Kate POV

It's been 5 weeks since Humphrey freaked out on my wedding night. Dammit Humphrey what's wrong with you. I walking to his den to talk about his problems.

"Hey Humphrey I need to talk to you!" I said loud enough for him to wake up. I waited a few seconds for him to come out but he didn't do anything.

"Humphrey come out now!" I yelled, Surely he'll wake from that I thought.

But he still didn't come out. I got mad and ran in to find he was gone, But he left a message on the wall of his den.

Humphrey's message:

This message is all you bastards who how hated me. I wanted to say how much I hate every single one of you and I"m glad to have left this Hell hole you call a pack. I'll never back (like any of you will care), to this shity pack. Have fun with out your bast omega.


I wanted cry, this is how Humphrey thought we felt of him. I ran to parents and told what was written on Humphrey's walls.

"Why would Humphrey say such things?" my dad questioned.

"I don't know?" I said.

"Humphrey doesn't hate us, sweety." my mom said smiling.

Just then my mate Garth came in asking whats wrong.

"Humphrey left and said he hates us." I said crying.

"Well, how can he hate me I don't know him." Garth said.

"I thank we'd better find him and ask him what's wrong." my dad said. "Garth gather all the alphas at the meeting grounds." my dad finished.

Humphrey POV

5 weeks have gone by since I left jasper. So far I"ve been attacked by lone wolves and killed every last one them.

I"m glad to leave Jasper because i wouldn't been able to use my powers to fight when I'm mad. The reason I never used them is because if I did Winston would want me to teach the alphas how use them or use me as an ultimate weapon for war and I wasn't going to let that happen.

My powers are for fighting only not stupid reasons.

I hope they aren't trying to find me and bring me back to the pack, I'd hate that.