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Nurse Katrina Jones is mine - a creation of my imagination

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Overview: Murdock runs across an old friend who will become very helpful to the team.


Part One: Vietnam Army hospital soon after their escape from the prison camp.

"Oh come on Nurse, you can't really call this supper can you? I thought the miserable meals were behind us now that we were safely back in the care of the US of A," complained Hannibal sarcastically. The experienced head nurse was not rattled by his antics. "Now, Colonel, this is what you can handle right now". "But, Nurse, it's like eating an infants diet," chimed in Face backing up his Colonel. The nurse sighed but explained once again that their bodies had been so abused and malnourished for so long in the prison camp that they needed to be carefully reintroduced to full meals. She left their meals and strolled off. Once out of their sight, she smiled to herself and thought that their crankiness was a strong sign that they were recovering well.

Hannibal watched as B. A. contentedly ate his oatmeal and protein shake. The Big Guy had already said that his Mama had taught him never to complain when a full bowl of good food was placed in front of him. Respect for his mother ensured that B. A. would never gripe about his meal. Face was sipping his shake while making sure Murdock was eating his oatmeal. Murdock was having a longer recovery because he was the worst for the wear after their escape. Hannibal - ever the leader- dug into his supper to set the example for his men.

Out of the corner of his eye, the Colonel spotted a trainee nurse watching the Team. She had to be about 19 or barely 20. She waited until the head nurse had turned the corner and shyly approached the colonel. "Hi," she said with a warm inviting smile, "Getting a little bored with the easy diet I see. That's a good sign you know." Hannibal smiled at her. Face, never one to be left out of a conversation with a pretty girl, was smoothing out his pajamas and hair, prepping for his approach. This made Hannibal smile even more broadly - yep that too was a good sign. Before Hannibal could answer the novice nurse, Faceman had swooped in, "Yes you can say we are bored with the food... but the scenery has certainly improved," he purred offering up one his megawatt smiles. The one that could turn smart women stupid.

The nurse just giggled and blushed ever so slightly. "Yep I'd say you guys are feeling better. So I can do this without any professional worry". With that she slipped Hannibal a plate with four nice big chocolate chip cookies on it. "Now don't let Nurse Hoolihan catch you," she warned. Hannibal accepted the plate with a sincere thank you. B. A. and Murdock gave her subtle salutes and sincere smiles. Face gallantly lifted her hand and placed a knightly kiss on it. She giggled, the Team rolled their eyes. "Yes it's safe to say you are all feeling much better," she replied and she left to attend to the other recovering soldiers.

Face watched her leave in an appraising way. Hannibal rumbled,"Stand down, Lieutenant, that one is way to innocent for you."

"Aw Hannibal I was just appreciating" whined Face

As the weeks passed and the Team regained their health the young nurse continued to visit them and slip them goodies and treats. They learned her name was Katrina Jones. Kat to most of them but Kit-Kat to Murdock. Her nickname showed the guys that the pilot was recovering and regaining his whimsical sense of humor. All the guys became quite fond of her.

Eventually the team was declared fit for duty and were sent back out into the jungles of Vietnam. They were able to say good bye to Kat and thank her for the "sweets and sunshine" she had brought them. Again a Murdock phrase, although Faceman stored it away in his arsenal of pickup lines.

Part Two: V. A. Hospital, California, US of A. 1985

Murdock was sitting yoga style on his bed. He was attempting to meditate but his mantra wasn't quite right. Sure he had begun with the traditional "umm, umm" but that quickly degenerated into gum-gum. Then to fee-fi-fo-fumfum. Murdock shook his head and jumped off his bed. "Well that didn't do us one lick of good, did it Billy?" he said to his faithful imaginary dog. "We are so bored right,boy? I can't wait to go outside. I wish the nurse would hurry up and get here with my meds so we can get to the hideout. Wanna play frisbee with Facey today, Billy boy?"

There was a light tap on his door and a voice called out, "Mr. Murdock may I come in?" Something about the voice tickled a long ago memory in Murdock's mind. He answered that she could most certainly enter his "domicile". She entered holding his meds in one hand and big chocolate chip cookie in the other. She had a warm hopeful smile on her face. Murdock stared at her for a minute as that long ago memory climbed into his conscious mind. Her name badge said K. Jones. Murdock gave her a huge joyous grin and yelled, " Kit-Kat! Is that you!?"

She let out a relieved happy sigh and said,"You betcha, Captain. I saw your name on the schedule and just had to come see you myself. I was wondering if you'd remember me".

"Are you kidding? How could I ever forget our little ray of sweets and sunshine?" He replied happily. They gave each other a quick slightly awkward hug. She was concerned about her professional image and he was a bit unnerved that she was seeing him in his ward.

Through their ensuing conversation Murdock learned that Katrina was now an RN specializing in mental health treatment. She was still single and living in L. A. She was on temporary assignment to this V. A. as part of an assessment team tasked to develop better artistic therapies. She'd be in Murdock's ward for about four months. Murdock kept all news about the Guys to himself. He didn't want to compromise them or ruin his cover. Sure Kit-Kat had been a friend in Nam, but this was 15 years later and the guy's freedom was at risk. He couldn't wait to tell them about her though.

Luckily, he didn't have to wait long since Face had planned to visit him in the yard this very day. Once their conversation was over, and Kat had given him his meds, they separated. She had rounds to complete and Murdock bounded out to the yard to meet Face in their secret hideout. Really it was just a natural clearing surrounded by oversized rhodedendrum bushes. Face was there waiting for the Captain. He was dressed as an orderly and wearing super dark sunglasses.

"Geez Murdock, what took you so long. I was getting worried about you and was about to risk sneaking into your room to check on you" was Face's relieved greeting.

"Oh gee sorry, Face, but you're gonna love why I was late. We have a new nurse in the ward and I was talking with her."

"You kept me waiting because of a new nurse?" interrupted Face, who then after a second's consideration added, ".. Is she pretty?"

" Um yeah but that not the point. We know her!"

"We do!?"

"Yeah buddy, it's Kit-Kat from the field hospital we were in, after our escape"

Face took a moment to bring up the memories of recovering from the camp. A broad smile suddenly exploded across his face. "You mean Katrina?! The sweet young trainee nurse who used to slip us cookies and such. Wow"

"Yep that's her. She's an RN now". Murdock then shared the rest of the story with his best friend. Both agreed that Murdock was completely correct to remain quiet about the team.

Later that night Face filled in B. A. and Hannibal. Both men were happy to learn that Katrina was doing so well for herself and still in nursing. All the men agreed that she had a natural talent for the healing arts.

Part Three: Several weeks later at Murdock's VA Hospital

Face had snuck into the ward to break Murdock out because the team had a job. The escape was not going as planned and the dynamic duo were now cornered by a grouchy head nurse. She was questioning the validity of the documents that "Dr. Peckham" was waving in front of her. Face's megawatt smile was having very little impact on her and he was trying to ad lib his way around her. Murdock was perched in a wheelchair behind Face holding an artist's palette and trying to look aloof.

"Really Nurse Heitelburg, I don't understand the problem here. I have the documents giving me permission to escort Mr. Murdock to our art studio off campus. He's to be part of a week long retreat session." rambled Face

"I heard you the first time doctor but I never release a patient until I've thoroughly read all the release forms," came her frosty reply.

Face was nearly desperate enough to consider smacking her with Murdock 's palette and making a mad dash for it. But he was too much of a gentleman to actually strike a woman.

Just then a new nurse entered the hallway. Murdock perked up. Face went on even higher alert. The new nurse asked Sister Stonewall what the problem was and she explained. The new nurse smiled at Murdock and Face. "Why yes of course Dr. Peckham has the authorization to travel with Mr. Murdock. This is part of the artistic therapy program I'm developing for this site. Please sign the release form, Nurse Heitelburg."

"Well alright, if you knew about this Nurse Jones. But in the future I'd appreciate the professional curtesy of a heads up."

"Of course you are right, Nurse Heitelburg . I apologize"

The helpful nurse took the signed forms and handed them to Face. "This way please, Doctor. I'll escort you down to the lobby". Face found his voice,"Yes, yes I'd very much appreciate that Nurse Jones".

They made their way to the elevator and pressed the lobby button. As soon as the doors shut Murdock giggled and gave the nurse a high five. Face was still catching his breath and looking at their rescuer. "Well hello Lt. Peck. I see you have a new career in medicine. Perhaps if I had a chocolate chip cookie you'd recognize me?"she teased.

"Katrina?! My gosh is that you? No wait you recognize me?!" Face fumbled over his words.

"Of course I do. One- no one but you would think up a scam like that and Two- a girl doesn't forget blue eyes like yours." Face actually blushed a little which did not go unnoticed by Murdock.

During the rest of the elevator ride Katrina informed the stunned men that she had been following all the news stories about the A-team. She knew that they would never have committed such a crime and believed whole heartedly that they were indeed just following orders. She had hoped that they still kept in contact with Murdock but hadn't wanted to invade his private life by asking about them. Face and Murdock were both relived to hear this.

"Is that why you helped us out upstairs? I sure hope this won't get you into any trouble," said Face sincerely. She said for them not worry as the doors opened into a lobby full of administrators and one Col. Decker. "Oh no" said both men in unison. "Looks like we might need you again Kit-Kat" implored Murdock.

Katrina took hold of the wheelchair. Face flipped his id badge over so that it now read "Orderly Paul Riker". He put on dark sunglasses and flipped up his collar. With an air of confidence none of them actually felt, the three exited the elevator. Katrina authoritatively pointed to the exit door indicating that Orderly Riker was to open and hold it for her and the patient. Fortunately Decker's back was to them because he was trying to bully his way past the administrator who was trying to deny Decker access to Murdock. Once outside and past Decker's MP issued sedan and driver, the three comrades ran to the waiting van and jumped in. "Get us out of here fast Big Guy," yelped Murdock as Face slammed the slider shut and tore off his glasses.

Hannibal, with his signature cigar in hand, calmly turned around to look at them. "Lieutenant explain to me why three people not two have landed in this van?" His tone implied either annoyance or curiosity. Kat wasn't sure. Flustered, Face hastily explained that the original plan hadn't "come together" and they had to improvise. He also admitted that without the nurse they wouldn't have gotten past Nurse Heitelburg and then would have been nabbed by Decker.

Hannibal wasn't all that moved by Face's hasty and snarky response. But by this point he realized that the unexpected guest was smiling at him and was very familiar. He did a double take, and then he and B. A. simultaneously recognized her and asked, "Katrina?"

"In the flesh" she responded.

Murdock coughed and said he was sorry to be a kill joy but reminded them that Decker was very close and probably really irate by now. He then suggested that they make a hasty get away. Everyone agreed so B. A. put the pedal to the metal and they sped off.

B. A. drove for about a half hour until Hannibal said it was safe to stop. They pulled into a roadside diner. Before they spilled out of the van, Hannibal asked Katrina if she was going to be missed at the hospital. She said that wasn't a problem because she was in fact going off shift when she had happened upon Face and Murdock's problem. No one was expecting her back in until Monday morning. "Okay, let's get some grub then," replied Hannibal.

Katrina took off her nurse's cap and tossed down her hair. She slipped on a cardigan over her uniform and replaced her working shoes with sandals from her purse. "There, now I'll blend in a little better," she explained. The team spilled out of the van. Face offered his hand to gallantly assist her out the sliding door. The five walked into Joe's Roadside Diner. The men had instinctively and unconsciously formed a protective perimeter around her. They found a table that could accommodate them and sat down. A matronly waitress came over with menus and took their drink orders. When she returned with their four coffees and one glass of milk she took their food orders.

The entire team had a wonderful time catching up with Katrina. They filled her in on the cursory details of their lives since the army field hospital. She then asked why they were busting Murdock out of the VA. Hannibal cautiously admitted that they survived as solders of fortune and were about to embark on a new case. Katrina was fascinated and alarmed at the same time.


** Nurse Hoolihan's name was borrowed from MASH.