The crowd gathered around the coffin in the cemetery.

'It was an early summer day, But it seems like just yesterday'

Severus Snape held his daughter, Adrien, close to him. The 14-year-old raven-haired girl clutched at a flower - a Forget Me Not, as the coffin was lowered into the ground. Her mother, Hermione Granger-Snape, was lost in the war. She was not hit by the killing curse, nor was she killed by any muggle means. She was gone by more indirect methods.

'When mamma looked right in my face, And told me she was going away'

Adrien's POV

I remember the day of the explosion. She was near the site. Not close enough to be killed as quickly as those at the site, but close enough to be affected by it.

I remember the day that my mother had been told the result of the exposure. I remember my father paled after hearing it. I remember the return home from Mungos.

'If I could count all the tears that I cried, I'd be empty and lost inside'

My mother died as a result of a potions explosion. A potion that was designed by my father, one that was made for Voldemort many years ago, but never used - until last year.

He felt responsible for this loss of life. No one was able to convince him otherwise. He had fallen into a deep depression, though he would never let it show around either of us. We both knew. We both did our best to help him through it.

'So I'll try and find a smile, And hold my head up high'

He may have designed the potion during his early years as a loyal of Voldemort. For that I will allow him to suffer. But he did his best to destroy its existence. For that, I can forgive him. He did not mean anyone harm in the years after.

I'm determined to not let a tear fall from my eyes. I have to be brave for him. That is what she would want. Even in her last days, she strove to make him happy. She did her best to make us feel loved. I remember what she said on her last day, close to her last breath.

'Cause mamma said, Don't cry, I'm going away, Up high, Don't be afraid, Be strong, Just keep on holding on'

She was strong. In her last days, even in her weakened physical state, I was in awe at how strong she was. She left this world smiling, knowing that she was loved. She breathed her last breath, and spoke her last words. "I'll always be with you. I will always be watching. I will always love you both." And than she was gone.

'So young, but yet so wise, So much beauty was in her eyes'

She left this world with the two people she loved most with her. She left this world, giving us a message. Life is wasted on hate. It is wasted on blame.

'No one could try and explain, Just why she had to face the pain'

She was in pain, I knew. She refused to show it. So brave. But she was so fragile. She spent her last year trying to act normally. Trying to ease the hurt for us. But she failed miserably.

'But when the day comes and hits your time, Only God knows the reason why'

For now, as her coffin finally reaches the ground, I look up and see the inscription that will rest above her for many years to come.

'She was my angel, my light, and my friend, But one day we'll be together again'

She was, and will forever be, my angel, my light, my friend. I look up and meet my father's eyes. He is thinking exactly what I am. He knows exactly what I do.

'But now that I know, She has gone away, There were days when I wish that I could run away, And if I could there would be another summer day, When I could see my mamma's face again'

We all will meet again. One day.

I love you, Mom.