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Chapter Six ~

Hikari stirred as the pink hued rays of light bathed her face. Strange, her curtains must not have been drawn last night. She stretched and yawned, rolling over slightly and bumping in to... someone? Who?

She opened her eyes in surprise and saw a small boy's face, peaceful in sleep, close enough to her that she could feel his breath tickling her cheek.

"Where am I?" she mumbled, still half asleep and slightly disoriented. Her nose crinkled up and she looked around her, seeing more faces of children and strange creatures- the digimon! That's right, they were in the digital world. How could she forget?! She nodded sleepily and lay her head back down, smiling slightly at the expressions on Ken's face as he slept. She could not see Takeru's face as it was buried in Patamon's short fur.

Just behind her she could hear the familiar deep breathing of her brother Taichi, who much have joined their corner during the night after his watch. His presence was reassuring and she turned and reached out to hold his hand gently, careful not to wake him.

Last night she had been jealous of the other children who had digimon partners, but she hadn't thought about how Ken must feel being here without his brother. She couldn't imagine being in a place like this without Taichi...

Poor Ken.

Over the next hour, one by one, the other children all began to wake up. Ken and Takeru took a while to rouse and by the time they were fully alert the smell of fish being cooked was already wafting from the beach outside where Yamato was overseeing breakfast.

"Mmm, that smells yummy," Takeru sniffed the slightly smoky air with a sleepy smile.

"Yeah, I'm starving!" declared Ken as he sprang up and whisked Wormmon outside, eager for food.

"Shall we go with them, Hikari?" Takeru asked, offering his hand to the brunette.

"Sure," she nodded happily, taking his hand and following him outside as Patamon hovered around them.

When they got outside they saw that Yamato was already serving skewers of fish to the other children, who were lounging on the sand around the fire. Even Mimi was smiling as Palmon brought the group fruit and berries that some of the digimon had foraged for that morning.

Hikari's spirits lifted to see the group so at ease, she hated tension and it had felt like there had been a tense atmosphere among the children since they had arrived.

"Takeru!" Yamato called out when he saw his younger brother emerge. "Here, this one is for you."

Takeru dropped Hikari's hand and ran over to his brother, hugging the older boy and causing him to blush. "Thank you oniisan," he beamed as he took the large, perfectly cooked fish skewer and realising that Yamato had saved him the very best.

Yamato cleared his throat self consciously, "No problem."

Hikari approached the two boys and Yamato smiled down at her "and here is one for you, too." he said as he handed her a large, juicy fish.

"Thank you," she bowed slightly and smiled up at the older boy before following Takeru and Patamon as they hurried over to the large rock that Ken and Wormmon were sitting on.

Ken beamed up at them, his cheeks stuffed with food, and Wormmon offered Patamon a share in some of the berries he had been given.

"This is so much more fun than camp," Takeru decided as he nibbled on the still hot fish.

"Unhmm" Ken agreed whole heartedly.

"And it'll be even better when we find your digimon too, Hikari," Takeru said, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Yeah, I can't wait to meet them" she sighed wistfully. "I wonder what they'll be like..."

"I bet they'll fly like superman!" Ken said.

"And breath fire like a dragon!" Takeru added.

"And blow things up with their mind!" Ken gestured with his arms enthusiastically, mimicking an explosion.

The three of them laughed as their imaginings got even more ridiculous, while Patamon and Wormmon exchanged amused glances.

Devimon smirked as he watched the children go about their business, completely unaware of his presence as he hovered far above them. Lucemon-sama had given him the all clear to begin his games and he was eager to try out his new find, the power of the black gears. He sensed a Shellmon nearby and focussed his efforts into manipulating a black gear strong enough to control the Champion level digimon. It struck with force and consumed the creature with its dark power.

This would most certainly be entertaining, he thought, as he felt the dark gear exert full control over Shellmon.

"Attack the children" he commanded softly.

He relished the feeling as Shellmon's will was bent to his purpose.

"Yes, master." the monotonous voice replied from afar.

Devimon chuckled to himself and settled to watch the spectacle below him as Shellmon roared and charged at the digidestined.

Agumon chomped greedily on his second potion of fish. "I'm so glad you made me evolve, Taichi," he said as he rubbed his swollen belly, "I could never manage this much food as a Koromon and its so yummy. I wish I could eat forever."

Taichi laughed and patted him on the head. "I wish I could introduce you to the food we have back home, you'd love it." he sighed as he thought of burgers and ice cream.

"You'd love my mother's cooking, Tentomon," Koushiro chipped in.

"And chocolate!" Mimi sighed dreamily. "What I wouldn't give for some Lindor right now."

Palmon smiled at Mimi. "Maybe one day I can visit your human world and we can eat chocolate together!"

Mimi nodded, "you'd love it, Palmon!"

"I'd love being any where with you, Mimi." Palmon blushed as she smiled up at her partner.

Mimi's eyes crinkled as she smiled back.

Everyone froze as they heard a commotion approaching them.

"What is that?" Jyou asked, spinning around to see where the noise was coming from.

"Is it another monster?" Mimi cried.

"If it is we will protect you, Mimi" Palmon reassured her partner.

The digimon stepped in front of the children in a protective line and watched as, out of the forest surrounding the beach, a large, shellfish like digimon charged towards them in a rage.

"That's shellmon!" gasped Tentomon, "he is usually a kind and docile digimon, why is he so angry?"

Devimon watched the fight below as the weak rookie level digimon tried in vain to fight off his champion. As it began to look like a hopeless battle for the digidestined Devimon found himself feeling disappointed. He had had high expectations for these human children of the prophesy and had been eager to get the chance to fight them himself.

Instead he was witnessing their defeat at the hands of a minion who, despite being a champion level, was actually not all that impressive at all.

What a shame.

Suddenly though everything changed as a bright light engulfed the beach, causing the demon digimon to wince and recoil in horror.

"Agumon shinka... Greymon!"

Once the light faded he could see that one of the puny digimon had actually been able to evolve and despite himself he was impressed.

"Heh, maybe they are formidable after all" he smirked, watching with piqued interest as the newly evolved Greymon freed Shellmon of the black gear and its power.

So the prophecy had been correct when it claimed the chosen children could make their partners evolve. This certainly made things more interesting.

He would have to report this development to Lucemon-sama immediately.

"Goodbye for now, children." he whispered, the wind catching his words, before disappearing from view.

Greymon turned to Taichi, victorious, before a light glowed around him and he devolved back to Agumon. He collapsed to his knees having used up all of his energy, he was exhausted.

"Agumon!" Taichi cried, running over to his partner, "you were incredible."

Agumon smiled weakly as the other children and digimon surrounded him, congratulating him on his success.

"What happened?" the Shellmon asked, blinking nervously as he glanced around at the children and digimon in confusion. "Who are you?"

"We should be asking you that question," Yamato answered, frowning up at the large digimon. "You attacked us for no reason!"

Shellmon shook his head, "I don't remember that at all, I'm terribly sorry!"

Yamato's expression softened and he looked to Gabumon for help.

"What is the last thing you do remember?" Gabumon asked gently.

"Well, I was uh, I was sunbathing on the rocks about half was up the cliff face. Its my favourite spot. And then suddenly I found myself here surrounded by all of you."

Tentomon buzzed forward and scratched his head. "I don't know for sure but I do recall that Shellmon stopped attacking us immediately after Greymon's Mega Flame knocked a black thing out of him and obliterated it..."

"Yes!" Koushiro agreed, "I remember that too. I didn't know what to make of it before, but now that I think about it I don't believe the timing of you stopping your attack was a coincidence, Shellmon."

"You mean, you think something was controlling him?" Sora asked.

"Well its just an idea, but it would make sense. Whether it was controlling him directly or maybe just impairing his judgement, like a digimon equivalent of alcohol..." Koushiro paused mid-thought and turned to face Shellmon, "have you eaten or drunk anything strange recently?"

"No, I don't think so," he replied.

"Hm, curious.." Koushiro silently pondered the issue for a while as the other children talked among themselves.

Ken wished Osamu was there, if anyone could figure out this kind of thing it was him.

"If Agumon can evolve again, does that mean you can too, Patamon?" Takeru asked his digimon excitedly, interrupting Ken's reverie and causing the sapphire haired child to turn away from Koushiro and his intense focus back to his new friend.

Patamon puffed up his chest, "You betcha I can!"

"Me too!" added Wormmon happily, "I can't wait to evolve again to protect you, Ken-chan."

"But I like you this way," Ken pouted slightly, stroking his partner tenderly.

"Agumon changed back," Hikari reassured the boy, "so I'm sure Wormmon would too."

Ken smiled at this and hugged Wormmon tight. "What do you think you'll evolve in to?"

"Definitely something that blows things up with my mind!" Wormmon joked, winking at Ken, and the children laughed.

"Hey, we should get ready to move out guys," Taichi called out to everyone after a while, "We need to go find this Leomon and see if he can help us."

Nods of agreement followed this statement and the children packed away their belongings and tidied up the beach. Shellmon helped and gave them directions to get to Leomon, for which the children were extremely grateful.

"Thank you Shellmon!" the called as they headed out, waving back at the pink shellfish digimon.

"Good luck!" he cried back.

And with that they were on their way to find this Leomon and save the digital world.

Osamu watched as digimon scurried around below him in Lucemon's arena. He was enjoying watching their fights and had chosen the next two digimon himself, knowing that they were siblings.


The dark spore pulsed and he caught his breath at the intense pain, burying the small child's face further down in his mind where it could not hurt him.

He smiled down to see the look of fear in the rookie level digimons' eyes as they realised they would have to fight each other or both be deleted. The Terriermon and Lopmon held hands as they marched bravely to the centre of the arena, a sight which did something funny to Osamu's chest. He shook it off and cleared his throat so Vandemon would not hear his voice break.

"Begin!" he commanded in a cold, detached voice once the digimon had assumed their combat positions.

Would they fight? Part of him relished the idea, but a small part hoped they would not. Once more the dark spore ate into his soul and he gasped, clutching at his chest as any sympathy for these digimon was replaced with ice.

They are nothing more than collections of data serving as amusement to those worthy enough to control them, the dark spore whispered soothingly. You are one of those worthy, now make them dance.

Osamu smiled, his eyes expressionless as he watched the fight take place before him. They had chosen combat over sacrifice.


"Terrier punch!"

Lopmon cried out as Terriermon punched her repeatedly in the face, spurts of blood flying as his fist connected with her face again and again.

There were tears in Terriermon's eyes, but he did not stop. Lopmon raised her paws up in defence and for a moment Terriermon paused as sobs racked his little body.

"Do it," Lopmon whispered, giving her twin brother a weak smile and reaching up to stroke his face.

"I will find you when you hatch again," he promised as his voice broke.

"I'll be waiting," she nodded as she closed her eyes and the final blow came.

"Blazing fire!" he cried as he attacked Lopmon and she was deleted, her data scattering and dancing around him for a second, before flying towards Primary Village.

Terriermon fell to his knees and cried before being hauled away by two large Tyrannomon.

Osamu laughed and walked away.

Cupimon was getting closer to the children, he could sense it. He sped through the forest and weaved in and out of the trees in excitement. He couldn't believe this was all going so smoothly.

Many years ago, when the celestial digimon had first tried to intervene with his plans by sending the digimon over to the human world he had thought it was a disaster. He had actually panicked, wondering what he would do if the prophesy were true and these humans really did have the power to defeat him.

But as that experiment failed and they moved to the back up plan of bringing the children here, Lucemon had seen an opportunity. Since he had heard of their plan he had been carefully hatching his own, and right now it seemed like things were definitely working in his favour. He could not wait to see the look on Pegasusmon's face when he realised that they had actually provided Lucemon with the tools to bring the Digital World completely under his power.

Stupid Pegasusmon, you always were two steps behind us, Cupimon giggled in delight.

He had the boy under the control of the dark spore, the first step and an absolutely vital one as the boy was powerful. In fact, it would be down to the boy and the girl to decide the outcome when the time arrived, everything rested on them. So now it was time to deal with the girl, a task he would personally relish.

In controlling them, he could not be stopped.

Ahead of him he heard a commotion as a group approached. The children. He paused and collected his thoughts, this was it.

Show time.

"Hikari!" he cried in a tentative voice.

The commotion stopped and he could imagine the children's faces as they wondered who it could be who was calling out to one of them by name. Then there was the sound of quick footfalls as someone ran in his direction, followed quickly by many others.

"Who's there?" a young girl's voice called out from just behind the next group of trees. "Where are you?"

"We are here," Cupimon replied, "is that you, Hikari?"

A small girl with short hazel hair and large amber eyes burst though the group of trees just before him and stared down at Cupimon in wonder. He made sure to mirror her rapturous expression and they ran to each other and embraced.

"Our name is Cupimon," he said as the other children caught up to them, "and we are your digimon, Hikari!"

She squealed and spun him round in delight, "Cupimon!"

The other children exchanged smiles and Taichi stepped forward to put his hand on Hikari's shoulder. "There ya go, 'Kari."

She beamed around at everyone and before long the children were exclaiming over how adorable Hikari's new partner was.

The other digimon were not as keen, but tried to make an effort to welcome the new comer for Hikari's sake. They had no reason to dislike him, yet they just could not warm to him...

How gullible these children are, Cupimon gloated to himself as he smiled up into the eyes of his trusting human. And what fun we shall have playing with them. To think we had once feared that they could truly be a threat to our plans.

He giggled at that thought and Hikari joined in, having no idea what was funny but laughing for sheer joy.

"I knew I'd find you, Cupimon!" she whispered as she stroked his fur affectionately. "We are going to be the best of friends."