

"No... I got an idea! I'll just build my own house! How about that?"

"That sounds alright...where exactly?" Mira asked.

"Hmm, I'll make it in the forest on the other side of town where we came through." He got up and started walking towards the guild doors. "I should get started, I'll probably be done in 3 days or something."

"You do realize it's winter time right?"

"Um, what's your point?" Natsu asked cluelessly.

"My point is that you'll freeze yourself to death out there. And now that I think about it, how come you're dressed as if it were summer?" She demanded.

"Oh don't worry I don't get colds, plus these are the only clothes I got."

"Don't get so full of yourself. First we're getting you new clothes."

"Huh? Why, I don't need new o-"He received a death glare. "...ok. Why do you want to come with me?"

"Don't question me! Besides, I need some myself." He nodded in understanding.

"Alright fine, let's stop wasting time!" He grabbed her hand, much to the shock of everyone around them, and pulled her, running out of the guild into town. Unbeknownst to them all, Mira was sporting up a furious blush.

When Natsu finally let go of her they were already in the center of town.

"Okay, so where do we go..." Natsu spoke to himself in wonder.

Since the moment he let go of her hand, Mirajane's thoughts have been going into a frenzy. She slowly touched the hand he had grabbed, her left, and slowly took in the warm feeling he left behind. 'H-he touched my hand...he has such a gentle touch...'She blushed hard. 'N-no one's ever done that without fear of annihilation...'


"H-huh?" She asked surprised as she got out of her trance.

"You know this place better than I do Mira! So lead the way!" He inquired with a toothy grin.

'Such a cute face...' "U-uh yeah sure, follow me.

They arrived at a decently sized clothing store and entered. Both mages spent an hour looking around but in the end found suitable clothes they could agree on.

First came out Natsu from the dressing room area when they decided to try them out. He appeared in a gray sweater and briwn pants.

After giving him her approval, Mira stepped in. In about 5 minutes she came out wearing a black zip-up sweater with hood and black skinny jeans that really showed off her body.

"So? How is it?" Was her question.

"Wow you look really pretty Mira!" He stated as if it was no big deal.

She blushed. Blushed harder than ever before. The boy in front of her just told her she looked incredibly pretty. She couldn't believe it.

"T-thanks.." Mira stuttered along with a scarlet blush.

After paying, they went outside only to be greeted by the sundown. When they had left, it had been mid-afternoon, now it was becoming dusk.

"Hmm, I thought I would be able to at least get something done." Natsu said.

Mira quickly realized that he probably has nowhere to sleep.

"Oh well, looks like I'll be sleeping outside as usual." Her eyes widened at this.

"If you want... I g-guess you can s-sleep over at m-my place.." Mira said shyly.

"Seriously?! You'll let me?!" She nodded. "Thanks! You're the best Mira!" She made a surprised squeak as he hugged her causing her to heavily blush. Pushing him away she composed herself.

"Let's hurry, I don't want my siblings to worry about me." Mira informed him.

"Oh cool! I can't wait to meet them!" He grinned.

It was only a 10 minute walk from the clothing store they were at. The Strauss household was somewhat big, large enough to hold about 4 people. (I've never seen their house).

"Wow, that's a big a house." Stated Natsu.

"Only three of us live here, well let's." Mira said walking in first.

"Mira-nee, is that you?" A voice of femininity spoke from another portion of the house.

"Nee-chan?" This time a manlier voice.

"Yes it's me, and we have a guest tonight. This Natsu, our newest guild member. He doesn't have anywhere to sleep so he'll stay with us." She responded.

"Huh? Oh h-hello, I'm Lisanna. I'm Mira-nee's younger sister.." Lisanna spoke with a blush. "I saw you in the guild earlier, I really wanted to greet you but I was very busy."

"It's nice to meet you, I'm Natsu! I'm sure we'll be awesome friends!" Natsu told her with a carefree grin.

"Hey. I'm Elfman, cool to meet you." A white spiky haired boy about Natsu's age said mono-toned.

"Sup!" Natsu responded with an honest smile.

"Well it's dinner time. Would you like to come eat with us Natsu?" Mira asked him.

"That'd be awesome!"

After eating their meals, it had been decided that Natsu was to sleep in Elfman's room. Elfman was laying on his bed as Natsu had his bed post layed out on the floor since he had no problem with it.

Before falling asleep, there was one thing that Natsu could not stop thinking about.