Hello, world. For reasons I cannot fathom, New Game Plus was, for a brief period, the most favorited fanfic in the One Piece Fandom. Therefore, it seems to me that you all deserve more than just silence on my part. So, here's the way it's going to be:

I am leaving New Game Plus. That's not to say that it's dead, because I'm not sure if I'll ever come back and pick up where I left off. But I am sure that I have no immediate plans to write anymore for the foreseeable future. I apologize for any disappointment this causes, but I'm just not in a good place in my life right now, and I need to work on myself before I work on any fictional characters, however much I may want to.

However, I'm not a jealous or stingy person (usually). I leave you with my story notes, all the stream-of-consciousness I have saved up regarding my plans for this fic. Feel free to use any of them in your own writings. Heck, you can even try to continue NGP for me. For the official record, I declare this fanfic open for adoption to anyone. You don't even have to ask! Just write, if you feel like it.

And finally, a fond farewell to Xomniac and the rest of the Cross Brain. Looks like you guys won our little showdown. Best of luck to you all!

Vivi and Igaram are held at ransom by Nami, Unluckies turn up to be converted by Robin (otter is Jason b/c sounds like juu-san, vulture is Freyja), dogpile, she handles everything gracefully, gives tools (including Pop Greens and free Logs so Nami can make new Eternal Poses for each island) and many-armed hugs, goes on ahead to set up everything in Arabasta, leaves behind a ship for the 'Infiltration' crew, the Magpie (future upgrade is Corvus to mirror Jackdaw/Aquila).

Haki Training starts during trip, Reach Little Garden for supplies, crew bathed in bug spray, Usopp leads expedition for Brogy, Luffy for Dorry, Sanji and Zoro have hunting contest rematch. Nami and Alvida bond, No Mr. 3 because of Robin's arrangements. Kizaru shows up, questions the Stooges, "We'll die before we talk." "I believe you." Luffy LOSES. HIS. SHIT. Gear Fourth, all over the island fighting Kizaru, constant Conqueror's messes with his concentration just enough to make his power lose its edge (You lack conviction), Luffy charges through Kusanagi no Tsurugi (basically a nuke) to land Gomu Gomu no Panzerschreck (compressed giant flaming bazooka) into the volcano. Luffy lost all skin, 3rd and 4th degree burns, Kadoo goes on rant about how a trained monkey can do what she does, Kaya shakes head and says she can only add a few hours, "then we'll make those hours count!". Giants respect Luffy and are all prepared to deal with Island Eater until: Sanji kicks up, Zoro slices, Usopp bombs, Brook freezes wave, Nami melts path through. Curly, Moe and Shemp's cousin, takes place of Stooges for color commentary and Buggy navigation.

Piggyback Laboon, fly past Wapol, very heated confrontation with Dalton until Zoro cuts through tension like a knife (suggestion of conqueror's). Teams split up and search. Animals, Nami, and Baroque stay at Bighorn. Usopp, Alvida, Kaya, and Kadoo carry Luffy, Zoro to lug tram, and Baratie head for Ropeway near Gyasta, Don crew actually go for Gyasta, Buggy crew heads for Cocoa Weed, Black Cats make for Robelle. Sanji and Brook book for Arendelle and Fille to search for Chopper and Kureha. Turns out at Castle, emergency surgery prevents reunion, Chopper needs blood ASAP, crews decide to climb but won't make it in time, Usopp instructs Nami and Valentine to build makeshift hot air balloon to transport Dalton's blood bank, 5 explodes handholds for Baroque, Jango hypnotizes skills into Cats, Buggy floats whole crew up straining entire body in process, Dons decide to shimmy up the rope, Brook and Sanji do their own thing. Touch-and-go, Nami has bright idea to gather snow for water in prep for Arabasta, of course Wapol shows up, but Dalton and Drum have been inspired by the example of a king that Luffy has set and repel him all on their own… with assistance from the pets… who managed to forge an alliance with the Lapahn. Luffy released under Chopper's supervision, "I'll miss you too, Mom", core crew explain how they knew so much since they slipped up so much in their panic, armada blown away, Vivi starts to think.

Arabasta, Luffy tracks down Sabo and unlocks his memory, they meet up with Ace, ASL lead Smoker on merry chase, reminisce, introduce crew, reenact brotherhood ceremony, exchange Vivre Cards and maybe Den Den numbers. Luffy warns Ace just how powerful he is, Chopper hands Scope notes taken during Drum attack, Ace asks if he knows where he is to, uses voice to be sure, Ace decides to stick with Luffy (but leaves Arabasta to him). Tame Kung-Fu Dugong, split into parties. Gaimon and animals stand guard. Luffy, Nami, Buggy pirates, and Don Pirates make for Rainbase. Black Cat pirates and Second Chance pirates smoke out Billions in Nanohana with Brook's supervision. Usopp, Kaya, Vivi, Mr. 9, Ms. Friday, Igaram, and Baratie go to Katorea to meet with Kohza and handle Rebel plants. Sanji takes Carue to Alubarna to deal with Mr. 7 pair and the Royal plants. Zoro and Chopper lead ambush on Officer Agents at Spiders Café. Mr.1: Buggy. Ms. Doublefinger: Alvida. Mr. 2: Gin (exploding Tonfa). Mr.3: 5 and Valentine's. Ms. Goldenweek: Jango (Siren Slice). Mr. 4: Pearl and Siam/Buchi. Ms. Merrychristmas: Mohji/Richie and Cabaji. Robin takes down Crocodile with Armament (Èpine instead of Fleur), Luffy puts the fear of God in him with Conqueror's (You and I are not the same class of pirate). All meet up in Alubarna (tame Sandora Dragons, Banchi, race through night with Theme Music Power-Up), Crocodile confesses to all with Luffy behind him, Smoker and Tashigi witness, party to end all parties in the palace, give Vivi same ultimatum. Crew stop by Poneglyph in the desert (filler), destroy Pluton as a group exercise (This thing can destroy the world, right? Well, I don't want that to happen. If the world gets destroyed, where will I get my meat?). Laboon takes care of Hina, Bentham makes Okama crew, Galdino and Afremov Leonida (Goldenweek) recruited to Second Chance crew (Doublefinger, Christmas, and 4/Lassoo stay in Arabasta). Vivi makes speech to country, 'Jackdaw' Adewale speech, go on record renouncing her titles, becomes captain of Second Chance. New Bounties: Luffy 600 (Borsalino and embarrassing WG w/ Crocodile) 'Three-Faced Oni' Zoro 420 (higher-ups recognized hat and he cuts some of Hina's ships at distance) Buggy 75 (beat Daz Bones and captain in own right), Vivi "only Alive" 19. Brook 66 ('rode' Laboon, updated photo).

Hijinks on open ocean. Brook, Jango, and Leonida form unholy trinity of illusion. Much more cordial meeting with Masira after galleon falls. Luffy tames giant turtle 'temporarily' on Nami's order. Head straight for Cricket, get him to convert Merry, Baratie, and Big Top for the Knock-Up Stream, send crews into forest to hunt for South Birds while core plus Ace head into Mock Town. Luffy and Ace head for Pub for Bellamy and Teach, rest spread out for three others in town. Just as they are positioning selves, Birdcage closes around the town. Turns out Doflamingo and the three seats have come to eliminate the threat of Luffy and clear out the town in a joint operation, with Vergo providing transport. Becomes free-for-all with Ace vs Teach, Luffy vs. Doflamingo, Straw Hats vs. Blackbeard officers/Donquixote officers/Marine mooks. Zoro vs Diamante (too small for Pika to go huge), Sanji vs Pika (Shitty geezer left footprints in concrete, time to see if I can do the same), Brook vs Trebol (freeze the mucus and bullets don't work on bone), Robin (awakened) vs Vergo, Usopp vs Van Auger (snipe off a la Shooter), Chopper vs Jesus Burgess, Nami vs Doc Q (explosives, scythe, tank which is subverted by appearance), Kaya and Alvida work the goons. Ace ends up getting sucked into Teach and he flees like coward out of the cage, Luffy unveils Eidolon (either monkey appearance or Super Saiyan aura) and recreates win of manga, debate how to deal with him before deciding to kill him (Superman neck snap). Crew shambles back to Cricket's house, solemn mood ended by Luffy insisting a party (Going to Sky Island), karaoke Omake, next morning give a very specific heading to the seabound crews while three go to Stream. Robin gives Cricket a vivre card so he can follow them after hearing the bell.

Black Cat, Don, Second Chance, Okama, and Saruyama find themselves on an island overrun by plant from The Ruins/ Lotus Eaters. Brook taken out early by lotus (Most delicious thing to ever pass my tongue. Except I don't have a tongue. Skull joke!) All 'minor' characters get an arc as they fight to abandoned castle where root of the plant is.

Repel Wiper, make to Angel Beach, Luffy calls out Enel from Conis' house, use Armament to block retaliatory strike. No need for Shrimp to steal the boats, they set off right after dealing with White Berets. Since Luffy and co. did Ordeal of Balls in first timeline, so three ships take three other ordeals. Buggy does Ordeal of String (can 'fly' and not affected by slicing to ribbons). Baratie take Ordeal of Swamp (Gedatsu so pathetic that Zeff one-shots him). Ohm and his 'perfect' Ordeal of Iron get demolished by the Straw Hats, Kaya gets Eisen Whip as gift and to make her combat worthy. All meet up at Sacrificial Alter, Bonfire, meet Klabautermann of Merry. Next day, split up. Baratie goes on ingredients expedition, running into Shandians and Divine Soldiers (Yama as boss for Patty and Carne). Buggy and Nami head for Maxim for the moolah, Robin, Usopp, and Kaya go to recheck ruins (runs into Satori, Hotori and Kotori handled by Kaya). Luffy tames Nola to give him ride to Enel's Shrine while rest of crew try to minimize casualties. Luffy and Enel face off, the guy manages to hit every single one of Luffy's buttons with his god-complex rant (insinuates keep Alvida and Nami as brides), Alvida ends up dealing with Wiper, Luffy ends up beating him within inch of his life and using Conqueror's to point he breaks. Ring the bell, end the war, Enel ends up like Gilderoy. Luffy can't bring himself to leave to Shandian justice when he has no memory of his sins, feels responsible so recruits to core crew.

Navarone. "I think you're the nicest sociopath I've ever met."

Reunite at Long Island Long Land with Tonjit and Shelly, Foxy for a nice vacation, test out Gear R, ends up dismissing all crew members stolen to go own way. Leaves Foxy, Porche, Hamburg, Pickles, Big Pan, Itomimizu and Chuchun, Capote and Monda and about 200 that want to stay. For Luffy's entrance: Nami darkens the sky with black ball. Then the Armada does stomp, stomp, clap! And "We will, we will rock you!" to psych out the crew. Then transition into "Eye of the Tiger" by Brook, while training montage of Luffy plays on the clouds from Video den den. And he finally appears to X gon give it to ya (possible omake)

All fun and games until Aokiji shows up. Lets Tonjit run away, verbal spar, then reveals Buster Call. 1st ship: Laboon and Brook. 2nd Ship: Buggy. 3rd Ship: Black Cats*. 4th Ship: Don*. 5th ship: Second Chance*. 6th Ship: Okama. 7th Ship: Saruyama*. 8th Ship: Gaimon and non-canon. 9th Ship: Baratie. 10th Ship: Foxy*. Strawberry: Zoro. Yamakaji: Sanji. Doberman: Nami and Usopp. Onigumo: Chopper (Zoan off). Stainless: Robin. Luffy vs Kuzan. Battle lasts two days on shore, crews recover from casualties out at sea, unspoken rule not to interfere. ("You know, of all the Admirals I've met, you're actually the one I respect least. Borsalino was broken. He just didn't care about the lives of others. The fact he managed to keep himself in line for so long is admirable. And Sakazuki… he's a zealot. As far as he's concerned, the will of the Government is the will of God. He genuinely believes he is doing the right thing. He's willing to die for what he believes in. He's willing to kill for it. I want to beat him into a bloody pulp, but I can respect his dedication. But you… you're decent. You have a moral compass. You can think for yourself. At some point, you must have had a moment of doubt. You must have looked at all they've made you do, all they've made you give. You must have seen the hypocrisy, the moral excrement behind their actions… And yet you stayed. You took the path of least resistance. And that's why 'Lazy Justice' is worse than Absolute Justice." "The system demands sacrifice, that is true. But it's still the best we have. It keeps the world in order. Violence and tragedy abound, but at least it's predictable. It's manageable. If millions must die to preserve the peaceful lives of billions, that is a price I am willing to pay. I didn't start the system. I can't change it. So, I keep it running. I do what I do to keep the world from falling into chaos. As I am forced to do yet again.") Battle ends with Luffy melting off Kuzan's leg like in manga, leaves him alive because he's a neat guy.

Sail punch-drunk and battered into Water 7. Franky already modified and aghast at state of the crew. Gets multibillion Beri investment to build them a fleet. Actually explore other 3 islands on Train line. Sengoku points out to Garp the transcript, Luffy never promised to be Marine, Garp realizes he was played and regains Unstoppable Rage. Kidnaps Luffy and drags him to Enies Lobby to transport him to Impel Down. Crew mounts a rescue mission. CP9 make to swoop in, but are crushed so they can deal with the real problem. Rocketman. War. "Ace was captured by Marshall D. Teach. He was turned over to the Government in exchange for the title of Shichibukai. A public execution will be set. Whitebeard will attack Marineford itself to stop it. It will come to be known as the War of the Best. Against all odds, Ace will be freed from his shackles. And just when it looked like he'd get away, Akainu struck a death blow. And he died in my arms." "Died? You're speaking past tense, Luffy." "I'm from the future, Gramps. You don't have to believe me. Just know that I SAW a fist of magma go through my brother's chest. I SAW the light leave his eyes… And I SAW you stand by and do nothing. Because no matter how much you claim to love us, you love your 'Justice' more. And that's why I'll never be a Marine. And why I used you. And why I'd do it all again if I had to." "These are my nakama. These are my crew. These are my family." "If it's to protect our nakama, be it the Government or the entire world, we would make anyone our enemy. That's what it means to be Straw Hat."

Bounties after dust settles: Luffy 700. Zoro 560. 'Scorch Leg' Sanji 228 (fake photo to get Duval or, if info provided by then, real and fallout from Vinsmoke). Nami 133, Usopp 106. 'Monster Tanuki' Chopper 110. Robin 189. Franky 127 (obvious use of Vegapunk tech on Enies). Brook 135. Alvida 50 (raised ten times). Kaya 22 (Eisen Whip plus pistol lessons). Enel 71 (Logia, even if 'new' at it). Kaku 82. Buggy 150. "Acrobatic" Cabaji 14. Mohji/Richie 14,5. Jango 63. Sham/Buchi 31. Gin 78. Pearl 21. 'Red-Leg' Zeff reinstated. 'Mad Bomber' Adeiru Red 25. 'Human Wrecking Ball' Godiva 17,5. Galdino 84. Leonida 9. Vivi 38 (unlock Conqueror's). Bentham 169 (ha-ha). Montblanc Cricket 54. Masira/Shoujou (consult wiki). Foxy 47,999. Viking funeral for Merry, she speaks to the crew as they say goodbye, the love of the whole Armada gives her enough of a spirit for Brook to grab her and host her in his skeleton.

Take on Florian Triangle, find it in ruins, turns out Brook's test iceberg diverted a school of fish, which led to them birthing in different place, which altered patterns just enough that Kraken's food was right near Thriller Bark, rears its ugly head. New Gaon Cannon can destroy island, blasts hole and crews go in to get its heart. Kuma shows up, challenges Luffy to take all the pain of the entire Armada, earns his respect and leaves, Perona tags onto core crew, Lola and Rolling Pirates left free because it's getting freaking crowded, but swear alliance.

Rescue Keimi, Duval debacle (blast conqueror and jump straight to Perage Shot), save slave at Grove 31, then go on to meet Shakki. Core crew spread out and buy/free every slave on the Archipelago. Buggy crew guards Keimi with lives, so no kidnap scare. (Billionaire several times over thanks to harvesting Maxim via Storage Dial). Luffy checks Auction House for Rayleigh, gets in bidding war with Charloss, end up Conquering audience to render moot and talk to Ray. Once rest is over, Luffy gives heading so Armada can meet up with Whitebeard, all those deemed too 'weak' stay behind with Flying Fish. He goes to Amazon Lily solo. Note Law has sworn allegiance thanks to avenging Rosinante.

Luffy is reasonably exhausted when arrives, to spare Margaret, Sweetpea, and Aphelandra, land directly in village. Request to meet Snake Princess, held in prison, "Who writes the law? Can I make an appeal? … Better to ask forgiveness than permission." Hancock is told when docks, comes to check, tries to arbitrarily petrify but A.) she's a bitch and B.) even if Luffy has thoughts now, they're still 'pure', so fruit doesn't work. Execution in ring, KD Bakula, curb-stomp the sisters "The thing about Observation… doesn't matter if you have it if your opponent is faster. And the problem with Armament… it only works if your opponent is weaker." Luffy ends up dueling Hancock herself, decent duel (note: black lightning of Conqueror clash), red hawk burns up coat and reveals back "I've heard the story around the island about your back. It's make-believe, but there must be something you don't want people to see." Luffy summoned to Castle, asked if he recognizes, he does the exposition for once, Hancock challenges if he looks down on her for being a slave. "Of course not. You were a victim. That doesn't make you weak, and it's certainly nothing to be ashamed of. The only ones at fault here are the Celestial Dragons for doing that to you." That plus story of Luffy liberating slaves and challenging Roswald a la Nyon, she falls. Make request to go to Impel Down, sisters rage but she agrees, obligatory feast while Hancock falls 'love-sick', Luffy hides under her cloak onto Marine ship.

Luffy and Boa have really good time on trip to Impel Down, now that he grasps the whole 'marriage' thing and is smart enough to carry a conversation. Hancock begs him not to make a fuss, cheeky grin, kiss on cheek melts brain. Luffy uses Level 1 entrance to 5.5, blows through Newkama Land to Level 5, KD Den Den Mushi surveillance, get to Level 6, free Ace and Jinbe, Won Crocodile's respect so grabs him too, and escapes back to Level 5 before the lift even reaches Level 6. Wait it out in Newkama Land until 'opportune moment', chaos as Ace is discovered missing, Marine ships brought in to search the prison while Hancock sails away. Mother of all jail breaks, Luffy stretches KD to max to knock out most of the Marines, Newkama/Ace/Jinbe/Crocodile do the rest (remember to rescue Daz Bones). When run into Sadi, Ivankov handles her, while the four 'mem' one-shot the Jailor Beasts. Magellan is waiting at Level 3, along with Hannyabal and five Vice Admirals. Luffy takes Magellan, Ace/Jinbe/Crocodile/Inazuma/Daz Bones/Ivan handle other six. To be immune to poison, Luffy uses Armament: Cocoon. Hardens the air around him, nothing goes in or out… including oxygen, so use it in bursts. Eventual victory, make for top floor, Saldeath almost a footnote. Luffy jams open the Doors to Justice from monitor room, sink every ship but one used to run away. They pass Blackbeard, Luffy holds back Ace, they have war to deal with.

Doors open since Lafitte hypnotized. Descend into WAR! Marines used decoy to avoid admitting lost their precious hostage. Ace lands on ship on time to convince Squardo not to mutiny. Luffy has beef with Akainu, plus they're locked in so continue with 'best defense is a good offense'. Entire line of Pacifista laid to rubble by Straw Hat crew, Ivankov tackles original, Luffy goes for Akainu but is intercepted by Garp. Zoro and Robin go for Akainu, Marco, Ace, and Sabo go for Kuzan, Sanji and Jinbe take Fujitora, Whitebeard vs Sengoku ("All this madness… was it worth it?" "To remove the shadow of Roger over the world once and for all? A bargain at twice the price.") Luffy goes full out "Monkey King/God" with Gear 5 and staff against Garp. Blackbeard shows up for dramatic reveal only to be smacked down like a little bitch. Flee with the Marines trounced and the Ox Bell rung. Luffy meets Shanks (Usopp meets his dad), offers the Hat back, Shanks "It suits you more." (Whitebeard succumbs to injuries, Gura Gura no Mi for Dressrosa)

Luffy orders Armada to fan out and train for two years, includes core crew. Luffy and Hancock have a kid, Usopp becomes God with Pop Greens AND Pluton AND Vegapunk tech via Franky. Assuming continuity isn't shot to hell, resume with New Romance Dawn.