I hopecom liked the beginning even though it was real short here's the next chapter

(At the park)

Avery: "Do you see Gabriel or the girls anywhere?"

Tyler: "No I don't see them.I wonder where they are."

Avery: "I'll call him and see where he is."

Avery takes out her phone and calls Gabriel

Gabriel (over phone) "hello?"

Avery: "where are you guys"?

Gabriel: "Gustavo called us said he needed us for something."

Avery: "ok we'll meet you there in a little bit."

Gabriel: "ok hurry up."

Tyler."well let's on"

Nikki: " ok we should hurry."

(at Rouqe Records)

Avery: "hey Kelly."

Kelly: "hey guys Gabriel and Alexa are coming right now."

(Chloe comes out of the bathroom)

Chloe: " hey Avery get Tyler hey Nikki."

(Gabriel {Avery's boyfriend} and Alexa walked into the room)

Avery: hey Gabriel

Gabe: "hey."

Avery: we gotta go home my parents just text me

Gabriel: ok come guys.