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Alistair POV - Ireland with the Irish Coven. Two weeks later.

Maggie and I had been working through the information the Volturi had given us. We had received more documents from Andres and Feykir, both leaders had drafted a list of laws for their species and the Vampires. Both men had made an impressive start on a witch and werewolf legal system. Maggie and I blended the new laws with the proposed laws of the Spirit Walkers, we altered a few of the laws the Volturi had created centuries before.

Marcus and Caius had drafted a basic outline of Vampire Hierarchy, we applied it to the other species as a suggestion. Aro had given us digital copies of his diary, each page held details of every trial and execution. It was surprising how many vampires had been sentenced to death over the last millennium, there had been so many atrocities committed by our species.

Maggie sat back and sighed, "There's so much to do, Alistair. This is nuts." She said. I agreed, "We only need a rough draft, something we can bring to the Elders of the tribes in America, the Witches in Iceland and Cynewulf, Feykir and Fred. We've got a long road ahead of us." I replied. Maggie nodded, "I've finished the rest of Aro's diaries, we've done most of it now." She added. "Yes, I believe we'll have something presentable by the end of the week." Maggie and I had been working tirelessly for the last week and a bit. There were so many new laws needing to be implemented; ceasing hunting and feeding from humans and animals, limits to how many newborns could be created in a century, cruelty to other species, revealing the secrets of the supernatural world, compulsory blood duty, the list goes on and on.

I glanced at the clock, it was almost six PM. I looked forward to calling Alice, the distance between us hadn't harmed our relationship in any way. I missed her like crazy, but I was able to concentrate and work through what I needed to do. Siobhan and Liam had been fantastic hosts. We'd bounced a few ideas off them and received excellent feedback.

We were so close to having a first draft of the proposed laws. The next step would be discussing the draft with the witches, werewolves and Spirit Walkers. I hoped Alice and Jane would be able to take a break from their studies to travel with us, but there was still so much for them to learn, they needed to master all the major disciplines in witch craft and be able to understand the laws between nature and power.

Maggie returned downstairs, she'd spend a few hours with Siobhan and Liam while I spoke with Alice, Andres and Feykir. I dialed Alice's number, she picked up before the first ring as usual. "Alistair, I miss you." She said, "I miss you too, Ali. How was your day?" I asked. She sighed, "Busy, as usual. Tonight Jane and I will try to bind the werewolves." This was something Alice had been nervous about for the last two weeks. Andres had been in contact with Theresa in Volterra and Eleazar, working out the best way to bind the human side of the werewolves to their beasts. For days Jane and Alice had been charging themselves with power from the earth, sun and moon. They needed all the power they could get to work on helping the wolves.

"Has Cynewulf arrived?" I asked her, the West Australian Pack Master and her daughter were due to arrive today to witness the binding of Fred's pack. Feykir and his pack would undergo the binding during the next full moon. "She arrived a couple of hours ago. Ginna seems really nice, we spoke about the anti-corruption committee, she's really excited." Alice said happily, I was thankful. I would accept any help offered, but I wanted the people I would work with to be easy to get along with. "What's Cynewulf like?" I asked her. "She's very quiet, she tends to observe everything around her. She was polite, but I don't think she's very comfortable here." She replied. I had kind of expected that, Aro had told me a lot about the Australian packs, they had lived in isolation for a long time. "It's been decades since they've been to Iceland. She's probable taking in all of the changes." I said.

"Has Uni told you anything lately?" I asked her. "Yeah, she's very cryptic, but seems sympathetic to our nerves. She took Jane and I aside today and gave us a pep talk." Alice replied. "How are you and Maggie doing?" She asked. "We've nearly finished the first draft. Billy from La Push has offered to host us when we visit America in two weeks. We'll be able to meet Sam and his family. First we'll have to collect Celia and her mate, Lucas, from Texas then we'll head to the La Push reservation and we'll get to know each other while the Elders look over the draft. They'll speak with Theresa and the other tribal Elders on the progress we've made." I explained.

"How long will you be in America?" She asked. "Three weeks, we'll fly directly from America to Iceland with Sam and his family. By that time the Elders should have gone through the documents and made their amendments." I answered. "I wish I was coming with you." She sighed down the phone. "I know, Ali. We'll be together soon, once your training is complete and the Anti-corruption committee is established we won't have to separate again."
"I know, it's just hard not to be impatient." She said.

"Aro called today." I said, changing the subject. "He's purchased houses on every continent for the Agency. We'll be able to explore the world while we work." I told her. "Where are the houses?" She asked. "Iceland, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Laos, Russia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Argentina, Cuba, America and Canada." I listed. The properties would also act as a safe haven for supernaturals needing sanctuary if their country was at war or threatened. Aro had arranged for each property to be reinforced with vampire ash and each held a few panic rooms and prison cells.

"Did Aro talk about the guests they've received in Volterra?" She asked. The Volturi had held three week long seminars for coven leaders and nomads. The third group had left this morning. The Masters had received a lot of new information about other supernatural species. There were communities in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe who had similar powers to the witches and Spirit Walkers, there were hybrids, Elemental humanoids who could control earth, wind, fire and water, a species who could breathe fire, those who could change their appearance at will. Many of the new species are immortal and have been able to hide from the mortal and vampire world. A few vampire covens had built an alliance with these beings and helped protect them from attack.

I gave Alice a rundown of all the new information. Aro had been giddy at the prospect of meeting new beings. He had planned to contact them as soon as our phone call had finished. It appeared that all the mythological creatures we'd assumed humans had dreamt up really existed. There were beings that caught fire in the sun, but they were Fire Elementals, or Phoenixes as they preferred to be called. There were beings that morphed into large sea creatures, those had many different names depending on where they lived, they were Water Elementals. There were people who could turn to smoke and fog, they were Air Elementals and those whose skin could turn to stone and burrow underground, they were Earth Elementals.

All these people had either blended into the human populations, hid underground or lived in large bodies of water. They had all gone into hiding when the Ancients died and the Romanians took power. A few unlucky beings had been exposed to the humans, creating the myths that spread through the world. I thought about all the mythological creatures I'd heard about throughout my life, they each had a basis in reality; mermaids, sea serpents, ogres, giants, ghosts, even dragons. It appeared there were many species of dragon, all who kept their human form and hid among the humans. They could transform into reptiles, mammals or insects who all breathed fire. I wondered how this would affect the new world order; would they each have their own governments? Would they trust us to keep them safe? Could we trust them? How many new laws would have to be made?

Alice and I ended the call, the dinner had finished and she had to return to training. She passed the phone to Andres. "Andres, I need to speak to Uni. It appears there are many more species in the world than we'd taken into account." I said as soon as he greeted me. "What sort of species?" Andres asked in confusion, I gave him a quick overview of what Aro had learnt. "I'm guessing there are even more out there than what your Master heard about. I'll get Uni, but I should probably warn you not to get your hopes up. Uni is a mysterious being. She tends to keep a lot to herself." He said. I knew I wouldn't get much from her, but I was at least going to talk to her.

The phone passed hands from Andres to Uni. "Now, Alistair. Tell your Masters that my children and their progeny are the only ones who can choose to enter your world." She said immediately. "I understand that, Uni. Any information you give me will be kept confidential, we just need to know how we can assist them and ensure they're represented appropriately." I explained. "They choice belongs to them, not me. I cannot tell you anything, nor can I tell the Masters."
"Shouldn't your children's progeny have a say? How can we ask their opinion on matters if we cannot contact them?" I pressed. Uni laughed, "I know your intentions are good and I trust your Masters, but I'm no snitch. Aro has been given all the information he needs to get answers. I will not assist you with this, Alistair. There are many secrets in the world and knowledge is dangerous, I will not tell secrets that don't belong to me."
"I know, Aro and the Horsemen have the same rule." I groaned.

"I've been waiting for you to mention the Horsemen. That was one little invention my Master is most proud of." She said cryptically. "Are they like you?" I asked her, "no, they're descended from my children, but have been given the gifts to help them serve fate in a different way. I exist to create life and educate, they exist to guard the paths of fate." She said. "What are you?" I asked her. "I am all species and none. I am a gestalt."
"So, anything the supernatural beings can do, you can also do?" I asked. "Yes. I am the mother after all." She said.

"Are there any species we should be concerned about? Any that will endanger the unity and safety of the species?" I asked. "No, no one species is evil. Only individuals." She said. I huffed. "Fine. Are there any individuals we should be concerned with?" I asked. "There are a few, but it is not up to me to advise you, Alistair. It is not in my job description to alter the course of Fate, only the Horsemen can hold that information. I am a guide, not a guardian." She said. "Well are there others out there like the Horsemen?" I asked. "Yes, but they are already known, they work for the Horsemen and aide the paths of Fate." She said. I gave up, getting information from her was like getting blood from a stone. "Goodbye, Uni." I said, hanging up before she could respond.

I decided to skip calling Feykir, they would be busy preparing for the binding. I looked out the window at the full moon. Part of me was a little anxious, I knew the Chequer vodka had kept the pack in control during the full moon, but I was still worried about my mate and Jane. Jane had become like an older sister, she reminded me of my brother, Edward Plantagenet. Both carried the weight of their destiny heavy on their shoulders. Both were treated differently because of the power they held, few people allowed themselves to really get to know them. Edward was socially isolated because of his royal blood and Jane was isolated by her powerful gift. Both resented their power and yearned to be normal. Both her and Alec and Edward and I had been betrayed by those around us, we all met death because of our heritage.

Alice and Jane had become as close as sisters, Jane had helped my mate enormously with the power residing within them. Jane understood how scary power could be and was teaching Alice coping mechanisms, I was grateful to her. Alice had also filled the void in Jane's heart that Alec had left, since he mated with Mark a distance had formed between the twins. It was something they both acknowledged and accepted, Jane and Alec's relationship was evolving.

It appeared this temporary separation between Alice and I was a boon. We both had a chance to grow individually and appreciate the world outside our relationship bubble. Maggie had become a close friend and confidant. She warned me about what would happen once the anti-corruption agency was established. People would be afraid to get close to us because of our position in the world. It was something I'd already anticipated and it didn't bother me. What worried me was how it would impact the others we worked with and their families.

Maggie had an interesting life story. She was the daughter of a Green boy in the late 1700s. Her father had joined the Hearts of Oak secret society because of the outrageous taxes and tithes to the Church of Ireland. He'd lectured her on honesty and politics, despite his limited education. He'd been a blacksmith in Cork and was struggling to keep his family fed, he was captured and killed while on a raid one night.

Maggie's mother and brothers refused to carry on their father's work so Maggie set off on her own, disguising herself as a boy and becoming an apprentice to various blacksmiths in the towns leading north to Kells where she met Siobhan and Liam. Siobhan appreciated Maggie's spirit and work ethic and offered to bring her into the supernatural world. By that time Maggie had given up the cause, instead of the citizens rising up against the institutions who stole from them, the people around her fought each other instead. Many were dying while the aristocracy got richer.

For a while the three would travel, stealing from the wealthy under the pseudonym William Brennan. They had to stop when Liam had been hung for the third time in 1812, it was drawing too much attention to them. They took the money they stole and travelled the world, meeting the Volturi the following year and Carlisle in 1840. The Irish coven had adopted Siobhan's surname, Gabhanns. They returned to Ireland in the 1950s and settled here, in Ashborne, hiding among the human population.

I joined Maggie downstairs with Liam and Siobhan. They heard me arrive and started talking in English. They had taught me quite a bit of the Irish language, I loved listening to them communicate and the flow of the words. Liam smiled as I joined them. "Siobhan's telling us the story of Aengus Óg and Lugh." They invited me to join them, Siobhan restarted the story, speaking sentences in English then translating them to Irish. They were happy I was keen to learn. I'd spent a few nights listening to tales from the Old Religion Siobhan and Liam followed and the tales of Saints Maggie had been told growing up in a Catholic Household. I didn't remember much from my upbringing, I knew we had religious men who guided us in our faith, but I had forgotten so much during my years in the white tower.

Siobhan finished her tale. We began discussing the next phase in establishing the Anti-Corruption Agency. Siobhan had warmed up to the other species, especially when I told them how the werewolves had protected humans and the world from the Romanians. They had been keen to learn as much about the Supernatural World as possible. They were particularly interested in the other species and how they related to Irish myths. "Balor could have been a Fire Elemental." Liam wondered aloud. Balor had been a vengeful creature who had brought drought, plague and death.

"Cù Sìth could be a type of Shape Shifter." Siobhan suggested, I'd heard the tale of the Black Dog; the omen of death whose bark could kill. "Perhaps it's The Morrígan, some of the tales describe a banshee that can change her form in to certain animals, maybe Cù Sìth is one of The Morrígan's forms." She added. I hadn't heard of the Morrígan. Siobhan quickly described the being. "Some of the tales have her as a beautiful woman, when her appearance changes to that of a crone in bloodied armor it is said death will soon follow. I was told she was a goddess of War. There are variations, some people believe the Morrígan to be three women. The Old Religion had no texts and our knowledge is kept through spoken histories. There have been many alterations made to the tale over the centuries." She explained.

They continued to speculate about the other species. I excused myself and went outside to call Caius. I wanted to update him on our progress and find out how the meetings were going. "Hello Alistair, is everything alright?" He answered. "Everything is fine, I was just calling to catch up. How are you doing?" I asked. He sighed, "this group is infinitely better than the last. We have another thirteen of these seminars to go. This group has been the best so far, they're very respectful of the wolves and spirit walkers. Aro's been stuck to the guests like a limpet as he searches for more information about the other species."

"How is the distribution of synthetic blood going?" I asked. "Excellent. The factories underneath the Italian Embassies in the United Kingdom, Canada, India and Egypt are almost operational." He replied. I was glad to hear it, the factory in Italy was keeping us well fed, I knew the last few visiting covens would receive their own supplies.

"Alice and Jane are performing the binding tonight, some of our allies could be available for employment." I said carefully, hopefully Fred's pack would be safe to start training soon. Once the wolves were bound they'd be ready to start their new lives. I could hear the smile in Caius's voice. "I'm glad to hear it. The factory here is producing a lot of blood, but we'll need the other factories working over the next few months. Fred has picked out a few of his pack who already have medical and science degrees, they'll need little training." Caius said.

"How are you going with the New Laws?" He asked. "Maggie and I are nearly finished with all the information Aro gave us and the suggestions we received from the other species. We know what we want to include and have a rough guideline for maximum and minimum sentencing, but it'll take another few days to have something we can send the other species." I replied. "I'm impressed you've gotten this far, Alistair. Just looking at what Aro sent you gave me a head ache. That man is a hoarder." He complained. I chuckled, "some of it was a little dry, but his records of each trial are impeccable."

"Any news on the Hybrids?" I asked. "Yes, Demitri's mate brought their healthy daughter, Violet, into the world. Zafrina and the others are on their way back to the happy couple. This will be their first positive contact with the mother of a Hybrid. There is another Hybrid in Exeter,England, the newborn mother keeps in contact with Leah. The Exeter coven is delighted with the information we've been able to give them. They'll visit us when the Hybrid's mother has passed her newborn year."
"I'm glad to hear it, Caius. From what Maggie said the coven was terrified. They never did find traces of the guards you sent to spy on them, they thought the Gabhanns had dobbed them in. I had to speak to the coven leader, Sebastian, and assure him there would be no harm done to his coven."

Caius gave me the run down on the next group to arrive for the seminar in Volterra. I knew many of them personally and told Caius I'd speak to them before they arrived at the castle and vouch for the Volturi. Many of our kind were still distrustful of the Masters, they were aware of my feelings towards all Monarchs and would listen to me when I told them they could trust the Volturi. It was my way of making up for the unfair judgment of our leaders. Sure, the Masters had been forgiving and understanding, but I still regretted pigeon holing them as corrupt leaders.

BPOV - Volterra

This group of guests were by far the best of the lot. They were polite, offered condolences for the struggles we face and pledged to protect our species from any hunters. One nomad had given us the information about the origin of the Rebel Army. He was a gifted illusionist who could hide in plain sight by forcing the perception of others into overlooking his presence. Pete had immediately given the nomad the nickname Yoda. Yoda, whose real name was Jim, had promptly performed his Jedi mind trick by forcing Pete's mind to see him as Darth Vader. He had made a lasting friend in my uncle.

Yoda told us how a Somali pirate had been changed during the 1980s. He had killed his sire and built a militia of humans to plunder local communities. The pirate had grown bored and didn't trust those he recruited enough to turn into vampires, after all he had easily killed his sire. He travelled north, fighting and killing many in secret. Not even the humans grew suspicious, it was a dangerous area and the deaths were thought to be done by rebels and cartels. Yoda told us how he had watched the pirate stalk another Nomad, then attack him viscously. Yoda had tried to save the nomad and defeat the pirate, but didn't have the fighting skills to destroy him. He had used his gift to convince the pirate he'd been killed and ran ahead to warn others.

It wasn't until Yoda reached Europe that he grew fearful of the Volturi, he came across other nomads who told him the Masters were corrupt and used werewolves as pets, feeding vampire prisoners to the wolves. Yoda had turned back, he'd warned many covens and saved many lives, but felt guilty for distrusting the Masters. He had been quiet when the first introductions had been made, but listened as people spoke about the werewolves kindly and learnt the existence of other species. He had finally been convinced when Amun and Eleazar vouched for each of us.

Yoda offered his hand to Aro and passed on everything he knew about the Rebel Army. Many questions were answered; there had been deaths of vampires and humans alike, the pirate had recruited human criminals who used their connections with corrupt authorities to cover up the massacres. He found many who sympathized with the Romanians and many who had talents for cruelty. He absorbed all that knowledge and became more arrogant, believing the propaganda that the Masters were weak leaders who hid behind gifted guards. The pirate had found gifted humans who he blackmailed into helping him. It had been a long and bloody campaign and we were lucky to stop it when we did.

No wonder Fate had hurried our transformation, we were the only ones able to defeat an army of that size. The Masters, Eleazar, Amun and us had discussed how to avoid that situation from repeating itself. It had been decided that all human candidates for transformation would have to be vetted by Eleazar, Peter, Aro and Emmett. If the human candidate was near death they'd have to be brought to Volterra during the transformation. Any signs of danger would result in the immediate death of the human, any signs of dangerous gifts would be removed by Emmett. It wasn't an ideal solution, but it was necessary to prevent the creation of those who would destroy many innocent lives. Fred agreed that the werewolves would also follow the same laws.

J and I returned to our room for the night, we needed to sleep for a couple of hours. It had been a draining day of socialization and we needed a break from our disguises, for three straight days we'd spoken with the guests. We were thankful it was the first day of the full moon, our energy levels were raised, but our brains were fried from all the new information. We made a beeline for the shower. We noticed the new addition to our bathroom, Esme had fitted our room with a toilet. I was glad that when we'd next need to eat we wouldn't have to go to Aro's quarters to go to the toilet.

That had been a hell of a discovery. One afternoon I'd woken from my nap with a familiar pressure in my lower abdomen. J's eyes had nearly fallen out of his head when I had announced my need to pee. For a few days afterwards J, Char and Pete had walked around in worry, waiting for the sensation of needing to go to the bathroom. They had been afraid of the new experiences. I had found the transitions back to human moments easy, Pete, Char and J hadn't. I'd helped Char get used to the new sensations and avoid accidents while poor Fred and Aaron helped J and Pete become toilet trained. Needless to say we had mastered our new digestive systems after a few days and we glad we could go to the bathroom in our own quarters.

J and I showered and dried quickly before heading to bed. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. The dreams came fast; Demitri breast feeding his new daughter, Aro delivering his speeches in interpretive dance, Dad catching fish then healing them and throwing them back into the water, the usual weird shit my mind conjured up when I slept. I felt a sharp pain travel up my leg and opened my eyes. J had accidently kicked me in his sleep again. I huffed and got up, Esme had knitted J some padded sleeping booties and boxing gloves so he wouldn't hurt me as he flailed in his sleep. I went to the chest of drawers and took out a pair of baby blue booties and pink boxing gloves.

He snorted loudly and his leg kicked out again. I wrangled the booties on his feet and laces up the gloves over his hands. He groaned and drooled a little as he turned over. I grabbed some extra pillows from the wardrobe and created a little wall between my mate and my side of the bed. Just as well we had a king-sized bed. I was going to ask Esme to make a swaddling blanket for J next time I saw her.

I got comfortable and soon drifted off again. The familiar feeling of disorientation overcame me as I saw I was on First Beach. I looked around and smiled, I was warm and cozy in my old coat. My body looked as it had when I was human; scrawny and pale. I heard laughing and looked up. Jessica, Mike, Tyler and Lauren were frolicking on the beach. I cackled evilly and stole a car from the nearby car park. I ran over Tyler, HA! No Sparklepires would stop me hitting the fucker, ripped a clump of hair from Jessica's head, kneed Mike in the groin and punched Lauren in the throat. I giggled and skipped around them as they looked at me in shock.

The dream changed, I was still in my human form, but this time I was in the Cullen house. Eddy and Carlisle were watching Oprah, I sat on the arm of the sofa. "Have any ah-ha moments?" I asked, smirking at them. "Shhhh, it's Oprah's favorite things!" Edward chastised me. I turned to the dream TV and watched as the beloved host handed out books on how to seduce your young male lover, a love test-o-meter, a bulk supply of glow in the dark condoms and a TiVo. I saw Alice prance down the stairs and I turned sad. She looked how she used to; the manic glint in her eyes, high fashion clothes, short hair, skinny as hell. Jasper was trailing behind her with a fake grin on his face and clothed in his old wardrobe.

I started to feel angry. Rose and Emmett stood in the corner, looking at the floor in submission. Esme was quiet and working feverishly in the kitchen to create a banquet for my dinner. I felt sick. I grabbed Alice's hand and walked into the kitchen. I grabbed a knife from the counter and marched back into the living room and stood in front of Edward and Carlisle. I held Alice by my side and ordered her to watch as I stabbed Carlisle and Edward in the eyes. No one moved, they watched the scene detached as I destroyed Edward and Carlisle's eyes and frontal lobe. I would make them PAY! Alice's body began to change, her eyes turned blue and her body looked as it had after dad had healed her. I fell to the floor crying as Carlisle and Edward ignored me, the gaping holes where their eyes used to be focused on the TV.

I felt warm arms around me, Alice's voice whispered in my mind. "You already saved me. They can't hurt anyone again." I felt the wind around me and looked up, I was on a rocky shore, Alice held me as I cried. "They hurt so many, they should have been stopped sooner." I whispered to her. I didn't know why I was dreaming this, I didn't feel this way, Eddie and Carlisle were old news. "You're worried about the balance, you're scared there will be others out there who prey on innocence." Alice said. "I don't need to speculate, I know there will be others like them." I said to her. She smiled at me, "I know that what atrocities have been committed won't be repeated. There are good times and bad times, it's the balance of fate."

Suddenly I was alone on the rock. I looked around me and saw Alice in the distance Jane was next to her, they were surrounded by people. Lightning struck them both, but instead of looking hurt, they looked euphoric. Arcs of electricity flowed from them to the crowd around them. I felt lighter, freer. There was a hum around me that soothed my soul. I closed my eyes and relaxed. The soft feeling of my mattress returned. I was in bed and feeling confused, but good. J was glancing at me in worry, "I tried to wake you, you were out cold. I couldn't even feel your emotions." He said.

I sat up, the covers fell off my naked chest. J was already dressed. "I'm okay, I just had a weird dream." I explained. I got up and stumbled to the wardrobe, changing quickly. "Esme made dinner for us." He said, I could tell he was beginning to calm down. We walked to the kitchen in silence, neither one of us were morning people. It took a while for us to recover from sleep. We were greeted by the smell of pizza. I squealed in delight, J had never had Pizza before. I loved being able to show him new foods. We'd already discovered he was a huge chocoholic and he loved the tropical fruits that hadn't been available in his human days.

Esme had made a huge pizza, each quarter held different toppings. I hugged her and grabbed a slice of vegetarian. J picked up a slice of Hawaiian, pineapple on pizza was something the Italian vampires detested, they didn't understand how fruit could work well on a savory food. I'd managed to stop their complaining when I pointed out that tomato was a fruit, they accepted it after that. J used his knife and fork in his usual dainty manner. I loved watching him eat. I put a slice of vegetarian, salami and margherita on his plate, I wanted him to try them all.

Pete and Char joined us a minute later. Pete seemed to enjoy flat foods, he liked being able to roll them up. He and Char loaded their plates with food. Esme joined us at the table, chatting happily. It felt like a perfect family moment; a vampire mother with her odd ball children.

My cell phone rang, I excused myself from the kitchen and answered. "Hi Bella, it's Alice. I just wanted to make sure you were okay after the nightmare." She said. I was stunned, "you were with me?" I stuttered. "Yes, I felt your frustration and saw what was happening in the dream-"
"I'm sorry Alice, I didn't intend for you to witness it." I said, cutting her off. "Bells, it's okay. I chose to be there. Truthfully, it helped to see myself as you saw me in the past. I had no idea I was so... peppy." She cringes. "Sorry, Alice." I replied. "Hey, quit apologizing. I meant what I said in your dream, you helped and protected me and now I'm free. You're free too, you just need to accept it." She said. "Ugh. It's hard to just accept shit sometimes, Ali."
"I know Bells, but in this respect you have to. Your dad helped free my mind, Em and Rose freed my body and the Horsemen avenged me and the others hurt by Carlisle and Edward. I get why it's so difficult, you have had to push your emotions down while fighting to save innocent people and this is the first time you can truly digest everything. You'll be okay, just let the emotions come."