Pure white snowflakes swirled around the fighting cats as the snow on the ground was stained red with blood. This battle was a violent one, that even StarClan was shocked by. RiverClan, unfortunately for ShadowClan, had the advantage. They had been expecting battle, and, even though they were in the ShadowClan camp, the ShadowClan warriors were getting murdered, one by one. Apprentices. Queens. Elders. Kits. Warriors. Death.

Rosepelt of ShadowClan was still on her paws, fighting. She had just seen her apprentice Stonepaw die cruelly at the claws of Foxthorn, a seasoned RiverClan warrior. Her three kits were cowering behind her, and she was fighting alongside her mate, Blackbreeze. She had everything at stake and everything to lose.

Blackbreeze darted behind an advancing warrior and clawed him on the soft underbelly. Rosepelt tore into the warrior's side, feeling power with every blow. How dare those fish-furred RiverClan cats try to take our camp! How dare they kill my apprentice!

The warrior fell just as another darted in to take its place. Rosepelt's eyes grew wide. This warrior was Ivyblaze, the RiverClan deputy. Blackbreeze had started fighting another cat a few fox-lengths away. This was Rosepelt's fight. Rosepelt's kill.

"Rosepelt, isn't it? Just had kits, I see," sneered the deputy mockingly. "Is their mother too scared to fight?"

"Never," snarled the other she-cat, and she launched herself at Ivyblaze. The two of them yowled and scratched, but finally, Ivyblaze managed to get a killing bite to the back of the neck. Rosepelt died quickly, the light leaving her eyes in a heartbeat, maybe two. Blackbreeze, somehow sensing that his mate was gone, turned and let out a cry of pain and loss. Ivyblaze was satisfied, and advanced on the kits. They cowered against the nursery wall, two toms and a she-cat. They were five moons old, and looking forward tremendously to becoming apprentices. The she-cat, Cherrykit, moved closer to her brothers, Nightkit and Patchkit. Patchkit stepped forward bravely, looking the RiverClan deputy straight in the eye. "Leave me and my littermates a-lone," he squeaked, his voice breaking at the end of his sentence. He had lost his mother. His father was fighting a deadly battle outside. He was scared and tired, and Ivyblaze just laughed. This kit amused her, and she was not easily amused. Instantly, she shot out a claw and Patchkit collapsed. Cherrykit wailed, and Nightkit fell to his brother's side. A shadow seemed to move at the entrance to the nursery, which no one noticed. Then, Blackbreeze darted out of the shadow, attacking the RiverClan deputy with vigor and strength. His blue eyes were filled with cold fury, and he kept fighting, until the she-cat who had killed his mate was dead at his paws.

Rosepelt was in StarClan. That's what she thought, anyway. And her thought was confirmed when ShadowClan's former leader, Smokestar, padded up to her and sat next to her.

"Are you all right, Rosepelt?" he asked, his voice soft and pitying.

"They're losing. They're dying," she replied, looking with hollow eyes at the battle raging below them.

"I know," the old leader told her sadly.

"We're StarClan cats, right? Why can't we go down there and help them?"

Smokestar shook his head. "We just can't. You should know this, Rosepelt. We can visit them in dreams, but not in reality."

"So we have to sit here and watch in the sky, while all our loved ones get killed? Why? We're just up here... floating! We can't even help them! Why?"

The leader sighed as Rosepelt sank to the soft green grass, watching the battle below. We're just echoes of what we were, he observed. Just sitting here, floating.