Aria couldn't shake the dark feeling of dread. When her friends had told her of A's threat at first she was scared. After she had time to herself she couldn't help but think, 'Let A find Ali.' If A found Ali then it would all be over; the notes, the threats, the constant feeling that someone was watching her. She wondered if that made her a horrible person. Her friend Alison had been presumed dead for years and now that she knew she was alive, she thought it was easier to just give her up. What was Ali scared of? Why was she hiding? Is it so important that she can't tell her friends? Is it so important that it's putting her friend's lives in danger? Aria tried not to think of all the things her and her friends had been through these years because of A and because of Alison but she couldn't help it. She knew she should feel scared for Alison, but she couldn't.

Aria had loved being friends with Ali, though now she really couldn't say why. Alison was—no is a bitch. She had to keep reminding herself that Alison was still alive. She was still manipulating them all this time. The more Aria thought about Alison and all of her lies it was easier for her to shake the feeling of dread and replace it with anger. Aria didn't care anymore. She had lived with Alison's lies for too long. Ali Ali Oxen-Free, she's all A's.