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Humphrey POV

After me and Chou Lin finished our little game we fell asleep. Someone came in my den and woke me up so The Tournament can start.

"Sir, you need to wake up so the Tournament can start." The wolf said.

"Sorry, me and Chou Lin where training." I said getting up.

"Don't you want me to wake up Chou Lin too." The wolf asked.

"No, don't wake him up." I said walking out.

I walked to the center of the pack where everyone was waiting for the Tournament to start. I saw Winston, Eve, Tony, Kate, and their followers. I looked over to the contenders to see Lilly, Garth, Vex, King, Scar, and some wolves from other packs. I have section where all the pack leader are to sit, so motioned Winston and company to sit over with the rest. I took my spot in the back center of the pack leader. There in the center was a throne for me to sit and judge.

I get the center a start speak for everyone to hear.

"Everyone today is start of competition that will bring wolves closer than we are before. This Tournament will be held every 5 years and when it's Tournament day all packs that have been rivals well put their rivalry aside." I say and stop to see if anyone is listening then I continue. "All contenders well follow the rules that are stated on that plack of wood." I said then as I finished my pack member stood in front the contenders and spoke.

"All contender caught using illegal moves will be punished by the pack leader. No use of any weapon in the fight. Contenders may use powers and/or abilities in combat. Cheaters will also be punished by the pack leader." The wolf said before sitting down.

I stood up a called for first two fighters.

"Garth and Scar come forth." I said making my voice boom.

Garth POV

I walked forward toward the center of the pack and looked at my dad who look scared for me.

"Bow, now." A wolf commanded.

"What want do I have to bow to him?" I asked.

"No questions, just do it." Another wolf said.

I bowed to Scar.

"Both of you will have two rounds to fight and each round well be 90 second. If you both are tied with one win each a third round will fought. Now get ready...Fight!" The wolf said.

I was about to attack when Scar vanished. Where did he go? Then out of no where I get attacked from the side.

"Hey!, who did that?" I asked. I look at the other contenders laughing at me.

"Stop Laughing!" I yell at them.

"What wrong little wolf?" Scar asked stopping to talk.

"How are you doing that?" I asked looking scared.

"Oh you this." Scar said before the attacking me.

How do I fight someone who's to fast then it hit me I remembered the training Humphrey had gave me.


"Garth your opponent maybe faster than you but that doesn't mean you can't. What you do is take your opponent's speed and use it to your advantage. The faster more likely you have less stamina. So go for their legs then attack, but don't use the same move over and over, they'll rememberize your pattern and block it." Humphrey said.

"So I find a way to knock the enemy off-balance." I said.

"Yes." Humphrey said.

"Thanks Humphrey." I said hugging him.

"You're welcome." Humphrey said.

Scar came up to attack me and I block him then kick him off the ground then punched him ten times ending that by flipping him on he's back.

"Garth Wins, Round two Fight." Humphrey said.

Scar got up and started laughing then walked to me putting up his paw. I didn't trust him but it seem like he wanted me to do it, so I bumped my paw with his.

"You're the first person besides King to beat me the first round. I give you my respect." Scar said.

Scar jumped at me but I block it and struck at his face then kicked him sending him flying.

The wolves who were laughing at me stopped when saw that I was beating Scar.

"You're good." Scar said spitting out blood. "But I'm just getting started and I haven shown you my full strength yet." he finished.

I didn't know what that meant but it didn't sound good. I need to end this before it got to out of hand.

I leaped punching Scar then Scar Kicks me in the stomach making me spit out blood. I lost it. I grabbed Scar's leg and pulled him to me and punched him in his neck knocking him conscience.

Humphrey stood up and looked at me then spoke.

"Finish Him!" Humphrey said.

Winston POV

"Finish Him!" Humphrey said to Garth.

"What!?" Me and Tony said unison.

"Finish Him Garth. Do it!" Humphrey said.

"What do you mean 'Finish him'?" I asked.

"Did you forget this Tournament is Fight to the death." Humphrey looking at me with cold eyes.

"Yeah, but-" I started but Humphrey cut me off.

"All those who enter the Tournament beat their opponent completely." Humphrey said.

"Winston forget about it." Tony whispered to me.

"Now then Garth Finish him!" Humphrey said.

Garth walked over to Scar grabbed to throat and cut it open and watch as Scar bleed out and died.

Everyone sat there and didn't cry at the loss that poor wolf.

Humphrey stood up.

"Garth wins. Now Lilly and Vex come forth." Humphrey said.

Lilly please don't die, I pray for your safety I thought as i watched Lilly walk to the center of the Pack.

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