PossessiveWard Outtake: Tent Scene

'Damn it! I hated this! I really hate this. Did I say I really hate this? Yeah I hate that Dog, literally. Jake always seemed to manage to work himself in with my Bella. That's right I said my Bella,' thought Edward, as he waited for Bella and the dog to come back outside of her house. It was her idea.

Ever since the Cullen's found out it was Victoria making these newborns to come, and kill Bella, Edward knew that they had to do something. Bella suggested that they get the wolves involved with them, to help fight them. Edward and Isabella had recently discovered that another vampire other than Edward had been inside the Swan home. So, Jake was inside investigating the scent.

Finally, Edward saw Bella emerge then followed Jake behind her. Edward stood his ground as they approached him. Isabella stood the side as she watched the two of them exchanged words.

"Who ever it was, they left his stink behind. It will be hard to miss when we cross it again. We will handle it from here."

"We don't need you to handle anything, or anyone." Edward said firmly to the dog.

Jake looked back at Edward and said snarly, "I could careless what you need. If it weren't for you coming back, this wouldn't be happening."

Edward replied with amusement in his voice, "Oh. And you would have like that wouldn't you, dog? You hate the fact, the she left you, while coming for me. You also hated the fact she chose me over you. Yeah, I know all about your trying to get close to her. I saw the visions."

Jake commented back, "Hmmf, its funny how you have to rely on your sister with the visions and all. If you'd stay there in Italy, none of this would be fucking happening blood sucker, so much for Alice's visions huh? Why don't you drop this hero act of yours? Isabella deserves better."

Edward got in his face. "Where do you get off all high and mighty? Weren't you the one who told me that Charlie was planning a funeral, you led me to believe that its was Bella's. So don't be preaching to me about morals, dog."

Jake shoved Edward and replied, "Oh...really? I guess seeing me almost kiss Bella got to you didn't it, Edward? It seems to me that…"


Jake didn't even get to finish what he was saying as there was a blow to his jaw from Edward. He was down on the ground rubbing his jaw.

'Damn, it felt good to get a hit on Jake. Even if it didn't hurt him much, fucking dog,' thought Edward.

Isabella came to Jake to see if he was okay as Jake helped himself up.

"What is wrong with you two? I thought we could work together to catch the bad vampires?" Bella as looked at both of them angrily.

Jake looking at Edward, "Like there is a difference. So did it feel good to get a cheap shot in?" as he goaded Edward.

Edward smiled smugly, "Your lucky I didn't do worse! And yes it felt good to get a shot in. I have been waiting to do that for a long time. As far as you trying to kiss Bella, those days are over. You can forget getting your grubby paws on my woman." Edward lifted his eyebrow to Jake as he walked passed him to get Bella.

Edward grabbed Isabella's hand, "Come on, Bella, lets go." As Edward added a little swagger in his walk. He opened the door for Isabella. Then looked back at the dog as he got in the car himself. Speeding off in his car, leaving Jake in the dust.

Isabella was stunned at just what happened between Jake and Edward. She thought these two could work together on her behalf, but guess not. They were silent in the car. It took all but thirty minutes to get to the Cullen home, which normally took an hour. Edward shut the engine off and then went to help Isabella out.

"Alice is expecting you. Go inside," he told her.

She looked into Edward's eyes and asked, "Aren't you coming?"

He replied, "Thats a loaded question for the moment. I would love to come..." as Edward emphasised the word come and wiggled his eyebrows.

Isabella quirked her head, then said, "I didn't mean it quite like that, Edward."

He shook his head and half smiled. "I know what you meant, Isabella, believe me. But I need to blow off some steam first. I will be back soon." He leaned in and kissed her head, "I promise."

She nodded her ahead and went inside. Edward took of for the forest. He needed to get away. He didn't really need to hunt per say, but just needed a cooling off period. He stopped once he got a few miles away. He stood there taking in everything Jake said to him. About him leaving and coming back. About being in Isabella's life at all. But he shook his head of those thoughts. he knew it was just a matter of time for them to get back together. He was about to say fuck it anyway and come back.

Matter of fact, that was what the phone call was about. He wanted to see how Bella was doing first and if she missed him. Then if he got the all clear from Alice he was going to come home. Instead the dog let him think that Bella was dead, so he decided at that time he didn't want to exist either.

Edward then felt a slap on his back. He turned quickly to see who it was.

"Carlisle. Hey, what are you doing here?" Edward asked,surprised to see his dad.

Carlisle smiled to his son. "Catching up with you. I'm glad you stopped or I never would have caught up. Neither would your brothers too." Just then Jasper and Emmett appeared. Carlisle spoke, "We thought you could use some male bonding time. So how did it go with Jake earlier?"

Edward growled just hearing his fucking name. Emmett snickered of course, then said, "That good huh?"

"You guys don't know the half of it!" he said flustered. He ran his hands through his hair as he paced a bit. Then he stood in place. "You all tried to warn me about leaving and I wouldn't listen. I thought I knew what was best. And now I made things worse with that damn fucking dog. I mean...he actually made me think Bella was dead just so he could get his paws on her. I guess what makes me more furious than anything is we know that wolves imprint. I mean look at what happened between Leah and Emily. Paul with was with Leah first and left her for Emily because he imprinted on her. Does Jake even think about that? Does he think about what is best for Bella? No. All he can think is about himself. But yet I guess I did the same thing when I left. I didn't let her make the decision and look where that got me."

Carlisle listen to his son. Then he spoke. "So what are you trying to say, Edward? Are you ready to make that claim on Bella and make her one of us?"

Edward looked into his dad and brothers eyes and nodded back to them confirming his question.

He said, "But is that selfish of me? I mean she would have to leave her life behind. Her friends and family. I know she has said she wants to change...but….yet I don't want to lose her either. And the closer she gets to Jake, it just makes things worse. He plays on her emotions. He manipulates her in every way. I saw the visions Alice showed me. He was definitely wanting to be my replacement. But he has no idea on how that would affect her emotionally. Say they did get together and then later he imprints on someone else. Where would that leave her? I know she loves me. I do know that. But at the same time it makes me wonder since I can't read her thoughts if she does have feelings for him."

Jasper cuts in, "Edward, I just want to say that I'm sorry. If I hadn't of tried to attack Bella at her birthday party then none of this wouldn't have happened. So Im just at fault in this situation as you are. But we're family and we are here to help in whatever you need. We will always be here for you no matter what. And I for what its worth I don't like her around that mutt as much as you do."

Emmett who had to get his two cents in said, "I'll say. We heard Bella tell Alice what happened between you and him. I say its about damn time you hit that dog! He deserved it!"

All the men laughed at Emmett's reasoning. This is exactly what Edward needed. He chuckled along with them.

Carlisle threw his arm around his son, "Welcome to our world Edward of finding your mate. You deserve to be happy."

Edward replied to him, "I have never said thank you, Carlisle. Its an extraordinary life and I feel like its just beginning."

They all ran home and joined their mates as well. Soon they would be fighting the newborns then Edward and Bella could really start their lives. When the family went to go hunting to prepare for the battle, Edward stayed back. He invited Bella to sleep over and thats when he proposed to her. She finally accepted his proposal and his mother's ring. He was happy that she said yes.

Edward and Bella had to meet Jake at the clearing so he could carry Bella up the mountain top to Edward. They didn't want to risk Victoria and her puppets to catch their scent. Edward was on edge until he saw his Bella. She walked over to him and they hugged. He knew he needed to get her in the tent before the storm arrived.

It hard started knowing. In the tent she had all kind of blankets on her. Bella even wore thermal clothing but that still didn't help the frigid tempers. Edward hated to see her suffer with the cold. He would give anything if he could climb in and give her warmth.

Jake couldn't take it anymore with hearing Bella's teeth chatter. So he came inside the tent. He looked at Edward and said, "You wanted a heater well here I am."

Edward looked back at Jake and said, "Not a chance. I told you to keep your grubby paws off her."

"If she freezes to death its on you. I could careless about you, its her I'm worried about." Jake replied tightly.

Edward looked back again at his fiance and realized he had no choice. So Jake opened the blanket and climbed in next to Bella. As she squirmed up next to Jake Edward was giving Jake an evil eye.

Jake said to Bella, "It would be faster if you took your clothes off."

Bella who didn't want any trouble between the men he replied tightly, "J-jake. D-don't."

"Survival 101 Bella," as Jake looked to Edward. The two of them glared at each other.

It was turning into a long night. Edward was tired of hearing Jake's thoughts about Bella.

'This is a dream come true laying beside bella, I just wish it was under different terms. But we're here with the bloodsucker. Maybe if i moved my hand on her waist…'

Edward growled, "Get your hands off her Jake and control your thoughts."

Jake replied half laughing. "Oh you wish this was you don't you blood sucker. You wish you were the one down here keeping her warm. I kind of wondered about that actually...I mean how does a vampire and a human….you know…"

"Have sex?" Edward asked.

"Well yeah. I mean isn't it cold. Also how do you get hard...and...well I just don't see it to be honest. There's no way you two could…"

Edward smirked at Jake just then. He then said cockily, "That's where you wrong dog. You maybe holding her now but I've had my cock in her and it felt so good. It was nice, warm, wet and tight. You could only imagine how it feels…" Just then Isabella said Edward's name in moans. "Edward! Yes, that's it. I need your cock right there!" She moaned in her sleep.

Jake even felt Bella's squirming underneath the blanket. 'No fucking way! He's lying. They didn't...' thats when Edward responded to Isabella ignoring Jake altogether.

She was actually sweating being next to Jake. So Edward pulled her out of the blanket and slipped in hand inside of her wet pussy. As Edward felt her wet folds, he slid his finger inside of her deeper, making Isabella moan and squirm.

"So responsive baby, feel what my finger is doing to you, Isabella. Its my cock fucking you. Scream my name!" Edward whispered seductively in her ear.

"Oh God, Edward! Please I need you! Please!" she begged. All the while the dog watched. He couldn't believe it! Even with seeing it with his own eyes he still couldn't fathom them being together, together. Edward went in deeper with his finger and touches her clit. Isabella's hips rose and she bucked into his palm.

"Faster, Edward!" She gasped as she was on the brink of an orgasm. Edward did was he was told and before long Isabella came hard and fast. Her body convulsed with the orgasm. She was spent and tired. She relaxed against Edward as she fell right back into a deep sleep.

Edward let her relax against him as he looked at Jake, smugly saying, "You believe me now dog? We had sex in Italy actually. Mated. So your dreams of ever being with Isabella are over."

Jake left the tent in a hurry, changing into his wolf form as he ran into the woods howling.

A/N: The part in the tent of Edward letting Jake know that he's been inside of Bella was the idea from one of my EMT and Firefighter readers name Ted who is on Vtweetymccn team. The whole team reads my PossessiveWard story. They are awesome at what they do. So thank you to the Station 6 Smithers Rescue for reading my stories. Im just glad I can provide them some great lemons. I have pics in my group also.