Ending of Year Six.........

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger are both Gryffindor Prefects and best friends.  Harry is finding that he has strong feelings for Hermione.  Hermione is finding that she is in love with the enigmatic Harry Potter.  There best friend Ron, also a Gryffindor Prefect, is going steady with Lavender Brown.  Harry is Quidditch Captain, and the House Cup as well as Inter-House Championship has been won by Gryffindor. 

Platform 9 ¾.......

     The students were getting off the train when Harry asks Ron a question. 

     "Hey Ron?" asked Harry.


     "Um, was it hard?"

     "Was what hard?"

     "Um, asking Lavender out? Was it hard?"

     "Well sort of.  I just had to get up the courage to do it.  That's all.  Why?  Is there someone that you fancy?"

     Harry nodded, "Yeah.  I was just trying to see if it was a hard thing to do."

     Ron looked at him, as if were studying him.  "I just have one thing to say."

     "What's that?"

     "If you hurt her I'll kill you.  She's my best friend too."

     Harry looked amazed.  "How'd you know about Herm-?"

     "Harry, everyone knows."  Ron said matter of factly.  "The only person that doesn't know is you.  You've been though a lot over the past couple of years.  Haven't you noticed that through everything she's been right there beside you?  She's been asked to every ball, been asked out by different guys, and her reply is always no.  Every single time the answer is no.  She only wants to be with you.  So I'll say it again.  If you hurt her I'll kill you.  Got it?"

     "I've got it."  Harry said smiling.

     Ron and Harry were taking Hermione's truck off the train when she came down out of the car.  "Sorry.  Crooshanks nearly got to Trevor.  That would have been a disaster.  I think Neville's grandmother would have had a heart attack."

     Just then Harry saw Mrs. Weasley.  "Ron your mom's over there."  He said pointing.

     "Hey she's standing next to my parents." Hermione said.  "Let's go" 

     They all walked over to the families and exchanged greetings. 

     "So Hermione is this the Harry we've heard so much about?" asked Mrs. Granger.

     "Yes."  She said blushing.  "Harry this is my Mom and Dad."

     "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Granger.  It's nice to finally meet you."

     "Harry," Ron said, "He's here."

     "Oh thanks." he said rolling his eyes.  "Well I'd best be going."

     "Bye Harry."  The Weasley and Grangers said in chorus.

     "Bye."  He said slowly walking away.

     As he walked over towards his uncle he turned and smiled looking directly at Hermione.  He could see that she already had tears in her eyes.  He continued on thinking to himself "I'm going to miss you too, Hermione."

     Hermione just stood there watching him slowly walk away.  She had tears welling up in her eyes.  She wanted to tell him, but couldn't.  Just then she saw him turn and smile at her.  That was when she heard the voice.  "I'm going to miss you too, Hermione."  She looked in shock.  "Mom I'll be right back."  She was off and running.  What she didn't hear was Ron and the rest of the Weasley clan.

     "It's about time."  Ron, Fred, George, and Ginny said.

     "I agree." said a smiling Mrs. Granger.

     Mr. Granger and Mrs. Weasley were the only ones who didn't understand.  "What?"  They said in unison.

     "Just watch dear." said Mrs. Granger.  "I think our little girl is growing up."

     "Harry!" yelled Hermione.  "Excuse me Mr. Dursley.  May I have a minute with Harry please?"

     "Uh, very well," he said grumpily.  "Hurry up."

     She smiled and pulled Harry to the side.  "I heard what you said."

     "Um, heard what?" he said with a puzzled look.

     "That you're going to miss me too."

     "You heard me?  I was just thinking to myself.  That's weird."

     "Harry, promise me that you'll write to me, and that you'll keep your"

     "Hermione, I promise that I'll write to you at least once a week.  Is that okay?" 

     She smiled looking at her feet.  "Yes.  Um Harry?"


     Looking deep into his emerald eyes she said, "I'll miss you more."  With that said she leaned over and kissed him very lightly on his lips.  "Goodbye Harry."  She ran away blushing.

     Harry couldn't stop smiling after that.  Not even when his uncle interrupted his thoughts and pulled him away. 

     Hermione came back to the group smiling.  "It's about time." Ron said.  "What took you so long?"

     "I heard him in my head saying, 'I'll miss you too'.  I thought that was sweet so I thought that I'd go over and tell him so."

     "Wait.  Did you just say that you heard him in your head?"  Asked Ginny?

     "Yes.  He promised me that he'd write to me every week.  What do you think Gin?  Do you think he's starting to open those beautiful emerald eyes of his?"

     Ron took the opportunity to interrupt.  "Are you kidding me?"  He said.  "His eyes are already....."  Stopping himself from finishing that thought he said, "Um, I think we're ready to go now mum."

     "Let's have it Ronald Weasley.  What do you know?  Start talking."  Hermione said with Ginny backing her up.

     "Yeah, c'mon Ron let's have it."

     "I, Ronald Weasley, will not in good faith divulge....extremely sensitive and vital information about my best friend."  He said holding up his right hand.

     "Is this the same Ronald Weasley who promised never to keep any secrets from his girlfriend?" a voice from behind asked.

     "Lavender my sweet," he said turning around.

     "Hello my love.  I just wanted to come and say goodbye.  As well as remind you of your promise to write to me over the holiday."

     "I didn't forget love.  Harry told Hermione that he'd owl her once a week.  Is that good for you too?"

     "Yes, once a week then."  She agreed giving him a hug and a kiss.  "Hermione, what information did you need from my Ron?  Ooh it's about Him isn't it?"

     "No, I will not betray my best friend so don't ask me to."  He said starting to storm off. 

     "Don't worry about it.  I got my answer from the way he's acting."

     "It's time to go Hermione dear."  Mr. Granger said.

     "Okay dad.  Ginny please tell Ron I'm sorry, and I'll owl him during the summer.  Lavender, please don't hurt him.  He's one of my best friends, and I don't think that you want Him angry at you too."

     "I won't.  I hope he forgives me."

     "He will dear," spoke up Mrs. Weasley, "his father is the same way.  Ask your parents for permission to come over during the summer.  We'll have a party for Harry's 17th Birthday." 

     Smiling Lavender walked away from the group.  As she did she looked at Ron who had a scowl on his face.  She stopped and yelled at the top of her lungs, "I love you Ronald Weasley!"  She saw Ron turn a shade of red smiling.

     "I love you too Lav" he mouthed to her, and he blew her a kiss.

     The Weasley and Grangers went there separate ways agreeing to visit with each other during the summer holiday.