The pain of losing a young life is hard for all, especially for one who had slaved through years of torment and finally met the love of his life. When that love passed away, he was heartbroken, yet cracked a smile when he knew he had someone else; a child. His son was so joyous and delightful. He would dash about in the castle gardens, cutting his feet on stones and tumbling in the grasses. His pets would jump on him and lick him over, and he would be happy.

Yet, when the boy died, his father was devastated. He had gone through so much. It just was not fair!

The child had died by the hands of a reckless pet owner. He was attacked by the large dog and was left bleeding on the side of the road. His father saw the dying boy and picked him up carefully, bringing him home.

He tried his best to heal the child, using bandages and solutions and all he could to try to save the boy, but it was too much. The boy died while crying out, "It hurts so much, Daddy!"

No… Not again… He couldn't do this again. All the years of the depressive slump, leading for him to tumble into the wine cellar and drink up a storm to rid the pain away.

The man took his book of witchcraft and a pendant given to him by his wife, and then carefully held the small body in his arms. He then went outside.

The man went down the familiar path the boy would play in every day. Every single footprint in the mud, every fairy house built of sticks and stones, every treehouse his father built for him…

Down the path was a stone altar. Flowers blossomed around it. The man laid his son's body on it and ripped open the book, reading frantically for a revival spell. Nothing.

He looked at the necklace in his hand. The heliotrope stone hanging from it was handpicked by his wife when they went excavating together. She had told him that another name for it was bloodstone, and yet another, plasma. What a powerful name.

Two white glints in the facets seemed to focus in on the man. They were eyes.

Could it be…?

His book told him of a parasitic creature that, when in contact with a fresh body, would take it over and live once more.

How wrong of him to tamper with the unholy art that is death. But if it meant having his son back…

The man slipped the necklace around his son's neck and held his son's face to him. A face that once smiled and loved, saying beautiful words and singing songs of joy.

It seemed hopeless. The boy was turning cold. Then-

A flash of blue.

The boy's eyes fluttered open. Those bright blue eyes, so beautiful. He focused on his dad and smiled.

The man smiled back and kissed his son on the head, and then embraced him in a hug, smothering him in kisses and promising never to let him be hurt again. Never.

The owner of the pet would have to pay for taking such a precious life.

Ever since that day, the man vowed to get revenge.