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Notes: Okay, so this is yet another 'Fitz writes a short story' thing. It's a little different though, being that it's all in first person—wait, I've done that too. *Shrug* This will run like a series of short, mostly unrelated episodes. Some will be really short, like this chapter, while others may span for pages. Let me know if you like this sort of thing.

Warnings: Any of these? Not in this chapter. Methinks this will be a 'classic coupling' fic. Probably. Most likely. Yeah. Rating for later chapters.

Onward with…

My Life

            The first question on a test is always the hardest. It's usually up in the corner in a place you frequently forget to check. Sometimes there's a line for your answer, and sometimes there's not. It depends on the professor. Your entire score can rest on that single question. If you answer it correctly, you pass, if not, you get a zero. And so, I have nearly failed my history exam. Then, I remember and go back to that first question, so cleverly not labeled.


            You laugh, but I have turned things in without my name on them. In college, the professor won't go out of his way to figure out whose paper it is. And so, I squeaked by with a C- in Biology. I should have gotten at least a B.

            I quickly scrawl my name across the top of the test--

            Kenshin Himura

            --and I'm done. Thank god. I turn in my test and leave.


Notes: Okay, I realize that was extraordinarily short. It's a plot device, you know, that test thing. It's called: Introduce the main character. *snicker* I've done that—turn stuff in without a name. Ouchie, but it can hurt your grade if you don't get it straightened out quickly!

Oh! Tell me if I should continue! I will anyway! *grin* I just like this silly thing. Next installment: What Kenshin thinks of one of his fellow students.