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When Tim McGee left through the back elevator, he toyed the idea of continuing to his desk, but all he wanted was a break.

He went to the break room and took a nutter Butter, then he checked his e-mail and saw that he had some responds from 2 realtors. 1 flat in Silver Spring and 1 townhouse in Georgetown.

He emerged and spotted the time; he had passed more than 20 minutes in the break room. He was just about to sit down, when his phone desk rang.

At the same time, Tony was about to explode. He fidgeted in his chair; he needed to talk to his teammate. He had to stop this charade, this non-sense. He rose, but was again interrupted, so he sat back down. When the blond agent hung up, the SFA started to get up again, but the youngest agent spotted their Team leader and reported the lab results.

Tim : Also, I just spoke with Legal and we received the warrant. I am trying to open his file.

Gibbs : Ok! DiNozzo?!

Tony glared a bit before launching himself into his report.

Tony : I contacted his family. They are devastated and have no idea of their child's whereabouts. I asked them to come for further investigation. They'll be here tomorrow or Thursday, at the latest.

Ziva : I spoke to the Sergeant Major MacDonald. According to him, Macy was someone truthfully, a little bit careless but efficient. The only thing is that when i asked about Macy's relationship with his teammate, he hesitated a lot before correcting himself and saying that everything was fine.

Tim : I just opened the record. The man was in juvie for 2 years for harassment and sexual aggression. I'm trying to find the name of his accomplices and their victim.

Gibbs : Ok McGee, keep going. DiNozzo, Ziva go visit the Sergeant.

Ziva rose instantly but Tony hesitated, sighed loudly and joined the Israeli at the elevator.


The computer expert immersed himself in the web, data and found himself completely zoned out. He discovered a lot of data; retracing the man's steps since the trial.

In the meantime, as he waited for results from his searches, he started to apply for different workshops. If he had to leave this team, he needed to improve himself. He had a lot of gaps to fill. The 1st task on his list will be self-defense and sniper.

He remembered when he arrived on the team; he had started to working to be a sniper. He wanted to be more efficient and to relate with the ex-sniper of his team, to have some common ground with him. But after Ari shots Kate… every time he thought of her, he really wanted to cry.

So when the Israeli shot her and he makes his inappropriate comment, he stopped practicing and working to be sniper. He was disgusted with himself but now he wanted to change, to transform. He wanted to progress, change and come back better and unstoppable.

After that, he compiled all the data and realized that he was all alone. He wrote some e-mails to old school buddies. The same one that he had been very close to, but had lost when he started this job. The next weekend he had off, he would try to make amends with amends with them.

It was like the "confrontation" had opened his eyes, his mind and had liberated him. He was giddy with excitement with all possibilities. He heard the elevator arrive at his level and spotted an angry Anthony and an amused Ziva bickering.

He waited several minutes for Tony to sit, before he made his way over him.

Tim : Tony?

Tony was so surprised that he almost missed the words that came out of his teammate's mouth.

Tim : I'm sorry for the way I acted earlier. It was uncalled for. I'm sorry.

Tony was flabbergasted and speechless. He didn't know what to say, do or how to act, but it was a golden opportunity to talk with his friend.

Tony : McGee, it's ok no big deal. But can you tell me WHAT THE F*CK what was that! What's with the attitude, the spoiled brat act…?

Ziva : Tony…

Tony : I don't know what's wrong with you but you really need to drop the act before the Bossman gets mad…

Tim : Tony, I know that you love to pry into anybody business that never concerned you in the first place, however, now you need to shut your mouth and back off, please. I was just trying to apologize, that's it. I know that you don't care about me, but for just one time, stop being so damn curious.

The bullpen was silent. The younger man sat down at his desk rigid, brimming anger and shame. He had done it again. He had promised himself not to lose his cool before he quit and just one angry comment from DiNozzo had spiraled him directly into the same spot as always. He breathed out in relief when Gibbs arrived in the office.

Ziva : We talked with McDonald, he was helpful, until we start to ask about Macy's service record. He confessed after some prodding that the Petty officer could be extremely intimidating with the female crew on the ship.

Tim : I present you Adam Danes, Erik Hoche, Dan Barnes. The three accomplices who were also judged and condemned to 2 years for the same charges. Their victim was Jessica Chamberlain; she was 15 years old.

At the same time that the young man spoke, the team leader spots his senior field agent is stunned, almost heartbroken. The brunette man was blinking silently and was frozen in the same place.

Gibbs : DiNozzo!

He was very surprised when the man did not seem to hear him. He tried again more, louder to the point he was roaring.

Gibbs : DINOZZO!

The man in question jumped so high that he almost left a hole in his chair.

Gibbs : With me!

He went to the elevator without looking behind him; he knew that the other man would follow him.

They entered the elevator and the younger man was surprised when, instead to stop the lift, the older man escorted him downstairs to the coffee shop.

He waited for the team leader to come back, he didn't know what happened. He was jarred from his thoughts by Gibbs speaking.

Gibbs : Talk to me!

Tony : I don't know what happened in Mexico, but it must have been something huge because the Tim McGee that is upstairs, he isn't the same Tim McGee who had my six for the last five years. I don't recognize him. He changed, snapping at me, bitter and not calling you, Boss since they came back from Mexico. I don't know what we did that caused that rift between the team, but I don't like it at all.

Gibbs : I noticed. I have no idea what caused it either. At first, I thought that it was the Hernandez case but now I'm not sure. The rift between Abby and him has lasted for a while, but nothing has ever seemed to be the cause of it.

Tony : I know that you don't want to hear this, but I think that Abby is somehow at fault. I know if it was the other way around, you'd have already heard about it.

Gibbs : Why... but...

Tony : In your eyes, she can do no wrong. However, when it comes to McGee, she can be harsh and cruel. If the issues between Abby and McGee never lasted, it is that because usually it's McGee that apologized; even if he isn't at fault, like with Mawher.

He had just finished the last word when he winced. He knew that he had made a mistake. Abby was his little princess who could do or say anything without reprisal. Even he has had to face Gibbs's wrath because of the Goth lab. His accusations of her in front the team leader may have been bold but was a plain suicide. He was dead.

Gibbs : What about Mawher?

Tony : Nothing important?

Gibbs : TONY?!

It was like the reflex conditioned by Pavlov when he heard the growl, he had no other choice then to spill the beans.

Tony : You still think that McGee screwed up Abby's protection?

Gibbs : Of course, he permitted Mawher to reach her!

Tony sighed, looked at him, then to the floor, before launching himself into the explanation

Tony : Boss,... hum..., itswasnothisfault...

Gibbs : What?

Tony : It was not his fault. He was doing everything that we taught him when Abby noticed that she lost her toothbrush. She caused a scene and before you argue, you know her and you know what she can do when she don't have what she wants.

So McGee, still the nice guy gave in but before he left to retrieve the toothbrush from his car, he gave instruction that she wasn't to open the door. When the first person knocked on the door, she opened it and she was lucky it was McGee, who had forgotten his car keys. He yelled at her, instructed her again and left. But the second time someone knocked and she opened the door, it was Mawher. And before, you said that he had to stand up to her, you know her. She'd of twisted that to make him out to be the bad guy...

Gibbs : Why did he never tell me anything?

Tony : You punished him without letting him explain to you what actually happened so why would he trust that you'd listened after?

Gibbs : You right. When were you aware of that happening?

Tony : The summer before Somalia.

The silver Fox nodded and thought loudly.

Tony : The real question is if she lied to you and let him pay that time; what else has she lied about to cover for herself?

His boss sat still, rather stunned, he knew that he tended to favor Abby but he never dreamed that the girl would try to use it against his team. He loved them all equally. He was extremely disappointed in Abby, in Abby, in himself, and in McGee.

With Abby, because she had lied and lead him to punish "her best friend". In McGee, who once again who never came to him and in himself for playing favorite and being so blind. He needed a second opinion. The only one he trusted was Ducky.

He instructed the Italian to come back to work, put out the BOLOs, before Gibbs made his way to Autopsy. He arrived to spot the Scottish alone, drinking a cup of tea.

Gibbs : Duck?

Duck : Ah Jethro! What's bring you in this humble house?

Jethro started to pace again but before the M.E could open his mouth, the white haired man started to relate what Tony DiNozzo revealed to him just few minutes ago. He was angry and was about to explode when he realized that the older man wasn't surprised.

Gibbs : When did you learn about that? He told you, didn't he?

Ducky : Indeed. The young lad told me in confidence. I'm not sure why you are so surprised that he hasn't confided in you. I thought that we already established why earlier!

Gibbs : Yeah! I know but damn it! It was a job to do, he was still a probie. He didn't deserve his punishment. I punished him like on the corps. I made him kneel all day and he never deserved it.

Ducky : Unfortunately, you can't return in the past. So the question what are you going to do?

Gibbs : Two talks. I need to speak to Abby and to McGee. thanks Doc.

Ducky : You are most welcome. Don't forget that you can't force the discussion. You don't want to antagonize the young lad.

Gibbs : I heard you.

He left the room and called his SFA to tell him to let the team leave early and come back early the next day. He entered the elevator, pushed the button for the floor of the lab. He was so angry and disappointed. And he didn't have a f***ing clue what he'd do with his favorite.

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