Isabella sat in her truck. She wanted to go see him. She wanted to tell him herself it was over; that their friendship had to end. She breathed out as she tried to start the truck, turning the ignition over and over again, yet hearing dead silence.

Suddenly, she wasn't alone anymore. She looked over to her right to find Edward sitting there beside her. He was looking straight at her. His jaw was set straight, his eyebrows furrowed. She looked down and saw something in his hand. She didn't recognize the part, but she knew at that moment, it belonged to her truck.

He twirled it around on his finger as he said, "Did you really think I was going to let you go see him?"

Isabella sat there for a moment collecting her thoughts. "How did-Alice?" Ugh! These damn vampires and their special powers.

"Edward...I have to go see him. I have to let him know that we can't be friends anymore."

"You know I can't let you do that, Bella. For obvious reasons." His voice was smooth like velvet, but stern as well.

Isabella looked at him again. "Jake is not going to hurt me, Edward."

He continued to look her in the eyes. "I know he won't hurt you, Isabella. Because you're not going. Simple as that." He said as he controlled his voice. He was trying not to get upset or angry at Bella.

Isabella turned away from Edward and just looked out the window of the truck. "You know….you can't stop me, Edward. I'm my own person."

Edward sat there listening to Bella. Isabella may be her own person, but she is also my mate. She's my other half. Why couldn't she understand that?

"I think it was time you headed back inside, Bella. You're not going to Jake's tonight or anything other night. You might as well get that thought out of your head. I will put the part back on in time for school in the morning." Edward said as he got out of the truck.

Isabella stepped out of her truck, angrily slamming the door shut. Edward was shaking his head and smirking. He did love it when she was mad; she was a firecracker. But, he also knew he had to make sure she knew she needed to listen to her mate.

Before she could get further from the truck, he was back in front of her. Stopping her in her tracks. Her eyes met his; they were pitch black. She heard him growl as he backed her up against the door of the truck.

Caging her in, using his arms on either side of her body. As he then used his strong marbled body and held her in place. Both there breathing is labored and could hear her breath hitch and pulse speed up so he knew she secretly likethis part of him. The dominating part of him.

His face was so close to hers that she could feel his breath fan her cheeks. She never could resist his sweet breath.

"Isabella," Edward said with a low growl. "Maybe I haven't made myself perfectly clear on the subject of Jake or any other male you come in contact with, love. So let me enlighten you baby. I am your mate. I tell you whom you can or cannot hang out with."

Isabella looked into his dark pitch black eyes as he talked to her in a stern voice. She couldn't stop her heart from racing as he spoke with just dominance in his voice. Holy hell, she thought. Does he know that this behavior from his turns her on?

"I will only allow male family members around you. That does NOT include that mutt either." Edward took in her scent as he smelled she was indeed aroused with his dominant nature. His lips then turned into a smirk as he kept her caged against the truck. As if he could read her thoughts he then said, "I know my dominant nature is turning you on Isabella." He usedhis velvet voice again but then he went stern again. "If you keep this up, this defiant nature of yours, try and see what this dominant vampire will do next time,baby."

She gasped out when Edward said those last words. Oh he knew what he was doing to her just then. His face came closer to hers just as their lips would meet, he mumbled to her, "Try me, baby." As his lips then met with hers. His tongue then asked for an entrance, she opened as he slid in his tongue began to taste her.

It was a slow and sensual kiss. Isabella's heart hammered in her chest as she moved her lips with could feel the rumble in his chest, the growl to which this vampire was releasing. She moaned letting her vampire know she liked it all. Edward pulled back from her lips. Giving her one last chaste kiss before totally back away.

She was still dazed, her eyes were glazed over. And Edward knew exactly what he done to her. he dazzled her.

"Breath, Isabella." he said to her as he still held her against the truck.

She did, a great big gulp of air. Her lungs burned as she tried to steady her breathing.

Edward then pulled away from her altogether, putting his arms down his sides. "You better head back in before Charlie comes out to see what happened. Keep your window open, I have that feeling we will be extra busy tonight." he wiggled his eyebrows at her.

She then blinked her eyes as he had disappeared into the night, she could only see pitch black in the distance.

"Stupid vampire and his special powers. Ugh he did it again!" as she stomped her feet up the porch into the house.

Edward chuckled hearing her rant. "That's my Bella. Only some day she will be less fragile."

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