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Part Two – The Dracken Mates

It was official. He was no longer a sixth year student and as he dropped onto Myron's comfy settee, he was happy that that year was finally over and done with.

He and Myron had been together now for a little under three full months and Harry hadn't even stopped to take a breath to think about it when Myron had offered him a bed at his home over the summer, naturally that bed came with Myron in it, so he really hadn't once thought about saying no.

Harry had just automatically said yes, then once that assurance was out of the way and he'd had some time to think, he'd gone on to babble that he couldn't believe that Myron had actually thought to ask him and of course he was going to stay with Myron that summer, no matter where they happened to be staying, he had tacked on an uncertain 'If you want me there that is…if not then…' which had been as far as he'd gotten in his insecure back tracking before Myron had silenced him with a searing, toe curling kiss that had taken them both straight to the bedroom for the next couple of hours.

Myron came into the house carrying Harry's trunk under one arm and he placed it on the floor and dropped Hedwig's empty cage on top of it, she had been released at Hogwarts and would be here in a day or two as Myron had Apparated them back to his home, though he had gone back to get Harry's things after dropping Harry off and telling him to make himself at home and to 'dear Merlin, boil the damn kettle for a coffee.'

Harry grinned as he'd done just that and Myron's coffee, bitter and black with not a drop of milk or a granule of sugar, was waiting for him on the coffee table next to Harry's honey tea. Myron had bought a squeezy bottle of honey just for Harry and he loved opening Myron's kitchen cupboard and seeing it there on the shelf, knowing that it was purely his and that it had been bought just for him. It signified to him that he lived here too now and that his things were welcome. It might just be a bottle of honey, but to him it meant something special, that his and Myron's lives were being integrated together and he loved that thought and it made him equal parts fluttery and aroused.

Myron dropped onto the settee with a groan and jolted Harry out of his thoughts and as that huge arm wrapped around him and tugged him onto Myron's body, a kiss being pressed lingeringly to his temple, he felt at home and he loved it.

"Did I do it right?" Harry asked as Myron took a huge gulping swallow of hot coffee.

Myron hummed, took another gulp and sat back with a sigh. "Perfect. Thank you, Harry."

Harry sat back with his own cup of tea and he lapped up the calm silence as they both sat on the settee, cuddled up together and savouring their respective drinks. Harry felt so relaxed and at peace that he just didn't want to move, of course that mentality didn't last very long, not with Myron around.

"How about we go and rechristen the bed?" Myron asked with a sexy smirk pulling at his kissable lips. "It's been cold and empty for three months."

Harry grinned and instead of answering verbally he leapt up and ran for the stairs, swinging himself around the bannister and racing for the bedroom. He heard Myron pounding the floor behind him and he laughed joyously as his mate chased after him, they were both acting like desperate teenagers, but Harry didn't care as he made it to the bedroom and belly flopped onto the bed, rolled immediately over onto his back before he jerked up and started stripping himself off.

Myron made it to the bedroom just as Harry was flinging off his last sock.

"Took you long enough!" Harry teased with a wide grin. "You need to go to a gym if you can't keep up with me up a single flight of stairs."

Removed Scene!

Harry was naturally nervous as he let one of Myron's numerous sister-in-laws, Claire, feel around him, pressing into his stomach and then waving her wand over him.

She was Julius' Wife and a Healer, she had trained under a Counsel sanctioned Dracken Healer once she had married Julius, so she knew all about Drackens and their physiology and biology and how to treat and care for them, so she knew what she was doing, Harry was just nervous about what she would find, or rather what she wouldn't find, from her examination of him.

It was his seventeenth birthday and he had been woken up to a blow job and three rounds of amazingly tender, loving sex that had curled his toes and blown his mind and he was continuing the celebration at Alexander's home and he'd met several of Myron's brothers and sisters and he was a little intimidated by them. Every single one of them were tall and broad, even the women were tall, though not quite as broad as their brothers. Myron's Mother was named Kimberly and even she was tall, she had to have been five foot nine, which was taller than him by four inches. It was like being thrown into a world of giants.

He was almost glad to be taken into a spacious living room to be checked over by Claire. He had been feeling a little queasy lately and he and Myron were both hoping that that meant that he was pregnant.

There were lots of children around the Maddison home, though very few of them were running around and playing as many of them were clamped in their Mother's arms. Harry had been shocked and a little horrified to see the other submissives wrestling with their own children to keep them in their arms. He never, never, wanted to act like that with his own children, with the older kids, he could see the frustration, the anger in their young eyes and he never wanted a child of his to look like that towards him.

"Well Harry sweetheart, I think I'm right in congratulating you and Myron, you're pregnant. Six weeks along."

Harry couldn't stop the grin that spread over his face and he pressed a hand over his flat belly.

"Everything is going well, you're progressing well and you seem to be in relative good health, you could stand to gain a little more weight though and I would like you to eat a little more to support your pregnancy, but other than that, go and share the good news, sweetheart." She urged and Harry jumped up and rushed to go and find Myron.

He was out in the garden, standing with a group of his older brothers and Harry barrelled into his back and slipped under his arm and around his body, clinging to him.

"Are you alright?" Myron asked seriously, holding his shoulders tightly, bending slightly to get more on Harry's eyelevel. "Julius didn't get to you did he, or Nico or Ceph?"

Harry shook his head. "No, Claire offered to give me a check-up. I'm pregnant. Six weeks along, I conceived on the nineteenth of June."

Harry expected shock or a verbal comment, but Myron just pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss, his hands cradling his body and pressing them together tight and Harry happily raised his arms and wrapped them around Myron's neck and then he was up in his mate's arms and looking into those sparking, jet black eyes and he found that Myron's smile was infectious as he couldn't stop grinning. This was the best birthday present he could have ever received.

"Congratulations to you both." Myron's oldest brother, Xerxes, told them with a smile. Harry remembered him more than the others because he looked like Myron's identical twin, only older and shorter.

Harry beamed at him and snuggled into Myron, kissing his jaw, his chin and then, when Myron moved his head to face him, his lips. He was so happy, he'd hoped that he would get pregnant from his heat period, he'd hoped for Myron's baby and he had his wish, now he just had to survive the mate meeting he was going to have next week that started in the second week of August.

"Did I just hear correctly, Harry sweet one, you're pregnant?" Myron's Father, Alexander asked him.

Harry nodded happily. "Six weeks." Harry accepted the tight hug and the kiss to the cheek from Alexander, who had happily taken him from Myron's arms.

"I have to tell Kimberly, do you mind Harry?"

Harry shook his head. "Of course not, I'd scream it from the roof if I knew that Myron wouldn't have a panic attack and then turn me over his knee."

"You're damn right I would." Myron growled protectively. "If you even think of going anywhere near a roof top…"

Harry laughed and when Alexander put him firmly and safely back on the floor, he went back to his mate and hooked an arm around his hip and snuggled into him, Myron's hand fell to his belly and Harry grinned, he liked having Myron's hand there, knowing that he was pregnant with his baby. He would have Myron's baby in just five and a half months if he carried to full term. He was due on the first of January. He was going to have a New Year baby.

Myron didn't leave him alone, he trailed after him if he went for a walk, he escorted him to the tables to get food and drinks and when Harry cut his birthday cake, Myron was stood at his shoulder as Harry grinned and had his photo taken by Kimberly, who was so excited that her 'baby boy' was finally becoming a Father.

Harry was glad that Myron didn't even try to follow him to the bathroom, he would have had to put his foot down at that, but he was strangely pleased that Myron was being so protective towards him. He wasn't being overbearing about it or an utter dick, he was just there, offering protection and support and Harry enjoyed that and it pleased him and his Dracken side, which was preening with the confirmed knowledge that he was going to have a baby, his mate's baby.

Myron seemed to know what would cross the line and what wouldn't, he always backed off just when Harry might have snapped or gotten angry, like not escorting him to the bathroom, not helping him sit down in a chair or anything of the like, but when they were stood together, he liked that Myron's arm wrapped around him, he liked that Myron cupped a huge hand around his belly and held him close, him and the baby.

They'd only known about his pregnancy for a few hours and already Harry felt like a little glass figurine, treated like he'd break not only by Myron, but his brothers and sisters and his Mother and Father too. He didn't mind, he didn't complain, though he knew that a few months of this treatment would have him angrier than a Blast-Ended Skrewt on acid, but right now, he was happy, content and very much enjoying the attention and the sense of protection he was feeling from Myron and his family.

The eighth of August came all too quickly for Harry's liking. He admitted he was being a little…childish about the whole thing, declaring that he didn't want to go, telling Elder Midate to leave him alone and rejecting all of his floo calls. It seemed that since he was pregnant, the worse he felt about taking another mate, after all, he was pregnant already, why did he need another mate?

Myron was having none of it though and he'd picked him up and carried him here, to this huge, horrible room in the Counsel halls.

He had come early to scope out the rooms and where he and Myron would be staying with Elder Midate just next door. Harry was feeling more secure about staying in this place with Myron next to him, but he still wasn't happy about choosing another man to spend his life with, he only wanted Myron.

Why couldn't Myron have been enough for him? He didn't think he was that powerful magically, he just wasn't! He shouldn't need two mates, not when Myron was utterly brilliant with a wand and could blast a man through a wall with a mere stunner it was that powerful, as Harry had witnessed on his seventeenth birthday when Myron's brother, Cepheus, had slapped Harry right on the arse, it had not only hurt and left a large, red handprint on his skin, but Cepheus had made the mistake of bragging to his twin brother, Nicodemus, and their older brother, Cassander, about what he'd done, how Harry's bum had felt under his hand and how it had 'jiggled' perfectly when it had been hit.

Myron had just about gone bat shit crazy when Harry had showed him what his demented brother had done, the red handprint was vivid against his pale skin and Myron had gone stalking his brother, only to find him laughing and bragging about what he'd done to Myron's pregnant submissive. Cepheus had gone through the wall, taking half the window with him and when Myron had shouted at his parents what Cepheus had done they had stopped berating Myron and started shouting at Cepheus, who was a little dazed but otherwise unhurt from his trip through the wall. Harry was sure the overreaction had come from them only finding out that same day that he was pregnant, or maybe Myron hadn't liked seeing someone else's mark on his body, either way Harry had been stunned to watch the power that Myron had, he'd picked a good, strong mate.

"You're thinking too hard." Myron rumbled deeply.

"I just don't want to be here." Harry said softly with an imploring look to his mate. "Can't I just…"

"No." Myron cut him off sternly. "You need a grounding mate, Harry. I will not have you left wanting or needing and you need another dominant mate, no matter how much you don't like it."

"And you're okay with that?" Harry said with a look.

Myron's hand cupped his still flat belly. "You are already carrying my baby, nothing else matters, not even if you needed four other dominant mates, I have already staked my claim on you, I am your dominant mate and that is enough for me, that and knowing that you are carrying my baby, what more could I want? I'm a jealous man, a greedy man, but despite that I would never put you or your health at risk. I love you too much to do so."

"You love me?" Harry asked with a hopeful heart, jumping on the words that hadn't been voiced between them before.

Myron smirked at him and pulled him into his arms, he nosed around Harry's cheek and throat and his lips teased at his chin and mouth.

"Of course I love you." He said gruffly. "I don't believe in love at first sight, but there was definitely lust and attraction there, we had a chemistry between us and over these last three months, I have come to love you and that love is growing larger and deeper every day that I spend with you."

"I love you too." Harry said softly as he pushed Myron back, his mate let him push him as there was no way he could have pushed Myron by himself, but Myron sat in the chair and Harry crawled onto his lap and straddled him.

"I can see the love shining in your eyes; every time you look at me, it's there." Myron said with a smile. "I didn't realise that you couldn't see the love for you in my eyes, but then you are young, I should have realised that you'd need the verbal reassurance sooner."

"I like hearing that you love me." Harry said as he cuddled into Myron's massive chest. "And I'll be sure to tell you how much I love you too. I just don't want to be here."

"I know, but you have to be, love. We need to do this right and we've waited to the tail end of how long we can wait to hold this meeting back, you're having your heat period in just two weeks and you need your grounding mate before you have that heat period."

Harry nodded with a sigh. "I know, you and Elder Midate have said, I just…I didn't want to need a second mate, you know?"

Myron nodded. "I know, Harry. But you do need one, so the sooner we get this done and over with, the sooner we can get comfortable with the man you choose as your grounding mate. Instead of thinking about all the bad things that could go wrong, thinking on if you won't like the man you choose, why don't you think about if you do like him, if we both like him and we end up as one big, happy family."

"What if I choose wrong?" He fretted.

"You won't." Myron said with such conviction and confidence that Harry couldn't help but believe him.

"Then let's get this introduction over with, the sooner we're done for today, the sooner I can get you into bed." Harry said lustily.

Myron smirked widely and he couldn't help but laugh and he kissed Harry deeply, even as he stood up and carried Harry to the door to their rooms.

Myron put Harry down; made sure he was on his feet before letting go, took his hand and led them out of their room, just as Elder Midate came through the main door.

"I was just coming to get you both." The Elder said with a smile.

"How…how many of them are there?" Harry asked with a slight waver that he tried to bury.

Elder Midate grimaced. "More than a hundred and they're still arriving; it seems news of you being at the gathering in May has travelled very fast and a lot of unmated dominants have turned up very quickly. They've been waiting for the announcement of your meeting; even snubbing a submissive's meeting last month, just in case it coincided with your own."

Harry's hand clutched at Myron's reflexively.

"It'll be alright." Myron told him, pulling him in tight to his side and reassuring him with a tight hug. "I'll be right there with you."

"I can't imagine what this would be like if I didn't have you with me." Harry said softly as he turned into Myron's body and clutched at him. "I'm…I'm scared now, I can't imagine how much worse it would have been without you here with me."

"The mated dominants we have called in for security are all in place for your meeting, Harry." Elder Midate told him kindly, reassuringly. "Elder Kirrian is laying down the law to the unmated dominants and you have Myron with you, you're going to be just fine Harry, I promise you."

"They know that he is pregnant?" Myron asked as his hand fell to Harry's very slightly rounded belly.

"They do and any dominant found to be acting in a way as to harm Harry or the baby will be banned from this meeting and exiled from attending any meeting with a pregnant submissive in future. If they do actually manage to harm you or the baby, then they'll be pulled up in front of the Elders and tried by us and the offender could be executed, but I very much doubt that they'll get the chance to harm you or the baby between me, the other Elders, the security and most importantly, they'd have to get past Myron and between you and me Harry, I don't think that's going to be happening."

Harry nodded with a smile as he looked to Myron's determined face and he took a deep breath and shook himself off, taking his place next to Myron again and taking his hand, instead of clinging to him like a terrified toddler going to playgroup for the first time.

They followed Elder Midate down to the meeting hall and the din of the dominants inside could be heard before they even reached the bottom of the stairs. Harry swallowed and worked on forcing his face to remain an impassive mask. He could do this, sure it sounded scary and he had to go and present himself like a bitch in heat to over a hundred heckling men, and some women, but he had security, he had three Elders to look after him and most of all, he had Myron by his side. He could do this, he had faced so much in his life, this should be easy compared to that, but it just wasn't.

He hadn't been this scared going up against Sirius when he'd thought he was a mass murderer who had sold out his parents to Voldemort, he hadn't felt this bad when facing a hundred Dementors, the Tri-wizard tournament came close to the level of panic he was feeling at the moment, when he'd been in the tent alone waiting to face the dragon for the first task, but it fell a little short to this he thought as he lay a hand on his pregnant belly that was just starting to show and he hadn't felt this stressed or frightened when he'd gone up against Voldemort in the Atrium of the Ministry of Magic. This took the cake and he hated it.

He squeezed that huge, rough skinned hand and felt the reassuring squeeze back. He could do this and he wouldn't embarrass himself or Myron. He was happily pregnant, joyously so, he had Myron to love and cherish, who loved and cared for him back, hopefully by the end of this week, he would have a second man to love and care for…well, he wasn't so naïve as to think they would love one another instantly or even easily, but perhaps, like with Myron, there would be an instant attraction and desire and that it would take just a few weeks for them to become comfortable with one another, to start settling into a routine when they knew what the other was doing and he hoped, just as much, that not only did this new mate love him, but he would come to love Myron too and that Myron would love him in return. He wanted them to be a big, happy family, just as Myron had planted the fantasy in his head, he wanted it.

They stepped into the hall and Harry's heart beat several times faster as over a hundred pairs of eyes turned to look at him. He breathed in deeply, maybe a little shakily, and he felt Myron's thumb stroke over the side of his hand to calm and reassure him, his mate was with him and wouldn't leave his side. He was going to be fine.

"Now, this is Harry and his mate Myron, as you have already been told. Harry is in the early stages of pregnancy, any of you who dare try to harm Harry or the baby will face severe consequences." Elder Trintus said in a hushed growl.

"Is there anything Harry, that would force you to exclude anyone from your meeting?" Elder Midate said in a carrying way that reached every corner of the room.

Harry had talked to Myron about this at length and in depth. It was ultimately his choice as the new dominant would be his mate, not technically Myron's, but he wanted Myron to be comfortable with the mate he chose too, so he had sat down and asked Myron for his thoughts and opinions on everything.

"If any of you are already married, have a long term partner or children with a partner or a lover, then I have to ask you to leave." Harry said as loudly and as steadily as he could. "This does not include any of you who have children from a previous relationship or from a deceased partner, I don't mind taking on children that aren't my own, as long as you are not in a current relationship."

There was murmuring and some very unhappy dominants left the room and Myron stroked his hand again to silently support him.

Elder Kirrian handed Harry a clipboard with several sheaves of parchment and Harry took it and looked over it. It was a list of all the dominants in the hall, their ages, their wing span and the colour of their wings and scales. It was completely random, so Harry assumed that it was the order in which they had arrived in and not in any sort of special order used just for these meetings, like age order or even by wingspan length.

"What do you want to do now, Harry?" Elder Midate asked him.

"I want to go home." Harry whispered softly. "But I suppose, as that isn't an option, I could start by meeting and greeting them?"

"If that's what you want to do, you and Myron can go and speak to them, but be aware that they will try to surge at you to get your attention and they will try to covet all of your time. They won't let you talk to the other dominants."

Harry nodded and he stepped down from the small platform with Myron hovering over him and he went to the first man he saw and held out his hand. A huge mistake it seemed as he was dragged into an almost crushing hug and was subjected to a hearty sniff.

Myron had to dig him out and once done, he put Harry behind him and swung a powerful punch at the dominant who had grabbed at him, knocking him clean off his feet and left him on the floor, flat on his back, unconscious.

"That went well." Harry said as he peeked around Myron.

Some of the dominants who had heard him chuckled, but one bold, handsome man stepped forward and held out his large, strong hand. "I'm Declan, Declan Yates." He introduced confidently. "I'm twenty-seven."

"It's nice to meet you Declan, I'm Harry, seventeen years old." Harry said, answering Declan how he'd been addressed, which made Myron chuckle, which in turn made Harry grin for having amused his mate.

"I'm a lawyer; I have my own firm and my own hand-picked team. I often spend my time working, but…"

Harry was astounded as he was subjected to a litany of word vomit in which he could barely retain any information, he remembered that Declan was late twenties, that he was a lawyer, but that was about as much as he remembered from the spiel he was being forced to listen to. It was just too much information for him to take in in one go.

Every single man he met from then on out was the same, he was either grabbed and groped or exposed to several men that just wanted to talk about themselves and he was not only getting angry, but he was getting upset too.

"I think I want to call it a day." He told Myron and immediately Myron blocked all the dominants from talking to him and led him back to the front of the room, he made an indication to the Elders and Harry found himself quickly in their private rooms.

"Are you alright?" Myron asked him concernedly.

"I can't…I just can't believe how selfish and self-centred they are!" Harry said with shock. "They didn't want to know anything about me, or about you! They just wanted to talk about themselves!"

"They have a very limited amount of time in which to impress you, Harry." Myron explained to him calmly, sitting him down and going to make them both a warm drink.

"They would have impressed me more if they'd asked if I was alright, or how my education was going or even how my pregnancy was progressing." Harry snapped angrily.

Myron turned to hide a smile, but Harry caught it anyway and he flung a cushion at Myron's back.

"It's not funny!" He demanded. "I can't remember anything, and I mean anything, that any of those dominants told me! I do know one was a Healer and that one was a lawyer, maybe that was that really skinny dominant, what was his name? Jaime? Or was that the one who worked for that library in Amsterdam? I don't know! I didn't like any of them regardless of who they are or what they did." He declared with a huff as he accepted his cup of tea from Myron and the kiss to his lips.

"You only met twelve of them, don't paint them all with the same brush just yet, you may find a shy, quiet dominant hiding away in a corner of the room somewhere."

Harry considered that as he sipped on his tea, enjoying the smell of Myron's coffee, even if he didn't like the strong, bitter taste. At least he could enjoy it for the moment; he was sure that next month he'd be throwing all of Myron's coffee into the bin.

"Maybe tomorrow we should go hunting in the corners then. Is that where you used to stand?"

Myron shrugged. "Sometimes, but it was hard to miss my family though, we would stand together and as there are a lot of us who were unmated, we made a big group. I have some very fond memories of a few meetings, Sandor and I would stand with our sister Kyra, almost shoulder to shoulder, Cassander, Nicodemus and Cepheus would be acting worse than lecherous children over a scantily clad little girl and we three would just wonder what humiliating thing the submissive would do or say next. Some wore slutty heels so high and thin that they couldn't even walk, they would fall, slip, roll an ankle, and as…perhaps inappropriate as it was, we used to laugh so hard when they did something to humiliate themselves."

Harry chuckled. "I don't blame you, love. I would have wet myself laughing if I'd seen that happening in front of me."

Myron grinned. "We can have a morbid sense of humour together then."

Harry kissed that smile and he pulled back to look into those jet black eyes. "I love you." He said softly.

Myron put down his cup and took Harry's from him and set them both onto the coffee table before he tugged Harry into his arms and snuggled him to his bulk, sitting Harry on his lap and pressing their cheeks together. Harry grinned, he loved times like this, where he and Myron cuddled together and he found himself relaxing, the tension from the past few hours just draining away and leaving him calm and boneless.

"That's better." Myron said as he rubbed at Harry's arms. "I like you smiling and laughing. I like you relaxed and happy."

Harry's smile almost split his face. "I'd say I didn't like it when you were grumpy either, but I do. Especially when I can turn you from grumpy to happy just with a single look. I really like that look aimed back at me too."

Myron gave him a look then and Harry's knees went weak and wobbly, he was glad he was sat down as he kissed Myron, placing the flat of his hand against Myron's stubbled cheek.

"Yes, that's the look that I love." He said as he pulled back to stare into Myron's eyes. He rubbed that strong cheek with his hand and he grinned as it rasped against his skin. "I love a stubbled man too."

Myron chuckled. "I can grow a bit of stubble for you, I don't mind, but I refuse to have a full beard. I don't like the irritation it causes and I think it just looks scruffy."

Harry pulled a face and stuck out his tongue. "A fan of stubble, not so much a fan of beards or moustaches."

Myron laughed but they were distracted by the door to their rooms opening and suddenly they were no longer alone as the three Elders joined them.

"Harry boy, how are you?" Elder Kirrian asked, which sounded more like a demand than an actual question.

"Fine." Harry said with a shrug.

"Did you like any of them?" Elder Midate asked him, sitting down on an adjacent settee.

Harry shook his head. "Not a single one of them."

"None of them stood out at all for you, dear one?" Elder Trintus asked sounding a little upset and concerned at that fact.

Harry shrugged. "Nope, I can't even remember which one was which, what jobs they had and some of them I can't even remember the name of."

"Do you want to carry on what you were doing then, or do you think a change of tactic might work more in your favour?" Elder Midate asked him.

"Being pulled here, there and everywhere, having men shouting at me and demanding my attention when I'm trying to listen to someone else, trying to remember a litany of information and names spewed at me…I can't do it. I think it might be best if I did one on one with them. Or rather two on one as Myron will be there with me, so maybe I can speak to them for five, ten minutes on their own without so many distractions, I think that might be a better idea, today was a disaster."

Elder Midate nodded. "We'll do that then, for tonight, why don't you review the list that you've been given with Myron and see if there are any…qualities that you would find unattractive; it may help you to pick a mate if you start with those that you like first and if you discounted those who you aren't attracted to."

"I'm not going to discount any of them because they have a small wing span, pink scales, scars or even one bloody wing, I won't do it. That's a hideous and shallow way to pick a life partner. As long as they're kind and treat me and Myron well and don't care that there will be babies that aren't theirs and they treat the kids all the same as if they were their biological children too, then I'll be happy."

The three Elders shared a look and Harry could almost feel the beaming pride coming from Myron.

"What?!" He demanded. "What did I say?"

"You're just incredibly compassionate, Harry. We've come not to expect it from the submissives we chaperone."

"Maybe you should not only expect it, but teach and encourage it as well. More submissives need to be like my Harry." Myron said, the pride Harry could feel aimed at him was lacing his tone of voice and the declaration of possession made him feel warm inside, that Myron would actively, verbally, claim him as his, to show that he was unashamed of him, he loved it and his Dracken preened inside of him.

"Perhaps we should." Elder Trintus managed to say before Elder Kirrian cut over him.

"I already do!" The elderly man burst out. "Why do you think that wanker Vipond doesn't assign me to many submissives these days? They all bloody complain about me because I tell them to stop dressing up like a street working, skank and to keep a civil tongue in their heads."

Harry laughed. He couldn't help the long, hard burbling laugh that spilled out of his mouth and he wrapped his arms around his torso and he just laughed.

"I take it you enjoy my education process?" Elder Kirrian asked.

Harry nodded, brushing away actual tears. "That's brilliant. I would pay to watch you stick it to some of the submissives I've seen, especially that one that's mated to your brother Myron, what was her name? The one mated to Oliver? She almost tore my head off because I was playing with little Heidi."

"Kelly." Myron said with a grimace.

"I remember that meeting." Elder Kirrian said. "Elder Shawn Keller took hers, I remember him complaining like a baby about her and her demands, never understood why one of your lot would want her."

"Oliver was enamoured with her silvery blonde hair." Myron shrugged. "That and her pretty brown eyes that he actually wrote her poems about. He couldn't see past her appearance, so he ignored all the bad qualities despite us trying to enlighten him."

"Maybe he thought you were trying to get rid of him so that you could have a better chance at her?" Harry offered with a frown.

"That's exactly what he thought." Myron said with a roll of his eyes. "He wouldn't believe that we were just looking out for him and trying to stop him from mating to an airheaded monster."

"I hope you gave him a smack to set his head back on straight." Harry huffed.

"I didn't, but Enrique did and he's not even a Dracken. He got so fed up of Oliver gushing about how Kelly looked that he hit him."

"I liked Enrique. He and Oliver are two of quadruplets, yes? I'm not surprised that Enrique hit him." Harry said with a smile. "I like Keanu, Edward, Xerxes, Claire and Aurelia too, they're all so nice to me. I'm going to need to get more used to Cassander, Sandor, the twins and Kyra. Kyra scares me."

"That is one woman I am proud to know." Elder Midate said with a grin. "There ain't no man on this planet or another that is ever going to walk over the lovely Kyra Maddison."

Myron puffed up proudly at that and Harry smiled and laced their fingers together. Myron was always proud of his older brothers and sisters and he loved it when they got recognition for things they did, especially the positive things they did, he reprimanded them fiercely if they were recognised for negative actions, as if he were their Father. Myron was going to make a brilliant Father, he would be strict, there was no question of that, but he was also very loving. Harry placed his hand over his belly; he couldn't wait to see Myron with his own baby.

Harry stayed for half an hour longer, talking less and less as a plan started to form in his mind before he excused himself to go to bed. He warded the bedroom and put up silencing charms to help them keep their privacy as he stripped down and crawled to lay naked on top of the duvet. Myron wouldn't stay with the Elders for much longer; Harry knew it and he needed some comfort and reassurance after today, so he set to touching and playing with himself ready for when Myron came into their room.

Removed Scene!

They both collapsed together and Harry weakly and tiredly wrapped his arms around Myron to keep his mate pressed to his body.

"I love you too." Myron grunted hoarsely when they were breathing with some semblance of normalcy again.

Harry chuckled sleepily and snuggled into Myron tighter. His mate was heavy, almost crushingly so, but he was so warm, he was sated and he felt safe and secure. Comforted, he was comforted by the heavy weight of his dominant mate, his first love, his first lover and the Father to his growing child, lying heavy and warm on top of him. He yawned and rested back against the mattress, his eyes slipping closed. He murmured and moaned when Myron moved to get off of him, to pull himself out of his body.

"I need to get the duvet." Myron told him.

Harry shook his head. "Not that cold." He said sleepily and to his great pleasure, Myron gave up moving and lay back on top of him, they were still joined together and Harry refused to let his arms fall from around Myron's shoulders and he fell asleep like that, happy, comforted, feeling secure.

It was then that Myron eased out of his mate and moved to the bathroom to clean himself off before bringing back a warm, damp cloth to clean off Harry before he climbed back into the bed with his lover and cuddled into him. Despite Harry insisting that it wasn't that cold, Myron still lifted him up and snuggled him back under the duvet with himself.

Tomorrow was a whole new day, a day they had to spend looking for Harry's grounding mate, despite him not wanting one, but Myron couldn't get the image of Harry playing with himself out of his mind, it was like the images were burnt into his eyes and into his memory. He would never forget what had transpired in this room tonight, deep in the Counsel meeting halls no less. Every time he came to this building now, he'd think of this night, these memories, the stunning, arousing picture Harry made as he lay on this bed, touching and playing with himself while three Elders were just outside their door.

He cuddled him closer and laid a kiss to his head, Harry snuffled a little, but didn't wake up. Myron sighed and closed his eyes. He was already pleasantly sore in certain muscles and he smiled with his eyes closed, both he and Harry were going to be walking funny in the meetings tomorrow.

Harry shifted uncomfortably on the settee he was sat on as he entertained yet another dominant who was telling him about his business successes, Harry had forgotten what the man actually did for a living already as every time he shifted he was reminded of exactly what Myron had done to him last night.

Myron was no help either. He just kept snorting or chuckling under his breath, looking all pleased and smug with himself as Harry shifted on his throbbing bum again and again.

"Are you even listening to me?" The young dominant demanded arrogantly.

"No, I actually started tuning you out when all you wanted to talk about was you, you wouldn't even shake Myron's hand! You were immediately discounted. I can't even remember your name." Harry replied as he played with the hair on Myron's forearm, running his fingers up to Myron's inner elbow and playing with the crease in the skin there interestedly.

"You can't just ignore me and then discount me!"

"Can and did." Harry said. "Can we get the next one in please; I think this meeting is concluded. He's not my mate."

Myron kissed him then and stroked his cheek.

"Don't go getting upset." He told him.

"I'm not upset." Harry denied.

"You are, I can see it. Don't let them get to you."

"It's just…difficult." Harry replied softly. "I don't like any of them, we've been doing this for four hours, it's almost one in the afternoon, I've spoken to twenty-four dominants already and not one single man or woman has stood out to me. None of them have made me want to pick them, not like you did when we met. I wanted to get to know you, I wanted you to want to know me and you wanted to get to know me too, so we spoke together, we actually had a conversation! Not this…this whatever the hell this is where I'm forced to listen to an emotionless list of all their supposed achievements, awards, trophies and medals. What do I care about that shit? Well I care, obviously, I like that my mates have worked hard to achieve something, but you don't boast about it before you even know their name or if you've asked if they're alright! God, what is fucking wrong with people today?!"

"Language." Myron chastised him gently, even as his hand played with the hair at the nape of his neck.

"I don't care anymore. Find me someone who isn't going to speak about themselves! I want to talk about my baby." Harry said insistently.

"I think we'll take a break after this next one." Myron said firmly and Harry nodded his agreement. He was getting hungry.

The man that came in was all confident swagger and cocky smirks, Harry hated him before he even sat down. Myron snorted.

Harry looked at him curiously as Myron and this new dominant looked at one another and he took notice when the new dominant backed down and averted his gaze.

"Paul Trento, thirty-three." The dominant said softly.

"Am I missing something?" Harry asked curiously.

"He works under me at my company. I suspect that he realises that he can't lie to you or inflate or exaggerate the truth when it comes to his salary or his role in my company." Myron said and the dominant, Paul, flushed.

"I wasn't going to lie!" He said indignantly.

"I'd certainly hope not. Well, I'm Harry and this is Myron, we…"

"I already know Myron." Paul cut in and Harry scowled at the sulking dominant for interrupting him. "Well I suppose I don't need to tell you that I don't make nearly enough or anywhere close to what Myr…Mister Maddison makes."

Harry grimaced as Paul called Myron, Mister Maddison. How the hell was he supposed to live with two mates where one called the other Mister Maddison for fucks sake?

He tuned out the self-centred spew of awards that Paul had apparently won, as he was focusing on his personal life and not his work one as Myron would likely call him on any bullshit he tried to serve to Harry about his achievements in work, or lack of them it seemed.

"I've had enough. I need the bathroom." Harry said as he cut into Paul's tirade and he stood up.

"I was just telling you about my taekwondo trophies." Paul said astounded, as if he couldn't imagine why Harry wasn't hanging on lustfully to his every word or how he could possibly want to leave the room at this very moment.

"I'm two months pregnant; I need to use the bathroom now." Harry said as he glared at Paul. "I don't need your permission to use the bathroom now, do I?" He asked sarcastically.

Paul aborted a sneer halfway through but Harry sucked in a breath and gaped at him.

"You do! You think I need your fucking permission to go to the bathroom!" Harry said incredulously. "My god, I'll have a fucking piss whenever I damn well want one! Myron, love, I want him gone before I get back, please."

Myron watched Harry walk away and he turned an evil smirk onto his underling. "So you show your true colours. I always knew you were a little shit, but really, expecting your own mate to ask you for permission to use the bathroom, that's just inconceivable. What a lowly slug you really are, you deserve to be unmated and alone."

"I'm…I'm going to be fired, aren't I?" Paul asked.

Myron actually laughed. "No. No, I couldn't justify it with the union, unfortunately. You'll be in work on Monday, report to my Secretary. I find myself in need of a new aide."

"That's far below my skill lev…ah. I'm not being fired, but I am being double demoted."

Myron's grin was an evil flash of white, even teeth. "Oh I think you'll find it's a little more than a demotion Trento, you'll be wishing that I'd been able to fire you by the end of the week. That you dare to think that my submissive mate, that any submissive really, should have to ask permission to have a basic human right such as going to the bathroom, you disgust me. Get out."

Harry walked in a little under five minutes later and Myron could see that though he was angry, he was also upset. He cuddled Harry on his lap and into his body.

"That meeting didn't last very long, would you like to meet one last dominant before we break for lunch?" Elder Midate asked them softly.

Harry shrugged and then nodded. "I might as well, twenty-sixth dominant lucky?" He chuckled mirthlessly at his own bad humoured joke.

Harry slipped off of Myron's lap and sat next to him yet again, he hoped that this next dominant was at least better than Paul, but at this point, he just wasn't holding out much hope of ever finding a grounding mate to join his and Myron's little family and with his heat period coming ever closer, he was running out of time to find the mate that he needed to stay healthy.

Harry was definitely not expecting the young boy who came slouching into the room. He looked like he'd been trampled into the ground and then kicked repeatedly and Harry immediately took notice of that.

"I'm Henley Jackson, sixteen." The boy introduced, holding out a large, awkward hand and Harry took that hand and shook it, surprised by how…depressed the boy looked and sounded. Surely others took note of that as well; surely someone was helping him, investigating why he was this way and doing something to help him through it, he was sixteen, what sixteen year old was this depressed without anyone asking why and doing something about it?!

Henley held his hand out to Myron too and Myron's hand all but swallowed Henley's as they shook politely. They were both dominant's, but they were both different kinds of dominants, clearly.

Harry considered the young boy in front of him, he was all awkward angles and gangly limbs, but he would grow and Harry could see the potential he had, he was just…downtrodden. Like everything that made him who he was had been stripped and peeled away from him until he was bare and then he had this ill-fitting mask layered up on top of all that raw, bare nakedness and Harry didn't like it. It felt wrong, Henley felt wrong.

"How are you, Henley?" Harry asked concernedly.

"Okay, I'm fine." Henley said quickly, and then, as if he'd been told exactly what to say, he started talking about his schooling and how he was expecting to do well with his exams because he'd gotten all O's in his mock O. last year and how he hoped to become a banker.

"Henley, I get the feeling that you've memorised what to say." Harry interrupted. Usually he was content to let the dominants dig themselves out of a mate just by talking, but Henley felt wrong, he didn't like it, his Dracken didn't like it. He wanted to do something, he wanted to help.

Henley blinked and he flushed, so Harry knew he was right even with the embarrassed, stammering denials.

"Why don't you just be yourself?" Harry questioned as he moved from beside Myron and went to join Henley on his settee opposite.

Henley mumbled something into his chest. Placing the side of his finger under Henley's chin, Harry lifted his head to look at him square in the eye.

"I didn't quite hear that, why don't you be yourself?"

"My Dad said that submissives don't want to know the real me, they just want to hear what I've got or what I plan to do and how much money that will earn for her…or him, I meant him too, I know not all submissives are female, obviously."

"Your Dad is a tit." Harry told him. Henley's head snapped up, his mouth was open and he was mouthing like a fish. "No, he is. No Father should say that to their sons, no real Father would tell their sons to ignore who they are and act and pretend as someone who they're not just to get a mate. That's not how you get a mate, Henley. How do I know if I'll come to love you or not if you don't show me the real you?"

"The real me is annoying." Henley said sadly.

Harry's hands clenched. He took Henley's hand and squeezed it. "You can't please everyone Henley, not everyone will like you, some people won't like you for the most ridiculous of reasons, some will even hate you for absolutely no reason at all, just from looking at you they will make the decision to hate you, but there will also be people who care for you, who love you just for being you. Those people can't do that if you hide yourself away from them, they can't love the real you if they don't even know the real you, Henley.

Not everyone will like you, but those who do are the only ones who matter Henley. Don't act or pretend to be someone who you think will interest other people, be you and if they don't like you then fuck them and leave them behind, you don't need them. You don't see me acting like some puffed up pompom demanding that everyone has to fall at my feet and worship me." Harry shrugged. "I've got people who have never even met me hating me, just for who I am, because they think I'm something I'm not, because I have Myron as a lover, or just merely because I like men and not women, it doesn't matter. I'm happy; I want you to be happy with yourself too, because if you can't be happy for you, how can other people be happy with you?"

Myron was doing that puffed up, smug thing again. Harry wouldn't be surprised if Myron was holding a sign over his head declaring Harry as his to all and sundry. Harry could feel that look boring into his back, but he only had eyes for Henley, who was looking at him with wide, bright, hopeful eyes.

"So, why don't we try this again Henley. I'm Harry, I'm seventeen. I'm currently pregnant and I already have one mate, this is Myron, he's fifty-two and I love him very much."

"I don't mind. My Dad wanted to drag me straight out of this meeting because Myron is older than he is and you were already pregnant, but I didn't want to leave. I don't want to be a banker either, I want to deal with rare gems, I want to be one of the gem collectors for Gringotts, but my Dad said that submissives don't like their dominants to have such unpredictable, unstable, unlocated jobs as I'd have to go all over the world, to where the gem sites are, for Gringotts."

Harry was stunned that Henley could talk so fast without needing to stop for breath, but the change in him was visible as he started grinning and using his hands as he spoke, making expressive gestures and he just looked so happy that it made Harry happy as he listened to Henley.

Unlike the other dominants, who talked about shit that he was sure they were just making up to try to impress him, Henley spoke about his family, his school, Quidditch, the hot springs his school had that he loved swimming in, Henley assured him that he was a very good swimmer and Harry was just enjoying listening to Henley speaking.

He was so excited, so happy, he was enjoying talking and Harry was feeding from that excitement until he was happy too. This was the real Henley that was hidden under that mask that was making the poor boy depressed the more he was forced to wear it and Harry liked the real Henley a lot more than the morose boy who had shuffled in twenty minutes earlier.

"…And that's why I like toffee over chocolate." Henley finished and he was grinning. "How about you Harry, what's your favourite, toffee or chocolate?"

"Oh chocolate, definitely. I have a particular craving for chocolate fudge."

"Chocolate covered fudge?" Henley said confusedly.

Harry shook his head. "No, its fudge flavoured chocolate. They do it special at Honeydukes; it's my favourite thing ever." Harry slid his gaze to Myron, who looked back at him amusedly.

Harry started glaring and Myron held his hands up. "Okay, I'll buy you some of the chocolate you want. I was planning on it anyway, I overheard you telling your friend Neville that you'd run out after your exams and I was there when you were guzzling it through your revision."

"It helps me keep away the stress!" Harry huffed. "The baby likes it too." Harry added on with a grin.

"That baby will have a sweet tooth before they're even born." Myron teased.

Harry rolled his eyes. "You see the abuse I have to put up with!" Harry told Henley, pointing to Myron. "He's mean to me and our poor unborn baby."

Myron chuckled. "You get everything you want and more, and I'm the mean one?"

Harry nodded. "I'm glad that you agree with me."

Myron chuckled again, shaking his head. "You are well cared for."

Harry smiled softly. "I know, you take such good care of us." He said laying his hand over the slight swell of his belly.

Harry's stomach growled loudly and ferociously and he blushed. "I think that's the cue for lunch. Baby needs feeding."

Myron nodded and he stood, stretching his huge, powerful body. Harry's mouth went dry, he was still hungry, but for his mate's body now more than food.

"Food first, everything else later." Myron told him. "Say goodbye to Henley and let's get something to eat and we can review if this process is working for you or not."

Harry hugged Henley. "Off you go Henley, go and get your own lunch and I'll see you again."

"You…you will? You want to see me again?" Henley asked with a shocked look.

Harry reached up and kissed his cheek. "Yes, I want to see you again. Now off you go, this baby needs to be fed before we both shrivel up."

Henley bounded off like a jackrabbit on meth and Harry blinked after him, he cut a look to Myron after Henley was gone and they both just laughed.

"Oh I liked him." Harry said as he and the Elders, who had been silent, but observing in the back corner of the room, sat down and had their food appear on the table via house elves.

"Do you think he might be your grounding mate?" Elder Trintus asked him.

Harry pondered that as he ate a steamed stick of carrot. He shook his head. "No. I don't think he is, but I do like him, he'd be a brilliant friend."

"But not mate material?" Myron questioned as he cut up a chicken breast and popped a bite into his mouth.

Harry shook his head, covered his mouth and chewed his own torn chunk of chicken, he swallowed. "No, no he's not mate material, I feel too protective of him, like I imagine I'd feel over a child and that's not fair to Henley if I pick him as a grounding mate, but I do want to see him happy, I want him to show the real him to everyone around him, to everyone he meets, not hide himself away like he should be ashamed of who he is inside, I want him to gain some confidence, some self-esteem, he needs it and I want to help him get that."

"That's why I love you." Myron said softly as he took Harry's hand in his own and kissed Harry's cheek. "You have so much love inside of you, so much compassion and care and kindness, I love you."

"I love you too, now let go of my hand because I need it to eat and I'm hungry."

Harry winked at Myron and they both laughed as Harry went back to scoffing his lunch. He'd forgotten how hungry he'd been while listening to Henley speak and now that he was reminded and he had the food in front of him, he wanted to scoff as much of it as he could in as short amount of time as possible. He was so hungry!

"Slow down or you'll choke." Myron warned him. "The food isn't going anywhere."

Harry did as his mate had advised and he did slow down, marginally. He still ate until he just couldn't any more, though he prided himself on having at least some table manners, unlike his ex-best friend Ron, who still had absolutely no table manners whatsoever, or any manners at all for that matter.

"Do you feel better?" Myron asked as they finished with their desserts.

Harry nodded. "Much, much better."

Myron picked him up and sat him back on their settee before going to get tea and coffee. Harry smiled at his back as Myron had picked him up and had moved him without even asking and he had gone to get him a cup of tea without having needed to be told. He was learning more and more about Harry and the things he liked to do and how he played out his daily routine. Like the cup of tea he always drank after he ate a meal.

Harry accepted the cup of honey tea from Myron and sipped at it. It was exactly how he liked it too and everything got better when Myron sat next to him with his cup of coffee and Harry inhaled the scent of it deeply as he slipped to recline on Myron's side. This moment was a perfect one.

"I'm exhausted already." Harry said as he rested his head on Myron's shirt covered chest; listening to the strong, even thump-thump of his heart.

"We won't take as long now, just two, two and a half hours then we'll call it a day and have dinner and then we'll retire to our room." Myron told him and Harry sighed, but he nodded.

He only liked Henley so far, but it was just his damn luck that the only one he actually liked just wasn't mate material for him. Henley couldn't be his mate when Harry felt so protective over him. It was for the dominant to protect the submissive, not the other way around, the submissive protected the children while the dominants protected the submissive, that Harry felt so protective over Henley meant that he saw Henley as a child, not as an adult, not as a potential mate and for that reason, he wouldn't pick Henley to be his grounding mate. It wouldn't be fair to either of them.

Three days. Three days he had been searching and not a single person in these damned halls was mate material. Harry was beginning to despair that he wouldn't find his grounding mate before he went on his heat, which started in just a week and a few days.

He was frustrated, Myron was frustrated and angry and the Elders couldn't calm them down or soothe them. This meeting was a disaster and it was getting worse the longer they were forced to continue with this charade.

"Just…get the next one in, there can't be many more left now." Harry said with a sigh as he rubbed his head and a mated dominant who was playing security wrestled with the unmated dominant who was screaming at him that he was earning fifty thousand Galleons a year.

"I don't care how much you earn, you're a dick!" Harry shouted back. "Now fuck off so I can carry on this train wreck of a meeting!"

Myron pressed against him and Harry huffed out a breath. If he'd had feathers he would have ruffled them to resettle them as he puffed up indignantly.

"How dare he tell me that he 'deserves' to have me like I'm some fucking reward for good behaviour! I don't care how hard he's worked or how much money he's earned! If you hadn't grabbed onto me I would have torn off his fucking face with my damn teeth!"

"That's exactly why I stopped you, love. You didn't want to put any part of him in your mouth, he'd have made you sick and I don't want you to retch or vomit because of him. Think of our child."

Harry laughed happily at that and he cuddled into Myron.

"Thank you, for stopping me from mauling him and making myself sick, for being you, for making me laugh and feel better and for thinking about the health of our baby."

Myron smirked at that and pulled him into a kiss. It turned into something more and they were almost mauling each other on the settee then, Harry in Myron's lap, when a throat cleared and Harry blushed at the amused looking, very handsome, dominant man sitting opposite.

"I'm going to curl up and die now." Harry declared softly.

"No need for that, I assure you." The man told him, his dark eyes were staring intently at him and Myron, tracing every line of both of their faces and Harry liked that. He liked that Myron was being subjected to such an intent stare too, that this man wasn't just looking at him, but he was looking at Myron as well, like he knew they were a package deal and wasn't even thinking of splitting him and Myron up or trying to come between them, in fact, it looked like he very much liked them both as a package deal. Harry wanted him.

"I'm Nasta Delericey, thirty-seven."

Myron shifted then. "I knew I recognised you from somewhere, Aneirin Delericey's youngest." He gave a short nod of recognition.

The man, Nasta, nodded back. He didn't speak very much and only said what needed to be said and if he could get away with a nod or a hand gesture, he would. Harry got the feeling that Nasta was nervous and he wanted to help ease the man, he wanted to hear his voice, he wanted to know what Nasta had to say, what he did, where he lived and exactly what those looks to him and Myron had meant and what he'd thought as he looked on them.

"I'm Harry, seventeen and this is Myron, he's fifty-two."

"I know." Was all Nasta said and he continued looking at them as if he was committing them to memory, every single line of both of their faces, he even looked at Harry's belly, as if he could see and memorise the bump as well.

"What do you do?" Harry asked, getting the feeling that Nasta was not going to just sit there and talk endlessly about himself like everyone else had.

"I'm a Dragonologist at the Brecon reserve in Wales."

"Dragonologist? Is that like a Dragon handler?" Harry questioned with a frown.

"A Dragon handler is a level below a Dragonologist." Myron told him as Nasta just nodded without explaining. "He is technically a Dragon handler as he still deals with the dragons, but he knows more about them, he'd be part of the senior team now, which implies that he's a hard, relentless worker and he's qualified to diagnose and treat the Dragons too, as well as look after the newly hatched dragons."

"That's amazing." Harry told him.

Nasta looked uncomfortable and he scratched at the thick, black stubble on his chin.

Myron chuckled. "He doesn't say very much, don't take it personally, I've known him for a while, his Father too, Aneirin is a good friend."

"That doesn't bother you?" Harry asked.

Myron shrugged a massive shoulder. "I never expected or thought I could potentially be mated to the same submissive as Nasta, but I'm not adverse to the idea."

"Good." Harry said as he turned back to Nasta. "Do you like working with Dragons, my friend Charlie works with Dragons in Romania, he's always covered with burns, do you get burnt often?"

"You're friends with Charlie Weasley?" Nasta asked.

Harry blinked and nodded. "How did you know?"

"There's only one Charlie who works at the Romanian reserve." Nasta said with a smile. "We all know one another in this business, we deal with trading and exchanging juvenile dragons for breeding purposes, the Romanian reserve is too hot a climate for the Welsh Greens, they don't like it, but we've been trying to breed them with the Romanian Longhorns, so we have to send a juvenile buck from our reserve for the Longhorn's breeding season and then monitor him and his temperament and at the slightest change, we bring him back. It's dangerous as the buck could get sick, but the Greens and the Longhorns are quite compatible with one another for breeding purposes and Longhorn numbers are still falling due to the disgusting, barbaric trade of its horns for potion ingredients and so called medicine."

"I think that's the most I've heard you say, I like it when you speak, tell me more about the dragons." Harry insisted as he picked up his tea and went to sit next to Nasta and he cuddled in without even thinking about it. "You didn't answer my question about the burns either."

"I do get burnt, everyone who works with dragons gets burnt and those who work with the hatchlings, fledglings and juveniles can expect to be clawed at and bitten too, but because I'm a Dracken, my scales absorb the burns and they never leave permanent scars and they don't last for more than a few days, the bites however can be bad based on the breed, but we stock potions for those though, so there are rarely any complications from a little nip from a hatchling or juvenile."

Harry sat and just listened to Myron and Nasta talk above him, he loved hearing about the dragons and Nasta had even asked Myron about his job, which made Harry insanely happy for reasons he couldn't name but had everything to do with Nasta accepting Myron as a potential mate as well as Harry himself. They could be a family with Nasta, a real family, not just him with two separate men and children with each, but a true family and he actually felt teary at that thought.

Harry whined when his back touched something cool and he automatically raised himself, arching his back to remove as much of the coldness as possible as he latched onto the burning warmth at his front.

Someone chuckled and he squinted open one eye to see Myron above him, holding him and trying to lower him to their bed.

"S' cold." He complained.

Myron flicked his wand from his wrist holster and he spoke an incantation that Harry's sleepy brain couldn't make any sense of, but the next time Harry was pressed to the bed it was lovely and warm, all toasty and he happily rolled over those sheets and sighed.

"I love magic." He said softly as he spread himself out on the bed. "What happened to the meeting? I think I fell asleep."

"You did, on poor Nasta who didn't know what to do about you drooling all over the front of his robes."

"I do not drool!" Harry said heatedly. "I didn't mean to fall asleep, I've just been worried about these meetings and with you sexing me up morning and night, I hardly get any sleep, not that I mind, but I have been more tired lately. Oh I can't believe I fell asleep on him! He's not going to want me as a mate now that I've humiliated myself! Myron, what do I do to make this better? I need to make this better!"

"So you do like Nasta?"

Harry nodded and bit his lip as he sat up in the bed and wrung his hands together. "I've spoilt everything!"

Myron took his hands and kissed him until his teeth let go of his lip.

"You haven't spoilt anything, Harry. Falling asleep on him was actually a huge compliment."

"How can it be a compliment when I fell asleep and drooled on him when he was talking?!"

"I thought you said you didn't drool." Myron said with a smirk.

Harry glared at him before he ducked his head. "How could I have been so inattentive? I liked him a lot, Myron, he's the only one I liked and I went and fell asleep on the man!"

"It is a compliment, listen to me." Myron said, putting an inflection of a demand in his voice and Harry stopped fretting for a moment to listen to his mate fully. "That you fell asleep on him is a compliment, to both me and him, it meant you felt safe around him, safe enough to sleep, trusting that he wouldn't hurt you and that I would protect you if anything had happened. That you felt safe enough with Nasta after meeting him just once is a good sign that he could be your grounding mate, you can choose him or discount him as you please, but your Dracken likes him."

Harry smiled. "My Dracken really likes him. He just seems like a really nice man, a bit quiet and not very talkative, but that's okay because it doesn't feel awkward with him, just…quiet. Do you like him?"

"You know it doesn't matter if I do or…" Myron started but Harry cut him off harshly.

"You know that your opinion matters to me! You know that I want to include you in this and that I want you happy with my choice of grounding mate as well, I told you as such before we even came here, if I didn't want your opinion then I wouldn't have invited you to join in on my meetings. I want us to be a family, I don't want to go from your bed into his and vice versa, I want us all in the same room, in the same bed, all cuddled together like a real family! You will not treat his babies any differently to your own and he won't treat your babies any differently to his own, I won't accept anything else, so you'd better just deal with it!"

Harry huffed and crossed his arms as he finished his rant. He had his head turned away from Myron, so he missed the flash of desire in his eyes and the proud smirk, he couldn't however miss the body that gently knocked his own over onto his back and he gasped in surprise at the action and he couldn't miss it as Myron pressed his mouth over his own and kissed him hard.

"What was that for?" Harry asked as he panted, breathless once Myron broke them apart for air.

"For being amazing, compassionate, loving, feisty and a million other things that make you stand out brightly against everyone else. I love you more and more each day, with every show of your temper and spirit and with every little detail that I learn about you. True not all of it is good and there are some things that I don't like as well, but they're a part of you and I love you, so I adapt and get over it, I'm learning to accept you as a person and I've found that I truly love the person that you are."

"What don't you like about me?" Harry asked with an upset frown, worried and quite put out to realise that his mate didn't like some things about him.

"Only little things, like your cold bloody feet on my back when I'm sleeping."

Harry laughed. "But you're always so warm! I need your warm back and thighs to keep my feet from withering and falling off."

"Which is why I let you do it and put your feet between my thighs even when they're stone cold." Myron said with a grin. "I love you, but if I thought you were perfect, I wouldn't be seeing the real you and that's unfair to you and our mateship, I'm sure there are some things I do that you don't like or find annoying too."

Harry grinned. "When you flick your dirty, sweaty socks at me when you settle down for the evening."

Myron laughed and lay down, pulling Harry into his chest. "You make me feel young again."

"Well there is a saying about that."

"What saying?" Myron questioned with a confused frown.

"You're only as young as the man you feel." Harry said with a wink and then he laughed. "That would make you considerably younger to be on par with me."

Myron chuckled deeply. "I like feeling you too." He said as he roved his hands over Harry's clothed body.

Harry ruined the moment by yawning. "Sorry, I don't know why I'm so tired." He apologised. "I do like you touching me, honestly. I just can't stop yawning."

"You haven't been getting enough sleep, obviously. I think we should just get an early night for once, we could both use the extra energy tomorrow, I suggest more time with Nasta tomorrow, so we can both get to know him properly, perhaps this time without drooling on him."

"I do not drool!" Harry said stubbornly.

"Whatever you say, love." Myron said, not being drawn into a debate or argument as he stripped off, helped Harry strip off and they lay down together under the duvet.

Harry pouted for a bit, but then decided to just get some sleep, so he rolled over to face Myron and he cuddled in, burying his nose against that bare chest and yes, he slid his stone cold feet right between Myron's burning hot thighs, grinning sleepily as Myron hissed in a breath and his arms clenched around his back.

He let out a soft, sleepy giggle. "Night Myron."

"Good night, you little pest."

Harry fell asleep with the grin from that teasing comment still on his lips.

Harry was happy to walk around a national park, hand in hand in hand with Myron and Nasta. One on either side of him as they walked a woodland trail reading strategically hidden sign posts with information on the woodland animals, the trees and the various plants they could see on their walk. The three Elders were walking several paces behind them, there to chaperone even though Harry had Myron with him, they still had to accompany him as apparently this was still an official meeting and he hadn't actually chosen a grounding mate yet, so by the laws made up by the Elders decades ago, he had to be accompanied wherever he went while he was having a mate meeting.

After they walked the woodland trail, which took a surprisingly long amount of time, they followed a path down to a pebble beach. Harry had never been to a beach before, pebble or otherwise, and he told his mates as such without thinking, he didn't see their shared look as he picked his way carefully through the rocks, stones and tiny little pebbles until he reached the edge of the ocean.

It was the very first time that he'd seen the ocean in person and he was overawed by it. A massive expanse of water that was a brilliant blue all the way to the horizon, but was crystal clear when he reached the shoreline, he was looking at all the little pebbles and shells through the water and he immediately kicked off his shoes and socks, he was so thankful that he had worn combat shorts instead of jeans today as he went wading into the water up to his shins.

"Careful Harry, the stones are going to be slippery in the water because of the build-up of seaweed." Myron warned him.

Harry nodded but he was engrossed by watching the water lap around his legs, brushing higher when a wave rolled in and he giggled, actually giggled in pure joy as he watched it.

"Don't go too far out." Nasta cautioned him. "The waves get more powerful and they could knock you over."

Harry took that to mean that they were worried about the baby and his hand rose to touch his belly softly. He patted himself gently before he bent down and picked up a shell.

"I want to keep it." He told them seriously, not giving them time to answer or reject his wish as he thrust it out at them.

Nasta smiled and took out a plastic carrier bag. Harry looked at him curiously.

"Whenever I go to a forest or a beach, I always bring a carrier bag with me, just in case I find something I want to keep. I've done it since I was a young child, my sister started it."

Nasta let Harry drop the shell that he liked into the bag and then with near enough permission to collect shells and little pebbles, Harry did just that, digging in little rock pools and even finding several crabs that he watched happily. They moved funny.

With a bag almost half full of shells, pebbles, smooth stones and fossils that Harry had liked and wanted to keep, they walked back up the pebble beach, Myron holding onto Harry's hand as he slipped and stumbled uphill over the loose stones, being laughed and pointed at by a group of teens about twenty feet away who were watching the three of them. He ignored them; he was too happy to care and too worried about falling and hurting his baby to let their childish behaviour affect him.

The three Elders were sat talking on a bench on the grass, there was a bench every several feet away on either side of the path they had walked down, they were sat on the one right at the edge of grass just before the pebble beach sloped down to the ocean.

"Did you have a good time?" Elder Midate asked.

Harry nodded. "I've never seen the ocean before, it's beautiful and awe inspiring."

The Elders all shared a look and Myron gave a subtle nod, all that went on over Harry's head as he had turned to look back out over at the ocean, glittering like a precious jewel under the high afternoon sun.

They walked back down the path they had walked and the Elders again fell behind them, talking about who knew what, but Harry didn't care, all his attention went onto Myron and Nasta and how excited he was to be near the ocean until he was babbling as bad as Henley had when they'd shared breakfast that morning, much to the disgust of the room full of dominants who had been vying for his attention for the last several days.

They stopped on a massive expanse of grassland that had groups of friends, families and couples all sitting on towels and blankets, soaking up the August sun, letting the kids run riot with footballs, tennis sets, Frisbees, though most of the kids and preteens were crawling over the massive adventure playground off to the one side and Harry watched them with an indulgent smile as they laughed infectiously and ran around, tiring themselves out.

Myron bought them all an ice cream from the bar, even though Nasta grimaced a little, he still ate it and the Elders handed them a blanket, which they spread out and sat on while the Elders sat on their own blanket further back, still observing, but giving them their needed privacy to try and form a bond.

Harry was feeling lazy and he lay back, the ice cream that had melted over his hand had made it sticky, his mouth tasted sweet when he licked his tongue over his lips and the cloudless sky with the sun beating on him made him feel very content and sleepy. He loved it.

"Look at the ugly little boy with his freaky two Dads!"

Harry's eyes snapped open to see that a Frisbee had landed close to their blanket and a sniggering teen was staring at him cuddled between Nasta and Myron on their blanket. He squeezed both of their biceps. He recognised him and the group of laughing teens a few feet away as the same group who had been laughing and pointing at him on the beach.

"Actually these are my two lovers, sweetheart. If you're going to attempt to insult someone, try and get the insult right." Harry said as nonchalantly as he could manage even though he could feel the well of rage bubbling just below the surface.

The boy's face blanched pale and he stuttered several times before he finally managed to get out a sentence…well, almost a sentence. "That's sick! It's disgusting!"

"Why, because you don't like it?" Harry demanded as calmly as he could. "Why don't you try and realise that you are not the centre of the universe and people will not conform to what you want or like. I'm happy, I'm in love, there is nothing wrong about what I'm doing and I think it's sad that you think that there is, just because you happen to dislike it. I happen to think women are very sexually unattractive and unappealing. I don't even want to think of their lady parts, but I assume that that's what you like, so I respect that and I'll leave you alone, why don't you grow up, grow a pair of balls and do the same for me like any normal, decent person would?"

The teen just gave him a weak, almost confused look and ran back to his group of friends.

"Bloody dick." Harry spat as he lay back down.

"I think you handled that well." Nasta told him with a smile.

"I wanted to break him in half like the gangly twig that he is." Myron rumbled. "But you did handle him very well, I'm proud of how mature you are."

"I'm just insulted that he thought you were my Dads! You're both older than me, I like that and it excites and arouses me, but I don't look that young!"

"You cheeky little sub." Myron hissed and hunched over him and tickled the breath right out of his body.

"You're not ugly either." Nasta told him as Myron pulled back and Nasta took his place. "You are very beautiful and some bigots just can't see past their own insecurities and hang ups."

"You think I'm only beautiful? Love, I'm stunning!" Harry teased, flicking his messy hair out with a brush of his hand.

"That you are, love." Myron told him, kissing him on the mouth.

"I'm hungry, Myron. The baby is hungry; I need a little something more than ice cream now."

"How is the baby doing today?" Nasta asked.

"The baby's fine, they made me increasingly uncomfortable last night as I couldn't stop sweating, which made me wriggle and twist in the bed so much that Myron actually threatened to kick me out of the bed! Can you believe that? His own pregnant mate, kicked out of our bed to go and sleep on the settee in the common room! But other than that, everything is fine and progressing well I imagine, I'm having a scan soon, you'll both be there, of course."

"Harry, I'm not…"

"If you want to be, I want you as my grounding mate. I really like you, Myron likes you, if you want me too, then it's a done deal, I want you as my grounding mate."

"Of course I do!" Nasta said as he pulled Harry into a hug. "I've been wanting to do this since I first met you."

Before Harry could ask what it was that Nasta had been wanting to do, he was kissed, softly, passionately and deeply, in a kiss that didn't want to end as they broke apart with their lips still touching, just to drag in a breath so that they could kiss some more.

Nasta finally pulled back and Harry's lips tingled and they felt kissed swollen, he licked them, chasing the faint traces of Nasta's taste from his lips and he grinned.

"I like you even more now." He laughed and tilted his head back for Myron and his first mate bent down to indulge him in a more tender, chaste kiss.

A Frisbee caught Harry's shoulder and he flinched from it with a gasp. One arm automatically going to his belly even though it hadn't hit anywhere near the baby. Nasta had him on his lap and turned away from the direction the Frisbee had flown from and Myron was just gone, Frisbee in hand and Harry watched as the pleased grins on the group of teenagers faces slipped.

They definitely had not realised how big Myron actually was when they'd seen him reclining on the blanket from a distance and seeing a six foot ten inch man striding towards them with death in his eyes, his powerful body tensed in rage that made his sculpted muscles stand out in stark relief even under his light, summer clothing, Harry was actually surprised that they didn't run for the hills, but then he supposed they all looked like they'd shit themselves and reasoned that they'd likely been frozen in terror.

"He's going to kill them, isn't he?" Harry said softly, surprised to find that he was very unconcerned at that small fact.

"No. Not here, not in public, be he is definitely threatening them from his stance and body language."

Harry watched as his big, powerful mate took the Frisbee in hand and snapped it clean in half, and then in half again before he dropped it to the floor so that it lay in four mangled pieces.

"I love that man so much." Harry sighed. "I like you too, but it would be an insult to say that I loved you so soon after we met, there's more depth to you than that and I'm going to relish digging it out so that I can eventually fall in love with every part of you, because I will, I'm sure of it, but it'll take time, is that okay?"

Nasta nodded and kissed his neck, the scratch of his newly grown stubble made Harry shiver.

"I do love your stubble though." He said with a grin.

Myron stalked back to them and Harry was shocked to see he'd left the teens pale and one of the girls actually looked like she was crying, her shoulders rising and falling rapidly with her sobs, her face buried in her hands.

"Let's get you some food, I need to get away from those idiots before I snap and cave in their stupid faces."

Myron hauled Nasta to his feet and they both supported Harry up and they told the Elders where they were going and why, not that they needed to know the why as the three unhappy Elders had seen what had happened themselves.

The three of them crossed the field to the collection of buildings next to the almost full car park. There were toilets, novelty shops, an ice cream bar and the one they wanted the most, a café.

They went inside and the instant relief of being out of the high, glaring sun and in an air conditioned room was blissfully fantastic.

"Oh I hadn't realised how hot it was outside, oh this is like heaven!" Harry moaned happily.

Myron chuckled and went to the counter to order them some food and Nasta took him to an empty booth where they could sit in relative peace and privacy.

"This is one of the best days ever." Harry sighed happily.

"It makes me happy to know that you're having a good day." Nasta told him with a smile as Myron slid into the booth opposite them; Harry looked at him aghast and indicated the seat he'd left free on the other side of himself.

Myron chuckled and moved again to the other side of the table this time and he bumped Harry's shoulder with his own.

"Is baby alright?" He asked quietly, almost breathing the question into his ear what with them being in a café full of Muggles.

"Perfectly fine, love. Just hungry."

"It won't be long; I ordered us chicken salads with a side of fries." He nodded to Nasta, who smirked back. "I think we've had enough treats for one day with your binge this morning on that chocolate I got you."

Harry grinned. "I love fudge chocolate so much."

"So I've noticed." Myron replied dryly.

Harry grinned at him, but turned to start up a conversation about his school work with Nasta, bringing the man up to date on his current level of schooling, with input from Myron about the exact number of hours he had actually revised for and the level of stress it had caused in them both as Harry exaggerated the former and downplayed the latter.

Harry just laughed at his mate, he didn't get a chance to reply though because their food arrived at their table via a happy, bubbly, blushing young woman, who seemed to be looking at them all as if she were imagining them having sex on the table, with one another, not herself, which seemed a nice change, so Harry smiled at her and winked and the light staining to her cheeks turned into a full flush of bright colour and she stammered out a memorised 'We hope you enjoy your meal, I'm Shell and I'll be your waitress for your visit today' and hurried back to the safety of the counter.

"I like her; we're leaving her a big tip." Harry said before he dug into his large, fresh salad complete with two whole, chargrilled chicken breasts and crunchy croutons, picking at the basket of fries that was placed between him and Myron, as Nasta refused to touch the fried, salty food, but he didn't bitch at them for eating it because they were still eating salad and grilled chicken.

When they were finished with their food they ordered a coffee and two glasses of water, which was again brought over by their waitress for the day, Shell, who was very flushed and looked like she'd been daydreaming about the three of them going at it like rabbits while she'd been away.

Harry made sure to leave her a huge tip and gave her an extra treat as he made sure she was watching before he tongue kissed both Myron and Nasta passionately in turn before grabbing their hands and walking back to their blanket.

"You couldn't resist, could you?" Nasta asked with a smirk.

Harry grinned and shook his head. "No. She was sweet, in a voyeuristic, please have sex in public so that I can watch you, way. Sure she wanted to see us naked and fucking each other's brains out, but I'll take that over idiots calling us names, saying that we can't be with each other or love one another and throwing things at us just because we're all male. There need to be more people like Shell in the world."

"On that we agree." Nasta said with a nod as they made it back to their blanket.

"Did you boys have any more trouble?" Elder Trintus asked kindly.

Harry shook his head. "No, everything was fine, Elder. Thank you. I don't need to carry on my meetings either, Nasta and I are meant for one another." He said with a grin to Nasta, whose smirk widened.

"You have chosen Nasta as your grounding mate?" Elder Midate asked.

Harry nodded.

"Are you sure, there are still thirty-seven dominants that you haven't yet met."

"That's okay, no one is going to better than Nasta, he's amazing and I like him very much. I want him as a mate and he has agreed to accept me. Thank you for all of your help and for getting me through these meetings and through everything else, I couldn't have done it without you, so thank you."

"You're welcome, boy. See, I told you I liked that boy." Elder Kirrian told the others. "He turns around and actually thanks us, how many of those submissive bitches have ever done that?"

Harry laughed. "I like you all too and I'm proud to have manners and common courtesy. It takes nothing to say thank you to those who deserve it and you three do deserve it for looking after me."

"Let's get you boys back then so you can go and enjoy yourselves." Elder Midate said with a wink. "You leave the other dominants to us, you can go on ahead back to Myron's, you don't need to see or hear the backlash of them all being rejected in favour of Nasta."

"Oh I saw enough of that yesterday." Harry said darkly as he watched Myron folding up the blanket to hand back to the Elders.

"We have problems with him every meeting." Elder Midate said with a sigh. "If he's not careful he'll snap soon, no offense Myron."

"None taken Elder, I know what happened to Benedict and I know why everything afterwards had to happen, there was no other option that the Counsel could have taken after what Benedict did and I accept that, as did he."

"Can you tell Henley Jackson that I'll see him soon and that I'll owl him, please? I don't want him to just be rejected so soon after I worked so hard to bring up his confidence."

"He knew." Elder Midate said with a smile. "He knew he wasn't your mate and he accepted that, I saw him telling his Father to stop accompanying him to his meetings as well, the boy has had four now and his Father has ruined two of them outright. He really needed the boost in confidence that you gave him Harry, thank you for being so kind to him."

Harry smiled. "He's lovely and he'll make a brilliant dominant one day, he's just a little rough around the edges and there's nothing wrong with that. He needed to know, he needed to believe that there was nothing wrong with him, so that he could then prove to others that there's nothing wrong with him." Harry said with a nod. "He wasn't my mate, but he will be someone's mate, very soon I'd bet too. I was waiting for Nasta."

"That was sappy as hell." Elder Kirrian told him disgustedly and Harry laughed loudly as he wrapped his arms around Nasta's chest and rested on him.

They made sure that they had left nothing behind before they all walked together back down the forest paths to a secluded spot in the woodland trail, where they checked that no one was around, before they Apparated away, Myron holding on tight to Harry and with an arm on Nasta's elbow, side-along Apparating Harry to his home, but merely guiding Nasta to where he needed to go.

They were finally home after a week of staying at the Counsel halls and Harry could not wait to start exploring with Nasta. He grinned and subtly fell behind his mates so that he could check Nasta out, oh he definitely could not wait to get him into bed. Him and Myron both, tonight was going to be very, very fun if he had anything at all to do with their bed activities for the night.

They gave Nasta a tour of the house first and let him know that this was as much his house now as Myron's and Harry's. It hadn't taken Harry very long to get used to where everything was and adding his, admittedly very few, belongings to the house and they both encouraged Nasta to do the same, before they relaxed in the less formal living room.

The formal living room was decorated to the back teeth, all thick, pristine carpeting, dragonhide upholstered armchairs and settees (Which Myron absolutely assured Nasta came from shedded skin and not the murdering inch thick flesh that was carved out of a living dragon and left it for dead, he even proved it with legal documentation that he'd had the chairs custom made and that all the skin had come from the Hungarian reserve and it was signed happily by a Dragon Handler that Nasta knew well.)

"When it gets a little torn or ratty I make another donation to the reserve and they send me more skin, which I then send off to an expert who reupholsters the chairs for me with the donated skin, it works out more expensive, but I am a Dracken and I am not heartless enough to kill an animal for mere decoration or furniture and it's not like I can't afford the extra expense of it."

There were solid wood, high gloss varnished tables and side boards, all with crystal lampshades and a crystal decanter and tumbler glass set, a bookshelf filled with rare and coveted titles, pricey artworks and pottery and a very ornate fireplace that was connected to the floo.

None of the rest of the house looked like this room except for the room that connected to the formal living room, Myron's work study, which was decorated in much the same way as the formal living room. Myron explained to them that they were the only two rooms in the house that he used to entertain business associates and that he was expected to play the part of rich, wealthy businessman, even if it was a lie and all the ornaments and trinkets and little crystal decorations made him uncomfortable. Then Harry reasoned that if you were six foot ten and eighteen stone of mostly muscle, little delicate crystal things would make you uncomfortable. He wondered how often Myron had had to practice walking in those two rooms to ensure that he didn't knock into anything or have a clumsy moment over one of the thick rugs.

He sipped on his tea as he reclined on Nasta and draped his feet over Myron's lap. He was very happy and very content. More so when Nasta started playing with his hair, he started making noises that were all but purring.

Myron chuckled deeply. "He loves having his hair played with, don't do it too much though, it sends him to sleep."

"No, I can't be sleeping just yet." Harry agreed with a dopey smile.

"Why not?" Nasta asked him curiously as he tugged on Harry's hair gently, tipping his head back to look at him.

Harry grinned. "We have to rechristen the bed with you in it this time." He told Nasta seriously.

"You're pregnant." Nasta blurted out.

"Yeah, how do you think I got in that condition in the first place?"

"He's worried that he'll hurt the baby." Myron said. "Most dominants who have never had a child before are worried about harming the growing baby and because the baby is mine, he doesn't want me to think that he's trying to harm my baby to replace it with his own."

"That's ridiculous, Myron and I have sex very often, the baby's still fine. You might have a big cock, I don't know yet, but I very much doubt that it's big enough to come close to touching the baby, you're not going to poke the baby in the eye or something from having sex with me."

Myron snorted. "Eloquently phrased, love."

"Eloquent my hairy arse." Harry muttered.

"You don't have a hairy arse." Myron told him. "You've got soft downy peach fuzz."

Harry tried to look stern at Myron as he heard that, but his lips kept threatening to pull into a grin, until he couldn't hold it back and he started laughing hard.

"Way to make me feel like a man, love." He said, giving Myron a double thumbs up.

"Man or not, you're never going to grow in hair, you don't have a single curl on your chest or chin, you need to face up to the fact that you're never going to get stubble like Nasta and I, we're virile, hairy men, you're peach fuzz at best."

"I think I'm offended." Harry sniffed, crossing his arms and turning away from Myron.

Myron grabbed him, dragged him back and kissed him hard, inserting his tongue into Harry's mouth.

"I'm not offended anymore." Harry said breathlessly. "No, wait, I am…you'll have to kiss me some more."

Myron and Nasta laughed and Myron picked him up and kissed him again, cradling him in his arms. He hadn't realised they were moving until he was suddenly dumped on a bed and the short fall had him flinging out his arms and legs in an ingrained reflex somewhere in the back of his brain.

"That was mean." Harry declared, before he grabbed a hold of Nasta and dragged him on top of himself.

They kissed hard and Harry put his all into that kiss was he was rewarded by Nasta making a soft sound and crawling onto the bed more fully, planting his knee in the mattress to kneel over Harry so that he could kiss him more thoroughly.

"Strip, both of you." Myron growled demandingly.

Nasta gave a slight show of defiance, pulling back slowly from their kiss, waiting a few moments before he crawled off of Harry, but he did start pulling his clothes off…slowly.

Removed Scene!

Harry woke up slowly, blissfully. His body was humming pleasantly and he was sore in the best kind of way. He blinked open his eyes and sighed softly. The sun was ripping through the partially opened curtains and landing right on his face, it was no wonder he had been woken up.

He sat up, yawned and stretched and then he grinned as he saw that Myron was spooning a naked Nasta, whose arm Harry had been using as a pillow. Myron was still inside Nasta, they must have fallen asleep right after the sex too.

Harry got up and tugged the curtains fully closed so his mates didn't get woken up by the intruding sun and he went into the bathroom to clean himself up.

He didn't bother dressing; he just went down the stairs to the kitchen and started making tea and coffee for him, Myron and Nasta, who was going to have to suffer with normal black tea until they could get in his preferred green tea.

He started making breakfast because he was famished; he placed a hand over his swelling belly and stroked it gently.

"It's okay baby, I'll get some food to you soon." He promised as his belly growled again, ferociously.

He cooked up a packet of bacon and toasted an almost full loaf of bread to make toasted bacon sandwiches, he didn't know if Nasta preferred brown sauce, red sauce or no sauce in his sandwiches, but he did know that Myron had his covered with a generously thick layer of brown sauce and he licked his finger as he finished buttering the toast and he put the sizzling bacon onto the toast, lined it with brown sauce, sandwiched it shut and then took a massive bite from it.

He moaned in relish as he tore at it like an animal. There was something about the first meal after being thoroughly fucked that just made it taste a thousand times better.

"You'd better have made some for us too." Myron growled as he cuddled Harry's naked body to his clothed one as he robbed a freshly made bacon sandwich and sat by the cup of coffee that was now the perfect temperature to drink.

Harry rolled his eyes and handed a plate with two toasted sandwiches to Nasta with an almost shy smile.

"I didn't know if you liked brown sauce or red." He admitted a little nervously.

Nasta smiled at him softly and pulled him into a hug and a kiss.

"These smell absolutely wonderful, Harry and for bacon sandwiches, it has to be brown sauce." Nasta told him with a wink.

Harry grinned as he put the tomato sauce back in the cupboard, he finished off the last of the sandwiches he was making and gave another two to Myron and another one to Nasta and he kept the other one for himself.

"You need more than that." Myron insisted.

"I've eaten three already." Harry said with a grin. "I've been eating them as I was making them, they're better hot and fresh from the frying pan and baby's enjoying them too." He said, patting his belly happily.

"Is the baby doing well today?" Nasta asked.

"Definitely, the baby and I are very happy, very well sated and now full of toasted bacon sandwiches too. Can't get happier than that." Harry said with a grin.

Myron smiled at him and Harry grinned back.

"We have a scan soon. I'm so excited. You'll be happy with either sex, won't you?" Harry asked a bit concernedly.

"Of course I will. I'm not some interbred Pureblood that demands a son and Heir from my spouse elsewise I'll get rid of them both and try again with a new one."

Harry chuckled as he thought of Draco Malfoy, who was definitely looking more than a little sickly lately. He wanted to go nosing into that reason, but he stopped himself, Malfoy's business was his own, if he was sick he was sure that Lucius Malfoy of all people would have taken his only son and Heir to Saint Mungos already, he had two mates now and he was about to become a mother, he couldn't go prying into unknown, potentially dangerous situations that were really none of his business anymore, he wasn't that boy any more.

"What are we doing today?" He asked instead to take his mind off of Malfoy and his mysterious, sudden illness.

"I am going to help Nasta move in here while you can get on with some of your summer homework."

Harry groaned. "Can't I just help with the moving?"

"Absolutely not, some of the things I have are heavy and they all have to be packed into boxes and carried out, not everything I own can be messed around with magic."

Harry huffed. "Forcing me to do school work in the bloody summer."

"It's the middle of August, it'll be September soon and then you'll be left with a last minute scramble to finish it all, which means you won't do it properly. Don't let your good marks slip now just because you can't be bothered to do it."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Fine, though I want it known that if you catch your fingers or drop anything on your foot, I'll be sure to laugh."

Nasta chuckled and hid his smile behind his mug of tea. "I'm sure we won't injure ourselves moving some boxes." He said placatingly.

So that was how Harry found himself sitting at the living room coffee table, his summer homework spread all over it, listening to Myron and Nasta move boxes of books and clothes and fuck knew what else as Nasta had visited countries that Harry hadn't even heard of before and had trinkets and souvenirs from all of them.

Which reminded Harry of his shells, fossils and smooth stones that he had picked up from the pebble beach on what was really his first date with both Myron and Nasta. They'd carefully cleaned and dried the shells and Myron had let Harry place a few of the bigger, prettier shells on the bookcase. Harry hoped that Nasta's souvenirs were displayed as well, not just left in boxes in the attic to collect dust, he wanted Nasta to remember his past, but he also hoped that they went on more holidays, on more day trips and they made their own memories together and got souvenirs that they all could look at and remember past memories fondly.

Harry took a break around lunch time and he had a cup of tea and a cup of coffee ready for when Myron and Nasta came home with another load of stuff from Nasta's small, one person apartment. He started making pasta with a simple tomato sauce. He didn't think anyone would be able to handle a heavy lunch in this heat and both of his mates were sweating like pigs after their morning of high activity.

Harry had all of the windows and doors thrown open and he was still sweltering hot as there wasn't a breeze to speak of.

He heard Myron and Nasta floo back into the house and he smiled. It was a dopey smile too, the kind that made him look like he'd been heavily dosed with a love potion, but he did love them. Nasta was very easy to live with and very easy to love and he couldn't wait for his heat period next week so that he could fully bond Nasta to him permanently. Then perhaps after this baby was born, he could get pregnant with Nasta's baby. He'd like that.

"How one man can amass so much stuff, it's unbelievable." Myron was grousing as he came into the kitchen, kissed Harry deeply and then snatched up his coffee, only to drain the entire mug without stopping for a breath.

"I'm sorry. We don't have to bring it all, most of it can stay where it…"

"No, I want it all here. I want you to get rid of that horrible little apartment; you live here now, with Harry and I. You don't need to keep the apartment, not even as a storage facility, when we live in a house as big as this. It's just finding a place to put it all. We're going to be doing full scale redecorating at this rate."

"If that's the case then I vote we change the bathroom from white and green to white and blue." Harry pitched in with a grin as he chopped up fresh tomatoes and added them to the basic tomato sauce he'd made.

"I told you, white and blue is clichéd." Myron said, bumping his hip into Harry's side.

"I don't care if it's clichéd, it looks nicer." Harry huffed as he stirred the pasta.

"Fine, we'll change the bathroom colour scheme whilst we redecorate." Myron shook his head, but he was smiling.

"You don't mind redecorating for us?" Nasta asked, for what had to be the seventh time since Myron had suggested it.

Myron pulled him into a hug with one arm and kissed his stubbled cheek.

"Not even a little bit, it'll do this old place some good to have some fresh ideas and perspectives thrown into it. It's too me and not enough us."

"It's all about compromise." Harry put in with a nod as he tore up a few basil leaves and threw them into his sauce before he drained the pasta into a sieve over the sink, patted it with a piece of paper kitchen roll and then dumped the lot into the sauce and stirred.

He made a small side salad, more for variety than anything else, before he spooned the pasta onto the plates, garnished it with a few more basil leaves and served his mates with a flourish.

"I'm not the best cook in the world." He said with a grin. "But I know how to make things that taste good."

"I'd have to disagree with you there, this is stunning. To me, who can barely cook the basics to keep myself alive, you're the best cook who has ever lived." Nasta told him with a smirk and a wink.

Harry laughed happily before he shoved more food into his mouth, chewed and then swallowed, all in quick succession only to repeat at a fast pace. He was starving and the more he ate, the more his belly was rumbling for food.

"I don't think this is going to touch the sides." He said with a frown as he finished all of his food and patted his belly, which still felt hollow.

"I have some apple tarts in the freezer." Myron told him with a shrug and Harry grinned as he got up, dumped his plate into the sink and went digging out the apple tarts. There was a full box of six and Harry happily put them all into the oven and dug out a tin of custard.

He went to wash up while he waited for them to cook, but Nasta chased him away with a tea towel and started washing up himself. Harry shook his head as Myron started making tea and coffee for them. It was all very domestic, moving Nasta in, eating a meal that Harry had made together at the same table, doing the dishes, making the tea and coffee that each person preferred. It was peaceful and Harry sighed happily, almost dreamily. He loved this so much and he didn't understand why exactly he had held his meeting back for so long. He could have had extra months with Myron and Nasta; he might have even had his first baby by now if he hadn't have been so scared of everything.

He pressed a hand to his pregnant belly and he smiled softly. He couldn't wait to meet his very first little one. He dreamed about holding his baby in his arms and he couldn't wait for the day that he gave birth, just so that he could hold and kiss his baby for the first time. He wondered yet again if he was having a baby boy or a baby girl.

"Myron, where are we going to put the nursery?" Harry asked suddenly, breaking off the conversation Myron and Nasta were having about Myron's upcoming business meeting.

"There's a small room adjoined to our bedroom, it's through the door beside the bed that I thought would be perfect for a nursery. It's empty at the moment if you'd like to have a look at it. If you don't like it then there is a spare room directly opposite our bedroom door that's also unused and would be suited as a nursery."

Harry nodded. "I want to see. We have to start thinking about sorting it out. I'm going to be busy enough as it is without worrying about where my baby is going to sleep when we bring them home after graduation and I refuse to let a man who thinks white and green looks better than white and blue in a bathroom sort out my baby's nursery without supervision."

Myron snorted. "I told you it's because white and blue is clichéd, not because I think it looks bad, but if that's what you want to do, then we can help Nasta unpack first and then spend some time doing up the nursery."

Harry nodded his agreement to that schedule. "I just don't want to have the baby around December, only to come home for the holidays and not have anywhere for the baby to sleep or anything ready, you said I could give birth as early as November, and with me being in school, we have to buy some things that the baby will need, even if it is very early and I haven't even had a scan yet. I'll be back in school in just under three weeks and I haven't gotten a single thing for the baby yet."

Harry was almost panicking by then as he realised the extent of the problem he was faced with. He needed to be able to focus on his school work, this was his final N.E.W.T year, these exams really mattered if he was at all going to get a decent job once he graduated, he had to focus on them and do well, but he didn't even have anywhere for the baby to sleep or even a simple carry cot for the baby. If he was so focused on his school work, then he couldn't then take the time he would need to pick out things for his baby, which was something he really wanted to do, even though he was only two months pregnant, if he didn't do it now, then he'd never have the time.

"Calm down, Cariad, we'll go to Diagon Alley and we'll buy some things today if you want." Nasta held him tightly and soothed him. "It's only lunch time and I've had enough of packing and unpacking my stuff for one day."

"Cariad?" Harry asked curiously.

Nasta smiled a little that boarded on a smirk. "It's Welsh for lover."

Harry chuckled. "I like it."

"Let's get some of Nasta's essential things unpacked, like his toiletries and some clothes, and then we'll go." Myron said as he came to hug them both, kissing them each in turn on the forehead.

"I want to see the rooms that could be nurseries too, and they have to be specced out, I can't buy nursery furniture that won't even fit in the room!"

"I think you're underestimating the size of the room, love." Myron told him seriously. "I'm sure a fully kitted out nursery will fit with enough room left over that it doesn't even look cramped."

Harry smiled at that and he just had to go and see the room for himself, so he scoffed his apple tart and custard before rushing to climb the stairs, Myron and Nasta following behind him with a few boxes of Nasta's clothes to place into the huge, walk-in, wardrobe that Myron had. It was almost as big as their en suite bathroom and they had a huge en suite bathroom too.

Harry left his mates to pick out a section for Nasta's clothes, just as he and Myron had done for all of Harry's clothes, not that many of them even deserved to be hung up as the ratty, torn and worn clothing weren't even fit to be called rags.

He went through the door that he had seen, but hadn't gone into yet and he grinned. The room was about the same size as the en suite and it was completely bare basics in there. It had wallpaper, carpet and curtains over the netted windows. That was it, nothing else was in the room and the huge space was beautiful and open and Harry wanted it immediately as his baby's nursery.

"What do you think?" Myron asked as he checked in on him.

"I love it; this room will be our baby's nursery. I don't like the stone beige colour though."

"We can change the colour easily enough." Myron told him. "Do you want a themed nursery or do you not care as long as it all matches?"

Harry shrugged. "I've never seen nursery furniture before, I can't see me wanting a themed room, maybe when the baby is older and can choose for themselves what they like, but I think as long as it's all safe, sturdy and that it matches at least a little, I'll be very happy."

Myron nodded and led them out of the nursery and they got ready to go out to Diagon Alley. Not only were they going shopping for baby things for the first time, but it would also be the first time that they had been out in wizarding public since Harry had chosen Nasta, the papers tomorrow morning were going to be interesting to say the least.

The first thing Harry noticed when he went downstairs after waking up the next day was that there were people talking, too many people talking.

He frowned and detoured towards the noise and found that the living room was full of people. He recognised some of them as Myron's family; Alexander was there, Julius and Claire, Xerxes, Sandor, Lydia, Kyra and Aurelia were also in the living room, but there were two men that he didn't know and one sad looking woman that he didn't know, but she looked so much like Kyra that they had to be identical twins, except really for the height difference, so he assumed that she was Kyra's identical twin sister, Kyrie.

"What's going on?" He asked as he moved closer to Myron and tucked himself into his mate's side.

"The papers printed those pictures of us shopping yesterday." Myron told him. "Nasta's family saw it before he had a chance to tell them that he'd mated."

Harry made an 'O' of understanding and looked to the two new men.

"So you're Nasta's Dads?" He asked.

At once everyone started laughing clamorously; even Nasta himself chuckled as he came to stand beside him.

"What? Why does everyone always laugh at me when I say something? What did I say that was so uproariously funny this time?" He demanded.

"That's my Dad and my older brother, Sanex, Harry." Nasta told him with a grin.

Harry blushed so hard he felt lightheaded and he wanted the floor to open up wide and swallow him whole so that he didn't have to deal with the embarrassment and humiliation of his latest foot in mouth comment.

"I am so sorry, you just both look near enough the same age and I thought that you…"

Harry was drowned out by another round of, louder, laughter and he buried his face into his hands as he realised that he'd well and truly stuffed his foot in his mouth with that comment. This was his first meeting with Nasta's family and he was making himself come across as a brainless, insensitive moron to them. He could have screamed with the frustration he felt at his runaway mouth.

"I'm just going to stop talking." He declared as he turned and buried himself into Myron's robes.

Myron wrapped him in a hug and stroked his back gently with his huge hands as the laughter died away.

"I think I'm highly insulted that your baby mate thinks that I'm twenty years older than I am, Nas."

"I rather think he was complimenting Dad, Nex. After all, you look forty, Dad doesn't look sixty."

"You're sixty!" Harry gasped, turning around to look at the man he thought looked slightly older out of the two, before realising that he could have made that a third strike for his runaway mouth and he buried his face back into his hands to prevent anything more coming out of his mouth.

The man he'd spoken to nodded with a chuckle. "I am."

"This is my Dad, Aneirin." Nasta introduced, forcing Harry's head from his hands to drag him forward to introduce them together.

"Nice to meet you." Harry mumbled embarrassedly.

"Aww, he's gone all shy!" Nasta's brother, Sanex, cooed. "He's so cute, Nas. Whose cradle did you rob to get him?"

Harry went from embarrassed to pissed off in a heartbeat. He didn't need to do anything though as Nasta gripped a hold on Harry's hand in silent support and Aneirin cuffed Sanex around the ear.

"What was that for?" Sanex asked as he raised a hand to rub at his sore spot. "I was just curious."

"Stop being so rude, Sanex." Aneirin told his son. "We've just met Harry and you're already angering him."

"He's cuter when he's angry. What I'd imagine an irritated kitten would look like if you took his toys from him."

Harry didn't even think about what he was doing, he took out his wand from his sleeve and he hit Sanex with a full body bind curse. His arms and legs snapped immediately together and the force of Harry's spell knocked him onto his back, four feet behind where he had been previously standing.

"You deserve that." Nasta told his brother as he moved Harry out into the kitchen to get him some tea. "Ignore him Harry; he is very…childish at heart."

"Why does he look about as old as your Dad?" Harry asked curiously. It had been increasingly bothering him the more he gave thought to it.

"Sanex is human, Harry. My Dad is a Dracken. So my Dad is aging slower and Sanex is aging as normal."

"Does that mean that your brother will look older than your Dad in several years?"

Nasta frowned. "I never thought of it, possibly, but then he may not. As Drackens we do age, just slower than humans, so when Sanex is sixty, my Dad will be eighty, and he won't be looking like a forty year old anymore when he's eighty, love."

Harry nodded and accepted the tea handed to him. The first gulp made him feel instantly better.

"Is it alright? I think I'm getting better at making it how you like it."

"It's perfect, love. Thank you. Are you happier now that you picked up your green tea?"

Nasta smiled at him and nodded. "I am. My brew this morning tasted extra wonderful because I've been drinking black tea for the last few days."

Harry put his cup down, reached up and cupped Nasta's face and pulled him down for a kiss.

"I forgot to give you a morning kiss with everyone here. Myron hasn't had one either. I don't like that."

Nasta's smirk could have won competitions for smugness as he wrapped his arms around Harry's back and pulled him into a deeper, longer, more lingering kiss.

"Good morning, Harry." He greeted softly. "I love you."

Harry's grin almost split his face. "I love you too, even if it has only been a few days. You've convinced me that I definitely made the right decision in picking you and I feel as strongly for you as I do for Myron, maybe a little more possessive of you at the moment though, as we aren't properly bonded yet."

Nasta chuckled. "I feel the same, I just want your heat to come so that I might finally settle down and come to realise that you're mine and no one will be able to take you away from me."

"Not ever." Harry declared strongly as he went onto his tip toes and kissed Nasta soundly.

He did wonder if he had a tall person fetish though, or at least a turn on. Nasta was six foot six, above average for males, and Myron was six foot ten, well above the average and bordering on impossibly, gigantically tall.

He loved them both and he loved that they were both tall and broad, but though Nasta looked less bulky, Harry had felt the strength in his body and he knew that Nasta had hidden muscle where Myron's muscle was more obvious to the naked eye.

Harry went back down onto his feet and he smiled at Nasta, before he picked up his cup of tea and went back into the living room. Everyone was sat down now and Sanex looked thoroughly chastened as he sat next to his Father.

Harry ignored everyone, sat next to Myron and leant over him to kiss his mouth.

"Good morning, love."

Myron smiled as he realised what Harry was doing. They'd kept the same morning ritual of greeting each other with a kiss that it was already becoming a habit.

"Morning, Harry." He rumbled back. "How are you and the baby?"

"Perfectly fine. I still haven't felt the baby move, but you said that I'd need to be about three, four months for that, yes?"

Myron nodded. "We need to have your first scan before your heat period too."

Harry nodded. "Two days. I floo called Saint Mungos yesterday."

"When did you do that?" Nasta asked curiously.

"When you and Myron were upstairs, cursing and banging around trying to set the cot up without using magic."

Myron nodded. "We got it set up though, didn't we?"

Harry smiled and nodded. "Yes, you did. Thank you for doing that."

"You bought a cot? Oh what does the nursery look like?" Kimberly said softly.

Harry stood up. "I'll show you if you'd like."

He led his Mother-in-law up the stairs and into their bedroom and then through to the nursery. He loved it. It was all handpicked by him and all the furniture was handmade and expertly crafted. They'd bought an entire nursery set and they had been photographed buying said nursery set and it had appeared in the Daily Prophet that morning.

The walls were white and pale blue and the large, solid, walnut wood, curved sleigh cot that he had fallen in love with was in the middle of the left side wall, there was a gorgeous soft blue rug in front of it that Harry loved, the carpet was white, the matching changing table was opposite the cot, a dresser beside it, there was a toy chest beside the cot and a wardrobe on the wall opposite the door, next to one of the huge windows, the curtains were also blue.

The set had come with a gorgeous solid, dark wooden rocking chair and footstool and the matching bassinet that were both padded with white fabric, the cushion and back padding tied onto the rocking chair was very thick and looked amazingly comfortable.

The mattress in the bassinet was thick and spongy, the sheets were white, the bedding was white and the side padding was white, it looked amazing altogether. The bassinet was going to stay in the nursery until he actually gave birth, they had two of them, both the same and the one was still flat packed as it was going to come to Hogwarts with them as he was definitely going to give birth before he graduated.

"Why is the room accented with blue sweetheart, I didn't realise you knew you were having a boy." Kimberly said.

"Oh, I don't. None of us are much fans of pink though, and I figured that this soft, dainty shade of blue is suitable enough for a boy or a girl. It's not like very many people are going to see the nursery and we're not going to be dressing our baby daughter in dungarees and ball caps, so I thought it wouldn't matter. I like the colour blue and Nasta and Myron did too, so we all decided on this one as an accent."

"I think it's lovely." Kimberly said with a smile. "I wish I'd thought of it when I was having my children, it would have been much easier to keep the same colour scheme, as it was I redecorated with every pregnancy, it drove Alexander crazy with worry." She laughed delicately. "He was always worried that the paint fumes would make me faint or damage the babies."

"Myron and Nasta were the same." Harry nodded. "I wasn't allowed upstairs until the smell of the paint had been vented out. It was freezing up here because all the windows in every room were wide open and despite it being a hot day, it got cold when the sun went down."

Kimberly laughed and they headed back down the stairs.

"What made it worse." Harry told her. "Was that we bought special non-toxic paint that is safe for use by pregnant people, and I still wasn't allowed upstairs to help with the painting."

That made Kimberly laugh harder as they went into the living room. Alexander was beaming at his laughing mate as she trailed off into soft giggles.

"What is the nursery like?" Alexander asked his mate and his Wife as she sat back down next to him.

"Oh it's beautiful Alex." Kimberly sighed. "Harry has picked it out wonderfully; the cot alone is a work of art."

"Okay, now I have to go and see it." Xerxes said with a wink. "Can I go up and look?"

"Go right ahead." Harry said, gesturing to the door.

He stayed downstairs with Kimberly and Nasta as Myron went to show his brothers and sisters, his sister-in-law, his Father and Aneirin and Sanex the nursery they had spent the afternoon and evening of yesterday shopping for and then putting together, with much cursing and growls of frustration from his mates as he hadn't actually been allowed to do anything, he'd just supervised and happily pointed out where they were going wrong as he tested out his new rocking chair as he watched them struggle and toil over getting the flat packed nursery furniture put together safely and securely.

The rest of the meet and greet went well after the initial bumps and by lunch time, they were left alone again and Harry rested back on the settee. He was only two months pregnant, he knew that, but he was feeling a slight strain from the pregnancy all the same, he cupped the slight swell of his belly and tried to gauge how much weight it was. He'd put on a little bit of weight himself and he was ecstatic about missing his usual summer starvation diet of living on cold tinned soup, maybe a slice or two of bread and maybe a piece of overripe fruit if he was lucky.

He could see his mates were worried about what he had gone through, he knew Myron would have shared his worries with Nasta over what Harry had told him when they'd first mated. Harry didn't want to think about back then though. He was happier now than he'd ever been, he was in love for the first time, he was pregnant and he had both of his mates with him for the rest of their lives. He didn't want to think about the Dursleys now at all, they were out of his life and he was never going back to them, he'd never have to ever see them again and he was even starting his own family and he didn't need them anymore. Everything was going smoothly, perfectly even and he was happy.

Waiting in the hospital was torturous as he sat between his two mates and bounced his knee rapidly against the floor. His heart was beating a mile a minute and he hadn't been able to eat anything that morning.

He didn't know why he was this nervous, he had been near enough this nervous when he was fourteen, sitting in that tent alone, waiting for his turn to face a nesting dragon. There was no risk to his life from this though; all he was waiting for was the first scan of his two month old baby growing in his belly. He didn't know why that made him as nervous as he had felt as a fourteen year old waiting to face a dragon.

He'd told his mates just that as well as he sat between them, bouncing his knee. He even told Nasta about how he had gotten past his dragon without injuring her or her eggs, as Nasta had heard that half of a clutch of eggs had been destroyed in the task and he had refused to buy anything related to the Tri-wizard tournament in his own personal protest of them using dragons for the games, so he hadn't known who had been responsible for hurting a dragon and needlessly killing off unborn dragons for mere sport.

"Mister Potter?" An Orderly in yellow robes called out.

Harry's hands reflexively clenched around both Nasta's and Myron's hands and he swallowed around his suddenly dry throat. He took a deep breath and stood up and he dragged Myron and Nasta with him as he followed the Orderly into a room where a Healer was ready and waiting. He did wonder if that was normal, didn't the Healer usually wait until he was undressed and lying down before entering the room?

Myron didn't like it either it seemed as he gave the Healer a look and then turned to help Harry take off his shirt and get up onto the bed.

"I understand that this is your first scan?" The Healer said, holding his professionalism around him by the skin of his teeth after Myron's look.

Harry nodded. "Yes, I'm a little over two months pregnant, I conceived on the nineteenth of June."

"Oh, you know the exact day you conceived? That's unusual, but it helps make my job easier." The man smiled. "If you'd like to lie down."

Harry lay back and dragged Nasta up by his head and held his hand and breathed easily and deeply.

"It'll be alright, Cariad." Nasta breathed into his ear softly. "We won't let anything happen to you."

Harry relaxed a little and swallowed, turning to look at Myron who was stood shoulder to shoulder with Nasta, hovering over his bump as the Healer took out a big bottle of gel.

"This will be cold." He warned right before he squeezed the bottle and Harry about jumped out of his skin as the cool gel touched his warm skin.

Nasta's hand reached over him and brushed his cheek and hair, cupping his face and kissing him and Harry eased down again.

The transducer was rolled through the gel and then all over his belly and it was dug in quite deeply, which worried Harry. Was the Healer supposed to press so hard into his belly?

It took a long while before the Healer found anything and Harry was getting more and more worried as the time slipped by and not even Nasta by his head could calm him as he became twitchy.

"Ah, there we go." The Healer exclaimed and Harry craned his head to look at the screen. He saw black, a lot of grainy grey and a tiny prick of white in the middle.

"What am I looking at?" Harry asked confusedly.

"This black area is the sac in which the baby is held; the grey areas are your body, the little white speck near the middle, that is your baby."

"It's so small. Is it supposed to be that small?" Harry asked panicked.

The Healer was nodding before Harry had finished the question. "You're two months pregnant, this is perfectly normal, baby often looks like a shrimp at eight weeks old, but if you look, this lighter, little speck in the middle, that's the baby's heartbeat."

Harry stared hard at that little spot that was the size of a pinprick and he grinned. That was proof that his baby was alive and he was happy to see it.

"There's nothing to worry about?" Myron asked.

"Nothing, the baby is fine as far as we can tell at the moment, the heartbeat is strong, an average one hundred and sixty-two beats a minute and there are no abnormalities in the sac or the placenta. Everything looks good."

Harry laughed in relief and Myron wiped the gel from his belly with a soft, clean towel that the Healer had held out and Nasta helped sit him up and Myron helped him with his shirt that he'd been holding.

"It was nice meeting you, Mister Potter."

Harry nodded and then he was gone, dragging Myron and Nasta with him again, pictures of his baby in Nasta's hand.

"I never want that Healer again." He said as they made their way to the bank of fireplaces. "He gave me a weird, creepy vibe. I didn't like it."

"I think he's a fan of your alter ego." Nasta said.

"Alter ego?" Harry said, looking over his shoulder at Nasta. "What am I, a superhero?"

"To some people you are." Myron told him seriously.

"I don't want to be."

"We know and I hope that you know that we don't see you like that at all."

"I wouldn't have picked either of you as my mates if you had." Harry said seriously. "I murdered someone. I think it's wrong that everyone is not only congratulating me and hero worshiping me for it, but that I was encouraged to be a murderer in the first place. It's disgusting. I was fifteen. I became a murderer at fifteen."

Harry went through the floo before either of his mates could say anything and he was in the kitchen boiling the kettle when first Nasta and then Myron joined him. Harry's jaw was clenched and his body tensed, his hands shaking as he set out three cups on the counter.

Myron pulled him into a firm hug, pressing the lengths of their bodies tightly together and Harry started full body shaking, holding back tears that he didn't want to let fall and he had no idea where they had come from. He had not once shed a single tear over destroying Voldemort as he had, why now?

"You're not a murderer. You're not a hero either. You did what you were pressured into doing by people who should have known better and who should now be ashamed of themselves."

"I killed a person at fifteen!"

"You shouldn't have had to." Nasta told him seriously. "It shouldn't have been you…but I don't think he was a person Harry. He had no humanity, nothing that made him human inside of him; I think if you didn't think of him as a person, then you'd stop hurting yourself so much over what happened."

"He needed to die." Myron said simply. "Nasta's right, it should never have been you, or even your responsibility just because he targeted you as a child, but it was you, you did kill him, but he also needed to be killed."

"It had to be me. There was a prophecy, it said that I either had to kill him, or he had to kill me because neither of us could live together. The exact wording was 'neither can live while the other survives.' It always had to be me, ever since he came to my house that night when I was just a baby and gave me this." Harry's hand rose to his forehead and touched his scar. "He marked me that night and our fates were tied together from that night, it had to be me or him."

"Then I'm glad that you killed him." Myron said dispassionately. "I love you and I'd rather have you here, than have him here."

Harry blinked and then he cocked his head to the one side thoughtfully.

"If I hadn't of killed him, then he'd still be here." Harry said slowly.

Nasta nodded. "And with you gone and named in a prophecy as the only one who could kill him…"

"There'd have been no one to stop him."

"Which is why he targeted you and only you, you were the only one who could stop him and he knew that."

"I feel…strangely better about it."

"How did you kill him?" Nasta asked softly.

Myron glared at him.

"He might need to talk it out if it was a traumatic way!" Nasta defended and Myron eased down as he realised that Nasta wasn't asking just through curiosity, but because he wanted to help Harry overcome these long buried feelings of guilt and pain.

"He possessed me, in the Atrium of the Ministry. Only he couldn't understand the love I held…for my friends, my family even though they were dead, for my Godfather Sirius, he underestimated me and how much I wanted for him to just be gone. I held onto him, anchored him to myself, even though I knew it could kill me too, I wouldn't let him leave my body as I poured all of the love I felt for those around me into him. He was writhing in agony, his skin blistering as I seared him to death with the love that I felt and that he couldn't understand, that he could never understand and he was writhing around inside of me, screaming. My magic did that to him and I held him there, as his skin peeled away and his flesh fell away from his bones, cooking and crackling from the power and love of my magic. All he could do was curl up inside of me as I killed him, screaming himself hoarse in agony, before he just died."

Myron held him tightly from the front and Nasta wrapped him up from behind and they just held him.

"You should never have had to experience something like that." Myron said before kissing his head. "But I love you just the same and nothing will ever change that."

"He wasn't human, Harry. He was killing people just because of who they were born to, because they wouldn't join him, because they didn't agree with him. He killed his own followers; he killed babies, pregnant Mothers, children, just to punish their family members, just because they wouldn't join in on his madness. He needed to be stopped, love and he would never have left you alone if he'd been left alive. Can you imagine him being alive now? With you two months pregnant and with all the children that we are going to have in the future? Because with that prophecy, he never would have stopped targeting you, Harry."

Harry shivered and hugged his mates tighter.

"I'm glad that I killed him when I did. I'm glad that I took the first chance I had to kill him, not just for myself, but for all the people he would have killed had I not killed him then and there."

"That is why I love you so much." Myron declared. "Now let's get you a cup of tea and we can sit down and agonise over if we think the scan photos look like were having a baby boy or a girl even though it's impossible to tell yet."

"Personally, I think the scan photos look like we're having a squashed baby octopus." Nasta said seriously and Harry and Myron looked at him aghast. He shrugged nonchalantly. "At least you know it's definitely Myron's baby."

Harry laughed. He laughed until tears fell down his cheeks and he laughed harder when Myron swore that he would tie Nasta down, spank him until his bum cheeks were glowing and then fuck him until he couldn't even scream.

They were settled on the settee with tea and biscuits, flipping through the scan photos and Harry realised that he didn't actually feel bad about having killed Voldemort anymore. He snuggled into his mates tighter and he rested on them, so very thankful that he had them both.

He felt like a huge weight that had been crushing him into the ground had been eased off of his shoulders and now he could finally stand up straight again. He loved Myron and Nasta more for helping to ease that weight off of him, for telling him that it was alright that he had destroyed Voldemort, for reassuring him that they still loved him, despite the manner in which he had killed Voldemort. He hadn't realised that he'd even needed to hear it from them, but he had and they had given him exactly what he needed, told him exactly what he'd needed to hear from them and they still loved him afterwards, he could never repay them for the immense pressure and guilt that they had pulled off of him.

That's really all he could have wanted, even if he'd never have asked for it from anyone, it had been given to him freely and he had taken it and he loved that his mates had done that for him and that they'd told him that what he had done was for the best, that they still loved him and he felt like he could breathe easier knowing that despite the evil deed that he had done at fifteen years old, regardless of whether or not it had been warranted or needed, that it didn't affect his mates love for him.

Anyone else he could have dealt with, other people who didn't matter to him could say what they liked about him and he wouldn't have cared a toss, it was the opinions of his mates that counted to him and knowing that they didn't care at all allowed him to lay all of those bad feelings to rest for good. His mind found peace when thinking about the death of Voldemort and his hand in it for the first time and he would be forever grateful to Myron and Nasta for giving that to him freely.

Harry woke up two days after his first scan already panting heavily and writhing on the bed. He flung both arms out and he realised then that he was the only one in the bed. He whined softly and rolled around on the bed, curling up, then stretching out and then twisting himself onto his back and then onto his belly. He sat up, but that made him feel worse, so he lay back down and spread himself open. He was glad that he was already naked; his clothes would have been restricting and he didn't want them on his body, not at all.

He let out a distress call, screaming for his two mates. He needed them both. He was already pregnant, but he needed to bond his second mate to him, he wanted his second mate to be here. He let out another, louder call for his second mate.

Removed Scene!

Harry woke up and he felt so much better than the first time that he'd woken up off of a heat period, but he really, really needed a piss. As in desperately, like if he didn't get to a toilet, or even a bucket very soon, then he was going to have an accident, bad.

He leapt out of bed, ignoring his screaming, protesting muscles and even his aching bones, as he raced to the en suite bathroom and though he didn't exactly make it in time, he only trickled a little bit of wee over his leg before he managed to reach the toilet. He really hated this part of the heat periods and he was overall very glad that he wouldn't have another one now until after he had given birth near January.

He caressed his belly and sighed as he continued weeing, on and on and on until he thought he was going to lose half of his baby bump with the amount of fluid he was excreting.

He finally finished, stood up, flushed the toilet and washed his hands in the sink. He was clean and pink skinned again, after what he was sure was a hideous mess that had been left behind from the heat period.

He wobbled his way out to the bedroom and he sluggishly tugged on a pair of boxer shorts that looked like they were Nasta's. He slouched down the stairs and went into the kitchen and he climbed onto the first seat he found, uncaring that it was already occupied with Nasta's Father, Aneirin.

A big arm was wrapped around his waist and he rested on Aneirin, leaning back against him bonelessly as he listened to soft voices around him.

A cup of tea was pushed in front of him and the subtle smell of honey had him falling on the cup and draining it. He ignored the laughter around the room that that action had gotten him. He just didn't care.

He did whine however when he was picked up by Myron and sat on his lap instead. The fact that he was cuddled in that warm bulk made it all worth it in his opinion as he yawned widely and curled himself up as much as he could in Myron's lap.

It took him a few moments to realise that he wasn't being rocked, but shaken and someone was trying to get his attention.

"Leave the boy sleep, Myron! Honestly." Alexander's voice sounded stern and chastising, but Harry still blinked open his eyes and looked up at Myron.

"Uh?" He grunted in a farce of a question.

"I asked if you were hungry, love."

Harry pondered on that and he shook his head. "I want more tea." He said almost pleadingly.

"You heard him, get him some tea, Myron." Alexander sounded like he was having far too much fun winding up his son and Harry smiled as he was shifted over to another body, who smelt very much like Nasta, and he was cuddled back into big arms.

"I'm not sure I like these heat periods." Harry complained as he snuggled in tighter to Nasta, feeling a sharp twinge in his lower spine that had him hissing.

"You don't have to have another one now for several months." Nasta murmured into his hair, giving him a kiss.

Harry nodded. "Good."

He accepted the second cup of tea from Myron and he sipped at this one as he rested his battered feeling body.

"Are you hungry now?" Myron asked him.

Harry shook his head. "Not yet, I think I 'ate' more than enough on that heat period."

"Ah, of course. Pregnant heats, he would have taken sustenance from your bodies." Aneirin nodded. "I remember a friend of mine telling me about her heat period when she was pregnant and bonding to her third mate. She drank their blood, licked their sweat and she felt better than she had from her first two heats."

Harry nodded. "I remember doing the same. I felt…invigorated and energised, not at all drained like I had during and after my first heat."

"So you're not hungry because you're full of blood?" Nasta asked and Harry pulled a face.

"That's a horrible way to say it, but yes. I…it's hard to explain, but I've fed from your bodies, so the baby and I are well fed for now. I'm sure that'll change once I've woken up a little and normal function has resumed."

"Normal function." Myron snorted a laugh and Harry grinned at him.

"Myron and I were ravenous when we woke up." Nasta told him.

"Probably because I took all that blood from you both." Harry reasoned with a nod.

"More than likely." Myron agreed. "I wanted red meat, the rarer the better and I had a particular craving for oysters, which I've only tried once in my life time and didn't actually like."

"Oysters are very high in iron." Nasta said. "Something our bodies would have both been craving after losing so much blood to Harry's feeding."

"I think I instinctively knew how much I needed to take against how much you could both lose." Harry said thoughtfully. "I knew just when to stop and which mate I needed to take blood from."

Nasta squeezed him and gave him a kiss, his hand pressing against his baby belly gently.

"I think we'll leave you boys alone." Aneirin said with a smile as he got up and hugged them all goodbye, even Myron, who looked a little shocked as he was hugged tightly by the shorter man and then by his own Father, who also left them to themselves and only then did Harry breathe in deeply and he happily splayed himself more fully over Nasta, uncaring that he was in just a pair of ill-fitting boxer-briefs now that their visitors had gone.

"Better?" Nasta asked him with a very sexy smirk.

Harry nodded. "More comfortable at least." He grinned.

"Do you want to go into the living room then, so you can spread out on the settee?" Myron asked him.

"I want to be on that gorgeous new rug you bought." Harry corrected as Nasta stood up, Harry in his arms and he was carried to the living room, where Nasta slipped to his knees to lay him on the rug in front of the fireplace as gently as he could.

Harry winced when one of Nasta's knees popped before he was suddenly on the thick, plush rug that Myron had bought recently after witnessing Harry face planting the floor and skinning the palms of his hands on the carpet.

"Are you alright? I heard your knee clicking from over here." Myron asked Nasta.

"I'm still a little stiff." Nasta chuckled. "Just let me work out the kinks in my body and I'll be fine."

"I like you better when you're stiff." Harry said with a straight face as he stretched out on the rug in front of the fire, which wasn't lit as it was already sweltering hot and it was only just past midday.

Myron smirked and Nasta chuckled as he bent over Harry and kissed him hard and deep. Harry heard a smack and Nasta's body jolted forward and he looked up curiously only to realise then that Nasta's bum had been in the air from where he'd bent over Harry to kiss him and Myron had walked over and slapped those perfectly positioned cheeks with an open hand.

He laughed hard and pulled Nasta down and kissed him again, putting his mate's bum back up for Myron's hand to take advantage of, which it did with another open handed slap.

"I don't think more sex right now would make any of us feel better." Nasta said softly.

"It might." Harry said with a grin. "You never know if you don't try."

Nasta rolled Harry gently onto his side and he gasped sharply in pain. Harry was laid back on the rug and had Nasta's 'I told you so' face staring at him from above.

"Okay, so I'm not quite ready to put my body through such abuses just yet, doesn't mean I don't want to watch you both together."

"Abuses? Abuses he says!" Nasta chuckled, looking to Myron in amusement.

"I heard him." Myron nodded as he sat down with them on the rug. "I think we should take his advice, if he dislikes our abuses so much."

"I never said I disliked it." Harry said with a cheeky grin as he stretched out on the rug as much as his cramping muscles would allow.

"Make up your mind."

"I have, I like your brutal abuses."

"Oh, it's brutal now too?" Myron questioned.

"You definitely are, and I love it." Harry said. "I don't much like walking like a constipated penguin the next morning, but I do like the screaming orgasms. Very, very much love those screaming orgasms."

His mates laughed at him and Myron pressed a solid, huge hand to his belly and Harry smiled at him softly, putting his much smaller hand over the top of it and held it to his baby belly.

"It's gotten bigger." Myron said softly with a hint of gruff in his throat.

Harry nodded. "You haven't seen it properly in eleven days, the heat is about one thing only and I slept for a full day afterwards if that paper I spied on the table has the correct date on it. It looks a lot bigger now than when the heat started."

Nasta nodded and he added his own hand to the pile, covering Harry's and Myron's hands, before he bent yet again, this time to kiss his baby bump.

"This baby is going to be the most cherish child ever born." He declared. "At least until we have a second child that is, then they'll just have to share the love and care given to them."

Harry smiled at that.

"We won't be spoiling them." Myron said strongly. "I will not let our family be disrespected and dishonoured by having spoilt brats for children that think they can walk all over us and treat us and other people like dirt."

"I completely agree." Nasta said with an assuring nod.

"No child of mine will ever act in such a way." Harry sniffed.

His mates shared a look and then looked at him and he detected a hint of worry or maybe concern in their gazes.

"I'm not being conceited or disillusioned." Harry told them as he thought he might have figured out what the problem was. "I had nothing growing up and I mean nothing, not just missing luxuries like games consoles or books or masses of toys. I would have sold my soul for a piece of bread on some days; I used to wish that I had clothes that were actually mine that fitted me properly. Sometimes I just wanted the pain to go away or even someone to talk to. I had nothing, so I know it'll be hard for me to curb my desires to give absolutely anything and everything to my children, everything I was never allowed to have, but I've also seen what giving into a child's every desire and whim does, what it turns them into, I won't allow a child of mine to act like my cousin used to. I know I'll be able to toe the line between indulging every now and then and outright spoiling them."

They shared another look and Nasta bit his lip and Harry's eyes narrowed on them.

"What, damn it? What's with all the looks?! Just talk to me like a person, like an equal lover in our mateship, don't send sly looks to one another over my head!"

"You've just told us that you had absolutely nothing as a child and would have sold your soul for a piece of bread." Myron growled.

Harry shrugged. "It's all over and in the past."

"How bad did it get?" Nasta asked quietly.

"What do you mean?"

"He means what he said." Myron said in a growl. "How bad did it get for you?"

Harry nibbled on his lip and shrugged. "I wasn't hit often if that's what you were thinking."

"What did they do?" Myron asked through gritted teeth. Despite his obvious anger though, his hands remained relaxed and soft and comforting on Harry's belly.

He sighed heavily. "It was…" Harry growled himself and tugged at his hair. "It was mostly neglect, okay? After I got into Hogwarts they mostly just ignored me, which was…it was horrible. To have them act like every chair I sat in was empty, having no one to talk to at all, it was brilliant at first, but it got depressing after a while and I did start talking to myself, but it was rare that I was hit or actually physically touched, they thought that I was contagious."

"That's disgusting." Nasta growled as he lay down and cuddled next to Harry. "You didn't deserve to be treated that way."

"Does anyone ever deserve to be treated that way?" Harry asked softly.

Nasta shook his head and Myron grunted out a strong 'No' as he bent to kiss Harry's stomach.

"You are so sweet and so kind." Nasta told him. "You may have a temper, but that's not a bad thing, you're entitled to be as feisty as you please, you shouldn't have been hurt in such a way and I'm honestly amazed that you are this kind, happy man, even with your temper, after being subjected to such treatment."

Harry shrugged. "It wasn't my personality they hated; it was that I had magic. I was dumped on their doorstep, left for them to raise as they saw fit on the same night that my parents were killed. They never liked magic and I shouldn't have been left with them, but they were the only living family I had left…so where else was I supposed to go? I couldn't be given to a magical family, I was being heralded as the Boy-Who-Lived, they were toasting me and celebrating me as I was packed off to live with people who hated me just for having magic after having lost both of my parents. It had to be Muggles, but Muggles who knew of magic because of any accidental outbursts I might have had…so where else was I supposed to go?"

His mates both clenched their fists and teeth, but Harry knew they understood what he was saying. It was a terrible situation made worse by his supposed fame and celebrity status. There had been nothing else that could have been done, no one else who could have taken him in.

"You can't hate the way that I was brought up." Harry said, breaking the silence of the long pause that had followed his last statement.

"The hell I fucking can't!" Myron burst out angrily.

"You can't, Myron, it made me the person I am today. You can't hate my upbringing without wishing that I was different."

Myron growled and Harry found himself being hugged tightly.

"I love you, I love who you are, but I hate that you were treated in such a way. I can't change how I feel about that, I will never be glad or thankful that you were treated in such a hideous, heinous way."

"It's fine." Harry insisted firmly. "It's in the past and I don't want to think about the past, I want to focus on my future, on our future." Harry grabbed Nasta and Myron's hands as he said this and laid them back on his belly. "We don't need to deal with this, we have a baby on the way, I have major exams coming up and I'm not bothered by a bit of neglect. I never, ever have to see them again, I have the both of you with me now and our baby, I'm happy. Please don't ruin that."

"We should at least prosecute them."

"I don't want to." Harry said angrily. "I haven't spoken to them for over a year now and I never have to see them again, that's more than enough for me, I promise."

"If it emerges that they ever did anything worse to you…" Myron trailed off and ground his teeth together.

Harry sighed. "Like I said, I was rarely hit, only if I actually had a magical outburst."

"Even when you were a child?" Nasta demanded.

Harry shook his head. "No, only after I got into Hogwarts, when I was younger it was mostly just neglect, ignoring me, not giving me toys or clothes of my own."

"You were given enough food, though, weren't you?"

Harry shook his head and then indicated himself. "Do I look like I was fed regularly as a child?" He asked. "I got enough to live on, bread, soup, maybe some overripe fruit, but I was always glad to get back to Hogwarts so I could stuff myself with treacle tart."

"You will never go without food ever again." Myron swore. "I will hunt every single day if that's what it takes."

Harry smiled. "Thank you, both of you. I just want to be loved; it's all I've ever wanted."

"We do love you. Deeply and dearly." Nasta said as he snuggled Harry into his body tighter.

"That's all I want. I promise." Harry said softly.

Their moment was ruined by the gurgling of Harry's stomach and he looked down at it as the noise finished and he chuckled.

"I think I'm hungry now. The blood you so kindly donated to me has run its course." He joked with a smile.

Myron picked him up and got to his feet, groaning.

"You're not that old!" Harry told him, swinging his legs happily as he was carried back into the kitchen.

"I am." Myron insisted. "I feel especially old after a heat period."

Harry laughed. "It's because you've been waiting for me for so long, you've gotten dusty."

Nasta about choked on his laughter as he followed them into the kitchen and Myron growled playfully at him.

Harry happily sat down and he watched as Myron took out the ingredients for a simple, easy meal of beef, pork and chicken sandwiches.

"Do either of you even know how to cook?" Harry asked as he was handed his first sandwich and he took a huge bite out of it, almost too much for his mouth to get around, but he was suddenly very, very hungry.

"I can cook the basics." Nasta said with a shrug. "Pasta, stir fry, salad, I can just about roast meat, but that's about it."

"I'm the same. I can do everything separately, but if I had to do it all together as one meal, something would be burnt; something else would be cold or just forgotten and something else would be near enough raw. I can't make a full meal even though I can do it all separately."

Harry rolled his eyes. "You two are so lucky that I do know how to cook. I make a mean lasagne."

"Has to be better than cold chicken sandwiches." Myron said with a smirk as he ate his own sandwich.

"How can you just not know how to cook? What have you done all of these years, starve?"

Myron had the grace to look a little embarrassed. "My Mother sends dishes over."

"So you've never really had the kick up the arse you need to try and do it on your own." Harry nodded. "Well no more, I cook now and though I'm a better baker than a cook, I can still do both."

"You can bake?"

Harry nodded happily around a bite of rare beef sandwich. It was so pink and tender that even though it was cold, he craved more.

"I sometimes have a sweet tooth, not often, but sometimes I just want cookies, or I want little cakes or something, so I'll make them. Can we swap?" He asked as he held out a chicken sandwich to Nasta, who had just picked up a beef sandwich.

Nasta smiled at him and handed over his sandwich and he took Harry's chicken and Harry moaned around the big bite of thick cut, beef.

"Whoever made this beef is definitely the best at doing meat."

"That would be my Mother." Myron said with a smirk. "She cooked a joint of pork and beef and a whole chicken and gave them to my Father to bring over for us. She didn't know what either of you two liked, so she just gave us a selection to choose from."

"Definitely the beef. I'm going to have to beg her to have her show me how to make beef like this. It's too good not to learn how to make it."

"I'll let her know, she was always trying to drag us into the kitchen, but most of us just didn't want to know." Myron said with a reminiscent smirk. "We all regret it now that we're older and have to beg her to get scraps; we're often over there for dinner or lunch anyway, at least us single ones are."

"Excuse me, ex-single person I'll think you'll find." Harry said with a smile.

Myron nodded. "It's going to take a while to get used to finally being mated, but I'm very glad that I have you both."

"Three with the baby." Harry said with a smile and a pat to his belly.

"Three with the baby." Myron agreed as he stroked Harry's belly.

"Have you done all of your homework?" Nasta asked him.

Harry nodded. "Yes, I've finished it all now and it's packed into my bag, which is in my trunk all ready for Hogwarts tomorrow. You don't mind coming with me?"

"Of course we don't, we're not going to leave you there all alone while we stay here without you." Nasta assured him.

"I've had enough of this big, silent house. I don't want to be here if the both of you aren't, if it can be at all helped." Myron said and Harry hugged him.

"I don't want you to stay here, I was just worried that you might not want to come to school with me and lounge around doing nothing while I was in lessons."

"I still have a job and responsibilities to the dragons under my care." Nasta told him. "I'll be going to work while you're in your lessons."

"I'll be observing my company and doing paperwork, I might have a few meetings, but I'll have enough to keep me occupied while you are in lessons and Nasta is in work."

"I can't believe we missed your Dad's birthday." Harry said after a few minutes of quiet.

"He more than understood, the amount of missed birthdays and events we've had over the years because of heat periods." Myron shook his head. "No, he understood and he's just happy that I finally have a mate of my own and that we and Nasta are now bonded together and are a proper family."

Harry smiled at that. "I like us being a family. Now we just have to survive the next year of school and then our lives together can truly start, with the baby of course."

"Of course with the baby, you'll be nesting over Christmas and giving birth in late December, early January."

"I'm going to miss Christmas too, aren't I?" Harry said sadly.

"It is very likely." Myron nodded.

"Our first Christmas together and I won't even be there with you both to celebrate it." He said sadly, looking down at his lap.

Nasta cupped his chin and pulled him into a kiss. "There will be other Christmas', but you'll be giving us both the very best present that I could ever imagine, Harry. You'll be coming out of your nest with our baby."

"Nasta's right." Myron nodded. "We love you and we'll be with you as you nest, we just won't be there in the actual nest with you and you won't remember us being there and you definitely won't want us there with you, but we will be there."

"Nesting in the bloody cold." Harry sighed. "You had better get a blanket ready for me when I come back home."

"Of course, with a hot cup of tea and a hot meal too. We'll take care of you." Myron insisted.

"I'm not sure about the hot meal part; I actually want to live after hacking open my own body to get the baby out."

"You cheeky little bastard, that deserves a spanking." Myron growled and Harry laughed.

"You know that's not going to be a punishment, Myron. I enjoy it far too much."

"He's right about that one." Nasta smirked.

"What's your method of punishment?" Harry asked his new mate curiously.

Nasta actually looked a bit abashed and Harry looked at him eagerly. "Come on, what is it? Will I enjoy that method of punishment too?"

"I have a…a thing for biting." Nasta admitted with the same tone that he might use if he had seduced a virgin priestess from her temple and defiled her on an altar in front of an audience.

"That's it? I get two mates and my punishments are a choice between biting and spanking? You know that you two are never going to get me to behave, don't you? You'll be trying to punish me and you'll end up just turning me on and making me hard."

Myron smirked at him. "Only because we've spanked and bitten you in the middle of foreplay, you'll feel differently when it's done as a punishment rather than to pleasure you. They're different mind sets."

Harry pulled a face. "Yeah, maybe. I can see how that might change things. Well damn, I'll just have to be good and force you both to bite and spank me for pleasure."

"I'm sure we'd love nothing more." Nasta said with a smirk and pulled Harry into a hug. "Now go and make sure that you have absolutely everything."

"I do!" Harry protested.

"Go and make sure." Nasta insisted, backing Myron up.

"It's not like you can't come back and get something even if I do forget anything!" Harry huffed, even as he went to check his trunk yet again to be sure that he'd packed all of his new books, his school robes and all of his homework and other things he needed for his seventh, and final, year of Hogwarts.

He'd gotten brand new robes in Diagon Alley on Myron's behest, ones that would allow for his pregnant belly without him needing to buy new sets of robes every time his bump grew. He couldn't wait until this new school year was over, but before then, he was going to have his first, beautiful baby over Christmas, that was going to be the next big event in his life. Or at least it was the next big planned event in his life.

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