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Sam was an avid reader and having been one for most of his life he'd read about people being so angry you could see or feel it. Until now Sam had never believed those kind of phrases. They had discovered Anna's grace was missing. He could see something else had happened as well because Harry seemed to explode with power and rage. It was so great that Ruby was forced from her vessel and the young woman's body fell to the ground. Sam could see the anger in his eyes and even feel his angelic wrath. Harry began pacing and cursing in a language they hadn't even heard of.

"What happened?" Dean asked looking at Harry's fuming and Anna's stricken face.

"The angels have demanded that I be turned over to them by midnight or Dean will be returned to Hell." Anna told them.

Harry growled again. "To think they have sunken so low. I was hoping against hope that when I lead the fight against heaven there would be many of my siblings that would join me. Hearing that ultimatum... There will be a great purge. They will pay for their treachery." Harry's wings had become visible Sam's eyes locked on the one that wasn't flapping correctly.

"Your wing." he said in shock

Harry blinked and looked at the appendage. "Yes it was damaged by Micheal. I may be able to have it repaired once I am back in heaven." He replied. "For now it just limits my ability to fly."

"Can you even make it to heaven on a busted wing?" Dean asked

"No. One of my Virtues will need to carry me. For now let's worry about one problem at a time." Harry finished with a smile.

"He's right Cas and Uriel will come for Anna soon and we should get somewhere safe." Sam tells them going over to pick up Ruby's body. "How long do you think she'll be gone?"

"I don't know but I will heal this vessel. I think she will have a better chance of convincing you the demon is trouble than I will." Harry replied hovering a hand over her still form.

It took less than a minute for the woman to gasp and start coughing. Once she calmed down she looked at Sam and screamed trying to fight her way out of his arms.

Sam looked hurt as he released her. She staggered over and hid behind Harry. "You... You stay the fuck away from me. Touch me again and I'll bite your fingers off." she shouted.

Neither brother knew what to say.

"Miss. Knight will you tell them why you want to gouge Sam's eyes out?" Harry asked

"Because he's crazy and stupid and only thinks with his fucking dick." She replied glaring at him. "And for the record the sex sucked."

Sam turned red and sputtered.
"What the hell. You were screwing a demon?" Dean asked. "And you could feel everything?"

"Yes just because I was in a coma didn't mean I wasn't aware of what was going on. You know all that love and friendship she was showing you. It was just an act. Ruby doesn't care about you. In fact that demon blood was just making you easier to control. Those powers you gained control over are no better then the ones those witches you hunt use. They aren't yours their hers. The power you did have is being suppressed by her blood. She's leading you up to killing her mommy Lilith."

"Wait, Lilith is her mom?" Dean asked

"Yeah she is and she's the last of the 66 seals. Kill her and Lucifer goes free." She told them

"You don't looked shocked by that." Sam said looking at Harry.

"Of course I don't when I knew Micheal had to be punished I placed Lucifer's grace within that finally seal. The death of the first demon, Lilith, was my seal to begin with."

"Your seal?"

"Yes all archangels created seals for our father to bind Purgatory closed. Micheal stole several of them to make the cage Lucifer now sits in. Two have already been broken and the breaking of my seal will farther weaken the barrier, but there is no other way to release my brother. I fear I may also need to travel to Purgatory as well." Harry told them.

"Wait you want Lucifer to get out?" Sam asked. "Why would you want that?"

Harry glared at him. "Really Samuel Winchester? You can not understand wanting to free your brother from Hell?"

"B... but that's different."

"How? Are you saying because I'm an angel I can't love my brother enough to free him. That the bond you have shared for a few decades is stronger than ours which has last longer then there have been humans on this rock." Harry all but shouted at him. "I know my brother. I still remember the day I was ordered to rip out his grace. He regretted what he did and I fear that now, having lived with demons for so long, he may have been corrupted. That doesn't mean I won't do what I can to save both him and Micheal."

All four of them were silent. Anna had tears in her eyes. This was the Raguel she remembered. Dean and Sam looked stricken they had never knew the angels would love as fiercely as they did. Cas never showed that kind of devotion and the others they'd met were all assholes.

Sam finally spoke. "So what now?"

"Now you make penance to Miss Knight here and once this fight is over and Anna is safe allow me to purge the demonic toxins from your system. You, Dean and Miss Knight will not be able to join this fight. An angel at full power it out of your league. I have to go and speak to one of my brothers and then I will have more answers." With that said Harry vanished.

"My name is Karin." Ruby's host said. "And as far as I'm concerned you don't have enough years left to make up for what you've done. She might have been willing but I wasn't." Karin turned and started walking off.

Anna looked between them before joining the other woman.

Sam looked like a kicked puppy his face a bit green. He'd never even considered what Ruby's host might think about their relationship. "How could I do something like that and not even know?"

"Because you didn't want to know Sammy. How many times do you have to get screwed over to learn never trust a demon?" Dean replied feeling tired instead of angry.

Sam scrubbed his face. "Come on who knows how long it will take Harry to talk to his brother."

"I wonder if he was talking about an angel or his vessel's brother."

Sam just shrugged following the girls.


Harry made a quick trip to England to asked Jeremiel if there was a contract between Dean and the angel that pulled him out of hell and if they could under the true laws of Heaven send him back. Once he had the information he needed he headed back to the brothers.

"Well I have good news, bad news and in the light of current events more bad news." Harry told them.

"So whats the good news?" Karin asked. Her shirt was pulled up and Dean was giving her an anti-possession tramp stamp with a sharpie marker.

"There is no legal way for them to return Dean to hell." Harry replied.

"And the bad news?" Sam asked

"They no longer care for our laws." Anna said arms crossed.

"And the other bad news?" Dean asked.

"Castiel has a claim on your soul."

"Do what?" Dean said pulling back so he didn't screw up the charm he was drawing.

"When Castiel pulled you out of hell he gave you his protection which gives him a claim on your soul."

"What does that mean?" Sam asked curious.

"Usually such claims are only placed on wards and lovers." Harry replied.

"So Cas is either his guardian or his boyfriend?" Sam didn't know weather to look confused or ill. Dean's eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head

"More like guardian and husband." Anna said. "Letting the others return Dean to hell would cause him great pain and anguish if he could even allow it. Castiel is... he has trouble interacting with others. Many of the young angels do. They were raised in war conditions and weren't taught as those of my age were."

Harry sighed conjuring a chair and sitting down. "I have let you all down. My mourning and self loathing has doomed this world. Through my inaction corruption has poisoned my brothers and sister. I will not ask for forgiveness for I don't deserve it but I will ask that you allow me to right as many of these wrongs as I can." His face was drawn and weary like he had aged a thousand years.

Karin came over and sat in his lap hugging him. "I haven't known you long but the fear Ruby had when you said your name told me everything I needed to know. You might have fucked up but you can fix this and we're going to help."

"You want to help us?" Dean asked, "Even after..." He motioned to Sam.

"I have been used, abused, beaten, burned, starved, raped and tortured while riding back seat to that crazy bitch. I think out of everyone here I DESERVE a chance to pay her and all her little demon friends back."

"Revenge is never the answer Karin Knight." Raguel said. "But you do deserve justice and Justice you will have." He kissed her temple. "The three of you should return to Singer Salvage." He told them. "Either Anna and I will return with her grace or we will both parish but there is nothing you can do in this fight."

"But Raguel," Anna said. "If you go with me you will be reviled. Michael will hunt you until you regain your power and face him."

He stood and sat Karin on her feet then placed his hands on Anna's shoulders. "Your safety, your life, is more valuable than my secret. I would give my self over to Michael 1000 times to save any of my brothers and sisters. Azrael has placed his protection on me so I cannot be killed by an angels hand. All he can do to me is cage me like Lucifer. Now we must go and find the best place for this meeting."

Anna nodded tears in her eyes as they left.

The others didn't know what to say.

Sam broke the silence. "He's like you Dean. Willing to do anything for family."

"Yeah well. I kinda like him even if he is an angel."

"Come on them. Sam can get us some dinner as the start of repaying me for all the Ruby shit." Karin said headed toward the car. "I want the biggest unhealthiest burger you can find and a slice of apple pie the size of my face."

Dean laughed. "I like her." Following.

Sam shock his head three Dean's, he was traveling with three of his brother. He hoped Anna was alright if not he might lose his mind with those three.


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