A little Labrynth dabble I've been working on. Fear not my For The Best readers, I promise that this one will in no way interfere with my updates of that story! This is the first of three parts, and does contain smut, so if you're not old enough to buy a porno you're probably not old enough to read this ; )

And I Will Be Your Slave, chapter 1

I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave...

In retrospect, Jareth realized it was much too forward of a proposition. Of course, at the time he hadn't realized that at only fifteen human years she was little more than a child. By the time he'd been fifteen he'd bedded many a woman and was well on his way to becoming king. But time flowed differently Aboveground. Sarah had barely reached her maturity. She'd probably had no idea what he'd been offering her. To her mind, she likely thought he was still trying to trick her into leaving behind her brother. Or maybe that he was trying to make her forget again. How could it have even crossed her mind that he meant those words so very differently?

He should have known after that first conversation with her, really, that she wasn't ready. She'd been wrapped up in the childish notion that everything in life was 'fair' and that there were things she ought to be entitled to just by existing. How little she knew of the world! But after watching her grow, seeing her run his Labyrinth and overcome everything he threw at her, he knew that she was the one for him. His perfect match. Even when she'd told him the Labyrinth was a 'piece of cake,' he'd been secretly thrilled at her. He'd punished her for it, of course, but he'd been thrilled at her audacity. It was just what he needed. She had all the fire and courage he was looking for. She was beautiful and willful and strong enough to handle his domination. She would challenge him, rouse him, complete him.

But she hadn't been ready.

Three long years he'd waited. He'd done his research about human coming of age. At eighteen she was an adult by their legal system. She'd completed her required schooling and was getting ready to move from her parent's home. Of course she was still a little naïve, but Jareth had ensured that. He reveled in that. He would be the one to introduce her to carnal delights. He would be the one to take her, worship her body, make her scream. Oh, he'd let her have her first kiss and even a few awkward fumblings in the back seat of a boy's car...but he'd never let it get too far. A directed thought here, a few strange noises there- it hadn't taken much to interrupt awkward couplings that wouldn't have brought her any real pleasure.

Now she was ready for him. And he was coming for her.

Sarah packed the last box and let nostalgia wash over her. In the box was a tube of stage lipstick, a teddybear (Toby had lost interest in bears in favor of trains a few months ago) and an old red book. She'd never forgotten her time in the Labyrinth. How could she? Her time there hadn't been imagined. She'd gone to the Goblin City, run the Labyrinth, bested the Goblin King himself and rescued her brother. She'd made friends, discovered things about herself, made choices that would affect her for the rest of her life. Even now, she could see the Goblin King clear as day.

Everything that you wanted I have done. You asked that the child be taken. I took him. You cowered before me, I was frightening. I have reordered time. I have turned the world upside down, and I have done it all for you! I am exhausted from living up to your expectations. Isn't that generous?

At the time, she'd thought his exclamation contrary. She hadn't really wanted him to take Toby but he'd done it anyways. She'd been scared of him and he'd done nothing to dissuade her of the notion. He'd cheated her out of time to find her brother. He'd made things harder for her every step of the way. It had been almost as if he was testing her. She'd thought those things far from generous.

Now, though, with time and perspective, she could see that he had been generous with her. Despite her intention, he'd only done what she asked in taking Toby. He'd acted the part of villain that she'd painted him into. When she'd told him that his game was easy, he'd made it more challenging for her. For thirteen hours the Goblin King had made his whole world revolve around her and had been met with the indignation of an ungrateful child.

The stakes had been high for her, but to him it had been a game. She'd been bored and frustrated with her life and he'd given her something new and exciting. He'd challenged her, introduced her- literally- to a whole new world. Because of him she'd made wonderful friends and learned valuable life lessons that others her age would later have a much harder time learning.

She understood his trickery. She understood his anger. She even understood his perverseness. But what she didn't understand was his apparent love for her. In the beginning, they'd just been words on the page. But the Goblin King had fallen in love with the girl... And then, facing him in the Escher room he'd reiterated that love again. How could he love her? They'd just met; she'd been a child. He was a powerful Fey King and she had been a hapless fifteen year old girl. Still, his affection had seemed oddly...genuine. It had taken all of her willpower to resist him. What teenage girl could be expected to turn down love from a king of a fairy realm? But she'd done it, because his offer frightened her. Fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave. What had he meant? Did he want a willing puppet? Had he wanted her total surrender, the loss of all that she was?

At the time, she'd chalked the whole thing up to another trick. She'd been so eager to vilify him that it had been easy to pretend he had only wanted to distract her from getting her brother back. But over time...she'd realized that hadn't been his intention at all. He'd claimed to move the stars for no one, but he'd moved the earth for her. He'd turned his whole world upside down for her. Maybe what he'd felt for her hadn't been love in the traditional sense, but he had felt something for her. He wanted to be feared loved and obeyed, that much she understood. Despite how her opinions of him had shifted for the better, it couldn't be denied that the man was an egomaniac. So those desires made a sort of sense to her.

But to be her slave?

Wondering was pointless. She would probably never know what Jareth had truly meant, so sitting there staring at the book wasn't productive. Yes, her mind had drifted to him many times over the last three years, but she'd still moved on with her life. She'd had boyfriends, graduated high school, gotten a job and even found an apartment in the city. Which made it ridiculous to be sitting in her old bedroom longing to know what a man she'd only known for thirteen hours, three years ago, meant in his enigmatic last words. Right?

She could always wish him to her room, ask him to answer her questions. But no. Not only was she not sure he would come (and it would break her heart if he didn't come), but the possibility that he would somehow trick her and take Toby or otherwise cause havoc was too great. Besides, she couldn't bear the smug look he'd have on his eerily handsome face as he walked in so casually and said-

"My ears were burning, precious."

Sarah shrieked and threw the book at the head of the man reclining elegantly against her window. Jareth plucked the book from the air and flipped through it with a chuckle.

"Now now, I didn't even frighten you this much the first time we met. You haven't become a coward on me, have you Sarah?"

His words made her spine stiffen despite her shock. "Of course not." Her eyes drank in the sight of him as if they'd been starved for it. "I throw books at the heads of every strange man that breaks into my room in the middle of the night."

"Ah. Well I'm hardly a stranger, am I?" He tossed the book back to her and held back his smile when she caught it.

"Maybe not. But you're certainly the strangest man I know."

"There's my girl," he purred in satisfaction. "Ever quarrelsome."

"I am not quarrelsome," Sarah said indignantly. Jareth laughed long and loud, thoroughly enjoying the sour look on her pretty face.

"Oh, precious, you are ever quarrelsome. But I find it endearing."

She felt patronized by him. As if no time had passed at all. As if she was still the petulant child and him the evil king. "What are you doing here, Jareth?"

"I've come to take you home," he said, all traces of humor gone from his face.

"Home? I am home. Or my old home anyways. I've got an apartment now."

"Yes, a shoebox in the city not fit for a goblin. You won't be going there. You'll be coming home with me."

"What?" She felt the hairs rise on the back of her neck and was about to yell at him. Then she forced herself to remember that this wasn't three years ago. She wasn't a naïve child and he wasn't the villain. He'd been trying to help her back then. Maybe he thought he was helping her now. "Look, I think we might have gotten off on the wrong foot again. I'm sorry I threw a book at your head, thought I think you should learn not to pop into womens' bedrooms at night. And I'm sorry that I was so ungrateful when I ran the Labyrinth. I know now that you really were being generous with me and I was just too childish to see it. But I'm not a child any more. So thank you for everything you did for me back then, but I'm not in need of your help now."

Jareth studied her, astounded at the change those three years had brought to his Sarah. She was still the same fiery girl he'd seen potential in, but now it was tempered. She'd matured more than he could have thought possible. He'd been right to wait. The life he had in store for them would be all the sweeter for her tempering and his anticipation. Patience had paid off more than he ever could have hoped for. He rose from the window and walked to her slowly. He moved with a careful deliberateness designed to give her ample opportunity to see his intentions. When he reached her, he lifted her chin and stared into her eyes. "What if I am in need of yours?" He lifted one brow and nearly thrummed with pleasure as he saw her pupils dilate and heard her breath catch.

"My help? What could you possibly need my help with?" She was entranced, entrapped- spellbound in his eyes, in the closeness of his body. When he spoke, his voice washed over her like a silken wave.

"I am the answer to your deepest wishes, Sarah. I am your dreams. Does it not make sense that you are mine as well?" He feathered his thumb over her cheekbone and then slid his hands down to her arms. He hauled her up and pulled her close to him. "I have been patient, Sarah. I have waited for you. But now that is at an end. You are ready for me. And I...I need you." It wasn't spoken as a plea. It was a growled demand. A sensual threat. It made every muscle in Sarah's belly clench and places much more secretive awaken. "Come to me," he whispered. "Come with me and be mine. Fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave."

Sarah shivered, unable to suppress her body's natural reaction to him. She felt drawn to him. He was like a drug she couldn't resist. She might have thought she'd gotten over her addiction to him but now she realized that she would never recover from him. She was an addict for life. But what price was she willing to pay to be with him?

"Wh-what do you mean?" She hated the tremor in her voice but she couldn't stifle it any more than she could push him away. "You said that to me once before...I don't understand it."

"Let me show you..."

She wanted, desperately, more than she'd ever wanted anything, to merely say yes to him. To blindly do his bidding. Take everything he was offering without second thought. But she couldn't be so foolish. She had to know what she was getting herself into. It took every ounce of her will, but she shook her head. "Tell me."

Jareth sighed, knowing it would be so much easier if he could just prove to her what her place was. Trying to explain it with such mundane things as words...it was next to impossible. He'd been gifted with a voice made for seduction but he didn't think even that would be enough. And if she turned from him again- no he couldn't think of it. Wouldn't let it happen. She'd been made for him, of that he had no doubt. He wasn't willing to let her go a second time.

"It means I want you to give yourself to me. Obey me, care for me, live to serve my desires. And in so doing, let me be your everything. I will lay my world at your feet and fulfill your every want."

"That sounds like servitude. Is that all you want from me? A puppet for your lusts?" Anger edged into her words. Could he really be so callous?

"No!" The ferocity of his word made them both start. "Not a puppet. Never mindless, never without will. Do you still see me as the villain of your story, Sarah? I am offering to be your slave. I am giving you the opportunity to rule a king! I will let you be mistress of everything that I am and everything that I have. Is that not enough for you?" His hands tightened on her arms as his ire mounted.

"No- I mean, yes! I don't understand what you mean! You say that you will give me all the power but what you demand in return is my fear and obedience and love! How is that power? I can't... I can't just give myself over to you like that. I need to know what you mean."

"Let. Me. Show. You." Jareth hissed the words through gritted teeth. His endurance was at an end. He was being so patient, so generous, and she still could not accept it.

"No." She stared back at him, not flinching away from his gaze. Her audacity was one of the things he'd first fallen in love with. Her boldness. The fire in her eyes as she challenged him. But right then that fire was burning him.

"Your eyes can be so cruel...just as I can be so cruel." He whispered the words melodically, remembering them as if he'd spoken them in another lifetime instead of only a few years ago. Suddenly, inspiration struck. He softened his hold on her and leaned his head forward until their foreheads were touching. They shared breath, lips only a hair's breadth away. "Do you love me Sarah?"

"I used to." Her soft admission stung him. He'd been expecting a reluctant confession of current love, not something in the past. "But it was a childish and naïve love."

"And now?" he pushed.

"Now...now I- I know I love the idea of you. But it wouldn't be fair for me to say that I love you. I hardly know you, really. How can I tell you I love you when I don't know you? I won't give you empty words that don't mean anything. You fascinate me, you excite me. I'm drawn to you, I can't deny that. But for now, that's all."

"What about affection?" He knew at least that she desired him, that was a start. But there had to be more if he could ever hope to have her love him.

"Of course."

Relief coursed through him. There was hope. If only he could push her a little further. "Do you trust me?"

"Should I?" Her words were bold and brash and she raised one brow at him in a gesture curiously similar to his own.

"Trust me with your body, precious, and let me show you to trust me with your heart." His breath whispered across her face in a warm caress. This was something right out of her fantasies. He wanted her. He had come for her. But trust?

"Answer me something honestly and I will give you the chance to earn my trust."


"Do you love me?" She held up a hand before he could answer too quickly. "I don't mean fascination or obsession. I mean real love. Fairy tale love. The kind of love that means standing by someone when they are sick, supporting them through the worst of times, loyalty and devotion. Do you love me?"

The words Jareth had been about to say fell dead on his lips. He loved her. Of course he loved her. So why hadn't he even considered any of the things she'd mentioned? Being at her bedside should she ever fall ill...acting as her rock through hardship...putting her thoughts above his own not just now but for all time? Now that she'd spoken them out loud, he had no doubt that he wanted all those things. But what did it say about his love for her that he'd never before even considered them?

"I love your spirit. I love your fire and courage. I love your form and your mind. I love your temper, your heart, your every breath. I've been fascinated with you almost from the first moment I saw you. And yes, I've been obsessed with you. But I do love you. And I know that given the opportunity, what I feel for you will only grow. Until there isn't a single thing about you that I do not love. I will not promise you your fairy tale love yet- though I find the irony of that quite humorous considering I am a fey king- but I will promise you the loyalty and devotion you ask. Let me have the opportunity to prove the rest. Explore it with me, Sarah."

His words were enough to bring a lesser woman to her knees. What more could she ask for from a man? A king had just laid her heart at her feet. Not only that, but he'd been honest with her. Wholly honest. It was the first step to trust. Love like that was hard to resist for anyone, let alone a romantic like Sarah. She wanted what he was offering so badly that her hands inched to his of their own accord.

"And obedience?" The words were out before her traitorous body could betray her. Jareth's eyes hardened like ice.

"I require your obedience. I demand it. It is my due and you must give it. Should you deny me in this, there will be...consequences." The way he spoke the words sent another shiver through Sarah and at the same time, insanely, made her insides clench.


"Oh yes." He brushed her hair back over her shoulder, exposing the long line of her neck to him. It felt extremely vulnerable. "I can only hope you'll enjoy them as much as I will." His lips caressed her neck slowly, up and down with butterfly light kisses.

"Pu- punishment you expect me to enjoy?" Her words were breathy from want and desire. She could barely think straight. Jareth's teeth sank into her shoulder, making her arch up to him and cry out. "Jareth!"

"Yes, love. Pleasure from pain. The things I can show you..."


"Let me show you, Sarah."


"Let me."

"On one condition," Sarah finally managed to get the words out. Jareth stilled and pulled back enough to look at her face. "Give me a way to get back, should I need to." He paused, thinking over her request. The thought of tricking her crossed his mind, but he knew once he'd lost her trust it wouldn't be gained again easily. He would just have to keep her so enthralled that she couldn't even consider leaving him. He conjured up a small crystal ball and handed it to her.

"Break it on the ground and it will take you back here. Now...say the words."

"I wish the Goblin King would take me away. Right now."

They landed in the castle without so much as a stir. Sarah blinked owlishly and looked around at the place she'd been so desperate to get to three years before. It was huge and bright, much more so than she remembered. Before she could look around much more than that, Jareth was there. He loomed over her, taking up her whole attention, nearly overwhelming her with his presence.

"Do you want me, Sarah?" That melodic, sensual voice purred the words and made her shiver.

"You know I do."

"I want to hear you say the words, pet. The words are always important." He gripped her shoulders and brought her close to him. She could hardly breathe. There was a part of her that wanted to deny him, part that didn't want to admit it out loud. But any thoughts of denying him were banished when he leaned down and bit gently on her earlobe.

"I want you." She had barely finished saying the words before he growled in satisfaction and swept her up into his arms. She couldn't see where they were going, but she assumed it was someplace with a bed. The thought scared and excited her. "Jareth...Jareth, there's something you should know."

"I already know, pet," he said before she could admit her innocence. "I have such things to show you, such things to teach you...but not this first time."

Sarah's relief was short lived. She stiffened and struggled until he let her out of his arms. "What do you mean, you know?" She glared at him, already knowing what he was going to say and hating it.

"Did you think I would pay you no heed at all while you were away from me? I told you that you are my match, my every dream come true. Much too precious a treasure to let out of sight." His words were spoken so smugly that most of the sweetness of them was lost.

"You've been watching me? Even with-" she swallowed past the disgust. "With other men?"

Jareth laughed. "You were never with men, precious. But I did see your trysts with little boys who weren't capable of pleasuring you. Does that bother you? Should I have been driven mad with jealousy and slew them where they stood?"

"No! You spying, sneaky little-"

"They did make me jealous, you know," he admitted, cutting off her insults. "Not enough to manifest myself and kill them, but enough that now I have you here I want to do such wicked things that will drive even the faintest memory of them from your mind."

"Is that supposed to be sweet?"

Jareth shrugged. "It is not 'supposed' to be anything. It is merely the truth. Take it how you will."

"You know that what you've been doing for the last three years is called stalking. It's a big red flag. It's creepy."

"Creepy?" Jareth cocked an eyebrow at her and grinned. "Should I be ashamed of my actions? Shall I beg forgiveness for watching over what's mine?"

"I am not yours."

"Yes you are," he snarled. He crossed the short distance between them in one lunge and pinned her to the wall. "You have always been mine. And I, my Sarah," his voice softened and he kissed down her neck again. "I have always been yours."

"So this is destiny? Fate? Something that can't be avoided?"

"Would you really want to?"

"I like making my own decisions."

"I am aware. Yet would you deny yourself this pleasure simply because it is meant to be? I knew you were contrary, Sarah, but even so-"

"No, I just don't want you thinking this all is a done deal. I'm not a forgone conclusion just because you think we are meant to be. Don't think you can just take this for granted."

"Oh I will never take you for granted. Of that you need never fear."

"Then what do I need to fear?"

His smile was wicked with sensual delight. "You'll see." He took her hand and led her to his bedroom. It was enormous, the bed twice the size any one person could possibly need. It was almost intimidating. Rather that let her nervousness show, Sarah hid behind her armor.

"I'm still mad about you for being a psycho stalker, you know." She stayed on the threshold of the room, staring at the bed. "I mean it. I don't want you watching me in your crystal balls any more."

"Now that you're safely in my realm, I see no reason to 'stalk' you as you put it." He shrugged.

"Promise me," she insisted.

"Fine," he sighed. "I promise never to spy on your or use my crystal balls to see what you are doing. Is that sufficient?"

"I guess. Not that I understand why you-"

"Sarah?" Jareth turned back to her with a serious expression on his face.


"Do shut up." He cradled the back of her head with one hand and used the other to pull her tight against him. Their lips crashed together, hard and urgent. Tongues twined and explored, hands wandered. Somehow they stumbled to the bed and fell onto it. Anticipation and lust and nerves all mingled in Sarah's belly until she thought she would fly apart. Jareth's kisses were drugging her senses, driving thought from her mind and helping her stay in the moment. They were the only thing keeping her from running for the hills. That, and the feel of his body against hers. It was thrilling. He was here, he was real, this was happening.

One article at a time, Jareth began to strip Sarah of her clothing. Soon her skin was bare to his hands and his gaze. He drank her in and petted every inch of skin he could reach. Despite her blush, Sarah couldn't help but feel...adored. The way he looked at her- it was as if she could feel his eyes on her like a physical caress. He looked at her with wonderment, with longing so acute she could taste it. Suddenly impatient, she tugged at his shirt until it pulled over his head. In one quick move, he kicked off his boots and then shed his breeches.

Sarah wanted to explore his body, to look at him the way he'd looked at her, but he pressed their bodies together before she could. And oh, she wasn't about to ask him to pull back. He felt so right there. His body was heavy and firm, his skin hot. Somehow she'd always thought he would be cool to the touch, icy like his demeanor so often was. But no, he was fiery and hot and it felt so fucking good.

"Sarah, my Sarah." His cheek was pressed to her breast for a moment as if he was listening to her heart. It was almost oddly tender in the lustful moment. Then he was kissing her again and his hand moved between them. She cried out against his lips when he slid his fingers over her, agile hands stroking her body into a feverpitch. Anticipation and excitement already had her on the edge and she needed needed needed more.

"Please," she begged. "Jareth, please!"

"Please what?" He was obviously trying to act unaffected, but his breath was coming in broken gasps and his muscles were straining. That beautiful voice was hoarse with desire.

"Please, please-" Sarah didn't know what words to use, didn't know what he wanted her to say. "More. Please, more!"

"That's enough...this time. Next time I won't give you what you want until you ask for it in detail. Until you describe to me every wicked thing you want me to do. I'll make you beg, Sarah, and then I'll make you scream."

"Jareth, Jareth-" She could do no more than say his name, wild with desire. He gripped himself and realized that despite his age and experience, he was trembling like a green lad. But this wasn't just some woman. This was Sarah. His Sarah. He guided them together and groaned at the first contact of his bare skin to her slick heat. Clenching his teeth against the onslaught of pleasure, he braced both arms by her head and slowly pushed into her.

Sarah writhed beneath him, the sensation of being filled by him indescribable. It went on and on; just when she thought she could take no more there was yet more and she did take it. She took all of him, everything he had. When he was buried all the way inside her she was scoring his back with her nails and calling his name over and over again. Jareth kissed her hard and thrust into her again. She arched up to him. Her body was begging for more from him. Their bodies had become slick with sweat and neither noticed or cared. Each time Jareth's hips drove forward Sarah was cast further into the void. She was going onward...toward something...it was so close, so close...right...there.

She screamed as she orgasmed, her teeth finding Jareth's shoulder and biting down hard. The feel of her teeth sinking into his skin wrenched Jareth over the edge with her. He wrapped both arms around her and crushed her to him as he thrust forward one last time and came. She clenched around him again and again, making him tremble with the intensity of it. Had he thought he'd felt pleasure before? It was nothing, nothing compared to this.

When Jareth moved to shift off of her, Sarah tightened her arms around him to prevent him. "Not yet," she whispered. He only smiled and kissed her lightly. Sarah smiled back, sleepy and sated.

"Once again I am exhausted of living up to your expectations, Sarah-mine. But this time was much more pleasurable for both of us, don't you think?"

"Don't be so smug," she grumbled but smiled.

"Only here a few hours and already giving orders?"

"You can't seem to go a single sentence without ordering me around. Turnabout is fair play, right?"

"I seem to recall telling you once that life isn't fair."

"Don't remind me." She stretched and let herself relax into the bed. Before she could get too comfortable, Jareth shifted and put himself behind her, then pulled her back against his chest. With his arms securely around her, Sarah felt safe. She tried to remind herself that she wasn't sure she could trust his motives yet, that this all could still be a trick, but she didn't have enough energy to care.

"Sleep, sweet Sarah. You're obviously exhausted."

"See?" She yawned hugely. "There you go giving orders again."

He only grinned. "Pleasant dreams, my Sarah. That's an order."

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